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“Fuck Lup, Marry Barry, kill Taako.”

“You would kill Taako??”

“Lup and Barry are liches, and Taako is literally dating death so he’s just waiting for the day he can join his dead family.”

Killian laughed as Carey explained this during their in-home date. Carey sat on the couch in her favorite pj’s (Killians pj’s), and ate fantasy thin mint cookies. Her wife was busy next to her with her knitting, a hobby she picked up after marriage. Domesticity is a plague she welcomes.

“Okay okay so I guess that one wasn’t fair.”

“Your turn; Magnus, Avi, Kravitz.” Carey laughs to herself as she adds her best friend to the mix.

She hesitates for a second, looking down at the floor and slowly furrowing her eyebrows. Her teeth poke out further as she places her chin on her fist, putting her needles down and thinking. Carey snickers again at the cute face her wife makes before getting squished as Killian leans deeply against her.

“This one is haaaaaaaard babe~” she teases as she slowly smooshes a giggling Carey into the soft couch. Soon all that’s left is a struggling and outwardly laughing Carey underneath the much larger and now smirking Killian.

“You can’t just kill someone to avoid answering a question!” a muffled voice from the couch laughs out.

“Okay okay,” Killian tells the couch while still lying on her side, “Fuck Avi, Marry Magnus, kill Kravitz.”

Killian feels the couch struggle as her lovely wife escapes from under her with difficulty, only managing to pry her waist and up out, “You would kill Kravitz??”

“He’s dead! You just justified killing Taako cuz he’s dating Krav!”

“He’s also sensitive! You saw him on his first date with Taako, I feel like it would hurt his feelings to try and kill him…”

“But I also wouldn’t want to kill the other two! He’s a very understanding man when it comes to death.” Killian shifts not to lean all her weight onto the small dragonborn, she likes her women not crushed.

“You would rather fuck Avi over Magnus?”

“That was the more difficult part. Magnus would feel like a competition in bed. Avi is very kind, and he’s got really good alcohol. Magnus would give you free ducks for life though and I love ducks.”

“You do love ducks.”

“Not more than I love you, my sweet.” Killian smiles down at Carey as she slowly readjusts herself to get back up into a sitting position.

“Noooooo don’t get up you’re warm,” Carey whines as she wraps herself around Killians arm (almost as wide as her whole body).

“What, you steal my pajamas now you want to steal my warmth?”

“Well you stole my heart so I feel as if it’s only fair.”

Killian looks down at Carey with mild surprise on her face as bright scarlet spreads across her face and up her ears. She brings both hands to cover her face and Carey is taken with her, still clinging to Killians arm and laughing.

“You can dish it but you can’t take it, babe! I’m a rogue of course I have sappy things to say about stealing!”

They both collapse together in a pile on the couch. They giggle at the stupid games and laugh at the answers, enjoying each other. (And of course, the fantasy thin mints).

roller gal giorno!


Pity and disgust welled inside of Eragon. “You have become your father.”
A strange gleam leaped into Murtagh’s eyes. “No, not my father.”

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Idk why, but it’s gone from my blog so yeah! Fuck me, right?! So yeah my H2O Delirious piece, reposted from what seems like forever ago. Someone had messaged me saying it was gone, and I finally looked, so yup here it is again!

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its not okay for someone to hurt you so dont be afraid to cut a toxic person out of your life, its hard but it feels so much better, trust me

please reblog this for people to see it and also if its okay for your followers to come to you for help with abusive and/or toxic relationships because i dont see enough representation for this anywhere if you need help dont hesitate to contact me because i know exactly what youre going through

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I feel like some posts are missing? Like yhe one where Boreese already has sex with S!Mickey in the bathroom ans B!Cup hears them. I dont see it anywhere and some posts are not in the same order?

yeah I’m taking them down, some people just can’t get the diffrence between this and my other blog, 

I know, pretty weird;

anyway from now on this stripper idea is a home to all the oc’s submitted to it no alternate versions of babtqfim characters

That’s kind of between us, between the two people who it happened to. I think I put it in the song knowing it was an evocative lyric and it as almost like this very strange subtle clue to the media that they don’t know everything that happened in that relationship and they don’t know everything that happens in my life and I can have something really major and traumatic happen to me and they don’t know about it so I think that may have been subtly why I put that in there

Taylor when asked about what actually happened to inspire the lyric “

you hit the brakes too soon, Twenty stitches in the hospital room” (x)


Exactly one year ago today I saw ATL live. Seeing them again in a week. I’m happy.

I’m honestly so confused by the discourse with asexuals wanting to be a part of lgbt+ communities.

Like on the one hand, I don’t call myself lgbt because I don’t know if i have the right to call myself a part of that community. But on the other hand, I’m terrified to come out as ace to my mom because I know she won’t understand it.

And like I recognize that people think that ace people “aren’t oppressed enough” to be a part of the community and that might be valid (for some people) but is that really what it’s about?

Like if you want to go by that logic Bi people shouldn’t be a part of the community because they have the option to “pass” as straight and therefore are not oppressed. And millennial gay and lesbians shouldn’t be a part of the community because in general they sure as shit haven’t had it as hard as the gay and lesbians of the 70s and 80s.

It’s supposed to be about acceptance. Not about gate keeping.


I’m sure many people have suggested this already but I’ve only seen one fanart for it… so listen up.

What if Seungbae busts Sangwoo and arrests him for real. He saves the day. He saves Bum.

From that day forth, Bum no longer considers Sangwoo his hero. Seungbae is his new hero.

Catch my drift?

Now, what if Seungbae and Bum get together by the end? Now THAT would be a super sweet ending to such an awful scenario!

I’d love to see Bum find true love, however this is a psychological horror and I doubt it’ll end so nicely for him- but if there will be a happy ending I would love to see this happen.