i dont show any signs of stopping

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hi sorry to bother you, but I'm in a confusing/bad place. I have to wash my sdit as she has gotten sick (we don't know with what and all tests are showing negative) and she has started to show signs of aggression and over protectiveness towards me and my mom. I guess i just dont really know where to go from here, my dog was doing so well for so long, and did everything i needed her to do, but now she has just stopped. we cant even get another dog to try again... do any of you have any ideas?

If your dog can’t work and you can’t get another dog, one option would be rehoming to make room. And this is a perfectly valid thing to do if you do it responsibly. If for some reason, Cricket could no longer work I would need to return her to her trainer for a home to be found because I can only have one dog and I NEED a service dog. 

If rehoming isn’t an option, I would suggest maybe training your dog in tasks to help you at home if she is willing. And definitely talk to your doctor about how you can move forward in successfully mitigating your disability. 

I’m so sorry this happened. It can be heartbreaking and I feel so much for you. I know how I felt when I washed my first prospect. It feels hopeless and wrong but I promise there are options. 


mickkarn replied to your post “if i was rich id immediatly get accutane and micro blading….. ”

Can’t accutane make u super sick though :((

it can, but like…im so desperate for a permanent solution because i dont want to take antibiotics forever yunno? idk. im willing to take the risk. ive had Cystic acne for 10 years and its not showing any signs of going away. the antibiotics help it stay under control but as soon as i stop taking them it comes back…. Going thru accutane is gonna suck really bad but im willing to do it! I’ll take that any day over waking up in pain from cysts in my face… :(

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