i dont think i like this picture


i was tagged by @hexpuppy - my beautiful husband - to post some albums iv been listening to lately and whaddya know nothing’s changed i used pictures bc i like aesthetics bt i dont think thats a rule

  1. nikki sudden: the boy from nowhere who fell out of the sky, vol 4.
  2. dalis car: the waking hour
  3. japan: gentlemen take polaroids
  4. fad gadget: gag
  5. nikki sudden + rowland s. howard: kiss you kidnapped charabanc
  6. nick cave & the bad seeds: push the sky away
  7. sparks: in outer space
  8. david bowie: lodger
  9. frank tovey & the pyros: worried men in second hand suits

i tag @brixabargeld n @interzones love u both

*person who’s never learned another language voice* “mm i love this picture of some asian language i cant read .. how aesthetic. the swoopy thing. the lines… looks so Oriental … so … manga … i can’t read any of this . i hope it says Peach Milk Soft. thats what id like to think it says. that would be very aesthetic of it to say . im going to reblog it. i dont know if this is chinese or japanese or korean but i cant read it and i think it is aesthetic . soft pale milky tea peach baby pink .. creamy cum fuck .. aaaa uwu” *pastes a fuckload of pink emojis and smashes the reblog button*

i made this picture, i think someone reposted it and it got kind of popular which i dont mind but i guess i could post it here myself since its like art a little bit

It fucking hurts him to do this. It really does because they’re like family. Blood brothers or some shit term that they learned after watching a movie when they were nine and made them feel closer than anything.

So it hurts.

But Sana is his actual sister. His baby sister who has spent the past few nights walking around the house like a zombie without an ounce of the sass he’s come to adore. This is Sana and Sana comes above all.

Yousef: hey bro, can I come over and chill?

Elias lets out a breath of air, thumbs moving absently as he puts just a fraction of what he wants to say to his best friend in text form.

Elias: i dont think so. we can go out or whatever later, but you need to keep your distance from my place.

There are several long seconds of silence and Elias can almost picture Yousef’s face as he blinks at the screen. Usually texting a warning that he wanted to come over was courtesy. Usually they didn’t even do that and just showed up at each other’s place. So yeah, he can only imagine the look of confusion.

Yousef: the other boys were there earlier… has something happened? I won’t eat in front of you guys or anything if that is what you’re worried about. I actually haven’t eaten all day. Habit i guess.

Elias thins his lips. The door next to his own opens and Sana walks out and pads down the hallway, not even sparing him a glance through his opened door.

Elias: No. 

Yousef: Elias? what the fuck?

Elias remembers the ways in which the boys teased his earlier this afternoon- the way they chanted “jealous” and laughed, rightfully ignorant of the real reason he is struggling with wanting anything to do with Yousef right now. 

He types out, sana is the best person in the world and then deletes it, and then i hope noora is worth the tears on my sister’s face, and then deletes it again.

He sighs and scrapes a hand over his head when Sana pads back to her room in silence; a ghost in her own home.

Elias: just stay away from us right now.

When I was collecting screenshots I happened to glance to the background of this shot of Yuuri choosing his eros costume and look what’s between them 

look at the framed picture. 

I was like, wow, that looks fucking familiar now doesn’t it, victor???

and now I have this headcanon that Victor found the posters pretty early on and he started slowing putting them in frames around his own room to see how far it could go before Yuuri noticed 

or, you know, it could be that the onsen is littered with posters of Victor and from Yuuri’s fanboying and Victor decided not to take it down

either works 

mbti tag urself


  • ?????
  • meme generator™
  • will fight you


  • pretends everyone loves them
  • has a lot of those candles that smell nice
  • has probably murdered before


  • has 2 maybe 3 friends
  • collects rocks
  • has 50,000 secrets


  • everything they own is black
  • so is their soul
  • has a body in the trunk


  • space nerd
  • smol and useless
  • doesnt know


  • perfected the art of screaming
  • has like 8 blogs
  • likes plants


  • 0 to 100 real quick
  • never wears matched socks
  • makes weird noises


  • chaotic evil
  • ego complex
  • adult child


  • takes pictures of sunsets
  • good intentions
  • part of 57 fandoms


  • has never felt love
  • sins twice a day
  • got an A- once and cried


  • constant internal screaming
  • doesnt know what they’re doing
  • hobbies include leading people to their death


  • dOGS
  • bitter cinnamon roll
  • holds grudges for 67 years


  • speaks 600 languages
  • awaits death
  • kinda already dead inside


  • cant be alone
  • momma bear
  • has one password for everything


  • dont touch
  • always yelling
  • cant calm down


  • can kick your ass
  • obsessed with pinterest
  • goes on emotional ‘delete later’ post sprees

love is love is love // 6.14.16



❉ = fluff / ✥ = angst / ✱ = comedy / ✺ = 😏

admins favorites = 🍑 / 🥝



i don’t mind people finding out


you ruined my pickup line

unrelated topic, did you like what you saw ?

okay, i give you permission to kill him, but please wait until Thursday 🥝

guess who loves you


i take you out one time and suddenly i’m the local delivery guy ?? ❉ & ✱

i like you too, like a little… little lot. ✱ & ❉

👉🏼👌🏼 ?

i’m not kidding tho where does he live i’m already in the car angry and ready to go

if i have to listen to management nag about weight one more time i’m marching straight out of this building


i am not cute

i don’t want to talk to you anymore

come help me out here ?

if it makes you feel any better ur a great chair

roasting you is like the best part of my day

i need lady stuff

what happend to the yoongi who doesn’t take shit from anyone ? ❉ & ✥

are you texting me song lyrics ?

come to the studio and sit on my lap ✺ & ✱

text me, call me, email me, send a letter; for all i care it could be by pigeon

i promise i only type like this when i like the person i text

completely giving up, starring me.

he’s just not hitting anything other then my knees

i was thinking about making out with you all day

not the pillow part you one celled creetin

lets get another doggo

thank god, i’d thought you’d never leave me alone

yeah being as short and mean as you is a real gift.

soft min family™️


fuck the fuck off

can i have like five of you ?

ur so pretty

have fun with math

but hobi wants some love ❉ & ✱

that’s cuz im trying to communicate with u

jung hoseok you’ll be the death of me

i wanna kiss your face every time i see you too

you know i support everything you do right ?

where did all that wisdom come from ?

stop talking to the small man

series : big bro hobi

i’m disowning you.



you still up ?

yeah i can rap like the entire thing

right, and what does your mom call you ?

sure, have fun with my bras

that’s because you don’t speak Korean

i see you’ve had a few drinks ❉ & ✱

i miss your face

I’m not wearing any fucking underwear, because you never put the fucking laundry in the fucking dryer like I asked you to 100 times ✱ 

i better be ✥ & ✱ 

the company told me not to go but i couldn’t disappoint you like that

i have to go look for a new job


ur such a loser

but you dont like shopping

the disrespect in this one is strong

it was supposed to be a surprise

you mean my singing ? ✱ & ❉ 

he’s just jaelous his dongsae had a child before him

very funny babygirl ✱ & ✺

we’ll go wherever you want

yoonmin : you’re like a candy bar jimin, half sweet half nuts.

you want me to come over ? we can cuddle

i cant sleep, are you up ?

is little jimin mad ? or should i say regular jimin ? ❉ & ✱


Hey ! i bought you ice-cream

the inventor of snapback look™

tae don’t you think the pillow wall is a bit of an overkill ?

thank god at least one of you know how to make a move

you’re not disappointing anyone by eating breakfast and lunch ❉ & ✥

did you do the english assignment ?

it’s just like 99.999% your fault


you’ll send me letters everyday right ?

are you telling me you’ve been smart this whole time ?

it’s in my job description


wassup dudette

ayo ladies and gentleman

send nudes

what are you doing right now ?

look how cute we are

i just have a strong disliking to your personality

i like our bickering

babe i need your opinion ✱ & ✺

i’ll buy you food for a week if you tell me i’m your favorite

you could pay me a million and i still wouldn’t consider it

i didn’t want to leave your side that night because i wanted you to feel safe

stop kicking my chair

what does oppa mean ?

i miss every little thing you do

i’ll give you three breadsticks and a goat if you give me jimin

in your dreams

jk he’s not lord voldemort

i didn’t think this one through

good job, guk 

i’ll always be your kookie

some of us actually need school jk

the village called. they want their idiot back, you better get going.

happy removal day


yeah and i’m just implying that i want to take you out on a date

what are you an owl ?

jin just made the worse recipe ever and i doubt he put ANY effort into it

i don’t like going outside

absolute soul mate has 16 letters and so does fuck jungkook asap

you’ve both got the same mental age

you are pure evil

i’m so whipped, this is incredible

for now i’ll have your lovely messages to look forward to ❉ & ✥

dont mess with me park ✱ & ❉

i like to send nudes ok ? if that’s my biggest flaw i think i’m ok.

if you were any thicker you’d look at the weather app outside

don’t start with me pindick

i’m not related to you anymore

we don’t want him

he really wanted to be in the picture


i can’t believe you saw mini nochu

i gain 3k for every shirtless picture

the power of jjang jjang man

next time you plan on rapping verse1 invite me

i’ll tell them to stop bothering you

okay, but if it attacks my dog i’m giving it to jimin ✱ & ❉


way to ruin the mood loser ✱ & ✺

dont act so smug you little shit

tell him to drop dead, with my compliments

you use that meme when you get nervous ✱ & ❉

was i your second choice ? ✱ & ❉

he’s a little small, but he’ll do ✱ & ✺

bring me some vodka and condoms ✱ & ✺

your butt rights have been invoked

one can never know too many counting systems ✱ & ❉

all he’s done to me with his 10/12 looks

i’ll take you out on a real date when ur older

i dont know what your problem is, but i’m guessing its hard to pronouce

that was my… goldfish.

you did not just call me your dog


i’ve been staring at the wall for the past hour


cheating series :

hold on imma go beat his ass

i told him the only thing smaller then him is his dick

this bitch gonna die tonight

i’m going to jail when i see his ass

when u gotta kill your hyung

dumped him so hard he probably got whiplash

losing a member series : 

we bangtan 6 now 🍑

how is it you’re the smartest and dumbest person i’ve ever met


how do you manage to lose a human being ??

gang au series :

you act like you’ve never been shot before !

but did you die ?

is everyone alive and not in jail ?

mafia gangs dont have facebook pages.

one little girl thought it was cool i was covered in blood

teasing members series :

confess or i’ll set your mattress on fire

namjoon i will call your mother

so when are y'all getting kids

i will literally launch you into the sun


footage of me at the club

footage of me at a house party

footage of me in the kitchen

footage of me with friends

why i shouldn’t be allowed to edit part 1

why i shouldn’t be allowed to edit part 2


I deleted 1/3 of the cc I had and managed to go in game. I don’t know how much I’m going to post but I have pictures for now, I just know I feel like writing (this also means that the characters I had with no planned stories… you’re not going to see them for a long time sorry; but there are like six sims I updated and plan to use). 

Also, editing with my tablet is fuuun.

Amy & Signe

So I wanted to talk about the fandom stuff with Amy and Signe, because its been on my mind and bothering me for a while.

Disclosure: I’m not making this post to fight anyone, more to just discuss my personal feelings. I know no one does any of these things with malice or bad feelings, and therefore you shouldn’t feel bad !

So I’ve seen a lot of people, typically under 16 girls (trust me, I get what that experience is like and I dont fault anyone for being this way) making comments that cross some serious boundaries.

For example, when Mark posted the picture of him in his suit a while back, many people went crazy because they were sure he was “marrying Amy,” although it was very obviously for Wade’s wedding. When Mark has in the past said there were “big announcements”, etc, many people automatically assumed and went wild thinking he would propose to Amy.

Others recently after Seán said he would like to have a baby daughter, went crazy to both him and Signe to have a child.

Woah guys.

I cant speak personally for either of them, but that would make me incredibly uncomfortable if I were either of them. Besides, assuming that either Signe or Amy are in the same place as you (are ready for marriage or children) is kind of rude and way over the boundaries. It’s none of our buisiness, either !

They’re all only in their twenties, and Mark and Amy don’t even live together. There’s nothing wrong with them just dating and being young people (because truly, they are), without worrying or anticipating or planning BIG decisions like that.

I get that as fangirls/fanpeople you guys love that they love each other and love seeing Seán and Mark happy. But that deep of involvement in their own personal lives, encouraging/expecting/wanting them to get married or have kids, is really not okay. Both of them have expressed confusion / slight uncomfort with the shipping community of their relationships, because to be frank, that’s not really our buisiness, and a lot of us say things that are very creepy and strange.

I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t love Signe or Amy, but we shouldn’t love them of extensions of Mark or Seán, instead as both artists, amazing, funny, kind women, and creators. And you can love them without pushing unhealthy and weird expectations onto their relationships.

In sum: please respect Amy and Signe’s boundaries. Let them enjoy their boyfriends without going ship crazy. Let them be themselves and live their lives while they are at this point. They’re real people, and their lives progress in a nuanced, original way, not like fictional characters. Nothing is set in stone and we don’t get to choose or encourage how things work out or how time passes. As fans, that’s not our job and we shouldn’t cross personal boundaries like that.

Thanks for reading.

smh .. its sad.

So I wanted to test the theory of  being a white sugar baby vs. being a black sugar baby. So I created a fake SA profie I used the EXACT same descriptions I had on profile. & just pulled some pics from google, of a white girl. The page is lit yall I swear her messages and interest are on fire.

So black sugar babies DONT EVER feel like its you. DONT let these white girls paint an easy picture for you, THATS ALLLLL PRIVELEGE. Its these racist as SD’S THAT ARE THE PROBLEM, and I’m thinking about scamming these fuckers

ps - Tinder is very pro-color in my area and I’ve heard great stories from other babies.


And McKenzie number two. When I write about them again, the story posts are gonna be set two years after the things you previously read about. That’s also my excuse for the more mature look that came with the revamp. She’s twenty now.

local 14 year old draws really generic looking fanart of popular youtube horror game in ms paint more at 11


Thinkin bout how [S] Credits confirmed Roxycallie and Dirkjake to pretty much the exact same degree: Showing them living together and being the primary establishers of their respective kingdoms and giving us a show of close physical contact

this aint like deep or anything it just makes me happy 

heres some other snapchats i think are severely underappreciated

Rose enacting some lewd as fuck pornographies. Caliborn would burn. Kanaya looks like she already had wayyy too much cake 

I literally didn’t even notice this until just now but this is Dirk complimenting Jake’s craftsmanship!! What’s nice is Jake’s sick new robot that Jake made!! Or is it….jake himself???

its both and its cute. i love dirk thanks

john left the clown pictures up all this time…give the boy his dad back :( 

i dont have anything to say about this one either i just like it. cans will obey