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On Creator-Control

Please bear with me as this post will get long. I might not be a huge authority on the subject (so if anyone would like to expound or correct me, please go ahead) but this was written from the connections of my brain ^^;

Now I don’t want to stir up the fandom or anything, but I’m starting to see some patterns occurring with this whole spoiler fiasco going on. Now I don’t want to jump into any conclusions but…

I feel like ML doesn’t deserve the treatment it’s been getting from Zagtoons.

First we have slapped-on “luxury” designs that don’t look like they’re worth half their prices.

Then we have this incredible slew of spoilers that are being released without the original creator, Thomas Astruc’s consent. 

This is poor treatment of creative work if I ever saw it. 

There are some companies that allow their creators almost full control of their material and how much is talked about before episodes air. We see Gravity Falls, how Alex Hirsch was allowed to end the show in only two seasons and let their fans theorize about (spoiler!) Stan’s twin for idek how long before they finally actually confirmed it. Then there’s Avatar/LOK  where Bryke had control over their material designs like DVDs and books for example. 

We didn’t get full-blown information regarding future events until they actually happened and theories were confirmed in these shows.

This isn’t happening with Zag.

Instead, we’re getting massive spoilers over who gets what kwami, what miraculous, what villains are showing up. Now there aren’t as much plot details and some people would probably tell me to be thankful it’s not worse than it is. But consider that Thomas Astruc himself does not let slip any of this information to the public when asked. Yet the guy who told him he could make ML famous decides it’s a good idea to throw out information in order to get the fans excited.

Oh, the fans got excited alright. But it also divided them. 

Here’s the thing, if you saw on Twitter, I posted something about delayed gratification. It works with spoilers. When they tease, they build up hype. They induce the fans to start coming up with theories, ideas, designs, etc. etc. It creates a build-up of anticipation for the upcoming reveal.

 It’s like staring at that marshmallow but then you don’t get the taste just yet (so you become excited for the day you get to eat it) and eventually, like the reveal, you get two marshmallows AND you get to eat both and savor them.

When you post spoilers like THAT however, it’s like they shoved that one marshmallow down your throat even after they told you to wait for 10 minutes. So while you are initially happy you get to eat it, suddenly you don’t get the full reward of experience. 

This is where I see a huge difference in the treatment of creative work. You have the business treatment (that’s Jeremy) where you need to constantly up the hype in order to get fans to buy or get into your product by giving them more. There is that principle of marketing (though I have no authority in discussing since I’m not as well versed in it).

Then you have the creator’s treatment. How Thomas Astruc does things. Here, you could tease, you could hint at things, but in the end, you care for your consumers’ experience. It’s not about how much a product sells, or how many seasons are bought. It’s about how you can let your fans enjoy a story in its full essence, emotions and all. And that might mean holding out on certain information until it’s time to reveal it. 

Now I can’t say which one is a better way of doing things because you actually need both to be successful in this sort of thing. So there has to be a balance.

HOWEVER, if there is a skew in the balance of that relationship, that’s when things get messy.

TL;DR Miraculous Ladybug imo, is getting too much of the business treatment and not enough of creator’s treatment. You have shows like Gravity Falls and Avatar to compare with. We’re getting the one marshmallow instead of the two.

I understand the frustration the creators face in this situation.