i dont think i missed out any

Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).

I got an anonymous request to make a tutorial on how I pick what colours I’m going to be using, so here’s the end result of said tutorial. It is rendering right now and I should have it uploaded in 7 hours (because that’s when I’ll  be out of class)… assuming the video renders and exports properly. :U 

update: Still can’t get this video to export properly sooo…. hhh patience. I’ll get it up, I will. I might have to separate the video into smaller clips.


I just want to say a massive thank you to Jack, Robin and the entire community for making this month of the ‘anti-pocalypse’ so incredibly enjoyable. As someone who is obsessed with any and all kinds of horror movies and books, Anti brought so much joy and excitement into this halloween month for me (especially since we don’t celebrate it in Australia) and im sad to see it go. 

Thank you jack for listening to your community and wanting to create something for us. You have a very valuable connection to the fanbase that i think a lot of youtubers have unfortunately missed out on or neglected. You continue to interact and communicate with us, not because you feel like you ‘have’ to, but because you genuinely want to. And i really believe you when it say you enjoy talking to us and doing these things for us. It has built a really deep sense of trust that i dont have with any other youtuber that i watch.

Thank you so much for this experience and the best month out of the 3 years i have been a part of this community. I love you guys so so so much (o´ω`o)

  • Emma: Aren't you supposed to be babysitting Horace?
  • Enoch: He's over there dazzling some psychologists.
  • Horace: [sitting on a couch surrounded by an increasing number of psychologists] All men are at least 30% attracted to me.
  • Horace: My mother cried the day I was born, because she knew she would never be better than me.
  • Horace: At any given moment, I'm thinking about one thing, Richard Drefuss hunkered over, eating dog food.
  • Horace: I feel like I'm the Paris of people.
  • Horace: I'm exquisite.
  • Enoch: [Laughing]
  • Emma: [is confused]
Water=Shippy Moments?

Anyone notice this?
In all of the major/iconic ship moments so fare, they have taken place in/near water.
Shower Scene= Shower Water (Ladrien)
Umbrella Scene= Rain Water (Adrienette)
Kiss Scene= Fountain Water (LadyNoir)

Im calling it, there will be water somewhere nearby during the reveal.

anonymous asked:

Im trying to look after myself better but sometimes i wake up and i dont have the motivation to do anything and i find it hard to get out of bed you know?? I dont have any schoolwork to do since i left like last year i think? Something like that anyway. Thanks for reminding me to drink though Sky!!-Kes

Oh, yes, you mentioned a while ago that you were out of school! Sorry, I completely forgot!

But yeah, I completely understand how you feel Kes. Some days, it can just be so hard motivation to do anything. If I didn’t know my mother would be really disappointed in me, I’d miss a lot of my college classes too :/

I dont think any of you realise just how precious life is.
Today I found out my dad’s childhood friend shot himself. He was alone and completely trapped with his own thoughts.

THAT is dangerous. Please, please don’t think it’s the only way out. Don’t you DARE think killing yourself wont matter to anyone. You might think “oh the world will go on turning” and “the sun will still rise every day” and that you “wont be missed.”

But don’t you dare. Thats fxcking bullshit.

YES - the world may go on turning. But your family and friends worlds wont.

YES - the sun will still rise every day. But you wont be watching the beauty break from your porch steps.

And finally, DONT YOU DARE say you wont be missed. You dont need to be explained this but just imagine family meals from then on. Your parents and siblings sitting in silence over dinner, an empty chair where you used to sit. Your mum not leaving bed in the morning because she lost her baby. Your dad working extra hard because your mum physically cant, yet wanting to cry every second of the day.

So please, before you do something with such destructive effects on not only yourself, please consider everything.

Ask for help. It’s not called being weak, it’s called being strong enough to admit you need it.

Im out.

Markiplier’s Heroes

I know you all are worried, but dont forget to;

Drink water.
Eat something.
Take your meds if you have any.

I know you are worried and these things is easily forgotten in these times, I know. But think about Mark, or the Cyndago guys too for that matter, do you think they would want you to forget to take care of yourself because you are worried about them?