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Okay. Lets say I replaced the word hetero with homo and posted the same thing you just did, tags included: ""i hate homosexuals #im homophobic bitches !!!!!!!!!!!!! now u know my stance UwU UwU UwU #god but rlly i hate gay people #i hate homos !!!!!! #time to oppress the homoss" Now read that and think for a second. Does that sound accepting to you? Nope, it doesn't to me either. If you want to be treated with respect, treat other with the same respect. Dont hate on an entire group bc of a few.


you know what i really love? the concept of viktor always bringing yuuri flowers.

coming back from practice by himself? stop somewhere and get flowers.

going grocery shopping? oh, i just happened to walk past some flowers and i added to the shopping cart.

viktor giving yuuri flowers for no reason other than his smile makes viktor think of pretty things.

and yuuri loves it. he’s always flattered, blushing adorably, and beaming at viktor. 

now that season 3 is gonna drop soon,

i think its time to remind everyone to tag their spoilers when they post them in the main tag! its fine if you don’t usually tag stuff, people can just unfollow if they dont wanna be spoiled. but please remember that if you’re planning on posting spoilers in the main tag, be sure to tag them as such! not everyone will be able to watch season 3 right away and some may want to blacklist spoilers till they can and still enjoy fanmade content from the main tag. it’s just polite, y'know?

i urge y'all to use common blacklistable tags like “vld spoilers” or “vld3 spoilers” so people can block it and all that shiz.

if it goes the way the build up to season 2 went, netflix is likely gonna release small clips from the new season to generate hype within the days following up to august 4th. keep a look out for that!

thank you for reading! 💙 please share this post or remind people if you can!!

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Lots of small check please ideas: Quidditch au (Slytherins??), things that the nasty couch has seen, "Dex knows everyone's secrets" (take that as you will), the squad signing up for experiments from the psychology classes for some cash (community- esque shenanigans occur), a shared dream, any members of your choosing waking up in like a cornfield or the dumpster at murder stop and shop or Arizona or something drastic after a kegster, has to find out what tf happened... Hope you like something!

(so my new years resolution is to write 1k a day and i still had 500 words left soo…. here’s… whatever this is? a Couch POV? a little over a k)


At the beginning, he hates you and so, as is customary among most sentient creatures, you hate him right back. 

He’s small, you gather, and has a southern accent and has hated you from the moment he laid eyes on you so you figure you are at least semi-justified in your hatred.

No. Wait. Not semi-justified. One hundred percent justified. 

He literally gasped in horror upon seeing you and called you “a pox on humanity” under his breath when he thought no one could hear and even wasted, will refuse to sit on you. Hell, even when he was concussed and had the other boys rushing around in a tizzy to try to make him feel better, he wouldn’t let them sit him down on you.

Which, rude. 

You are a great fucking couch. You would have supported his concussed-ass just fine.

Or maybe you would have stuck a spring into his lower back because how dare he manage to slur out “kee’ me ‘way from that nasty ass couch or so help me” when half-asleep and probably on some pain killers. 

You are not a nasty ass couch. You are a great couch. You have supported this hockey team through hours and hours of video games, movies, twelve hour television marathons, make-out sessions, hook ups, day drinking, evening dinners, kegsters, Tuesday nights, and every moment in between. You manage to hold four hockey players at once on most nights and have held up to nine during a Superbowl party. You keep approximately thirty dollars in change safe for them and often the television remote and sure, Shitty still has no less than three school IDs tucked into the cushions but it’s not your fault that he never bothers looking properly for anything before going off to pout to Zimmermann and having him buy him a new ID. 

Hell, one time you managed to produce a condom for Holster mid-hook up. 

The point is: You do great work. You have been given one of the hardest jobs a couch can have and for the last nine years, you have done. your. job. 

So, screw you, tiny freshmen. How dare he judge you.

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zizek is a broken clock, although i think that’s a relatively recent turn for him. he’s always been intentionally provocative, but i think a lot of his early work (particularly on the iraq war) was insightful and critical in a way that his work now absolutely not, and now he’s essentially and vocally the kind of right-lacanian he denounced 10-some years ago. anyway, this bit from an essay on the iraq war is really useful:

One can surmise that the US are well aware that the era of Saddam and his non-fundamentalist regime is coming to an end in Iraq, and that the attack on Iraq is probably conceived as a much more radical preemptive strike - not against Saddam, but against the main contender for Saddam’s political successor, a truly fundamentalist Islamic regime. Yes in this way, the vicious cycle of the American intervention gets only more complex: the danger is that the very American intervention will contribute to the emergence of what America most fears, a large united anti-American Muslim front. It is the first case of the direct American occupation of a large and key Arab country - how could this not generate universal hatred in reaction? One can already imagine thousands of young people dreaming of becoming suicide bombers, and how that will force the US government to impose a permanent high alert emergency state… However, at this point, one cannot resist a slightly paranoid temptation: what if the people around Bush KNOW this, what if this “collateral damage” is the true aim of the entire operation? What if the TRUE target of the “war on terror” is the American society itself, i.e., the disciplining of its emancipatory excesses?

On March 5 2003, on “Buchanan & Press” news show on NBC, they showed on the TV screen the photo of the recently captured Khalid Shakh Mohammed, the “third man of al-Qaeda” - a mean face with moustaches, in an unspecified nightgown prison-dress, half opened and with something like bruises half-discernible (hints that he was already tortured?) -, while Pat Buchanan’s fast voice was asking: “Should this man who knows all the names all the detailed plans for the future terrorist attacks on the US, be tortured, so that we get all this out of him?” The horror of it was that the photo, with its details, already suggested the answer - no wonder the response of other commentators and viewers’ calls was an overwhelming “Yes!” - which makes one nostalgic of the good old days of the colonial war in Algeria when the torture practiced by the French Army was a dirty secret… Effectively, was this not a pretty close realization of what Orwell imagined in 1984, in his vision of “hate sessions,” where the citizens are shown photos of the traitors and supposed to boo and yell at them. And the story goes on: a day later, on another Fox TV show, a commentator claimed that one is allowed to do with this prisoner whatever, not only deprive him of sleep, but break his fingers, etc.etc., because he is “a piece of human garbage with no rights whatsoever.” THIS is the true catastrophe: that such public statements are today possible.

We should therefore be very attentive not to fight false battles: the debates on how bad Saddam is, even on how much the war will cost, etc., are false debates. The focus should be on what effectively goes on in our societies, on what kind of society is emerging HERE as the result of the “war on terror.” Instead of talking about hidden conspirative agendas, one should shift the focus onto what is going on, onto what kind of changes are taking place here and now. The ultimate result of the war will be a change in OUR political order.

This is a very lucid point, and important imo for thinking about current-regime posturing re: the DPRK. 


I was unable to resist drawing this.

I have a growing collection of other Hiveswap doodles in my notebook. I keep making them during COMP 330 lectures, because that’s just the kind of responsible student I am.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To the Most Wanted fans or romance book haters:

I think there are a few things you should consider: 

1. We can’t possibly know what books bring in the most money. Just because MW2 seems to be one of the most wanted books here on tumblr it doesn’t mean that’s true for all the readers. Even if it is popular, it isn’t necessarily something readers have spent their money on

2. It might take up a lot more time to write a mystery/crime book than a romance book. PB probably wants to churn out a lot of stories so readers always have content.

3. It might not be the same set of writers for the different genres!!!!! This I want to stress. I also kind of recall reading that the headwriter for MW was no longer with PB? That’s gonna complicate things.

4. We shouldn’t judge the new book before the first chapter is even out. It might be exactly like RoE (I agree, it sounds a lot like it), but it might also have another, more interesting, side of the story. I remember thinking Endless Summer was a romance book, too! Not saying the new book will have that kind of twist, of course but s t i l l. Maybe it’ll suck but then go back to my points 1, 2 and 3!

And then two small additions:

I personally didn’t care for Most Wanted. I personally LIKE the silly and predictable romance stories - just because you might find them braindead it doesn’t mean others don’t enjoy them or spend money on them. They’re easy. Let’s not shame those who do like the stories because most of us probably get enough of that irl… not saying anyone has done that but if you want to talk negatively about it, maybe tag your post somehow?

Pixelberry loves Choices, I’m sure they’re doing the best they can. I understand if and why you are feeling bitter (I’m bitter too! about hwu) - but there’s a lot of negativity surrounding Choices right now and I’m just thinking that’s not good for anyone.

i was in a mini debate with some non-english speaking fans 2 days ago about translations in gintama. and it reminds me that there is a wrong translation of “whether hell or under the sheets i’ll go with you” spoken by gintoki in the kintoki arc floating around. a few years ago when the chapter was released, i got into an argument about this because i rejected the “under the sheets” translation, and upset some fellow gintsuki fans. i am rather stubborn when it comes to literal texts sometimes, even when i truly love gintsuki. i’m sorry. (no, i dont think i am in the long run). 

i can’t explain it - it just annoys me when things get twisted or lost in translation. in this particular instance when gintoki used the word zashiki he meant exactly that. the place where tsukuyo beat him up. he just meant that he was willing to be beaten up and it wasn’t because he was willing to sleep with her. 

anyway, i have always been conflicted about the love incense arc, since gintoki said it under the effect of a drug. but i think maybe some people are interested in this thing in ch493

i can’t remember the exact lines translated, but as i have never seen people in the western fandom made any comments about it, i think no one has realised. (the chinese translation is also wrong, by the way.) 

what gintoki said in japanese

「俺たちは  いく時も イク時も 逝く時も 一緒だろう」

“ore tachi wa iku toki mo iku toki mo iku toki mo issho darou?”

sorachi used 3 “iku” puns in this panel.  

1) いく= to live 

2) イク= to come (as in, achieve orgasm)

3) 逝く= to die (another word for to pass away, depart from this earth, etc.)

in english, when you “cum”, it’s called “come”. but in japanese, it’s “go”, hence “iku”. it is always written in katakana. it always stands for that meaning.

therefore, gintoki has effectively said to tsukuyo: the time when we live, or “come”, or die, we have to do it together.   

i repeat. gintoki told. tsukuyo. that they have to. live together. achieve orgasm together. and die. together. 

typical of sorachi to write such a dirty but poetically romantic pick-up line.

it’s a pity that the fact still remains that gintoki is affected by the love potion.

note: いくcan also used for 生く - “to live”, as much as it can be used for “to go” - 行く, but the rationale here is, as sorachi used 逝くfor “to die”, it can only mean that the implied いく is “to live” and not “to go” as in, 行く

this is for a mobile game a friend of a friend is making that i took on as a little side job. these are two very early very rough sketches i sent off to the game dev. the first one was meant to just be the battle theme, but he said it worked better as a “boss theme” so i wrote the second one a little more “toned down” but expanded the melody so it would sound like the first one was an arrangement of the second. i will probably end up doing it over a few times in the same fashion.

anyway i’m allowed to post WIPs and stuff for this project so stay tuned for more of that eventually.

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departure!! (gon+killua)

i synchronized the gon and killua versions of departure together, which proved to be a bit more of a pain than expected??? at the end of the day the two audio tracks dont fit SUPER well together, but i think it’s still a pretty cute listen just to hear them singin it together :>

(the two tracks are also shifted a bit to the left and right respectively, so wear headphones if you can!!)

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+ I'm still pretty new to the tag so I wanted to know which fics/writers you think got sugakookie characterisation down to a science. And thank you so much the amazing fic recs list. It's so useful! ♡

Sorry this took awhile, Ao3 was down, then I got lost in GW2 xD

Stupid Cupid by noraebangbang
[Hanahaki AU][Single Parent Yoongi][Fluff][Handjobs][Domestic]

soft melodies and softer touches by strangedesires
[Pianist Yoongi][Student Jungkook][Slow Burn][Fluff]

Chocolate Isn’t Just For Eating by TheOrgasmicSeke
[Domestic AU][Sensual Play][Fluff]

temporary love by strangedesires
[Idol AU][Slight VKook Mention][Idol Jungkook][Angst][Slow Burn][Blowjobs]

easy sleepers by sundaytimes
[Non AU][Sexual Content][Blowjobs][Coming Out]

mind, soul, and body by hakho
[Domestic AU][Married][Car Sex][Barebacking][Fluff]

You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eyes Off of Me by mylittlesunandstars
[Non AU][Dom/sub][Muscle Kink][Rimming][Slight Roleplaying]

share the same space by sundaytimes  
[Non AU][Fluff][Sexual Content][Honeymoon]

since when do we say yes to love? by riverlikespine  
[Finished Multichapter][Lawyer AU][Slight Mention of Switching][Slow Burn][Angst]

Begin by GalaxyOverdose  
[Two-Shot][Non AU][First Date][Fluff][Sexual Content][Blowjobs][Fingering][Cum Eating]

A Dream That Flies Away by mylittlesunandstars
[Unfinished Multichapter][ABO AU][Non AU][Angst][Slow Burn][Heats][Omega Yoongi][Alpha Jungkook]

i’ll catch you by skswriting  
[Domestic AU][Dateing][No Smut]

(Piano) Keys to my Heart by Iranka  
[Highschool AU][Fluff][Friends to Lovers][No Smut]

The Company We Keep by bangtaninthecupboard
[Finished Multichapter][Werewolf!Jungkook][Witch!Yoongi][No Smut]

nothing lasts forever but wouldn’t it be nice to stay together for the night by Saranghae  
[Finished Multichapter][College AU][Past YoonMin][Mild Sexual Content][Intoxication][No Smut]

I didn’t wanna make the list too big, but I think I kinda went overboard haha. Hopefully you like these :}

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I've seen this talk about which straight larries are allies & which are not topic going around and idk what started it but it saddened me that the LGBT+ fans feel whatever you guys are feeling that started all this talk. I'm straight but coming to this fandom really help me open my eyes about the LGBT+ community. I grew in a homophobic country and society so I was not so familiar with the community but when I came here I got to meet and make friends with people who are part of the community-

-and I can educate myself about the LGBT+ and I am so grateful for that. I learned a lot and it made me respect you guys even more. I’m not gonna call myself an ally bc it will be up to you guys to consider if what I’m doing are what allies should do. I would live to keep learning and even though I will not fully understand nor feel how you guys have been struggling but at least I know and will not be ignorant about it & I agree that it is plain stupid when straight people feel “discriminated”-

-or whatever they worded it bc we straights never got bullied for our sexuality. I am so sorry that there’s part of us that made you guys feel this way but I assure you there are a lot of us who are willing to learn and educate ourselves.

hi I’m the three part anon and right now I am going through Phoenix’ hetshettyhets tags and I think I understand now where this is coming from. I really meant it when I said I am trying and will always try to educate myself about the community. If there’s any of my wordings sound inappropriate or even homophobic to you I really apologize I won’t ever mean to so pls bear with me. I dont wanna be a threat for you guys and don’t want you to lose your safe space just for our ignorances. ❤🌈 indeed

Hi there lovely anon! I feel like this entire message should be directed towards those who don’t always feel safe or comfortable here like @horsegirlharry or @silverfoxlouis or @harrysbreasts, @gaysilk @lesbianlouis (off the top of my head) who are constantly vocal about what kind of support they’d like to get from straights and what are the hurtful messages/theories going around that need to stop because they are not holding any truth or are completely misleading to new lgbt people.

What you expressed here anon, is what this entire support comes down to, just being here, speaking up when needed and doing that in a way that feels natural and not some kind of achievement that deserves an award. As I said in a previous ask, it would be damn hypocritical if my support to a non-straight couple ended up with reblogging cute H and L pics and I’d ignore the feelings of the members of the community.

I think they’d appreciate a message like this, that not everything is lost and that there are indeed true allies who identify as straight. God knows they get a lot of absurdity in their inboxes.

Take care,

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im saying if this is a "general" blog but the members only pick and choose what they like, thats not really general in a way. like how hard is it to set tagged sets in queue? you dont have to like it, but its pretty rude if jonathan and nancy are tagged to you and you ignore it, esp with the amount of memebers on the blog but i guess

Alright, let me just say something: After season 1, there was a surge of Jonathan and Nancy edits, so we reblogged most of that because that’s what was created more often. Now, after season 2, there’s a surge of love for Steve, so that content gets reblogged here often as well. Our reblogging doesnt only depend on our members preference but also on what’s available to reblog and what’s popular and resurfacing at certain points in the year. Steve is getting lots of love right now so more people are making more steve edits which circulates around more and gets reblogged more often (Does that makes sense?). Idk. Im done explaining myself. 

and quick note: I dont mean to sound rude, I swear, but we’re not obligated to reblog things, and thinking that we owe you a reblog because you tag us is really entitled, especially after I’ve explained that I try my best to help people get recognition for their stuff!!


I love that they want to give us something with real “wow” factor for the fest apparel piece, I think that’s way better than being “meh” about it.

But when a piece is too big it becomes really difficult to use. There’s no way to use the new item in an outfit unless you want your whole dragon dominated by it, that’s a good way to make a huge situational item, but not a highly desired one.

90% of the posts in the tag rn are “I cant use that apparel but it’s cool.”
That’s some constructive feedback right there.

General audience member: Doesn’t like r*ylo, for whatever reason, doesn’t matter.

Shippers, who’ve spent a little too much time in their echo chamber and genuinely believe they’re all right and we’re all mindless idiots: “Maybe if we belittle them and tell them how stupid we think they are, they’ll see reason!”

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How did the other thieves react when you came back all beat up from the interrogation? (Even though I feel like it fits your aesthetic)

“I mean I have the feeling they would be upset! they are my friends after all…. right?”

“Though I must admit I think I would still be able to look good even if I wear beat up”

(Mun note: Currently At Kaneshiros bank!!! Q u Q

Do not tag as Kin/me/Us/ect/ )

i find it hard to be out as a lesbian and be out as an LGBT supporter when there are people in my age group advocating for the same homophobia that’s always been around. just because it’s hidden with progressive terms and ideals (namely trans rights), it doesn’t make it not homophobia.

like  for real i dont know how much longer i can use social media when  all i ever see is that  people who consider themselves part of the LGBT community think that homosexuals are bad. and it’s always aimed at lesbians, too, and it makes me feel sick.

homosexuality is natural! it isn’t predatory to be gay! i know this! but i keep seeing it. i can’t go into lesbian tags without people telling me I’m a freak and a creep for not being capable of attraction to people with dicks.

i dont get it? like  i know they just wanna support the trans community but it’s possible to do that without suggesting that lesbians all undergo conversion therapy. you can do that without spreading the message that homosexuality is bad. we dont need that again? the gay rights movement did so much and now we’re going back and it makes me want to die 

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Hi! I know many people've mentioned this before but those fans who hate Nina (almost Azazel's fan) are childish as f*ck (sorry). In the main tag snb I saw one wrote: "Nina apologized without feeling guilty." Of course she does. They clearly show Nina blushed because of being ashamed, right? More important, "SHE CAN'T OPENLY ADMIT HER LOVE" wth? I think she was really serious in this love so she can't tell anyone so they dont have chance to use this love to harm HIM. I need sb to share my emotion

Hello! Don’t worry feel free to share anon :D

I think it’s important to underline how Nina is still a teenager. True, it seems like her being in love isn’t the problem this time, so maybe this won’t sound reasonable, but hear me out, she’s still quite young. I can get why her naive attitude isn’t liked very much, but personally I won’t judge her for it too much, because she’s just a teen and the gang is on their 30s more or less: that’s a huge gap for thinking-wise, you know, younger people tend to be more careless.
She’s surrounded by grown up people, only El is younger than her - and even him has suffered enough to grow up faster than Nina, I’m sure.
Besides, Nina has always lived in a peaceful village, her only problem was to not being able to transform as the other dragonfolk children did. Of course, she had her traumas too (with her dad’s death), but compared to the snb gang, she’s still the cheerful teenager excited to be at the capital.

So, about openly admitting her love, I’ll challenge any teenager out there to go and say out loud how in love they are with their s/o to those who are their parental figure. Because that’s what’s happening with Nina. But I believe there’s more than just that.
Let’s think about the conversation she had with Favaro. It’s obvious they both knew what they were talking about. And why do you think she didn’t said she loved Charioce? I believe she decided to not tell anyone because she cares about them. If she went and said about what happened the night before, I’m not sure if the gang would still accept her.
All Nina wants is just to protect the ones she cares about, which are both them and Chris. This doesn’t mean she’s willing to help one side if that would hurt the other. It isn’t stated anywhere, she wouldn’t be able to do that.
So that’s why she’s keeping it, to succeed in helping both, probably aiming to the coexistence between them. I truly believe she wants to do that.

However, beyond all of that - even if that may not look like it - her development is slow paced, but it’s there. It may be not clearly showed, but by the way she looks deepin thoughts, those silent scenes in which they show us her thoughtful face… I think the focus on them was made to show it.
In those frames we can only assume what she’s thinking about, but I guess she’s pondering about what to do. And I also think what Favaro said in episode 18 will help her settle her own intentions too, for the better or the worse. 

Now, looking at what may or may not be waiting for us in episode 19, I guess she’d get more resolute. I have faith in my child!

  • Baby: O..O-o...
  • Parents: Oh? What are you trying to say? Over? Orange?
  • Baby: O... O...
  • Baby: Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran Academy. The Ouran Host Club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful.