i dont ship them honestly

im starting a campaign, it’s called “remove the pretty boy from this show so that the pretty ladies can be gay together”

who’s with me


I swear if Ace stayed alive Sabo would definitely turn gay for him or the other way around–
I mean the two love each other so much that it becomes kinda unhealthy for just a brotherly relationship..and if you look closely Sabo thinks about him like every day(as he told Burgess) ready to throw whatever for his sake and now protecting Luffy for him add to that the episode of Sabo was practically about him saying Aces name repeatedly…
Not to mention he also got a sexy koala the whole time beside him but all he thinks is Ace–


tiffany: my favorite song is stress
[moments later]
tiffany: my favorite song is U R
[a few more moments later]
tiffany: my favorite song is –

in conclusion, tiffany’s favorite song is anything that is in taeyeon’s discography

bela-lughosty  asked:

ok but the end of Being Frank when Charlie and Frank start playing night crawlers is so cute i love it

THE PLAYFUL MUSIC… LAYING IN BED… BROS BEING BROS…. EX-HUSBANDS REKINDLING THE ROMANCE… GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS… SO CUTE…. honestly i love frank and charlie (i DONT SHIP THEM) so much they’re (platonic) couple goals

another year // by tvtrope

cochise - Audioslave || nantes - Beirut || tiger mountain peasant song - Fleet Foxes || be nice to me - The Front Bottoms || it’s just my skin - George Ezra || everything will be alright - The Killers || becoming - Milky Chance || pseudologia fantastica - Foster The People || i will bury you in time - Neutral Milk Hotel

“you know how josh and i met?”