i dont take credit for this work

โ—ค ยบ โ€ข โ€” under the cut you will find #200 gif icons of rihanna in style 5, as requested by anonymous. none were made by me, but i did cropped, added a border, texture and psd on them; full credit to the creators and if anyone would like me to take down their work, shoot me a message and i gladly will. please like/reblog this if you use or find it helpful.

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the 1975 lockscreen edits (pink)

[credits to s0paranoid for the background for 1, the original pic for 2, 3, and 4, and lock-screens for 5 and 6 :)

i’m not taking credit for their work, i just felt like sharing because maybe some people wanted them]

ย under the cut are #158 gifs of CIERRA RAMIREZ, who is of mexican and colombian descent. all of the gifs were made by me and are 245x150, and are all suitable for roleplaying. youโ€™re welcome to use these gifs in graphics or whatever your little heart desires, all i ask is that you not take credit for the original gifs! ย gif icons from this gifpack will be posted shortly. please like/reblog if this is useful to you!

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No Offense but shitting on Spring Day because J-Hope didn’t have a line is disrespectful. I can understand being upset but taking credit away from the other members who worked hard is so rude. 

I understand, I really do. J-Hope is my bias and I would’ve loved to hear a verse from him, and even though I am upset he didn’t get one I’m not gonna go around shitting on a song I’m sure he, as well as the rest of Bangtan, worked hard on. 

J-Hope has a great Year. He did so well during the Wings Era and has been getting a lot of love lately. He is always proud of the work Bangtan Produces so the fact that some of his fans are being so nasty is likely upsetting.

There are 3 More songs Right? He’s dropping a Mixtape, and we still have more Videos/Dancing we’ll get from him. 

So many good things came from the release. But the way some of you are acting is upsetting. 


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im definitely not the mom friend but I’m probably the too chill friend who is literally always prepared. except when I’m not but that usually only works against me and not the people I’m around. like idk the other weekend people were all i dont have a hairband i need some advil i cant find this etc etc and i was like dont worry fam i got u and-…. actually u know what i cant even take credit for this shit like I’m actually prepared and ready. i just cram everything i got in my backpack and hope that three years down the line ill actually use this shit i forgot about

“Boba Tea Date” - Jikook

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Here’s my contribution to the fandom

for @btsfeelz cause she is a sweet little cinnamon roll, luv u babyface <3

and for @shiningjimin cause shes feeling under the weather and i wanted to give her a pick me up <3

Love all you guys. Have A Very Jikook Vday 

(ps: slighhhtttly got the idea from this work that was for shiningjimin lol? It’s just cause of the boba…BUT I DONT WANNA TAKE FULL CREDIT CAUSE IT WASN’T MINE SO YEA BOBA IS GUUD FOR TA SOUL HAVE A GOOD DAy…imma stop now..)

Fake AH Crew AU where ‘B team’ is actually included

Like they do all the background work.

Matt and Jeremy are actually the ones in charge of coming up with heists, the main crew takes the credit but they tell them when things definitely won’t work ‘No Gavin you cannot parachute through the bank window, you already tried that and it didn’t work remember?’.

Kdin’s in charge of finances, really you expect the main crew to divvy up the money fairly? You expect them to put aside money for the next job or bail money? Kdin may skim a little off the top but Geoff’s ok with that, saves him paying him properly.

Steffie is the one who bails them out, Jack does it when he can but the LSPD is starting to get suspicious of him. The cops don’t know Steffie, yet, and so she’s able to walk in and get them without question. Driving back she usually give them the “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” speech.

Trevor is in charge of the business Geoff runs to mask their activity. Basically he makes calls and plays video games all day, the focus of the actual business is unknown. Trevor also helps out with the cars and getting the crew around when they don’t feel like/ can’t drive.

anonymous asked:

about the credit thing - i am working my way through college and haven't had to take out any loans or anything like that. My plan has been to go as long as possible without a credit card. is that not a good idea? i really don't want debt. even if I got a credit card I would be fine with paying it off right away, I just dont want to worry about it at all. but is it necessary to get one eventually?


You will need that credit score after college and having no credit history will make you a very risky borrower for credit companies. That means they’re more likely to give you very small credit limits or even deny you completely. And that means that you might not get the apartment you want. Or the car you want. Or even the refrigerator you want.

Credit cards do not automatically mean you’ll have debt! You can pay them off immediately after buying something. As long as you’re watching your spending and budgeting your funds, credit cards can help you and you can avoid debt entirely.

Here’s my guide to building credit.

Jersey Boys Movie Soundtrack

1. Prelude


2. December, 1963 ( Oh What a Night) (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)


3. My Mother Eyes (Frankie Valli)


4. I Cant give you anything but love

Audio | Video

5. a sunday kind of love

Audio | Video

6. moody’s mood for love

Audio | Video

7. cry for me

Audio | Video

8. sherry 

Audio | Video

9. big girls dont cry

Audio | Video

10. walk like a man

Audio | Video

11. my boyfriends back 

Audio | Video

12. my eyes adore you

Audio | Video

13. dawn (go away)

Audio | Video

14. big man in town

Audio | Video

15. beggin

Audio | Video

16. medley

Audio | Video

17. C’mon Marrianne

Audio | Video

18. Cant take my eyes off you

Audio | Video

19. working my way back to you

Audio | Video(Reprise)

20. fallen angel (Frankie Valli)


21. who loves you (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)


22. closing credits: Sherry/ Oh, What a Night

Audio | Video

23. sherry (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)


24. dawn (go away) (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)


25. rag doll (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)


Clips from the movie

Movie Trailer

Your the apple of my eye

A Sunday Kind of Love

Frankie & Mary’s Date

I Still Care

Opus 17 ( Don’t you worry ‘bout me)

Four Season Reunion 

Rag Doll/ Who Loves You

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Seriously? I work here ok?

So I take a phone call for a delivery and this woman decided she had to list off every ingredient for each sandwich “I’ll take a beach club now that’s turkey, avocado, cheese, mayo, cucumbers-” “Yes ma’m that’s what comes on a beach club.” “I’ll also take a lulu now that’s turkey, bacon, mayo, tomatoes-” “If you want substitutions just say what you want differently then what’s listed on the menu.” “And a big John that’s roast beef, mayo, tomatoes-” (Trying best not to loose my shit because this has been going on for five minutes) “Yes MA’M! I know what goes on a big John!” “And don’t forget the roast beef, it’s roast beef, mayo, tomatoes-” AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WORK HERE! DONT READ EVERY INGREDIENT OFF TO ME LIKE I’M AN IMBECILE! She then paid with a credit car and did THE SAME DAMN THING with the numbers and the expiration date. “And that’s 643, remember 643, do you have the 643????” FOR FUCK’S SAKE

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