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Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).

One of my friends (Lune-Obsession) did this nice Christmas-Love list, so I figured I would do the same since I actually have quite a few friends on here that I’ve grown very fond of ^^

applesandangles: I just met you and we started talking and I think you’re reall cool now that I’ve gotten to know you (not that I though you weren’t BEFORE I got to know you lol)

logic-and-shit: Jen… My first friend on here. The practical tumblr bae. I love you. And don’t forget to update your kik so you can talk to me more often! ;p

christmas-kookie/ exo-the-reaction/ deadforestprince/ youmeatbeth: You all are very new, but I’m very happy I’ve.. found(?) you guys, because I feel like we’re going to be good friends and all ^^

jinjiyaa/ laame4lyfe: I met you guys through the ihatfesf, and I still go back and read through all of our “bias” messages to each other, and it makes me really happy I met you both, even if we don’t talk often~!

oh-my-niam-feels: Literally you were one of the first blogs I followed, and we also shared the same ship in 1D~ I’m glad we still follow each other because you’re an awesome person, and your posts always bring me back to my 1D roots *tear tear lol*

kawaii–tae/ lalalafool/ yehetingoveryou: I’ve only talked to you guys a little bit, but I really like seeing you guys on my dash, and I hope we can start talking soon~

yoongiconda: We stopped talking a while ago, and I miss it. I remember you saying something about a Block B concert way back when, and even tho its late, I hope you had an awesome time if you did eventually go~

jongkook-school-run: we don’t talk much either, but I know that if I ever needed anyone to talk to, you would be one of them, so thank you for that!

phia-mephistopheles/ yoongi-oppar: I literally love your blogs, and you guys as well. I’ve realized you’re both amazing people, even if we don’t talk 

shineecupcakes/ masheverythingup: We started talking, but as you can tell, I’m really bad at communications, so I fell off of that when things got busy. I can’t wait to start talking to you guys again, and this time I promise I won’t randomly stop~

lune-obsession/ zelos-krismas-bitch/ too-kawaii-for-this-shitt: we literally barely talk at all but you guys are some of my favorite blogs, and seeing you guys on my dash makes me really~ happy ^^

prototype-the-walter-girl/ weliveindifferentworlds: You guys really help me keep up with what’s happening in the news and everything with all the posts you reblog, and without them I would be in the dark. I’ve been planning on saying it for a while now, but I always forgot, so I’ll say it now: THANK YOU for being an absolutely wonderful blog~!

Even though she’s left and I’m hoarding her URL until she possibly comes back, I’m going to add Lili as well. I didn’t know her for that long, but we got really close quickly with our love for BTS and IKON, so yeah ^^ 

Swift blogs

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exo offensive moments

okay so before i start this list, i just wanna clarify: i am an exo stan. i love exo. i just dont love all the stuff they say/do. if you want to complain about me making this or ask me why i did, please read this first, honestly i will not respond to anyone who has not read this first.

If you think i’ve missed anything please send me a message but don’t forget to try to include a source! now onto the list:






  • Said the n-word in a pre-debut video with a hard ‘-er’ at the end (there has however been a lot of debate over whether it was actually Kai who said it in the video because it is somewhat difficult to tell, though he was still seen laughing in it)
  • culturally appropriated braids in the ‘Wolf’ music video (however I’m gonna say this one was out of his hands and blame SM Entertainment because I don’t think he has much control over his concept look?)
  • Sometimes deflects colorism to Tao**



  • Allegedly asked if a b&w picture could “go any darker” because Kai was in it*
  • Pulled a face when Gukjoo was dancing in front of him at MAMA starting at 0:13 (there has been some debate over whether it was just because he was uncomfortable about the nature of the dance or whether it was because it was Gukjoo dancing)






  • Calls Kai ‘kkamjong’ which translates to ‘black Jongin’ (Kai’s real name is Jongin) though this seems to be a group nickname, I am not aware of exactly who uses it

Former Members




  • Apparently Xiumin made a comment saying the only thing Tao and Kai have in common is their black skin on a radio show, but I cannot seem to find a source for this
  • Apparently there were some old online comments from Baekhyun where he called girls at his High School sluts but I cant find any screenshots so Im not sure how reliable it is
  • Chanyeol and Baekhyun apparently admitted to teasing the Chinese members at first for their pronunciation/korean and acted somewhat cold towards them, though I cannot find a source for this
  • Many people have said Chanyeol said his ideal type would have white/pale skin but I can’t find a source on that so I’m not sure
  • I also vaguely remember seeing a picture of exo which one of the members wrote comments on and there was something about Kai’s skin being dark but I can’t remember who it was (possibly Kai himself?) or for the life of me find it again so this is unsourced for the time being

*Anything with an asterisk besides it is a fan account and so may not be entirely reliable, though are usually fairly trustworthy

**Though all colorism is bad, i think it’s fair to say that whenever Tao or Kai try to deflect colorist comments onto each other, it is usually a form of defence mechanism. That doesn’t make it okay and it doesn’t mean it can’t be just as harmful, but considering they are nearly always the victims of such colorist comments, it is somewhat different to when they come from somebody else who is unaffected by them.

With reference to the Baekhyun-autism-comment issue, it has been a topic of much debate as many people have said that the korean word for autistic is similar to the korean word for defeated-i want to clarify that i do not speak korean so i cannot judge this myself-and that it was just a mistranslation. However, this became a lot more unlikely when a second video was released, titled “censored version”, which did not include the supposed autism comment. If it had just been misheard or a mistranslation, why would they censor it? I think this is one thing that remains somewhat undecided but considering Baekhyun’s track record, I wouldn’t put it past him tbh. Read more about it here.

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I was very picky with doing this so congrats if u made it lmfao

everyone here are great people, have perfect blogs and are defs worth following 


Okay so I’m pretty sure I got those who have somewhat of a ship with me and or a full out ship with me and I’ve spent the past like thirty minutes developing names. nothing too fancy (i’m really lazy guys I’m only doing this so I can sort things out better), but it’s something at least!

 ;;cat scratch fever | catladjay

 ;;there’s only me - there’s only you | feelingthxaster

;;when the moon found the sun | kidflxsh

 ;;i’m your bright night you’re my morning bird | timbirdy

 ;;your lipstick stain is a work of art | betterlucknexxtime

 ;;i like my coffee black just like my metal | impulsivelybartallen

 ;;this is the beat of my heart | missmartianinvasion

 ;;let me be your hero baby | sarcasticcatnip

 ;;i just want your fucking filthy love | archersarsenal

Now I’m gonna put these on a page and be cool okay okay okay

So, I finally reached my goal of 600 followers! I’m pretty happy and I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while now. I /know/ I missed people and for that I AM REALLY SORRY. It’s a lot harder to make this than I thought??? Anyways, bolded are mutuals and I love you all SOOOOO much for being so awesome! I think I bolded all my mutuals if not just tell me. Stay lovely everyone <3 

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anonymous asked:

Hello friend I am a newish fan of fob and it seems i'm missing a few things. Can you please explain this pete and mikey saga? thanks :)

ok im gonna do my best, im no petekey expert but i know a decent amount i think!! anyone else can correct me if i make a mistake. :) 

pete and mikey could have met as long ago as 2003, but there’s no record of them being friends until they toured together in 2004. pete started referencing mcr song lyrics but idk i dont think they were actually really spending much time together until 2005. 

in 2005, the “sweet little dudes” gang started. i think pete started referencing him and mikey as a two-member gang called sld. he referred to it in interviews and stuff, and fan questions, and even had a shirt made with sweet little dudes on it lol. mikey also started going to fob shows i guess, and they shared clothes. (also in petes lj he mentioned “white denim jackets” on a list of things that turned him on and a white denim jacket is one of the things he shared with mikey lmao)

then summer 2005, warped tour or w/e, is called “the summer of like” by petekey shippers because they were REALLY close. many pics of them together, mikey wearing clandestine industry clothes, etc. 

pete wrote some really sappy things in his lj and one of them contained a line that would eventually be used in the lyrics to bang the doldrums, which ppl think is about mikey. he also wrote something about how writing messages on your arm is the new aim away message, and there are pics of mikey on stage with “fucked “ and “easy” on his arm so uh…. yeah.

when fob was playing, pete would apparently dedicate songs to mikey.

there were fan reports about ppl seeing mikey coming off of fob’s tour bus in the morning with pete, looking tired and not wanting their pics taken lmao idk the validity of that since there’s no picture proof but /shrugs

after summer of like, things died down but there are still pics of them together in 2006, mentions of him in pete’s lj and stuff, sharing clothes etc. 

AND THEN THE CHRIS THING HAPPENED. basically chris was in a band called arma angelus with pete before fob, and patrick drummed for them sometimes so he was friends with both pete and patrick since pre-fob. one of the songs on tttyg called “grenade jumper” has the line “hey chris, you were our only friend, i know it seems belated but we love you back”. anyway, chris and pete had a huge falling out in 2006 because pete apparently slept with chris’s gf and then chris called pete out on livejournal about it. then pete’s dick pics got leaked, and ppl think chris did it.

how does this relate to mikey?? well, sometime after that, pics of chris and mikey appeared on the internet. and chris said something like he found a new love, and he’d fallen for a boy who had a gf. basically, ppl think he was trying to get back at pete for sleeping with his gf by getting with mikey. once this happened, pete posted a very angry away message on aim that said something like “fuck everyone, i hate everything” or something like that. 

ppl say whatever happened between pete and mikey ended in the summer of 06?? at least, i think so. pete started writing sad shit, and yeah. then infinity on high came out, and ppl say it was mostly written about mikey.

to this day though, they are still good friends and communicate on twitter and insta and stuff. pete still uses the phrase “sweet little dudes”, and they have cute little inside jokes like green tea kitkats and yeah :) 

basically petekey ruined my life and i want to punch myself in the face until i lose consciousness

anonymous asked:

so after four years with my betta fish, he finally got too old and passed away this morning. i didnt think i would be this upset over a fish, but i guess i didnt realize how much i did enjoy his little company. i was just wondering if you or anyone else has had this feeling before? cause i never thought i'd be upset over the loss of a fishy.

There is NO shame over being sad when any animal passes away, whether it is a cat or dog or snake or fish. I promise you that SO MANY of us here in the “fishblr” community around tumblr have mourned their fish. I have cried over my own two bettas that passed and to this day when somebody reblogs a picture of them I feel a twinge of sadness in my chest.

Fish are just as important and genuine as any other pet you might have, no matter what some cruel people will try to tell you. You are allowed to miss him and be as sad over his death as is natural for you, for as long as you need to.



Was tagged by the dreadlocked beauty isys777 Dont mind the flipped photos i was too lazy to fix it, just turn your screen or something lol. I just changed my hair colour this week (it was black before) and decided to have fun with it. I usually hate selfies but i liked this challenge. My atrocious make up free face ladies and gentlemen… The 20 beautiful ladies i challenge are: acceber74, awesome-bamon, do-you-think-im-spoopy, darwinquark, elegantpaws, fiercedeception, gokittykat13, halequeenbraeden, ipodchick, j-mo115(i wanna see yo face gurl), akeeko, krayday, thetravelingmind-blog, kianbamonlove, shilsvampsinger, lapisloveisdone, melissasbamonromantictales, paranormalslacktivity, thefudge Im so sorry if i missed anyone, cause i wanna know what you all look like. Bless!

Does anyone else miss the words or the touches of someone who abused!hurt u?? (U can ignore the tags its rly long)

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I just want you to know that your art and cosplay are really awesome!! I really liked your Jade LOFAF vine. And really I hope you know you're an awesome person and I hope you have a great day!