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Since Fujimaki won’t give us GOM siblings, I’ve taken it upon myself to yolo/headcanon them. Here’s the first set with the precious son!! He has four older siblings, he’s literally the baby of his family cAN YOU BELIEVE.

His parents must have moolah bc - just consider it for a moment. Their kids would grow out of their clothes every few months growing up, all their furniture/maybe even their house itself needs to be custom made, etc.

((also the 17 age was with extra game in mind but then I drew his hair like the main series uh… yolo?))


Happy (slightly belated) 2 years everyone!

The past year has been a kinda strange transition period of sorts, what with all the explosion of Daily blogs, and I’m amazed I’m still around here despite everything!

It’s a bit of a boring way to mark it, but y’know what, redraws are always a nice and affirming way to celebrate, right?

I feel like I’ve opened up a lot and met a lot of cool people through Discord and all sorts, and i look forward to (hopefully) a full third year, too! Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s followed and supported me, both old and new.


some of u cool dudes requested a speedpaint a while ago right but i tried recording while i drew & no joke it was an absolute pain to watch ghgghhgfhd

so i made some process gifs!!!! ta-da!!! as u can see my process is basically lines-flats-shading-rendering. most of the time i don’t sketch and if i dont like how the colors turn out in the end i slap a filter over it swEAts

i hope this is…….somewhat…..helpful? hfdjgfd yeah bye ilu!


bad non-shaladin shippers: YOU GUYS ARE PROBLEMATIC, SUPPORT PEDOPHILIA AND CHILD ABUSE AND (insert something bad but has nothing to do with ship)!!!!!


good shaladin shippers: hey i ship (insert shaladin ship here)! but whatever you ship im fine with it.

good non-shaladin shipper: i dont ship any shaladin ships but im fine with that!

lets,,, how do you say it,,, respect each other,,,,

February: The Month of Love

 I figured this year more than ever we need a celebration of love! Whether its to remind us that despite all the hate and cruelty, love still exists or to take the time to give yourself a much needed self care session, its super important to celebrate the love in our lives! And of course celebrating Love is also celebrating Aphrodite! 

I was thinking about doing one of those daily challenges, but I don’t want this to be a challenge and I don’t want it to be something that turns into a chore. I also didn’t want to force people to do specific things on specific days. So instead I created a list of possible things you could do to honor love this month. This list is not at all the only things you could do. Please feel free to to do whatever feels right to you! 

If you share your activities on tumblr please use the tag #MonthofAphrodite. I will be checking daily and reblogging what I find! If you don’t want a post to be reblogged please put “dont reblog” in the tags so I know! 

Now Spread The Love!

  • Create a dedication ritual to yourself and do the ritual 
  • Enchant a piece of jewelry to make you feel powerful and confident and to protect you from negative energy
  • Spend the day with a loved one to remind yourself that you are loved
  • Plan a day of pamper for yourself
  • Donate to a charity
  • Find ways to get involved with an issue that is important to you
  • Do something nice for someone else (someone you know or complete stranger)
  • Honor your favorite physical feature (write about it, show it off, write a poem, draw a picture, admire it, etc)
  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do (this is can big or small. Like take a painting class or actually began planning for that trip you always wanted to take. Anything you always talk yourself out of but still want to do)
  • Set up a coping box for yourself
  • Get dolled up just for the hell of it and take a shit ton of selfies (Post them online or just admire them yourself!)
  • Is there a skill/craft you always wanted to take up? Do it!
  • Make a list of things you love about yourself (put this on your altar or somewhere you can access it whenever you need it)
  • Set up a small shrine for yourself (This is perfect if you are on a journey of self love! Put that list of things you love about yourself on here!)
  • Have a day where you do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (And don’t feel guilty about it!)
  • Enchant your makeup/Ask Aphrodite to bless your makeup
  • If you have a makeup routine start making it a dedication ritual to yourself and Aphrodite
  • Have you been eyeing a piece of clothing but think you cant rock it? Fuck that! Buy the damn thing!
  • Get some lingerie and spend sometime loving yourself in it.
  • Spend some time being naked and being okay with it
  • Treat yourself to a sex toy and USE IT!
  • Create the ultimate YOU playlist
  • Write a spell to cast whenever you need a boost of confidence/power/self love
  • Create a sigil for yourself
  • Imagine yourself as a Magical Girl/Superhero. What do you look like? What are your powers? What do you fight?
  • Start journaling and/or start an artbook
  • Make a dream/vision/role models board
  • Bath magic and bath rituals. Seriously, do it!
  • Make a dedication candle (You can buy a regular candle and decorate it to represent you!)
  • Treat yourself to good food (buy or cook)
  • MOVIE MARATHON! (Watch all your favorites!)
  • List or journal about the times in your life you are proud of
  • What are the little things in life that make you smile?
  • List 3 things you are truly grateful for (maybe try and make it daily or weekly habit)
  • Celebrate a small victory

Now for Valentine’s Day, whether you have a partner to celebrate with or not I still think its important to celebrate the love you have for yourself! Think about getting (or making) yourself a card and write yourself sweet words! Get yourself some kind of present (last year I treated myself to kickass female superhero comics!), treat yourself to your favorite food, pamper yourself, anything that you want to do! Just make sure you show yourself how loved you are! 

Still practicing color and light! I’ve always been a sucker for Modern AUs so have some Fashion!Bellarke or whatever you’d call this.

(After the white washing controversy around Bellamy, I felt it was only fitting to give him a filipino tribal tattoo)

so basically im a shit artist and i run this also shit gaster blog here
but i drew my dadster and just decided “hey why not upload it here”

ive never really been a huge fan of posting my art online just because im still trying to get comfortable with my art myself, and with that being said i may or may not make an art blog based on the feedback of this shit doodle
but eh, what the hell
here he is


finally decided to make and art blog! you can find it here!   ↪ anemicAberration

its only just started so i dont have a whole lot on there, but please check and out and maybe follow! i hope to post as frequently as possible

The Right One

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Characters: Y/n, Sam

Pairing: Sam x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Swearing followed by filthy nasty smut. Master/Slave kink, choking kink, sweat kink?(is that a thing), dirtiness basically all throughout, breeding kink

Word count: 2893

Summary: Sam makes y/n realize he is the better Winchester

A/N: This is a requested fic i got from the one and only @scorpiongirl1. Thank u for thinking of me to write this. This is the request- Hey, I was hoping to request a Sam smut. I was thinking Reader lives in the bunker with Dean and Sam and has a crush on Dean. He’s pleasuring himself in his room and says Dean’s name but Sam walks in and hears him and gets jealous and wants to show him who he should really be with (i.e. Sam). And it’s total smut and Sam tops. Hopefully you can do something with that, cuz I know you said Sam wasn’t your thing. (oh and Sam totally convinces the reader he should be with sam instead, no offense dean. Um, so this got really strangely dirty, like I dont know why…I was wracking my brain for some ideas and this filthiness is what I came up with. Sorry if I gross anyone out and this wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. 

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“Oh god, yea! Fuck, Dean. Keep going. Get right in there”, y/n moaned. 

For the past few weeks, he hadn’t been able to get himself off. 

While Dean had absolutely no shame and slept with whatever bar skank he could, y/n found it slightly more difficult to get a guy.

Firstly, they were in Kansas. 

While there were gay men around, y/n was slightly frightened to go and check these places out, thinking he might get attacked or something. 

Then there was the fact that he had his eyes on a certain green eyed hunter.

He’d been completely attracted to Dean the second he lay eyes on the hunter.

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sorry i couldnt be there, i was tied to a rocking chair

i told yall i was digitizing the sloppy sketch i did a few weeks ago… i am valiantly finally done with this piece……. left to right, quigley, isadora, and duncan! please take this very fine drawing

General audience member: Doesn’t like r*ylo, for whatever reason, doesn’t matter.

Shippers, who’ve spent a little too much time in their echo chamber and genuinely believe they’re all right and we’re all mindless idiots: “Maybe if we belittle them and tell them how stupid we think they are, they’ll see reason!”


frisque doodles (10, 11) and some color tests for name 3. one day i will be able to draw the goreum lengths on a jeogori right first try without double checking at least 3 reference photos.

please read my faq page! (tl;dr version: dont use my art for icons/graphics/whatever without getting my permission beforehand, dont tag as kin/me/whatever pls, also pls use their canon pronouns thanks)