i dont take credit for this work

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

Do not repost. Reblogs are appreciated.

this has already been said regarding fanart but i’ve never seen someone say it about fanfiction so here i am

people who write fanfiction are people who choose to share FOR FREE something that takes a lot of time and effort to produce

they are also people who stress over putting their work out there for the world to see, because being confident with this kind of shit is really fucking hard

so when you make jokes such as “as soon as i see that the fanfiction is in the present tense i close it” just try to imagine what it feels like for someone who writes fanfiction in the present tense, or in first person, or characterxreader, or any other “type” of fic that yall apparently hate

imagine how it must feel like to give your all only for a bunch of shit people on tumblr who think every single fanfiction out there should be a fuckin literary masterpiece to say that its shit and that “no one stands fics like that”

seriously guys, i dont know if it ever crossed your tiny closed minds, but writers write for themselves. they write what they LIKE to write and heaven knows it takes so much mental energy to find the guts to share your work with other people. so for once, can yall stop degrading fanfiction writers and start giving them the credit they deserve?


“is this why you overcompensate with these massive cars?” Eggsy asked.

Whiskey pushed his glasses up, “i think im doing just fine but dont take my word for it, take your sisters.”

“oh you did not just make a your sister joke.”

“no joke. ask her.”

Eggsy groaned, “i can not believe she’s dating you.”

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) HUGE thank you to this gif maker for being so kind to me! they gave me permission to use their gifs which is amazing. i just want to appreciate all the hard work they put into making gifs, they are absolutely stunning, thanks again <3 <3 <3 

Your internet died while you were doing research for one of Jim’s high end clients and you ran to the nearest cafe with wifi. Jim called you to ask where you were and you told him where you were.

JM: You’re conducting your research here?

[Y/N]: Internet at my place is dead.

JM: Well this is boring. I was going to take you out on a date.

[Y/N]: We’re already out. And our date will start as soon as i’m done hacking.

Jim nodded and stayed quiet while you focus on your work. A little later you looked over.

He looked so normal and innocent you cant help but take a picture.


Rocker young Rick is my new guilty pleasure and al be damn if I’m kinkshamed for it cuz you know you wanna piece of that smart ass ;9
(I am in no way taking credit for any of these artworks, they are the artist work and artist work alone; if anyone knows who did the last two or if your the artist, please let me know so I can fix the post and add credit to your awesome work…also thank you so much ;w;❤❤❤ )

anonymous asked:

one of my friends reposted your art on instagram. im telling them to ask permission and/or take it down, but theyre saying its their acct and that they can run it how they want and a bunch of people do it anyway so its not a big deal. so i wanted to ask if you allow reposts if credit is given, or if you allow reposts at all? thanks sm (love your art btw!!!)

ah thank you so much for taking my feelings into consideration like that, it means so so much!! i do allow reposts on IG, but they have to directly @ me in the repost;; i have this in my description on IG so i Personally dont require permission, as Long as they @ me in the repost.

i don’t want to be mean to your friend as i understand they probably mean no ill intent, but it is harmful to artists, who work for hours on their pieces and sometimes longer, to have their art reposted in a way that nobody can find the source. and a lot of the time, artists’ hard work is reaped by others for benefit even though all they had to do is save the picture,,. just because a bunch of other people do it doesn’t make it right,, seeing my art show up on my explore page uncredited really hurts my feelings and it isnt hard to just credit the artist. i hope there is any chance they can see this so they can better understand the artist’s perspective! thank you for asking and for this kindness and being so understanding!! :D

plumheart  asked:

Hi, I have been watching your channel recently and I love your style and your OC's! My personal favorite is Luca. Anyway, I was wondering if you would mind me doing chibi fanart of him and then fanart with him in a Victorian era outfit? I'm asking first so I won't make you mad, and I don't want that . :/ I'll send you the finish product if you would like, and I will credit you, of course! ^_^

of course

fan work of any kind is 100% allowed without permission haha i mean as long as you dont take credit for the character

which most people dont to begin with haha

thank you!!

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Headcannons for the boys™ and how they would treat their s/o when they have a cold. (i'm so sorry i feel like this has been asked already)

get ready

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bloody leather jacket

a/n: first jily drabble based off of this post from @meraudurs for her birthday! ily elena <3ย 

yes there are 2 brooklyn nine-nine references in here and i dont take credit for those or the characters which are all amazing work of jk rowlingโ€™sย 

James Potter leaned back in his chair as he droned out what the professor was saying and stretched his arms. His brown eyes flickered to the front of the classroom where a certain red haired girl sat. A soft smile appeared on his face as he watched her scribble notes down on her parchment making her hair catch a strip of sunlight coming through the window.

His trance was broken as Sirius elbowed him to tell him that class was finally dismissed. โ€œStaring at Evans again arenโ€™t we, poor bloke?โ€

โ€œI wasnโ€™t staring Padfoot, just merely admiring.โ€ James says as he puts on his leather jacket. โ€œNow hurry up you tosser, I want to catch Evans in the courtyard.โ€

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โ—ค ยบ โ€ข โ€” under the cut you will find #185 gif icons of rihanna in style 5, as requested by anonymous. none were made by me, but i did cropped, added a border, texture and psd on them; full credit to the creators and if anyone would like me to take down their work, shoot me a message and i gladly will. a big number of these were found at @robynfentygifs, make sure to check out their beautiful work! please like/reblog this if you use or find it helpful.

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so i’m a bit down on my luck

ive tried to avoid doing this for as long as possible but the clock keeps ticking and the situation isnt getting any better

basically, im a financially independent student who goes to school out of state.i used to receive veterans benefits but theyve run out. most schools continue to honor residency credits, but mine said fuck you. so ive been left trying to figure out how to pay for both my senior year of tuition and my rent for my off campus apartment.

 ive figured out how to pay for school but im two months behind on rent and theyre gonna take me to court on monday if i dont pay the full amount. i have about half of it and am still waiting on payment from some of the work ive been doing but if you could spare anything i would be so grateful :) :) :)

heres a link to my paypal: paypal.me/AutumneSneed

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are you gonna report the video they reuploaded for copyright infringement?

(this is in reference to a copy of the cypher 3 video being uploaded to youtube)

I left a comment on it asking to take it down, but if they dont listen in the upcoming days I may have to do that :/

highkey don’t appreciate someone ripping 2 months of straight work without even telling or crediting me 

I saw coartl and I knew I wanted this crossover, please make this happen.

Coartl belongs to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, and demon!arthur belongs to @ecto-rp and @providentially-demonic (I’m crediting them both cause why not) 

Someone save the demon noodle from the noodle demon


your mind games dont work when there’s a second arthur around, coartl :v

brnt0fferings  asked:

Silly question but I'm asking anyways because I haven't seen anyone adress this yet '^.^ Is reposting the same thing as rebloging?

Nope! Reposting is the act of downloading an image and putting it up on your account. This separates it from the artist who did it and only shows it as something you’ve uploaded. Re-blogging a post is sharing the artists post and keeping their name and account attached to it while also showing it on your blog and to your followers. If you were to reblog one of my drawings it would still show that it was from me and that I was the one who drew it. If you downloaded it and reuploaded it on your account (reposting) i no longer get credit for the picture and it is now stealing. It allows people to make the connection that, well you uploaded it you must be the artist! And people getting credit for the work that other people do is damaging to them on a personal and professional level. Because who is going to commission me if no one knows that I’m the one who drew the picture they liked? 

Reblog away! Its the equivalent of going “Look at this rad thing this person did!” instead of stealing something and saying “look at this rad thing I did!” 

Even if you say who it was by or ‘credit to artist’ and dont pretend like you made it it still robs the artist of that interaction with the people consuming their art and also disrespects the person who made it. Most artists I know have rules for how people can use their art if at all. 

This also applies to different websites. If you see a picture you really like on tumblr, but want to share it on twitter, you might download the picture and reupload it, but unless the artist explicitly says that that is okay you can not do it. It is their decision what websites their art is on, and if they wanted it on twitter they would have put it there themselves. 

I thought for a long while that I was lucky enough not to get reposted, but then i took a gander at instagram and realized that was wildly naive. It feels six kinds of bad to have people take credit for my pictures that I worked so hard on, and i understand completely why people stop drawing fanart all together 

No fandom i have ever participated in has had as rampant a reposting issue as Miraculous Ladybug, so I applaud you for asking the question because people being aware of the problem is the first step to fixing it. 

Here is a link to a good visual example


anonymous asked:

Hi. Can you please use the tumblr gif searching function instead of reposting the gifs? What you're doing is saving the gifs, reposting them -> making the source of the gif become your blog which is not true since you did not make those gifs. And because of that, if the Op's wanted to they could easily report you to tumblr and get it taken down. Please give gif makers more credit for their work. Respect every content creator. Dont be disrespectful, use the function it automaticaly credits the OP

You can ask anyone even Alex who also runs this blog. I make ALL the gifs that are not sourced and if I use ones that are not mine I do use the tumblr function so I am sorry idk where you are getting this from. I am not disrespecting ANYONE nor would I want to. As a person who makes gifs I know it can be difficult so why would I take someone else’s?

so these by all means if there is a post that you think I stole from someone else please let me know. So I can prove I didn’t. 


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