i dont think i love many things

remember when Yato wanted the biggest shrine in Japan and a ton of money and followeRS AND NOW ALL HE WANTS IS A SIMPLE LIFE WITH YUKINE AND HIYORI LIKE WOW OKAY COOL IM JUST GUNNA LIE DOWN NOW


Let me tell you the moment i escaped the feelings. I guess it was at MAMAs. We were performing, i was singing and i realized i have MONBEBEs who loved our performance. I got to see their face and i thought i should not be depressed like that because there might be MONBEBEs who’re stressed out. Though there might be a bumpy road, try to believe that things will work out as MONEBE wants. I thought you can even do something impossible.

Okay rant time:
I DONT LOVE THIS AT ALL!! Not even a little.

•Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Reyna x Annabeth bromance, I think it’s absolutely great but there is just so many things wrong with this specific interaction.
•When Percabeth fell into Tartarus they did it going in to survive as a unit. They depended on each other but still had their independence as individuals.
•We know Percy isn’t as smart as Annabeth but that doesn’t make him immediately and irrationally dumb.
•Annabeth didn’t know anything about Tartarus either; both her an Percy fell into that pit blind to the dangers that lay ahead.
•percabeth are great together because they make each other stronger. Percy is not dependent on Annabeth to tie his shoes and keep him alive and same applies to Annabeth— Percy is not there to keep her protected and shelter her from anything that may cause her harm.
•they work because they understand that they can protect themselves and do things for themselves and when they’re together it makes two strong forces unstoppable
•Reyna made Percy a praetor on his third day?!? Why on gods green earth would she do that if she thought Percy was a dumbass
•I’m sorry this interaction makes me so mad because Percy is more than an impulsive little adhd, dyslexic kid who fights monsters and is constantly getting into sh*t
•he’s such a complicated character who figures things out in his own way.
•Annabeth researches The Labyrinth and tries to figure out a way to maneuver through it; Percy knew Rachel could guide them.
•Annabeth used smarts and wit to defeat her enemies and complete her journey following the MOA; Percy used impulse and instinct to work his way through battles and to get through the SON
•I mean there’s a reason that Hera chose Percy to be the link between the camps. It could have been Annabeth, she was smart, she was a quick thinker but Hera didn’t.
•it makes me so mad when I see Percy being portrayed in a “dumb” or “not-smart” kind of way?!?
•where did we get this idea??
•please can we abolish it right now!!!!!!
•you too Uncle Rick

Okay some of y'all are getting seriously touched about this post and how I don’t understand that it’s “just a joke.”

•Firstly: I know this scene was a joke, probably tons of them are. I chose this situation simply because I found this picture. I was not about to search through fan fictions, and scenes where the idea of “dumb- Percy” wasn’t a joke, when this was here already. It just so happened that this picture was a very intended jokey interaction and was unfortunately subject to my rant. Most of what I say is a generalization as to how we should stop calling out Percy as a dumbass.

•Secondly: Yea yea I should probably chill but I don’t have any of that. I am not a calm person. I freak out over everything, happy sad, annoying, amazing— doesn’t matter. So the likelihood of me “calming down” or “talking a chill pill” is slim.

•Thirdly: Yes guys I know what teasing is, I know how to take a joke, I have friends and we tease each other all the time. This was not meant to portray that teasing is wrong and that they can’t have fun being friends and doing what friends do. Oh my gods this was just AN EXAMPLE. I love the PJO/HOO series because of how close and fun the relationships between the characters are but I needed to make a post about this idea of Percy being dumb and how that’s not the case it just so happened that it was a jokey scene that became the root of the post.

•Okay thanks for your time. I love y'all and I love this blog but damn this post caused controversy. Hope this edit cleared my intentions up a bit :)

I can’t wait until I have someone to spoil. You want the giant dinosaur? I’m going to win you that giant dinosaur. You want a large fry with those nuggets, you best believe you’re getting it. You want those new jeans that really show off your ass? Hell yeah, those jeans are yours.


“No, I didn’t. You know him better than anyone else ever has or ever will. You made him, you taught him to be all he is, and you know him down to his bones. You know how strong he is. You know how much he loves you. If I gave you anything, give me your faith now. Teach one thing to all your children. I have never told you anything more true than this. Believe this, if you believe nothing else. Raphael saved himself.

honestly, i just can’t get over monty’s scene in 4x02 where he frees the people instead of killing the ice nation warrior. his actions are so tied together with what we know about his father in that moment - with such a surprising outcome - that i can’t help myself but literally scream and declare my undying love for my stormcloud and hero - because that is what he is to me, lets be real.

like, remember when hannah and pike told him about his father in 3x02?:

Monty: I need to know what happened.

Hannah: Monty…

Monty: Please.

Hannah: We landed in the snow. Your father said it absorbed some of the impact. That’s why we survived. The snow looked so beautiful, it… Charles?

Pike: The children were playing in it. They were the first to die… 15 of them. If not for your father, would’ve been more. He pulled 4 kids back into the ship, all 4 alive today. They got him when he went back for the fifth. Your father died a hero, Monty.

when monty is confronted with the person who killed his father in 4x02 and bryan tells him that this is his kill (suggesting revenge) we see bellamy tell him that he doesn’t have to do this, because monty is thrust into a corner in which he has to make a rather hard decision - one that is not just gonna affect him, but will also affect the people around him. but then monty says “yeah i do”, and all initial thoughts are cracked open and pushed into another direction.

i get chills every time now, because i know he is going to use the axe to break the chains (three strong hits) and free the slaves. and just, i’m so aware of how much that action contrasts his first choice. to take the hydro generator and leave farm station without saving the 25 people and sacrifice them for the greater good? that decision is juxtaposed the second he uses the axe, a tool that is so drastically associated with violence and death, to free the people.

and it gets even wilder:

he literally gives riley a nod that says “this is your kill”.

and they do. they attack the ice nation warrior and kill him with their bare hands (what a crazy way to put emphasis on the fact that the slaves can use their hands now btw. while the axe, a deathly tool, frees them from the chains around their wrists, we also see that once they get to freedom, they get to use it to kill someone). and i know, people like to mention how monty indirectly gets his revenge through the 25 people, but i think the greater part of all this is that he is actually (partly) coming out as a hero, just like pike told him his father were. conflicted yes, but also willing to finish what they have started.

it’s an act (decision) that sits heavily on his shoulders, one he never had the chance to even remotely prepare himself for, unlike with the hydro generator, but this was a big moment for him, especially as a person, nonetheless.

he can be so hauntingly calculating during missions, but then he can also be ready for other dramatic shifts that highlight the kindred spirit that he is. i really wonder how this experience will affect him personally and his mindset over the course of the show tbh, considering that they couldn’t bring home the one thing they went to farm station for, but still got to save lifes. there is a reason the writers played with two choices and it’s exciting as much as it is unsettling. it’s clear that he is going to have to make more hard decisions in the future…

anyway. i’m rambling but god, the stakes are truly higher than ever before. i don’t think i’m ready for this season after all lmao.

me: recognizes that being beautiful has fuck all to do with my value as a human and as a woman

me: is aware that the massive, male-led beauty industry sells me worthless (yet incredibly expensive) and poisonous makeup under the guise of “empowerment”

me: knows that the fashion, skincare and makeup industries literally thrive off of women feeling ugly and insecure and will therefore do anything in their power to keep us feeling that way

me: thus understands that many of my insecurities about trivial things that no man would ever even think to be self-conscious of (textured skin on my upper arms? too many freckles? eyelashes too blonde? fingers too short and stubby?) are probably a direct result of the ubiquity of beauty and fashion marketing targeting young women such as myself

also me somehow: if i dont wear at least a lil concealer and mascara no one will ever love me and i will probably die a worthless ugly wretched hag with no friends and also im fat

misakichan274  asked:

Hey Leela:) I'm still shook from all the live content we've been getting from them lately but too busy irl to actually process it. Among the many many memorable moments, I cant remember you discussing at 26:30 (sorry if you have) how unfiltered and sincere Dan comes through when he goes 'Yeah I think so' to blue bringing out Phil's eyes and then 10 seconds later pouting 'I dont know why you're being like this' ahh they were so annoying in their ungodly levels of compatibility and togetherness:'(

yeahhhh i didn’t address those yesterday!!! haha there were so many things i wanted to talk about but after a point i kind of wanted to stop spamming everyone’s dashes with 1345 posts of me yelling so i decided to pull back a bit :) i do think those two moments were incredible though, and in general i loved the distinct difference in dan’s approach to this whole thing as compared to phil’s. it seems like he made a conscious decision to try to be as supportive and positive as possible of phil’s gameplay which, incidentally, also seems to be the mode that comes most naturally to him, even on dapg when they’re meant to be competing (think of all of the ‘why am i helping you?’  moments.) i know phil was like ‘i’m so used to fighting you’ in order to justify why he was bringing the trash talk to this stream (e.g. repeatedly saying ‘rekt’ whenever dan lost), but then we also know that when they actually play mario kart they make it their goal to get a ‘dan and phil 1-2′ (using dan’s words from the last mario kart video) and that they institute a no-attack pact most of the time, wherein they won’t hit each other so that they basically work together to beat everyone else in the round. which is. gross. obviously. but i think it’s why moments like the ones you mentioned felt so incredibly sincere and natural coming from dan. 

of course the comment about phil’s eyes isn’t really to do with the game, but i think it plays into dan’s overall instinct to just be supportive and complimentary to phil (perhaps especially when he’s under stress) and it was so damn lovely to hear that :) another good moment similar to this, though not regarding phil’s appearance, was when dan turns to the audience and says something like, phil’s been making free content for you for ten years and this is how you repay him??? that instinct to defend him is kind of silly but also completely adorable. it’s also there in the way he reacts to phil doing not-so-well: he admits that phil’s performance was pretty lackluster but repeatedly implies a bunch of times that phil’s only struggling because he’s trying to multitask and bant/respond to the chat while he’s playing, and that if he was just focusing on the game instead he’d be having no issues. it’s like, dan, no one is gonna judge phil by this mario kart performance can u pls chill out lmao. the protectiveness is crazy tbh. 

and then, as you mentioned, the ‘i don’t know why you’re being like this’ said in response to phil yelling ‘i don’t need advice from you, danny lad,’ was also just such a genuine and interesting moment? it’s interesting to think about it from phil’s perspective and wonder if for the purposes of an audience watching them play this he really didn’t want to look like he was leaning at all on dan’s support. but also maybe his whole approach to mario kart as a game is different from dan’s because dan is obviously better than he is, so phil’s competitiveness is actually higher than dan’s for once because he has to try a lot harder to play at the level dan does or even to beat dan, whereas dan doesn’t feel he really has anything to prove. it’s obvious to see from the way he plays that it comes so easy to him. regardless, in this moment it rly felt like dan was saying, i thought it was gonna be us playing as a team and rooting for each other (like we pretty much always do), why are you being this way??? and he seems truly a bit miffed, but still in a good-natured way. super fucking cute. 

another moment along these lines that i really loved was when phil towards the end, as things were getting truly tense, took a page out of dan’s book on dapg and was so emphatic about how dan shouldn’t look at him or breathe near him or talk to him, and dan agrees and tries to focus on the chat. there was one moment (i think around 35:43? but my timestamps might be a bit off i was half asleep when i wrote them down) where phil yells at dan ‘you’re stressing me out’ and dan immediately stops talking and looks away and even blocks his face to read the chat. it’s like his number one instinct is really to help phil win and support him however he can even if it involves trying to stay silent. but of course it lasts all of approximately ten seconds because he actually can’t stop watching phil, so much so that by the end he actually tells people to stop sending superchats because he won’t be reading them, he’s too focused on watching the game and making sure phil wins. and finally, of course, i can’t believe how genuinely fucking excited he got by the end when phil did pull through and win. it was pretty much a throwback to the end of the donkey kong minecart video when dan screams ‘yES!!!’ louder than we’ve possibly ever heard and yells at phil that he’s proud to call him his friend. but at least there they actually were playing together in a co-op game and phil’s success was important to both of them winning as a team. in this live stream, dan had absolutely no stakes in phil winning but he got just as excited as when they’re playing together. he just loves to see phil win, loves to hear people appreciating him, loves sticking up for him even when it’s a dumb and trivial situation w basically no significance objectively,,, maybe he even takes pride in all of it. it was so obvious throughout this stream and all of it was so ridiculously sweet to watch. 

Kevin: We’ve only gotten the small timers out.

Jason: I know, we gotta get that fucking Paul out.

Kevin: He’s gone fucking mad. He’s like fucking Napoleon. We should start calling him Napoleon. You know who Napoleon is, right? Napoleon was the French dictator, like he was the head of the military, but he had a small man’s complex. Ya ever hear them call it a Napoleon complex? He put his hand here *poses like Napoleon* and posed all the time like this. And then this little prick would give orders to everybody. And then he didn’t listen to one order when he should’ve and well, wadaloo, ya know what I mean? He (Paul) is literally out of his mind–his ears, his eyes are spinning like fucking one arm bandits, ya know? And he’s like telling everyone what’s going on and what to do. He’s telling so many people so many different things, I wonder how even keeps it straight or knows what the fuck he’s doing??

While I live for Kevin clocking Paul, does anyone know if he went and told Paul that Jason wants him out or not? I would love it if he didn’t, but I also know Kevin is playing both sides so…..

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So when I watched the "Love Yourself" new video, I scrolled down the comments and saw this one ignorant girl who commented ' I hate the girls. I don't want the love yourself concept i want the youth concept because its better. The girls should never be included in bts mv's. Bighit please change this i dont like it.'. What do you think? Btw love your artstyle it's amazing. Keep it up love you!❤

Thank you so much!💟💟

So this is my opinion so please don’t take it personally;; if we dont agree its alright;;

I think we need to make a difference between the ARMYs who dont like the girls because “they are close to them” and the people who say they dont like the new plot.
I’m waiting to see all the videos to have my final opinion on the matter but for the moment I’m really really confused. Like @atramin told me, I dont want a “if someone loves you, you can love yourself”, and I really hope they wont do that;;;;
I think the reason why a lot of people didn’t really like the video and the new plot, is not because of the girls, but because they dont know what to expect. Its really different from what we used to. You see, the BST & Short Films were really different from HYYH but it really fit the theme. But I feel like this video doesnt really fit, at least for the moment, maybe it will change after. Love is a big part of youth, maybe thats why they wanted to to exploit this subject, but right now with this video, I don’t think it fits well. So I’m really confused.
I believe that some ARMYs didnt like how Big Hit used the roles of the girls, not the girls, but their roles in the story. But I also think we need to wait to until the last video to give our final opinion. I dont hate it, I dont like it, I just want Big Hit to surprise all of us.
Theres one thing that I dont really like about this anymore and its totally personal. What I liked about HYYH, WINGS and YNWA is that we could totally have our own interpretation of the story. “Is this about girls and guys? Guys and guys? Friendships? Love? Who knows” and I think it was one of the biggest charms of the serie. Everyone could identify with the serie at some point, and I dont think its the case for many of us anymore, even for me. But again i dont know what to expect and maybe they will exploit the plot in a good way.

So really its not the girls that I didnt like, they were really amazing, its more about how they used their roles in the serie.
Also if you didnt like the video its totally ok. Its not because you didnt like something that you dont like BTS. We all can have a critical look on everything and I think its way more interresting than the “ i love everything bts does bc its bts”. But again its just my opinion on the matter;; Im pretty sure a lot of ARMYs dont feel this way!

  • he’s tol af
  • black hair
  • comes up like someone intimidating but is actually a dork
  • he jokes around but know when to back off and if he realize he went too far apologize right away
  • his horrible laugh
  • he wants to make nekomata’s dream true, he respect his coach so much
  • HIS ARMS !!!!!!! !!!!
  • when kenma is lost in his games and get missed he goes and search for him himself // light novel, during the trip to miyagi before playing agianst karasuno
  • biggest meme
  • he helps kenma with his studies 
  • he’s in prep college class and is also captain so he has plenty of responsabilities already
  • he’s in prep college class and how awesome is that!!! !!!!¡¡¡¡
  • he wants to fight people he doesn’t like 24/7
  • he also helps people that is not from his team *coughtcought||tsukki||coughtcouht*
  • HIS BACK DAMN !!!11!!1!
  • his provocation comments are on point
  • he knows exactly what to say and how to say it for encouring people to do better and try
  • he’s one of the most reliable characters imo 
  • his smile is so adorable it makes me cry
  • he says he is kind as a joke but he actually is, he’s probably not aware of how great of a person he is and makes me want to hug him
  • he sleeps on his stomach while pressing two pillows onto both his ears and his hair and it makes me want to hug him too
  • his leadership skills are unquestionable
  • silly comebacks like “for someone who is so clearly lacking in docosahexaenoix acid, I dont think your opinions have much validity”
  • has grudge on people for silly things “coughtcought||chapter200||coughtcought||yaku||coughcough*
  • he was so into volleyball as a kid that he used to tried out the techniques he watched being used in matches on tv.
  • he has the taste of an old man for food, pls save him
  • his current concern is that he can’t get rid of his bedhead hair, after all this years
  • he’s very skilled at shuffling cards. (light novel) @ furudate let me know how much time he spends playing card games and with who
  • he’s passionate af and works hard to achieve his goals
  • he’s cute af but also hot af
  • he gets as excited as yamamoto sometimes and it’s beautiful
  • he confuses himself when trying to say something intelligent
  • he’s so supportive, it makes me cry
  • don’t take shit from people who can’t be objective in their view and doesn’t stay unspoken either
Some News that might be good

I know, yeah, you Might or might not be wondering: “Uh.. were’nt you gonna stay away from Tumblr, and move on in life?”

I was plainning to, as you can read in my apology and update posts from some weeks ago; but huh, I guess that wont be like it anymore.

I watched an old video of my favourite youtuber, DrossRotzank. The video is called “La gente Molesta de Youtube” (Youtube’s Annoying People) and its not in his channel anymore, I found it reuploaded by someone else. It made me think a lot about my own Internet experience, its not a lot different of what he described, and in his own terms, I lost the battle by letting those annoying people make me stop posting here, and even deleting my blogs.

Deleting my blogs made me lose all of my old drawings (or at least it made me lose track of em,, since I also ruinned my computer, with all my files, Im using my brother’s) And it made me lose what I had been building for so many time; A Fanbase around me and my art. . And by losing that, I lost the love and support of more than 30k people. I will have to start almost over again. At least I will try to not make the same mistakes I made when I started.

But I also learnt some good things when I was away, as my friends said, I needed a break, to think things out, and to get help. People who “hate” me seemed so many and so strong back then, but now I truly realize that theyre nothing compared to those who loved me.

So yeah, Hello!! I’m back from my Mental Rehabilitation, my Break, whatever,,

I dont think I’ll keep using this blog tho, since I made myself a new username and all, I dont want to waste it, so, I’ll just freely give it,

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(ANONYMOUS, please)

I actually liked the Cursed Child, despite all of its flaws. It wasn’t as amazing as I was expecting, but I loved Albus and Scorpius’ friendship, and it had many good things. I think Draco’s arc was really good, I loved Hinny’s relationship, and despite some flaws, Romione was on point. I also cried at Dumbledore and Harry’s talk, and Draco’s little speech about his life really put things in perspective. I know people dont like it, and they specially shit on Albus (he is kinda cliche), but i really fell in love with them, and I think Albus and Scorpius where meant to compliment each other rather than be a stand alone arc. Plus, I think Scorp was an extremely well written character in all aspects.

(fanart by Kse-nia-art)

Tw all things negative

There’s a lot of people telling me to grow up while I say I’m going to kill myself.

My blog is going to run on a queue.

Grown ups can kill themselves too, sometimes suicidal teens grow up and get called a fake enough so that they grow into adults who finally grow the balls to finish themselves off.

Grown ups get bullied. Grown ups get harassed. Grown ups get hurt and it isn’t excusable. Just because someone is older does not mean they aren’t allowed to experience pain. Especially when they constantly relive it due to their ptsd. I’m only 19 and shame on some of you for continuing to bully and insult me.

I hope you all recover and find comfort in the things you love. Never give up. Save the bees. Save yourselves. Save the people you think matter to you.

This website is the only thing that has ever led to good things. I’ve helped so many strangers and made so many friends. This was the one part of my life I had that wasn’t tainted with abuse or struggle and slime-dick took that away. But dont blame him. He needs help. Please make sure he’s alright. Make sure he doesn’t end up like me or hurting anyone else to the same degree.

Remember actions have consequences and you never know how your actions could impact someone else.

I love you. I love the people of this world and I love everything on it. I’m sorry I wasn’t any stronger. Goodbye.

ME: H-hey. Hey friend.


ME: So there’s this book…


ME: It’s really good! And stuff. I mean not really. Psht. You might totally hate it, but it’s fantawesome and if you don’t read it I’ll cry RAWR. 

TSFV: Well-


TSFV: (alarmed) I think–


TSFV: (slowly backs away) …

ME: So you’ll read it? 

Josh Hutcherson AMA Transcript

This is the transcript from Josh’s AMA on Reddit on February 16th, 2017.  All spelling and grammar errors are as written by the original people  This is very long, so the majority is under a read more.

Q:  Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh:  yes… they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly… however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

Q:  Hi! What’s your favorite television show to watch?

Josh:  the Bob Ross painting show… i can benge for hours

Q:  Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh:  so many…. joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

Q:  Hi Josh, You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh:  hahaha…. life imitates art…

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Wow some people really don't know when to stop

This whole situation that you are currently dealing with about Tapastic makes me really disappointed in the people who “support” you. Sadly, I’m not an artist but the majority of my friends are and I know and see exactly how much work goes into drawings that you work on for yourself and your followers. And it’s a hell of a lot of dedication and hard work. I feel really annoyed at the people who continue to badger you and make you feel let down because you draw and show it to them for FREE. So maybe instead of asking questions about prices you could show some gratitude. Being an artist isn’t some high paying job either because the money comes from commissions and usually another job. And yeah some of us are broke but I can’t believe that so many people asked you if it was free or not. If they really want to know can’t they just download it and find out for themselves. And there’s this thing called research that takes a minute of the day. 😔

Thank you for your kind words. Come to think of it, my international fans are very supportive, i have received many lovely asks, and for that Im in debt to all of you. You know in Vietnam they dont appreciate art creation that much, and they consider comic online are usually free. Back when I said I will consider going international, many my hardcore Vietnamese fans are even told me: “How, I dont think you can” “Like no, I dont see any way you can do it” “Your style is not good enough though…” My heart was broken, but I want to at least tried, so I proceed on my own with almost no support from my Vietnamese fans or even my family my friends. I was all alone. Compared to that time, I think I have great fans in here, you are all so welcome to my shitty style. The point is, I still have no confidence in what I do, but then you all got my back. From when I started joined in this fandom I have received kindness more than hate, and you helped my grow my confidence and style. Its such an honor to be with you all. Thank you all.

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So.. This eye-sore is totally @pyroinquisitor’s fault, so here you have SharkBoy and LavaGirl xD also tagging @awintersrose since she got me into this hot power couple 💜 love ya both 😚 hope you like it!


masterpost de bios, lembrando que os nomes dos idols bios / series bios / ship bios é só de exemplo, você muda.  bios masterpost, remember that the names of the idols bios / bios series / ship bios is an just a example, you change.

© @selnagsmez or like. 

bios random

  1. me chama que eu vo
  2. vamo devargazinho, conversa tudo gostosinho
  3. a saida é logo ali monamu
  4. quem nao gostar do que eu falo me da um block na cara
  5. eu to implorando para de passar vergonha
  6. queria um antivirus no coração e um redtube na cabeça
  7. vontade de te beija nao disse quem mas se vc quiser eh vc
  8. vontade de chorar……. porém sigo firme
  9. vo perde o bv esse ano vcs vao ve ngm me segura
  10. nao interessa pra vc palhaço
  11. cansado.com.br/mortocomfarofa
  12. deus eh top
  13. olho pro teclado do meu pc…e não sei mais oq dizer…só sentir
  14. vamos rir pra não chorar
  15. eu nao me prestaria a esse papel…
  16. eu amo meus haters, eles me deixam famosa
  17. estrela de que se vamos morrer minha irmã? 
  18. sofrimento pra mim é cancer
  19. se nem ines brasil agradou a todos pq eu vou agradar??
  20. parabéns vc foi sorteada para ficar na sua
  21. eh uma honra vcs n gostarem de mim
  22. erva nao faz mal, eh mato, cresce no chão igual arroz
  23. mas eh aquele ditado ne
  24. se queria estar morta pq n se mato ainda????
  25. haters é sinonimo de sucesso
  26. nao sou plastica pra agrada gente feia
  27. status update: dead
  28. bad boys, good lips
  29. hi stalker
  30. pizza is my religion
  31. trust no bitch
  32. cute but hungry
  33. my mama don’t like you, and i dont like too
  34. maybe i’m crazy
  35. breaking news: no one cares
  36.  i hope u die  (◡‿◡✿) 
  37. do i wanna know what u think to say this shit?
  38. life is beautiful, you not
  39. I invite you to die
  40. black is my happiness.
  41. netflix is my true love
  42. :): happy people :(:
  43. oh, shut up  ⊱✿◕‿◕✿⊰
  44. how many secrets can you keep?
  45. all humans are monsters
  46. i’m so sick of drama 
  47. go back to hetero world where you belong
  48. my pussy my choice
  49. netflix? netflix
  50. eww, pussy
  51. heterophobic
  52. i’m so fancy  💋 💋
  53. bye loser 
  54. i dont like school people, or school, or people
  55. shh bitch
  56. i hate you the first time, i hate you the last time
  57. wow, really? idc
  58. i say the right things, but act the wrong way
  59. i dont need a man, i just need food. 
  60. i lost my head

bios idols 

  1. justin (((((king))))) bieber
  2. liam payne is my daddy 
  3. selena gomez has not idea how it makes me happy
  4. i tried but its so hard to find words to describe how much i love demi lovato 
  5. she saved my life
  6. ariana grande followskfgdfgkdfósdf no
  7. miley is better than you.
  8. always in my heart @5sos 
  9. i hate you but i love u @taylorswift 
  10. lesbian for ruby rose  ◑ω◐
  11. love me like nina dobrev do
  12. devo ter jogado pedra na cruz pra sofrer por perrie edwards
  13. ・゚:*✧・゚ deus criou a laurenj diabo com inveja criou vc  ・゚:*✧・゚ 
  14. seu pai não tem uma piroca, ele tem um pincel @zaynmalik 
  15. as mãe cria a filha com amor carinho leite ninho dai elas vai e sofre por dylan o’brien
  16. em 1992 nasceu um anjinho pra fude minha vida
  17. ian somerhalder stole my heart
  18. why is ashley benson so perf
  19. se o computador der pau o hstyle senta 
  20. look in to hayes eyes is where her demons hide
  21. a solidão me fez magcult
  22. tem gente bonita tem gente muito bonita tem gente extremamente bonita tem mahogany lox
  23. nash grier ???? who???
  24. batatinha quando nasce se espalha rama pelo chão, a shawn mendes veio pra fude meu coração 
  25. “i love you” “me?” “no, i was talking to the vamps”
  26. uma hora ta tudo bem, outra hora sou fã de adele
  27. beyonce is my sunshine  ☽
  28. quando deus te desenhou ele nao tava namorando nao, ele tava inspiradissimo @rihanna 
  29. médicos afirmam: limpar todos os premios da taylor é o melhor exercicio para emagrecer
  30. to sentada na cadeira mas queria estar sentada na sua cara @hollandroden

bios ships

  1. talvez larry seja real e vc nao 
  2. jelena shipper tem area reservada no solo do inferno
  3. camren is not realHAHAHAHA no
  4. desejo a todas brouis vida curta 
  5. •✿ jerrie is definition of love ✿•
  6. sophiam are my parents
  7. jailey is real real is jailey
  8. *:・゚✧ muke eh real cake só bolo  *:・゚✧
  9. ✫˖∴✿ ziam is so fucking real ✿∴˖✫
  10. i shipp larry bc i believe in true love regardless of gender
  11. sua mae sabe que vc procura teoria de casal gay?
  12. all monsters are zerrie ships
  13. shippo casal gay sim nao sou fã de empresa pra shippar contrato
  14. nasci com uma falha no cérebro por isso shippo nian entendeu
  15. ainda bem que camren é real
  16. crazy for gay ship
  17. i hate zigi… ok… i do not know how to lie
  18. talvez hitler só quisesse que larry se assumisse
  19. “larry doesnt exists” i ask you something????????

series bios

  1. anteriormente em maldosas 
  2. pagando pelos meus pecados sendo fã de teen wolf
  3. como assim vc assistiu pll e nao gostou? viu errado, vê de novo
  4. no fundo do poço mais conhecido como fã de tvd
  5. pareço ser legal mas assisto the flash
  6. queria ser social mas existe ahs 
  7. eww, you ship stalia 
  8. só nao conta pra minha mae que eu assisto scream 
  9. eu falo ha e vcs leb 
  10. eh claro que eu nao fico esperando a netflix atualizar shadowhunters obvio que nao
  11. delena is my otp forever
  12. flap flep flip htgawm flup
  13. i’m vampire maniac, how u can think i’m happy??
  14. se eu assisti the originals foi pra criar minhas filhas
  15. vc eh tao bosta que vou te chamar de spn dublado
  16. mais desnecessário que hiatus só spaleb
  17. orange is the new who?????? 
  18. a moral eu perdi quando assisti o primeiro ep de twd
  19. i’m watching skins, leave a message
  20. chegou a que vê the 100 dublado
7.07 Thoughts

First off - the leaked scripts were real. It was actually pretty annoying. I felt like I was watching the episode twice. I hope Season 8 doesnt have a lad leaker. I really do. I enjoy watching the episodes raw. And lets be completely, dead honest here - I would not have known about the leaks or seen them accidentally if I wasnt as active on Tumblr. At least on Reddit I can choose to avoid certain subreddits. On tumblr, if someone posts a spoiler there is absolutely no way of blocking it preemptively. I dont want to have to leave Tumblr next season…

My sister (the family that is visiting right now, that I posted about not too long ago that we do not get along), doesnt watch GoT because she doesnt have HBO. She keeps up via snapchat and posts on Facebook. She thought that Longclaw blinking was super important, if that helps you understand how she keeps up with GoT. In gifs and screaming southerners on facebook. Anywho, when Jon said he pledged himself for D@ny, my sister leaned over and whispered “that made her super horny.” Yes. I didn’t see “horniness” in Danish Pastries eyes, but that was literally what was written in the leaked script - so obviously it translated to a very VERY casual viewer. So I asked her it she thought Jon was in love with D@ny and she acted like I was crazy for even asking. Obviously he likes her. Like a boy is mean to his crush on the playground, she said. That didn’t make me feel much better.

Honestly, I dont think Emilia is a bad actress. I think she plays stern, cold boss bitch very well. Or screaming entitled delusional girl. (which I honestly mean because Emilia is such the opposite in real life) And when directors told her to play heart eyes, she did heart eyes. I dont think shes a bad actress. I just find D@ny as a character boring now. Up until saving the Wight Hunters, she hadnt done anything redeemable or “good” since maybe Season 2-3. Anywho- off track.

All this talk about honor and keeping his word and being Ned Starks “son” really struck me. He promised to fight for the north no matter the odds. So him pledging to D@ny is his own way of protecting the north. Protecting his family. But how can he talk about honor and keeping his word if he’s secretly undercover? I really think he’s being sacrificial. Thats something Jon would do. Give up his dreams and personal gain to save everyone.

When Cersei, the coldest, baddest, most heartless bitch in all of Westeros, talks about how seeing just ONE wight made her fear for the ones she loves - imagine how JON FEELS seeing thousands of them. He is AFRAID for his family. He will so whatever it takes to protect Sansa, Arya, Bran and the North who chose him as their leader.

I dont know if Jon realized immediately, that once Viserion died the NK had him. If Jon did, then that absolutely would have put him on express mode.

Now - one big thing when Jon was with Ygritte and the Wildlings, is that they ALWAYS said “burn my body so I dont end up like them.” I can just imagine Jon remembering those words every time he thinks of Sansa, Arya and Bran or the coming walkers. That he doesnt want his loved ones to turn into wights - because it was even what the wildlings feared most. Its a fate worse than death. He burned Ygritte. He’s burned so many people so they dont turn into wights. He is trying to save his family from that morbid fate.

Then we have Theon and Jon talking. So - I think Jon’s “it might look that way on the outside” is a hint at his undercover/sacrificial ways. But, whats also really interesting to me, is that Theon brings up RAMSAY. And Jon narrows his eyes like “yea, tell me more about that monster who hurt my Sansa.” As if he wants to hear about Ramsay and what Theon went through - as if to understand Sansa more. To get more insight on what happened to her. Theon bringing up Ramsay would make Jon think about Sansa here.

And they’re talking about THEON saving his SISTER. And Jons response is “why are you talking instead of doing? What are you waiting for?” YES. YES. YES.

Jon is so sure that the right thing to do is to put yourself in danger to save your family - your sister. He doesn’t think about it. His answer is instinctual. Because thats what hes doing now. JUST DO - dont think. His answer is everything to me. SO MUCH. SO MUCH.

Sansa didnt seem that upset when Petyr suggested Jon wants to marry D@ny. Which to me says Sansa has NOT considered a romantic relationship with Jon - YET. And what usually happens in romantic plots, is that theres an awakening moment that brings one of the interests to realize what they want. Maybe this is Sansas wake up call. That the idea of Jon marrying another leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. But we dont see full on jealously in this episode, really. At least I didnt.

Okay - now to boatsex. We have a brief moment of Jon standing in front of her door before knocking. He goes TO HER. Which bothers me. I just cant imagine canon!Jon initiating sex with anyone. Hes too noble and honorable. Sex outside of marriage? Possible bastard babies? Reading signs wrong? But this could be a moment where hes deciding - welp, I have to do this to earn her undying loyalty for good.

Im not completely sold on ignoring my “he’ll fuck the first girl who isnt his sister” or “he has to prove something” headcanons either. I mean, I believe he is giving into D@nys affections because he has nothing else to lose. Sansa is his sister. D@ny is beautiful. And Jon might see something good in her, especially after she has postponed her quest for the throne to save mankind - but deep down their characters are so different that HOW could he really be in love with her?

And the fact that their sex scene is over cut with exposition and dialogue means that this scene is more than just a romance. Its a plot point. It has to be spelled out. Its still mysterious. D@ny is in love, but Jon? Jon searches into her eyes as if he has to convince himself to stay hard.

I think Jonsa is endgame - but the real question here is, does he love Sansa or D@ny? Will he love both? Or does he love neither?

I have more posts about the other characters this episode, the writing, and the problems soon. This is just my quick post episode Jonsa reaction. My phone is at 4% so I will have to come back later. (OMG PLEASE DONT DIE ON ME) Lets just say that I think JonxD@ny is fanservice, and that we shouldnt trust D&DBs writing completely or write any possible outcome and plot turn off. And love each other, we have fanfiction and remember they are fiction. (but Jonsa is endgame ;) )

OH- And “the dragon and the wolf”? The writers obviously thought they were being clever to get a double meaning out of a title, about Rheagar and Lyanna and Jon and D@ny. Doesnt mean theyre a couple - theyre just the most important plot reveal this episode. :p