i dont take credit for this work

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

Do not repost. Reblogs are appreciated.

Your internet died while you were doing research for one of Jim’s high end clients and you ran to the nearest cafe with wifi. Jim called you to ask where you were and you told him where you were.

JM: You’re conducting your research here?

[Y/N]: Internet at my place is dead.

JM: Well this is boring. I was going to take you out on a date.

[Y/N]: We’re already out. And our date will start as soon as i’m done hacking.

Jim nodded and stayed quiet while you focus on your work. A little later you looked over.

He looked so normal and innocent you cant help but take a picture.

anonymous asked:

one of my friends reposted your art on instagram. im telling them to ask permission and/or take it down, but theyre saying its their acct and that they can run it how they want and a bunch of people do it anyway so its not a big deal. so i wanted to ask if you allow reposts if credit is given, or if you allow reposts at all? thanks sm (love your art btw!!!)

ah thank you so much for taking my feelings into consideration like that, it means so so much!! i do allow reposts on IG, but they have to directly @ me in the repost;; i have this in my description on IG so i Personally dont require permission, as Long as they @ me in the repost.

i don’t want to be mean to your friend as i understand they probably mean no ill intent, but it is harmful to artists, who work for hours on their pieces and sometimes longer, to have their art reposted in a way that nobody can find the source. and a lot of the time, artists’ hard work is reaped by others for benefit even though all they had to do is save the picture,,. just because a bunch of other people do it doesn’t make it right,, seeing my art show up on my explore page uncredited really hurts my feelings and it isnt hard to just credit the artist. i hope there is any chance they can see this so they can better understand the artist’s perspective! thank you for asking and for this kindness and being so understanding!! :D

I saw coartl and I knew I wanted this crossover, please make this happen.

Coartl belongs to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, and demon!arthur belongs to @ecto-rp and @providentially-demonic (I’m crediting them both cause why not) 

Someone save the demon noodle from the noodle demon


your mind games dont work when there’s a second arthur around, coartl :v

โ—ค ยบ โ€ข โ€” under the cut you will find #185 gif icons of rihanna in style 5, as requested by anonymous. none were made by me, but i did cropped, added a border, texture and psd on them; full credit to the creators and if anyone would like me to take down their work, shoot me a message and i gladly will. a big number of these were found at @robynfentygifs, make sure to check out their beautiful work! please like/reblog this if you use or find it helpful.

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  • has no idea what hes doing. came to school for computer science, dabbled in music for a while, now hes somehow gotten roped into studying medicine? the boy just wants to do card tricks
  • his grades are pretty decent too which is why its so weird that he keeps bouncing around. dad is v supportive tho
  • member of the school improv comedy troupe


  • started out in psychology but REALLY wants to switch to creative writing but shes holding off bc she doesnt want to be That Girl
  • works part time at the starbucks in the school bookstore. does horrifying latte art
  • posts bizarre, holzerian “art installations” on campus but theyre actually all just repurposed dril/wolfpupy/etc tweets


  • photography major. casual interest in archaeology but happy w his major and never really considered anything else
  • basically a campus celebrity on yik yak/snapchat
  • sells weed to freshmen. no he doesnt. its a baggie full of oregano


  • physics major, honor student
  • the same age as everybody else but has way more credits under her belt due to hoarding ap credits. she was home schooled too she just wrestled those fuckin tests into submission
  • she trains therapy dogs, shes on the rifle team, everybody expects her to be super cool and sophisticated but shes also in the anime club and she barks at people


  • business major, and shes fucking good at it too bc she is this adorable little chubby girl with an overbite who talks and bakes like your grandmother but she is a cutthroat fucking genius and by the third semester everyone in her bba has heard her name and is fucking terrified of her
  • i feel like she would be in the college republicans. i know nobody wants to hear this and i dont like it either but the evidence speaks for itself. she idolizes ron swanson. shes a libertarian AT LEAST. im sorry
  • anyway she makes the most mind blowing edibles u have ever tasted


  • what the fuck is he studying? nobody knows. but hes on the football team and hes really big and so nobody cares. he is extraordinarily talented at colliding with people at high speeds
  • hes involved w a lot of extracurricular activities tho (other than sport ball). does a lot of volunteer work, esp with kids
  • took a film class once bc he needed the fine art credit but couldnt take it bc he loved every movie he watched so much he couldnt say anything critical about them


  • computer science major and sorority sister
  • used to be a big party girl, now is the designated driver. was fairly legendary for winning crash and compile with a blood alcohol level of .18
  • on the varsity league of legends team


  • computer science/philosophy dual major. wants to die every day of his life
  • overloads his schedule every fucking time just to prove he can do it. has already been hospitalized at least once
  • president of the anime club. he rules it with an iron fist and so nobody stays except for jade. ive posted this headcanon before
  • in a fraternity as a social experiment

ย under the cut are #158 gifs of CIERRA RAMIREZ, who is of mexican and colombian descent. all of the gifs were made by me and are 245x150, and are all suitable for roleplaying. youโ€™re welcome to use these gifs in graphics or whatever your little heart desires, all i ask is that you not take credit for the original gifs! ย gif icons from this gifpack will be posted shortly. please like/reblog if this is useful to you!

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captainmcocklin  asked:

In all honesty, it IS stealing if you don't ask permission first (that's the official definition). if CJ is now okay with you using their art that's fine, but art that doesn't belong to you needs to be given permission before it's reposted by someone else, credit or not. I've had stories reposted without my permission and it's absolutely heartbreaking to see your work taken by someone else even if they don't claim it as their own. i'm not trying to pick a fight, it's just for future reference :)

I understand, hun, and if CJ had asked me to take them down I would have immediately. My thing is; I will give credit to the artist if the work belongs to them, if they chose to ask me to take it down then I will. If they dont, then I wont.

I actually looked up art thief rules and ways to not be an art thief. As long as there is credit given, then I dont think it should be a problemo. If my art and/or stories were posted by someone else and there was credit to me and I was tagged in it, then I wouldn’t mind. I could see how it would bother some people tho.

like i say it as a joke and a “haha oh whatever” sort of thing but like. i really am just a husk of the academic i thought i would be now that ive gone thru 4 years of undergrad. today i was facilitating a workshop on material culture with my professor and another girl in our class. and she is a junior and she was telling me how she was excited for the classes she is going to take next semester and that she just loves school so much…and i wanted to cry bc i used to be like that! i was taking 20 credits and loving it and writing great essays in two languages and just doing my best work and getting straight As…and now im so disappointed with everything i churn out and the thought of going to grad school makes me wanna cry bc i just really dont know if my love for learning and engaging with theory will ever be reinvigorated :(

anonymous asked:

about the credit thing - i am working my way through college and haven't had to take out any loans or anything like that. My plan has been to go as long as possible without a credit card. is that not a good idea? i really don't want debt. even if I got a credit card I would be fine with paying it off right away, I just dont want to worry about it at all. but is it necessary to get one eventually?


You will need that credit score after college and having no credit history will make you a very risky borrower for credit companies. That means they’re more likely to give you very small credit limits or even deny you completely. And that means that you might not get the apartment you want. Or the car you want. Or even the refrigerator you want.

Credit cards do not automatically mean you’ll have debt! You can pay them off immediately after buying something. As long as you’re watching your spending and budgeting your funds, credit cards can help you and you can avoid debt entirely.

Here’s my guide to building credit.

hey, didn’t want to make this post but here i am. 

someone reposted my gifs and when i saw this, i reblogged the post and asked them to not take my gifs without asking (and especially without credit). then, i waited and when they didn’t respond to that, i sent them a private message, which they still haven’t responded to (almost a day later).

i’m not sure what to do, maybe can you guys message them and ask them to delete this post? i’m not trying to start anything, if anything i appreciate that someone likes my gifs enough to do that lol but the fact of the matter is that i worked hard to make it and deserve respect.

obviously i dont want anyone to send hate or anything i just don’t know what else to do… i tried my best and if you guys have any other suggestions or anything let me know!! the url of the blog that reposted my gifs is @/td-b0yz