i dont think i'm going to color this hmm

supremeleader-kokichi  asked:

How do you go about lineless drawings? I really love the way you draw them, and I wanna know what technique you use because I usually find lineless to be difficult, I'm quite jealous ;-;

hmm! i dont think there’s anything particularly special about my process, my technique is mainly a result of the brush i use, which is squarish and kinda textured so i end up with a lot of angles n such. but i’ll go thru what i do anyway!

so obviously i start with a sketch. my sketches are really rough because visualizing stuff kinda comes easy to me so i dont need to lay too much detail up front. but it’s as totally useful to make a really tight sketch before you add color!

then i lower its opacity and block out colors reeeeally rough. just to get an idea for a palette. this is probs where you should be considering light source (at least a lil, i know i neglect that a lil too much too pfft) 

since its so rough its easy to paint over and switch in and out colors so i find somethin’ i like

when i’m p happy with the colors i then go to detailing!

during this stage i have the sketch really light and im constantly flipping it on and off to get a better feel for how the actual drawing will look till im drawing without the sketch

and really from there it’s just more detailing! till i get somethin like this

not too complicated! i think it’d be useful for you to experiment with different brushes to find a lineless style you like drawing with, which is what i did to get here. because lineless can look so different from drawing to drawing depending on what you’re using. i hope that helps in some way!!