i dont see your point

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Agreed, Jaspethyst is underrated but... aren't they relatives?

nah man, i wouldnt ever say that pearls or quartzes or even diamonds that are the same type of gem are related because I see it as more of a race of gems (sort of like elves, dwarves, etc; they have similar features but are not all family) 👌✨


So many alluras– this looks like pop art :o

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mom should i listen to bmc i have it (illegally rip) downloaded and it's very popular but the only descriptions i've heard of it are "skinny white boy vores a computer" and i am afraid

if i heard abt a musical thats abt a skinny white boy who vores a computer. i would listen to it instantly, so i dont see your point????

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What do you think about open relationships?

Each to their own but for me a relationship is something serious and you get into one if youre serious about the person so i dont see the point in an open relationship, for me :)

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Im bi myself and i dont care about representation blah blah but thats just me. Why a bi character has to be treated differently? I mean everyone in there is a cheater. What does it change for you as a person if he cheats or not? I get it people society and stereotypes. Beyond that there is actual relasionships with people to reduce them. If you are cool with yourself, your morals i dont see the point wanting representation and sensitive treatment

My opinion is that when a show has one canonical bisexual character, and also their first, it is important they don’t play into harmful stereotypes. When so few people understand bisexuality, and have negative views on bisexual people/bisexuality, to play on those overused tropes can be harmful. You’re referencing my post about Emmerdale here, and the fact it is Britain’s favourite soap makes the point even more important. In a soap we are educated about the lives and experiences of people we might not know about in our own lives. For example, the dementia storyline with Ashley taught me an awful lot about the reality of that condition. Then Aaron’s abuse storyline was also excellently done. It hopefully will have inspired a lot more male abuse victims to come forward and not be ashamed. 

I’m not looking at the characters as people. I am not thinking from an in-universe perspective, because obviously that would make everything very different. In real life people simply are as they are. In tv, people are as they are written. 

Emmerdale had an opportunity to help the bisexual community, to support us, and to educate other viewers about what being bisexual means. My personal view is that they have decided cheap drama is more important to them than representation, which is an awful shame since so many fans of the characters of Robert (and Aaron) are actually from the LGBT community. 

Now, okay, if the cheating had to happen (which we know it didn’t, since it was a decision made by writers, but let’s just say that it did somehow), it is and was vitally important that Robert’s bisexuality was not used as a reason for this. Maxine did an amazing job in her episode with stating that, but no other writer has done. And in fact, as much as it pains me, the whole direction this storyline is taking seems biphobic in nature. The conflict coming for Aaron and Robert appears to be Aaron feeling pushed out because Rebecca can give Robert something he never can. It’s more complex than that, I realise, but in a show where biphobic comments fly around more than punches in the Woolpack, you’ve got to be a bit critical and expect more from the writers. 

If there were other bisexual characters on screen, the problem wouldn’t be so huge. For example, if they wanted to take Debbie and have her state canonically that she regards herself as bisexual, then the Robert thing wouldn’t be the disaster that it is. That way, people would be able to see two bisexual characters acting differently and understand that bi people are just people at the end of the day, and that our sexuality doesn’t define us. However, the show hasn’t done this. Robert is STILL the only canonically bisexual character, and he is a liar, often manipulative, and has now cheated on his husband (following him promising that he’s changed and that he IS capable of being faithful now he can be open about his sexuality). 

In day to day life biphobia affects me. It’s hurtful, and it has been ever since I realised I was bi. It comes from gay people and straight people. People judge me based on my sexuality. 

Emmerdale had a chance to do something about that, as they have done with other important societal issues, and as a soap can and SHOULD do. A soap is not purely entertainment. The job of a soap is to entertain but also educate. It is to help us understand other people and families. It is a medium where we can see our struggles reflected and also feel understood and included. On the whole Emmerdale is very good at this, but when it comes to biphobia? No. Sorry, but in my opinion they’ve really thrown us bisexuals under the bus to further their story. 

It’s easy for us to say Aaron’s perspective is wrong and biphobic, but when Aaron is an audience favourite and presented as being in the right (which a lot of the time he is), and Robert is currently fulfilling every negative bisexual stereotype out there, AND nobody in-world is taking care to point out that Aaron has got it wrong, there is a BIG problem. 

In having Robert cheat on Aaron they created a difficult situation. Obviously everyone will side with Aaron. (As they should). But that also means that Aaron is presented as having the moral high ground, and as being something of a victim in this situation. So when Aaron is biphobic or expresses biphobic sentiments, even if Robert is written to contradict them, the message the average viewer will be left with is that Aaron is trustworthy and Robert is not. People may well be inclined to take on Aaron’s view because of how this situation is playing out. 

You say:  “If you are cool with yourself, your morals i dont see the point wanting representation and sensitive treatment”

I am more than cool with myself. I am extremely comfortable with my sexuality, but you know what? It took me a long time to get there. And even though I have now reached that point of not feeling bad or guilty or embarrassed or ashamed, it doesn’t stop the prejudice and biphobia of those around me. Simply telling bisexual people that so long as we are okay with ourselves everything will be fine doesn’t work in my opinion, because it’s not us which are the problem in the first place. It wasn’t me that made me feel those bad things. I wasn’t born inherently feeling guilt and shame over my sexuality.  It was society and the views of those around me that did that. Those views are what we need to work to change, and THAT is why representation in media is so important. 

I don’t see it as sensitive treatment. I see it as a soap doing its job well.

apologies for my blog being so negative and inactive heres some oldish cute vik to make up for that :’)

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I've been thinking about why Julie went the love triangle direction with Yousana and I think it's because they were too perfect, too happy together. Had they been together there would've been like ZERO drama. I suppose she could've gone the interfaith conflict route but then all the drama probably would've been centered around the parents and the fandom would've been upset over negative stereotypes against her parents. Writing a romance for a Muslim girl was never gonna be easy.

hmmm that’s actually a really good point ! maybe they felt like the ‘parents dont support the relationship’ trope would be too controversial? i can see your point. BUT i cant wait for the day this love triangle shit is done with !!!!

Musiblr artists! Artblr musicians! I propose a Draw the Squad Challenge for the composer-officials, for anyone who feels like creating some well-drawn shitposting for all of us to enjoy! Here are some of my personal favourites:

I just feel like the shitposting composer-officials are such a good basis for draw the squad challenges and I would make some myself if I could do anything other than compose! The Squish™ @franzschubert-official fangirling over @vanbeethoven-official, everyone trying to kill @richardwagner-official, people shipping @franzliszt-official and @fredericchopin-official but the Noodle rejecting him for @official-george-sand and @tytuswojciechowski-official, the Bachschens Eddy and Schubert and Liszt all being little squishies… this should happen guys 

i can’t tell you how many times i’ve just been minding my own business then i see a stupid question like: “Do boys feel anything?” “Why do boys act the way they do?” or some other condescending bs.

tfw u try and take selfies cause u feel Validated and Cute and then u look at urself and all u can think is ‘who the fuck does this gremlin think he is??’

eba94 replied to your post: every article on what to write in a cover letter…

just exaggerate like if you were team captain on soccer in pe one day then say you were a sports leader, if you got the ball from the cupboard say you organised athletic supplies, no one is calling the school to check lmfao

i failed pe cos i refused to participate in every lesson but i see your point i just dont have a starting point to build lies off of

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America was built on genocide. Save your ahistorical bullshit.

So? I dont really see a point here. I never said what they fought for was good. I only said that I respect the fact that they fought for what they belive in. Im confident that if you go into anyone countries history youll find bad things theyve done. Do you hate egyptians for the jew thing. Do you hate germany for the jew thing. Damn lots happened to the jews.

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What do you think about Arima's sadistic smile when he fought Kaneki in V14 and in Jack? Do you think Arima is a guy "I'm just doing my job guys, not enjoying it at all. I'm forced to do it"? I felt your Arima's interpretation is a bit OOC. Sorry.

See, that’s the thing. I know Ishida commented on Arima being “sadistic and massive” but i honestly have yet to see any sort of sadistic behaviour from him.

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This is probably just complete speculation on my part, but idk. I feel like Troye and Tyler aren't as close anymore? Like Tyler especially. He didn't even congratulate Troye on the Yves Saint Laurent show. I just miss their interactions.

i’m sure twitter is not their main method of communication with each other