i dont think i want to know

at my resturaunt we sell lots of soup. we have a quart size so people can take home soup for dinner or whatever. we can sell more than that at a time but soup takes a while to cook, so we really arent supposed to sell more than 3 qts of one soup at a time without prior notice. apparently people forget that soup needs to you know, cook and try ordering gallons at a time and it annoys me so much because 1. its the same as a pizza place u cant just order a sheet pizza and expect it immediately and 2. i get hissy fits and “dont u want my money????” honey. i dont see that profit. i see you leaving me without a ton of soup for like an hour and many other annoyed customers because that soup had run out. the best was these women who stood thinking about their order for a solid 30 minutes and proceeded to buy 9 quarts of soup, but no more than 3 of each kind they wanted (hope that makes sense) so i couldn’t really say no. i have lots of work-stress type dreams about that one.


Stop acting depressed! Where is your ‘izzah? You are a lion! You are a muwahhid! Don’t make yourself look weak infront of the enemies of Allah. Don’t make yourself look weak infront of shaytan.

You’re depressed because you had a girlfriend (yes thats what i’m calling it and i dont care if you disagree) and it didn’t work out or she married someone else instead of you? You’re depressed because you think no sister will marry you? Don’t you know that by acting like this you’re scaring them off? They don’t need all this stuff in their lives so they may think twice before deciding to marry you.

You’re depressed because of the way your family is treating you? Think about the sahaba and what they went through. Think about their pain. Did they want to commit suicide? No! They held on to their deen and aqeeda like real men!

Now, im not disregarding anyones feelings. After all, we are all human but instead of telling everyone about it on social media, why don’t you turn your heart to Allah and place your forehead on the ground. Wallahi this will make you feel better my dear brothers.

Grow a pair and stop making yourself look vulnerable and weak in the eyes of the enemies of Allah.

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I understand, myself, im girl, and i obvi like males, nd dont understand bout other "ways", but i couldnt careless wht other people do, or think. There are a lot of reasons why i dont, but i think its same thing like, if your friend (or someone u know) is smoking, but u dont want to smoke, or u think its not very healthy or "good way to live", but still u dont "mind" wht tht other people do, aargh its so hard to explain this on english! 😫 anyway, just for u to know, tht u are not alone in this!

Unfortunately we live in a world where you have to paste labels to yourself to explain who you are. We label the others, we label ourselves. We’re becoming wandering archives. It seems like people are afraid to admit they’re ordinary. Because we live in a society where being gay or bi is newsworthy. And that’s wrong, because they should be ordinary conditions too. And I find even fair that a person should always be forced to expose their sexual tastes. It lacks intimacy, even in the feelings…

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I think Bliz canceled the Valentines voicelines because they wanted to leave the Canon open for ships, like when they gave Tracer Emily to make it clear she was LGBT, and after they saw how strong ships like widowtracer still where. Like Overwatch already has insane amounts of fan content, i think it they dont want to impact that or make people feel like their ships are impossible. But tbh i just love that bliz and the Voice actors still show support for ships on the downlow

I think it’s because nobody liked the ship? I know it made a lot of people uncomfortable since Genji was her patient so, just for that, I’m glad it got canceled. 

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Do you know how they say if you love someone let them go and if they come back then you know they're yours. Well I've let go but I'm constantly waiting for that moment they come back. How do I just move on. It's been months. And it's making me crazy. Please I need your enlightening answer

well i’m prob the last person who should be giving relationship type advice but since you want it, i will give my opinion..

I think that everything is written….if its meant to be or happen, then it will. dont spend all your time wishing and hoping for something to happen. because then if it doesn’t, you will be disappointed and will have wasted all that time you could have used to make yourself better or happier or stronger or whatever it is. just focus on yourself and do what you love and good things will happen…if they don’t come back it wasn’t meant to be and someone out there that is meant for you will find you. just my thoughts

whats w/ so much of system tumblr obsessively hunting for ‘fake systems’ and all that shit like. i get theres a lot of misinfo about what systems are and how they can work but honestly unless someones Really faking for manipulative purposes or w/e just? calm down you dont kno someones personal life and arent entitled to knowing it

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hey milly ,, i really want to be friends with this one person and it's gotten to a point of almost infatuation i think. i just feel like they are so much more interesting and intelligent and fun and i feel bland!! and i feel stressed bc so many people now are up to date on politics and the world but i barely know because im worrying about other things...i feel,,, not worthless, but just kinda dumb

hey love, i can relate on this. i have pretty much always got my head in the clouds. i dont know much about politics, geography, fashion ..i just have lots of emotion and things in my mind which are not ‘things’. i talk emotionally rather than factually. i often feel like i am behind. but i think i realise that, we cant always be up to date. you are not bland or unintelligent or any of those things described. you are you and that is enough. i love fashion and humanities etc but i dont know names of designers of anything..or brands. i think this makes things real though. we cant always be clued up. its difficult to maintain healthy friendships when you compare yourself negatively with someone. you are not bland and you are entirely full of worth and not dumb. i feel like i am dumb too and say this sometimes. but we are not!!!! full of love and passion. its ok

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i know personally i put it in my sra tag because i related to the experience i had with a cult im sorry if that made you uncomfty

oh no no its okay!!! i dont mind that people tagged it that its more that people are like “im so sorry you went through that #cults” and im like nah it was just catholic school like i dont want anyone to get the wrong impression of me

i dont mind you tagging that for you its more when people are labelling my experience as specifically that and only that that makes me worry. i dont want people thinking that i claimed a trauma i didnt have ya know

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please, i'm only 11, i cant do this anymore... i cant kill myself because then my girlfriend would probably kill herself too, and i dont want that. i love her too much to put her through that stress. i just cant do this anymore...

i,, i don’t,, know how to help um

you’ve got a whole long life ahead of you, think of what you’ll miss. high school, job opportunities, future pets - you and your girlfriend can get married! think about movied you wanna see, books you wanna read, foods you wanna eat, places you wanna go

it’ll be ok, you can make it through!

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hi, i just want to say that you and your blog has helped me so so much. you truly are an incredible person and i send you all the love i can offer ❤️❤️❤️. thank you thankyouthankyou i dont think i can ever express how much your kind posts have helped me on rough nights, please know that your words have changed my life 💕

wow this means the world to me, you really made my night brighter and i really hope that we can continue to relate in such a way that my suggestions continue to help you. be well <33

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rip alyciadebnamcarey: molly/ 22 / tired n gay. The blog that I, yet another tired n gay used as a sanctuary on days when I was feeling especially tired n gay (lbr everyday) this is a new age of r******** where we purposefully queerbait ourselves and sell our souls to writers who think wlw should be left to the fanfics

i’m not purposely queerbaiting myself (or selling my soul? ) i know that betty and veronica probably won’t ever happen, i’m sorry that i’m enjoying a new tv show and its characters? alycia hasn’t done anything in months and i wanted something new. i’m sorry? i still will be blogging the same things so you can still feel safe on my blog??? just cuz i changed my url doesn’t mean i won’t be reblogging gay things gkfsjdgfdk i dont get this message why r u trying to make me feel guilty lol 


Part 4 of Yuri on Ice but with bad CG voices and poor writing (with the additional benefit of mediocre editing)

Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger // Part 5: Where I Take This Seriously?

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

click for better quality~