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im talking about your anon ask you left that girl defending bruna and shit. it was obvious. im not following any of yall but youre clogging the neymar tag. bruna isnt paying your college tuitition girl let people have different opinions bYE

1. I didn’t send whatever anon you are talking about and i dont know which girl you are talking about right now
2. I honestly had no idea who you were before you replied to MY post
3. Exactly people can have different opinions so why are you even here…
4. Whether or not bruna “pays for her college tuition” is neither any of our business
5. I didn’t even tag my neymar post so how exactly am I “clogging the tag”

Since Fujimaki won’t give us GOM siblings, I’ve taken it upon myself to yolo/headcanon them. Here’s the first set with the precious son!! He has four older siblings, he’s literally the baby of his family cAN YOU BELIEVE.

His parents must have moolah bc - just consider it for a moment. Their kids would grow out of their clothes every few months growing up, all their furniture/maybe even their house itself needs to be custom made, etc.

((also the 17 age was with extra game in mind but then I drew his hair like the main series uh… yolo?))

i kind of dont want to see any art or dragon age meta that equates what marginalized people in the US are going through with mage rights or whatever. like. just saying, as someone who will spend at minimum two years watching my rights and the rights of millions of others trickle throigh the fingers of an administration that wants us dead, while my neighbors proudly celebrate that shit? no, if you put any on my dash please tag it for me. i dont want it.

Still practicing color and light! I’ve always been a sucker for Modern AUs so have some Fashion!Bellarke or whatever you’d call this.

(After the white washing controversy around Bellamy, I felt it was only fitting to give him a filipino tribal tattoo)

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It's really gross that you're promoting pedophilia with you art. You're obviously a good artist, so you shouldn't draw disgusting stuff like that.

im pretty sure i answered this already? :v

look. i dont promote anything. i just draw whatever the fuck i want. i dont shove anything in anyone’s faces?

im guessing this is the dekubowl sensei style right?

:v if you dont like it i have my otp art tagged? black list it like???

i mean i thought i made this clear already????

just enjoy rhe fandom and dont look at things you dont like? its really simple to just close that window right? than to trouble yourself typing this sorta thing.

alright so i’ve been thinkin for a bit and: here is what me + my blog are gonna look like in relation to Mass Effect: Andromeda

i am very invested in enjoying this game. hopefully, i will be able to love this game! a lot!!

videogames for me are first and foremost, escapism. right now irl things aren’t the greatest. just in general my depression+anxiety+whatever fun other things my brain’s decided to throw at me are goin about their merry way. my creativity reservoirs have been at an all-time low for like, over a year. luckily i’m employed and have friends still so like, things aren’t Dire, but just bc i’m stable doesn’t mean i’m happy or necessarily enjoying life all that much.

so, i’m gonna go into this game with low expectations, and i’m not gonna dwell too much on the flaws, and i’m gonna let it be what i want it to be: a fun adventure where i make friends in space and get to explore whole new worlds!!

i’m not gonna be posting/reading much ME:A critical stuff for this reason. not that what i’ve seen so far isn’t valid–i sure as hell don’t expect this game to be perfect or in any way above criticism–but i think i need that to like, not be what i see of it so much right now. after i’ve played it and can’t sour myself early; after i’m maybe better and can handle more critical thinking; then maybe i’ll get more into it. i’m not gonna try to defend flaws or say we don’t deserve more/better from a longstanding series, but, i do think i need to take a step back from fandom in that regard.

yes, the CC is very lacking in options already. yes, the motion capture has some weird as hell uncanny valley shit going on and just plain goofs (punching the air). yes, i am super apprehensive about how they’re gonna portray a POC again when they didn’t do a good job in the past. but when i play this game for the first time (hopefully when it releases on the 21st, though with field season coming up, it make take me a few months to get through since there’s no electricity when you’re living in a tent in the desert), i want to be able to legitimately enjoy it. i wish i was the kind of person who could compartmentalize well enough to be able to read lots of (valid!! relevant!!) criticism and not let it effect their enjoyment of playing the game, but like, my brain can’t even cooperate with getting out of bed in under an hour and a half most mornings, and i definitely can’t trust it to do that. 

anyway, this is just sorta a psa/me sorting out my thoughts right now. i’m mostly skimming/skipping posts, y’all don’t need to tag for me specifically (tho i am gonna block ME:A critical / Mass Effect: Andromeda critical as well as spoiler tags), just… idk. i spent most of last year Not putting my thoughts on the internet for the first time, and it turns out i remember very little of my internal state of being during that whole span. so im gonna try to be blogging more regularly again, if only to assist my ever-failing memory about where i am and what i’m thinkin in regards to life and hobbies. god i meant this to be like a paragraph tops and now it’s very long SORRY

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1) Relationship status? Single

2) Pets? 2 cats <3 

3) Last song listened to? bts - butterfly 

4) Favourite TV shows?  broad city, game of thrones, shameless

5) Hobbies? dancing, masturbating

6) Nicknames? dont know, many ppl call me different names 

7) Starsign? aries 

8) Height? 176cm idk whats that in feet sorry americans 

10) Time right now? 1:26 am

11) Last thing I googled? online video converter lol

12) Favourite music artist? gaga, grimes, iamamiwhoami, bjork

13) Last TV show I watched? flcl - it an anime but whatever

14) Last movie I watched? being 17 

15) When did you make this blog? september 2010 :(

16) Any other blogs? yes i have a gaga blog called gagasnation which i just made back in the day to reblog gaga stuff but its still going lmao

17) Do you get asks regularly? not really yall hate me 

18) Why did you choose your URL? cuz i was obsessed with that lovegame.mp3 lyric 

20) Gender? its complicated 

21) Hogwarts house? i did once that pottermore quiz and it said im ravenclaw but i dont get the harry potter obsession yall have

22) Average hours of sleep a night? 4-6

23) Dream job? singer, performer, artist

24) amount of followers on this blog? 2868

25) first 10 songs on shuffle on Spotify etc? i dont use spotify so itunes

  1. girl’s day -whistle
  2. grimes - go
  3. halsey - new americana
  4. iamamiwhoami - rascal
  5. lady gaga - mary jane holland 
  6. m.i.a. - the new international sound pt2
  7. marina - primadonna
  8. red velvet - russian roulette 
  9. rihanna - pose
  10. tove lo - keep it simple 

 who do i tag umm @famehooka @lovedrought @ruveal @amycrewss @disneyprincesshigh @freebitchbaby 

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  • Nicknames: just… call me whatever you want i dont care anymore
  • Height: 5'2 (1.58 cm)
  • Time right now: 20:06
  • Last thing I googled: yes no generator (this is how i make important life decisions)
  • Fave music artist: imagine dragons
  • Song stuck in my head: subele a la radio
  • Last movie I watched: knocked up
  • Last TV show I watched: milo murphy’s law 
  • What I’m wearing now: school uniform
  • When I created this blog: november 2015
  • The kind of stuff I post: mostly cartoons and aesthetics, sometimes gaming, feminism, positivity, etc
  • Do I have any other blogs: yep, a stim blog ( @glitter-foam​ ) also a hekapoo centric blog ( @demonhekapoo​ ) and i also run @relatablepicturesofsaramurphy​ if that counts
  • Do I get asks regularly: no ( @ my followers im begging you )
  • Why did I choose my URL: yeah idk dude, it just felt good ya know, felt organic
  • Gender: girl
  • Hogwarts House: after thinking this a billion times i have reached to the conclusion that im a gryffinpuff ( i would make a good ravenclaw tho )
  • Fave colors: pink
  • Average hours of sleep: what the fuck is sleep
  • Dream job: writer
  • Number of blankets I sleep with: one in summer, three in winter
  • Following: 187

i get bothered by a lot of what straight people say when it comes to things even remotely related to lgbt shit and god i wish i didnt bc i just upset myself. i need to accept that all straight people are homophobic in whatever way and when they say something small or casual they genuinely dont see how thats wrong and i shouldnt blame them for that right? idk. i wish homophobia didnt get to me like that.

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i dont understand like... why is ace tungle so upset with PDA? and its not like they're complaining about porn bots or nsfw posts in sfw tags no. they're complaining about gay teenagers holding hands jfc how many ways can you spell "homophobia"

right like im sorry but if you’re saying “see gay people doing gay things disgusts me” thats like,,, textbook homophobia

i don’t care if “seeing ALL people doing PDA bothers me, not just the allogays!!!” like i literally dont give a fuck

gay people are assaulted and harrassed for holding hands in public. if seeing who gay people kissing or holding hands or hugging or whatever disgusts you, thats homophobic

and like i think the other thing we aren’t talking about the people who go overboard with pda (although i know of no place on earth where gay people would feel safe and comfortable almost fucking in public) because like its not like we’re saying if you think its gross when people are basically dry humping in public thats bad, we’re saying if seeing two gay people kiss in public (which is an action that puts them in direct danger) and you think that’s “icky” you’re a homophobe. because thats what homophobia is

its so exhausting tbh like…… at least be fucking honest and say “gay people disgust me and im a homophobe” instead of trying to justify being a gross person

so @csi-cardiff just tagged me in a thing its been awhile since ive done one of these thank you!

Name: Bethany
Nickname: the only nickname i have is egg
Gender: girl
Star sign: pisces
Height: 5'2″
Sexual orientation: ace
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw
Favorite color: teals and seafoams
Favorite color to paint the walls: painting walls is too much work i just keep whatevers already there
Favorite color of lipstick: i dont wear makeup
Favorite animal: i like falcons
Time right now: 4:02pm
Cat or dog person: dog
Favorite fictional character: legit couldnt say there aren many
Number of blankets I sleep with: my sheets and the comforter and thats normally all that i need unless its really cold
Favorite singer/band: ive been on a walk the moon kick recently
Dream trip: ive always kinda wanted to go to greece
Dream job: dont really have one
When was this blog created:  july 6, 2011
When did your blog reach its peak: honestly i guess around when hs was really big?? thats when i used it the most
What made you decide to make a tumblr: i think meggie bullied me into it
Why did you pick your url: my friend said i had really soft cheeks after squishing my face
Last movie you watched: the live action beauty and the beast
Last song you listened to: shiver shiver by walk the moon
Last book you read: geez i dont even remember. probably trials of apollo?
Last thing you ate: a piece of birthday cake
If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be: back in my bed sleeping
What time would you travel to: the future when donald trump isnt president anymore
Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: geez idk. uuuuuuh maybe the characters from horimiya they seem fun to hang out with

idk who to tag honestly sorry u-u if you wanna do it go ahead and say i tagged you

i havent written anything about my early life or my trauma

it’s not something that occurs to me to write about
it happened, whatever
it’s over, thank god

i dont know what words to use
i dont know if it’s real
and words have rules

grammar wont let me tell you – it wont let me tell you the thing i was going to put here

i cannot communicate about any of it because i just dont know it
it’s right there
it’s right there, 

and i reach out with words and its gone
i can tell you what it wasnt
it wasnt my parents


i mean
i wouldnt know and im still scared maybe it was
i know it wasnt

what if it was

little kids

“so? who cares!”
“you’re evil”


i don’t have any of my own words
i hate using theirs
so i don’t write about it a lot

im not writing about it now
im writing about the fact that i just dont write about it
i just dont write about it

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Name: Nikola

Nickname: Nik, Nikke, Ducky

Birthday: February 14

Star sign: Robot

Height: 5′2

Gender: Yes?? No?? Maybe

Sexual Orientation: Gray-ace?? I guess

Romantic Orientation: boy

Fav color: red and teal and purple and gray and black hello i have many favorite colors

Time and Date as of right now: 4/8/15 1642

Average hours of sleep: It’s either 4 hours or 12 hours so the average would be a healthy 8 hours of sleep

Lucky number: ∞

Last thing i googled: infinity

first word that comes to mind: rabbit

A place that makes me happy: bed

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 wtf who sleeps with more?? y’all need jesus

Fave fictional character:  Data.

Fave famous person: Derren Brown

Celebrity Crush: I don’t need a celebrity crush rn

Fave book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Fave anime: Inuyasha :D:D

Fave tv show: Star Trek: TNG

Fave bands/artists: Daft Punk and Scandinavian Music Group.

Fave game: THE SIMS 3

Last movie: I don’t f ukin remember what’s the last movie I watched

Dream holiday:  I just want to spend a week or two or five in a big city and eat food and go to a party maybe.

Wearing right now: clothes

Last book i read: trick of the mind haha i’m derren brown trash

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“A facility for quotation covers an absence of original thought”

 'There’s something in that. But I’ll have to get a decent frock if there is such a thing in Wilvercombe’

 'Well, get a wine-coloured one, then. I’ve always wanted to see you in wine-colour. It suits people with honey-coloured skin. (What an ugly word “skin” is.) “Blossoms of the honey-sweet and honey-coloured menuphar” - I always have a quotation for everything - it saves original thinking’.

    -Dorothy L Sayers, Have His Carcase, 1932