i dont think i missed anyone

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One of my friends (Lune-Obsession) did this nice Christmas-Love list, so I figured I would do the same since I actually have quite a few friends on here that I’ve grown very fond of ^^

applesandangles: I just met you and we started talking and I think you’re reall cool now that I’ve gotten to know you (not that I though you weren’t BEFORE I got to know you lol)

logic-and-shit: Jen… My first friend on here. The practical tumblr bae. I love you. And don’t forget to update your kik so you can talk to me more often! ;p

christmas-kookie/ exo-the-reaction/ deadforestprince/ youmeatbeth: You all are very new, but I’m very happy I’ve.. found(?) you guys, because I feel like we’re going to be good friends and all ^^

jinjiyaa/ laame4lyfe: I met you guys through the ihatfesf, and I still go back and read through all of our “bias” messages to each other, and it makes me really happy I met you both, even if we don’t talk often~!

oh-my-niam-feels: Literally you were one of the first blogs I followed, and we also shared the same ship in 1D~ I’m glad we still follow each other because you’re an awesome person, and your posts always bring me back to my 1D roots *tear tear lol*

kawaii–tae/ lalalafool/ yehetingoveryou: I’ve only talked to you guys a little bit, but I really like seeing you guys on my dash, and I hope we can start talking soon~

yoongiconda: We stopped talking a while ago, and I miss it. I remember you saying something about a Block B concert way back when, and even tho its late, I hope you had an awesome time if you did eventually go~

jongkook-school-run: we don’t talk much either, but I know that if I ever needed anyone to talk to, you would be one of them, so thank you for that!

phia-mephistopheles/ yoongi-oppar: I literally love your blogs, and you guys as well. I’ve realized you’re both amazing people, even if we don’t talk 

shineecupcakes/ masheverythingup: We started talking, but as you can tell, I’m really bad at communications, so I fell off of that when things got busy. I can’t wait to start talking to you guys again, and this time I promise I won’t randomly stop~

lune-obsession/ zelos-krismas-bitch/ too-kawaii-for-this-shitt: we literally barely talk at all but you guys are some of my favorite blogs, and seeing you guys on my dash makes me really~ happy ^^

prototype-the-walter-girl/ weliveindifferentworlds: You guys really help me keep up with what’s happening in the news and everything with all the posts you reblog, and without them I would be in the dark. I’ve been planning on saying it for a while now, but I always forgot, so I’ll say it now: THANK YOU for being an absolutely wonderful blog~!

Even though she’s left and I’m hoarding her URL until she possibly comes back, I’m going to add Lili as well. I didn’t know her for that long, but we got really close quickly with our love for BTS and IKON, so yeah ^^ 

Guide to who's fronting
  • Dexter:Swears a lot, slouches, is loud & expressive, moves a lot, makes people pay attention to her
  • Wallace:Is quiet, makes a lot of weird facial expressions, will cry if you yell, has social anxiety
  • Robbie:hugs people a lot, swears, is grumpy, very kind
  • Rhys:he's a little kid, jumps around a lot, very expressive
  • Luna:has a british accent, doesnt like platonic pda, usually happy
  • Charlotte:She's a princess. She'll announce herself.
  • Kosma:High-pitched voice. nice posture. You'll be able to tell when she fronts.

Okay so I’m pretty sure I got those who have somewhat of a ship with me and or a full out ship with me and I’ve spent the past like thirty minutes developing names. nothing too fancy (i’m really lazy guys I’m only doing this so I can sort things out better), but it’s something at least!

 ;;cat scratch fever | catladjay

 ;;there’s only me - there’s only you | feelingthxaster

;;when the moon found the sun | kidflxsh

 ;;i’m your bright night you’re my morning bird | timbirdy

 ;;your lipstick stain is a work of art | betterlucknexxtime

 ;;i like my coffee black just like my metal | impulsivelybartallen

 ;;this is the beat of my heart | missmartianinvasion

 ;;let me be your hero baby | sarcasticcatnip

 ;;i just want your fucking filthy love | archersarsenal

Now I’m gonna put these on a page and be cool okay okay okay

man I’m so invested in my friendships here on tumblr that now that I’m back in school I feel like I’m just vanishing or being left behind and it stinks

heres a john memory post bc i havent made a memory post in a while and i miss my john ffuck

  • he was taller than me and was pale. his glasses broke and he taped them together
  • he had either brown or hazel eyes im not sure
  • im 99 percent sure he was dfab but im not sure what his actual gender was
  • i think i dated the ghost john i met but i believe me and my timeline john were pale
  • i dont think he was romantically involved with anyone
  • we would watch shitty movies together and we loved them
  • after meeting my john, i became a lot more soft and wasnt as harsh. i think he taught me to be kinder
  • he always hugged me whenever i was feeling down and i knew that he cared about me a lot

more memories here

anonymous asked:

I'm the scum of planet anon and follow your last anon line of thinking, why if they actually paid their family silence about the baby but they broke it? Louis still has to be in charge of his son but this explain why he was miles away of her and his behavior. Sorry for all the babbling I'm just trying to make sense to all this shit xD

then why was the mom liking baby and wedding sites literally before briana would have even known she’d missed her period…again we went through all this yesterday and the day before and the day before that. 

none of it makes sense and i dont think anyone will find the answers they are looking for. 

fanatic-fandom asked:

99-127 :) It's a lot and you don't have to do all of them 😂 Just wanted to give you a distraction ❤️ I hope you're okay! ~xoxoxo

99. have any pets?

a puppy named button!

100. how are you feeling?

pretty shit to be honest 

101. do you type fast?

very fast 

102. do you regret anything from your past?

yh so much 

103. can you spell well?

nope it is something that a lot of people at school like to pick on 

104. do you miss anyone from your past?

fuck, yes 

105. ever been to a bonfire party?

yeah and i cried because i didnt want them to burn my doll that i made 

106. ever broken someone’s heart?

i dont think so 

107. have you ever been on a horse?

yes i hate horses 

108. what should you be doing?

sleeping or revising 

109. is something irritating you right now?


110. have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?


111. do you have trust issues?


112. who was the last person you cried in front of?

my mum 

113. what was your childhood nickname?


114. have you ever been out of your province/state?


115. do you play the wii?


116. are you listening to music right now?

yh, top 

117. do you like chicken noodle soup?


118. do you like chinese food?

119. favourite book?

120. are you afraid of the dark?

very much so 

121. are you mean?

i don’t think so 

122. is cheating ever okay?


123. can you keep white shoes clean?


124. do you believe in love at first sight?


125. do you believe in true love?

i like to believe it is out there somewhere but i will believe it when i experience it 

126. are you currently bored?


127. what makes you happy?

tea, dan and phil, kiera, dogs, music, dancing 

combthecombel asked:

1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 22, 26, 27,47 Have fun, boyo

1. Selfie.

3. Do you miss anyone?: YOU. (This looks alot weirder next to this picture)

4. What are you looking forward to?: Being done with THIS FUCKING ANIMATION, Valve doing SOMETHING.

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?: Jradgex, i dont think i’ve ever had a bad conversation with him. (Sry Combel)

8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?: I saw this one video describing a story about a guy who was drugged and raped by some random girl and when he described it to his female friend and she slapped him in the face for ‘’Trivializing real rape’’ (Female rape), its mostly shit like that that yields such a reaction, when there’s so clearly a horrible double standard going on that should be obvious to literally anyone. Also Sans…….Fucking Sans.

12. what is something you want right now?  Nintendo to delay the NX so i dont have to buy another fucking system.

13. how do you feel right now?  Pretty good B)

22. description of crush?: 

26. Idols?:  James Rolfe, Toby Fox, David Gilmour, John Cleese, George Harrison, Max Gilardi, Trey Parker & Matt Stone.

27. things i hate? People who want to impose their belief on other people, social justice warriors, Prank videos, microtransactions, forced multiplayer in AAA games that really dont need it, people who rather than just unfollowing somone just say ‘’Hey dont use that word that offends me’’ and dont realise how stupid of a request that is when they could just unfollow instead. (Sry got a little ranty on that last one) 

47. Turn-ons?

noochbot asked:

1 and 20

  • 1. selfie no its dark nd im aslip
  • 2. what would you name your future kids? Arthur Cereza 
  • 3. do you miss anyone? no i dont think so
  • 4. what are you looking forward to? MAX BIRTHDAY
  • 5. is there anyone who can always make you smile? @chiquitachillona @miidra
  • 6. is it hard for you to get over someone? no
  • 7. what was your life like last year? good 
  • 8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed? noh
  • 9. who did you last see in person? like on here??? max and even and susy
  • 10. are you good at hiding your feelings? i think somreone help
  • 11. are you listening to music right now? noh 
  • 12. what is something you want right now? Cookies n cofee
  • 13. how do you feel right now? uneasy but susy posted a cute pic so im good
  • 14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you? friday
  • 15. personality description idk ima dog 
  • 16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t? yes
  • 17. opinion on insecurities.  they suk
  • 18. do you miss how thing were a year ago? kinda but not really
  • 19. have you ever been to New York? noh
  • 20. what is your favourite song at the moment? maxs singing

thank u @noochbot ilysm

kind of thinking about revamping my Damon blog…ugh i dont know.  i miss him a lot and i have muse for him i just…have been hurt by a lot of people in the tvd fandom.  so maybe i could make him an AU only blog, like bring him to Beacon Hills and just say a big fuck you to mystic falls.


i just want to vent abt my week, okay?

warning! this is a rlly long post so yeah! sorry for spelling errors1!

 so this is why i skipped school for a week:

 so last monday (mlk day) my family and i decided to go on a small road trip to the alabama-georgia line to buy lottery tickets but also to spend time together since it’s only an hour or so drive from where we live and we’ve all been hella distant with each other lately 

so all was well the trip there and buying  tickets, we even stopped at tgi friday’s since we don’t have one at home (if we do we have no idea where it is. don’t go though, its a total waste imo 10/10 would not recommend) so we were all in a good mood laughing and talking abit ( aka complaining abt how the food sucked and talking abt how sweet the waitress was and how hard she tried to make it better) and evrything was good

we get back to alabama and we decide to go to walmart since we needed to pee and we were starting to get hungry again. we stop in this nascar town and as soon as we get inside like the little security guard starts watching us (granted we did come in a little loud for 3am but we weren’t being ridiculous, but my sister had been eating doritos and she sneezed and it legit smelled like a bag of doritos had exploded and it was orange and the dust got everywhere) 

we’re like the only poc in the whole placeandweweren’t acting suspicious we were just joking in the chips aisle and my sister and i were holding hands and i put my hand in her coat pocket since my jacket was too short to cover my wrist and it was chilly in the store and i didnt take my hand out the whole time until we got to the register and i started pointing at candies and poking at them (i was trying to beg but still be subtle abt it) and then i patted my sister and told her i was heading to the bathroom before we left  

i always put my hands in my pockets when i walk if im wearing a jacket so thats what i did and the security guard lady was like can i speak with you for a minute miss? and i was like “uhhh, sure but i need to go rlly bad” she was looking at me like i was being shady andshe waslike “would u mind taking ur handsout of your pockets for me,pls?” and i was “why?” and she started getting huffy “just pls take your hands out of the pockets pls” my mom is off to the side giving me like doit now eyes so i was like whtevr fine andthe lady was telling meempty your pocketsand whatevr and i was starting to get kinda heated so iwas bein kinda rude cos i still had to pee 

so the lady finally decided i didnt have anything on me and let me goand by that point i was in a tight and i was super fckin mad bcos i couldn;t figure out why she wanted tosearch me but i was like whatevr

so evryone exceptmy mom goes to the car and my mom waits for me outside the bathroom and sheslikekeep ur hands out of r pockets until we leave andim still pissed but i do whT she says so then we get in the car and she’s like Oz (a nick name for auston bcos my cousin couldnt say my middlename was just likeaus but it sounded like oz so yeah) you shouldve been more polite to the lady and i was why? i didnt do anything!? and she was like it doesnt mattter and then we started arguing and everybdy was like grumbling a mixture of  tagaloh/spanish/russian (my dad is fillipina/russian so my mom learned both) so the mood got kinda tense

when we were like 5mins away from the house my mom decided to get milkshakes and burgers from steak&shake to make up for the mood and the arguement so after we got our food and were finally and we were on the way home and then we get pulled over so everyone’s pissed again and we were all feeling like super harassed especially since we didnt get a ticket or anything but he still followed us home

so nobdy went anywhere the next since we all felt rlly strained from  last night then i found my senior study abroad program was declining my application sibce all my credits didnt transfer from my old school and they thought my grades were at an unrepairable state and i wasnt the type of student they were looking for anymore (ive been trying to get into this program since iwas in middle school) (its an outreach program run by church which introduces poor asian american students to their culture by sending them to their “home country” for 11-ish months in cooperation with their high school but you have to sign up years in advance since theres a waiting list)

i rarely cry about things unless im just really overwhelmed so i legit lost it after i heard that like i was in tears for hour i was so fucking upset 

so i stayed home on wednesday and i was just so frustrated with my anxiety and depresion stiff bcos it was making me hate the thought of going back to school the next day and i legit had a discussion with my mom about dropping out of school and just ged’ing my way out and she looked so fcking disappointed in me and that made it even worse so i just hid my room until like saturday trying to get myself right in the head for monday, and honestly its sunday now and i still don’t feel ready