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Any tips on dealing with debilitating menstrual cramps in law school? I’ve missed classes at least three times this semester because of them. But I don’t think it’s possible to report (especially without a diagnosis) to my school that I would appreciate more absence days because my uterus hates me.

1) Buy the comfiest fucking pants you can and let those be your “if anyone asks I’ll tell them flat out my uterine lining has decided to abandon ship and they can go fuck themselves if they dont like it” pants 

2) Buy the good drugs. The ones that are specifically for relieving inflammation and pain. I don’t care if the box has stupid flowers on it. Buy them. Use them. (I used Robax because usually my cramps aggravated my scoliosis, but you use what’s right for you)

3) Heat pads. You know those sticky ones that smell like someone doused you in vicks vapo-rub? Yeah those fuckers. But trust me, it’s better than nothing. 

4) Lower your caffeine intake for those days and drink peppermint tea (no seriously - peppermint alleviates some common period symptoms dramatically). 

Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).

I got an anonymous request to make a tutorial on how I pick what colours I’m going to be using, so here’s the end result of said tutorial. It is rendering right now and I should have it uploaded in 7 hours (because that’s when I’ll  be out of class)… assuming the video renders and exports properly. :U 

update: Still can’t get this video to export properly sooo…. hhh patience. I’ll get it up, I will. I might have to separate the video into smaller clips.


When u find out that youll never be able to meet or star in a movie/tv show with any of The Losers/Georgie/ Bill Skarsgard

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Guys i think yall just dont understand how cute and adorable they all are like im stan in that last pic rn every time i think of them even them just breathing

“Finale” Wasnt and Will Never Be Canon

Note: Its not canon. Simple as that.

As to why ANYONE would want this finale canon is beyond me. I for one am glad its not.

Spoilers will be in this so I suggest if your going to watch and not want spoilers then dont read beyond this point.

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wow seriously surprised that not even 10 posts ago we hit 18k now we passed 19k Jesus i was hoping to hit 20k by new years i think this will be out done rather soon lol but thats for showing love to this blog dedicated to nigri 100% nigri for her fans. also dont forget feel free to ask questions or even send in any related stuff i can post in case i miss it heres to the big 20k

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do you have any good blogs to rec? i only trust your judgement! :P

ooooh boy i sure do!

if u wanna meet people who live in the apartment block of Namjoon’s Ass, u can’t go past @bebitojoonie @1rapmon @brightjoon @gukjoon @nevermindbyjin @ksjknj @rapmunstar @hobjoon 

and for all around out of this world high quality @hobintae @bts420  @nvmjin  @mewchim @jeonsguke @springtaes @pingkeujin @nnochu @jinblond @samwol @taejinmin @2awake​ 

so i dont know what the fUCK happened but i missed the biggest tag of all??? if u wanna follow the queen of everything ask @kimdaily i think she knows her

  • Emma: Aren't you supposed to be babysitting Horace?
  • Enoch: He's over there dazzling some psychologists.
  • Horace: [sitting on a couch surrounded by an increasing number of psychologists] All men are at least 30% attracted to me.
  • Horace: My mother cried the day I was born, because she knew she would never be better than me.
  • Horace: At any given moment, I'm thinking about one thing, Richard Drefuss hunkered over, eating dog food.
  • Horace: I feel like I'm the Paris of people.
  • Horace: I'm exquisite.
  • Enoch: [Laughing]
  • Emma: [is confused]

While we’re on Headcanon Express here…

I like to think Dave is more unsettled by the differences between Dirk and Bro than the similarities.

Dirk does something frighteningly similar to Bro and Dave says nothing, hardly even thinks anything of it. They’re bound to be similar. That’s To Be Expected.

But sometimes he bangs his fucking shin on a coffee table at 3am while flashstepping and the goDDAMN X FILES THEME PLAYS IN DAVES HEAD AS HE STARES IN BEWILDERMENT. Dirk proceeds to curse under his breath about asspacking endtables as he makes himself a pot of coffee, all the while Dave’s entire world is falling apart. He thinks back. Had Bro ever clipped the coffee table? No? What the fuck, did he ever trip over a chair? NO? SLIP ON A SMUPPET… NO. No unexplained bumps in the night, no quiet cursing as he goes about his weird routines. Nothing.

I think that after a while he gets used to it, and takes comfort in the differences as well as the familiarity fostered by any resemblance he may share with dead relatives. But it takes time. And so it goes that for like 4 months Dave just quietly freaked out every time Dirk wasnt the untouchable broninja he grew up with.

its been so long since i wrote anything but im gonna try today 

anyway have an idea that popped into my head while i was doing dishes – an au with that trope where the two characters realize they’re in love, but one is going on a plane or something… so they get off the plane and run to go find the other person. except the other person has ran after them, and they miss each other on accident. 

bilbo in the shire and thorin in erebor, both realizing they’d rather be with the other. so they leave to go to erebor/the shire. except in this they run into each other on the road, instead of missing each other. its a happy coincidence but then they realize that they’ve both left behind their homes and lives. (sure, they could go back to erebor. thorin’s family is there and there wouldn’t be any problems..) instead of going back to either place, they decided to travel around arda for a while. eventually they’ll settle back home, wherever that is. 

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do you have theories on that post about cameron ashdown and julian's unorthodox methods?

I’m so skeptical about Cameron, also Cassandra, she first said that we wouldn’t see him again (that was sad) and then somebody asked again and she replied with “OH BOY WILL YOU” and i’m ?????  we’ll see him again but not a simple appearance, he’ll be rather important? I miss him so much. 

I don’t know much about cameron sooo i dont have any theories ://

Julian and his unorthodox methods, I think he’ll be blinded by his anger and will go seek vengeance, figure out where annabel is, make up a rough plan, storm into the unseelie lands and attempt to murder the king and annabel? HONestly DON’T KNOW! Holly Black (Cassie’s friend) said that whatever we think will happen in qooad, probably won’t and ??????WHAT????

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Well if Grandice starts going low , we know that Westallen will start aiming high ! No matter what Garnt and Candice Will ALWAYS have chemistry , That's why they picked them together, 0ut of all the people that auditioned the chose Candice to be with grant, so either way we look at it. Westallen is destined , and Grandice will always be a thing !:) #HOPE

HAHHA YESSS TO THIS! Grandice will always be in each others lives no matter what like flash has alot more seasons left like i aint worried about them long term at all, i know they gonna have to do interviews together and be in each others presence so i know i will get my daily messiness from them 

AND AS FOR WESTALLEN!!! YOOO THIS SHIT BETTER BE LIT FAM! I BEEN WAITING 2YRS FOR THIS!!! LIKE I DON’T CARE IF U GOT A “BAE” OR WHAT NOT… EYE ON THE PRIZE GG, WE KNOW CP GON COME THROUGH! Seriously i cant wait, i got myself a dam list of things i need to happen this season.

1. first date( better be as lit as the pics)
2. flirting infront of people
3.Cisco making jokes cause his best pals getting it on
4.Wally freaking out because since when.. does he even have a hint that westallen is a dam thing lol..

6.Butt grabs from Barry…
7.angst because Barry is the flash and it might be hard to have a relationship with Iris and saving the world so they have a mini angst situation that gets resolved!
8.Barry vibrating because you know Iris know what she tryna do to him

10.Christmas gifts/ birthdays… SUPRISE PARTY..
11. sleepovers/movie nights/dinner dates/ work events
12.Eye sex… :’) 
13. jealous Barry because some dude hitting on iris.. even jealous Iris
14. Family dinners where everyone cool 
15.omg them cooking together!!! I NEED THIS
17.Do they got a beach near where they live lol :’) can they go to the beach cause i want Barry to have a heart attack from Iris in a swim suite.


19.Iris in Barry’s clothes!!! GIVE IT TO ME, IM READY!!!
20. Heartfelt moments because you know they good at that shit


I GOT AN ENTIRE LIST FAM WESTALLEN GONNA BE LIT, I THINK I’M AIMING FOR LIKE THE BEST OF THE BEST! I don’t want any weddings this seasons they can give me a maybe engagement at the end of the season,… holy shit i will shit my pants if he proposes at the end of the season, let me not get too far ahead of myself! 

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im starting to question my gender identity. im a girl, and i really really feel like a girl, but sometimes i feel what i think is dysphoria. like, ill see a picture of a man and ill think "i wish i looked like that", and it hurts to know that i will never look like that. but still, i dont really feel a connection to manhood and i think if i transitioned i would miss the way i look now. but i still feel bad. do you have any advice?

You could be non-binary, perhaps demi-girl or some form of genderfluidity with agender or androgynous and girl. You could also have physical dysphoria without gender dysphoria, wishing to change your appearance separate from gender identity. 

I suggest you research non-binary genders and both physical and gender dysphoria. Experiment with pronouns, like they or ze, and see how those work out for you. Whether you determine if you’re trans or cis, exploring it will definitely help you figure out who you are and ease your concerns.

-Lou the Lobster

a bunch of you said you would be interested in hearing about some of the things i do to take notes and study in college so i thought i’d put together a little something. i cant emphasize enough how these are just things that work for me and aren’t guaranteed to help you and im not saying these are necessarily better ways to study because i know some of you wont find these helpful to your situation but this is just my way


1. Buy a 5 subject notebook. 3 subject and single subject also work but I prefer a 5 subject because then I can just have one (or 2) notebooks that I throw in my backpack every day. That way, im much less likely to forget my notebook like I would if im having to switch out notebooks every day, and I wont have disjointed notes

2. Have proper supplies for taking notes. For me, these means a pencil, a notebook, and an array of different colored highlighters. For others, pens or other utensils may help, but I find them extra. For each class i only bring a single pencil and a single highlighter (different color for each class)

3. Determine if your professor is a powerpoint kinda person (those who put most of the information in words on the slides) or a lecture kinda person (those who put few words on a slide or have no powerpoint at all). In my experience most professors will put a lot of information on the slides, but some dont. 

  • if they do put most words on a slide, write it down in full if you can. I know they say you shouldnt write everything on a slide but if its new information it will make more sense to you written in a full sentence when you read it back while studying.  If you arent given enough time to write it all down, skim for bullet points, or if you have the opportunity to go back on the slides later, make a note to come back to that section and copy it down. If you’re in a slump that day in class and have access to the powerpoint at home, listen and go back later to copy down the information you missed.

(example of writing things down in full or nearly full sentences, usually verbatim from slide)

  • If they dont put words on a slide, you have to do a bit more work. If the professor just puts up the headers of what theyre gonna talk about, just write down the first one before continuing. that way, you have room to put down the information under the first header. To understand when the professor is moving on to a new subject, listen out for indicating words, such as next, however, etc. start a new header. Leave an extra line or two around this section of information, as professors without information written out will often forget certain points and come back to it when they remember. If you miss any information, simply move on. Dont miss information because you’re trying to copy someone elses notes immediately.

4. Spaces and indents. Im pretty inconsistent with my spacing and indentation within my notes, but there are some rules that i follow to keep organization. When a subject changes, or I think a subject is changing as the professor goes along, skip a line and start a new section. This is usually indicated easily on a slide, but if listening listen for a new definition having nothing to do with the past information. Having chunks within the notes allows your brain to separate the information and begin chunking it, which means you will start to associate the information to do with that one subject. If you accidentally create a new chunk when the subject is the same, just indicate in the margin that it is a continuation of the subject, or a subsection. That way when you come back to it you can go aha, yes, this is actually all just one big thing of information.

Indentation is another thing im inconsistent with stylistically, but important. Always always always indent if the information is a subsection of what you are talking about, or describing the thing above it. Even if you have to indent 4 times within one chunk. this indicates to your eyes that there is information within the subject that needs to be remembered, and again your brain can begin chunking it. theres no specific type of mark i make for indentation, i consistently switch between dashes and bullet points, making sure not to use one under the other to confuse myself.

(ex. of indentation and chunking. i switch between dashes and bullet points to indicate information within information)

5. Highlighting. important to understand how, when, and where. Highlighters are my biggest helpful tool when it comes to studying. Firstly, i get a different colored highlighter for each subject, so that I dont have to get confused when going back to study on where i need to go. Then, as the lecture goes on, I highlight all the opening headers or information that I think will be of importance/what most of the examples are about. This is easy when professors have words bolded in their powerpoints, but sometimes you have to be more active in listening if the professor doesnt use a powerpoint. you can always go back to highlight stuff, so dont go overboard. If you are unsure on whether something or not should be highlighted, wait and highlight whats important later once the professor has gone over the information. The reason i do this is so when im going back to study, my eye will immediately be drawn to information that I need to know and understand, rather than being overwhelmed by a whole page of text or cluttered examples with no indicators. Dont worry too much about going overboard with the highlighter at this point, sometimes you feel like long sentences are meant to be important and can highlight the whole thing. This will be fixed when you come back around to study. Please note that other tools such as colored pens or underlining can be used for this but highlighters work better for me, underlining makes more clutter.

(ex. of using highlighter to draw the eye to things of importance. This was important in my statistics class because theres a lot of cluttered numbers and examples in my statistics notes that ended up not being important but just classwork)

6. You gotta pay attention. even if that means you gotta take breaks. sometimes in class you’re burnt out and cant fathom even writing stuff down. just listening will never do you any harm. sometimes I have to check social media for a few minutes before tuning back into the lecture just to give my brain a second to breathe. videos are a good time to do this. try your best to find a way to concentrate for the most amount of time. that doesnt mean you have to concentrate the entire time. many times in class i have stopped taking notes and just listened while playing games on my phone, because sometimes thats what you need. but try your best not to unfocus from whats being talked about. Better to have 80% of the information received by your brain and let 20% not make its way through than to half ass it and only have some of the information stored. 


1. Find your prime studying environment. This could be in silence (the library), with some background noise, with tons of noise, with music, outside, or any other kind of environment. Where you study and under what conditions make a difference in how well you proceed. For me, my prime study environment is either in silence or with some background noise, but i absolutely cannot focus if people are extremely loud or there is music playing. I often will sit at the desk in my room with an old lets play playing in the background, similar to leaving the tv on something you dont really care for. This keeps my brain from getting completely bored and burnt out, which can happen when im studying in silence. Pick a place where you know someone wont come up to distract you. we all know our brains will do anything to get out of studying

2. Have another smaller notebook/section dedicated to studying. A lot of my studying involves rewriting information. you will need some sheets of paper, and having a notebook or a section of a notebook will help you not forget your stuff when you go out to study. I usually will just use a single notebook or a section of a notebook that was not filled up from the previous semester.

3. Condensing. a.k.a the actual studying part. Condensing involves taking the information you wrote down in your notes and condensing it down into much smaller chunks. By doing this, you are forcing your brain to a) reread over the information, b) determine what from that information is important and connected to your chunk, and c) rewrite the information in a way that is better understood by you. This starts by rereading the first chunk of information and writing down the subject and key words/phrases from the sentences you wrote. Basically instead of writing “when first observing a crime scene, the first responder must be attentive to all details of the home inside and out. they must also be careful to not to contaminate any possible evidence that may be there” you write “observe scene - attentive, dont contam”. Its the same information, just condensed, and since you already read the full sentence to get the words, the condensed bullet point makes sense to you. This is where you take those highlighted parts of your notes and break them down to their basic information. Also, if an area of text isnt highlighted, more than likely the information in there is extra and wont necessarily be in the test. Better to concentrate on what you /know/ will be important because the professor bolded it on the presentation, and leave those areas unless you know you are certain you know the skeleton of the subject. 

(an ex. of condensing information. this put about 5 pages of notes into one page. highlighter while studying is optional because it can get messy and cluttered, but i continue to highlight each term/section i need to know just to reemphasize it in my brain)

this can get messy if you’re not careful. Keep the indentation from your original notes. arrows are a great way to show a progression of steps or information in a short manner. If you dont understand something or are missing a bit of information, put a question mark next to it in your study guide to indicate you either need to go back to your notes or ask a professor/google what tf is going on there.

This is a lot of work. it is time consuming. you have to rewrite a lot of stuff. sometimes you may not be able to condense all your notes before an exam. Sometimes you may only get through a few pages before quitting. thats okay. even doing this for some of the info you learned can help you learn it a little better. when rereading the information it can go in one ear and out the other but rewriting the information forces you to focus on it. 

4. Diagrams. usually best in science related classes for me, and often provided in a powerpoint slide. I use diagrams and drawings frequently in my biology notes to make sense of something. For instance, when I was in my cell biology class, I drew out the processes of the citric acid cycle rather than just writing the progression in bullet points, because it helped me understand what was going on with all the chemicals and such. Drawings of processes can help you envision the process which can help recall when it comes to tests

(ex. of a diagram that was provided in my human factors psychology class. placing information like this can help those who are picture oriented when it comes to learning)

5. Allow yourself breaks. after youve been going for a while your brain can whine and go no more!!! so go get some food. or take a shower. or watch a yt video. or check your social media. your mental health should not be ignored. plan certain times to study in the future and stick with them. after 15 minutes come back and see if you can still focus. sometimes a quick break is all you need. offer yourself an award if you get through a certain amount. after finishing studying for my midterms i would always go and buy myself a starbucks frappucino. 

thats about it really. I hope some of these tips can help some people. for me condensing and rewriting has gotten me all A’s for the past 3 semesters. your brain loves some solid chunks of information. feel free to reblog for reference if youd like! and let me know if you want me to make more education related posts

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I was wondering if you had an advice or verses maybe to help coming out as well gay but in a "please help me, I dont want this" kinda way? Im scared my family will miss understand and think I take pride in it. Im scared, ashamed, drowning in the guilt that this is even something going on, but I cant get myself to get those words out of my mouth. I can't think of any Bible stories to weave this into conversation where my family understands where I stabd on the matter and that maybe God can use it

To be honest I am probably not going to be of much help. It seems that you recognize homosexuality to be a sin, which is huge. However, I don’t want you to be feeling all this guilt and shame. I am friends with many people who struggle with homosexual attraction and they ask me what I think and what they should do. They all feel ashamed and guilty and some even feel angry that they are the way they are. I feel like people expect me to be shocked or expect me to scold them when they come out. But, it’s usually all this guilt and shame they express that hurts to hear the most. I don’t know how much of it is genetics, choice, or whatever. I do know that Christians who struggle with this wish they didn’t. For those people I feel like all I can do is encourage them to follow the Lord in heterosexuality and to continually ask God for help. I personally struggle with pornography and alcohol and I wish so badly that I didn’t. I don’t it’s comparable but it is so.egging I wished I didn’t have to deal with. But I am trying to fight it with God’s help and the help of the church body. So if you want to come out to your family, just be open and honest. You have these attractions, but you don’t want to have them. And it sounds like you are trying to obey the Lord. Just say it, keep going to God for help, and no matter what their response, know that God and the church loves you. You are never alone in any of this. Let people help you. Reach out, but especially to God. I hope this is even marginally helpful. Sorry if it’s not. God bless you!

Water=Shippy Moments?

Anyone notice this?
In all of the major/iconic ship moments so fare, they have taken place in/near water.
Shower Scene= Shower Water (Ladrien)
Umbrella Scene= Rain Water (Adrienette)
Kiss Scene= Fountain Water (LadyNoir)

Im calling it, there will be water somewhere nearby during the reveal.

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blizzard had a lot of cool concept designs. for angelo/angela i feel they just took off any subversions to have a) sex appeal (all her skins have heels and shit) and b) to fit the "heir doktor" trope even though angelo imo could have also had a German accent/be mixed or just come from a german speaking country where he could have developed it. idk, i think blizz missed a lot of chances with a lot of characters 🤔 i don't think angelo is gonna be the only one we find out about

Im sure he wont!! and i mean like… they could have kept her a black lady ??? we dont have any black women???

when i was a kid i had this huge collection of sailor moon dolls. still have them actually. they’re really small (which i like) and i think i have almost every single one. unfortunately i think those specific dolls aren’t really worth a lot of money out-of-box, but that’s also kind of fortunate because when i was a kid i learnt the Sailor Venus to a friend and it got totally destroyed in like a day, so I can always replace that one if i wanna go for a full set now.