i dont see how anybody can even think of their relationship as romantic


“Are you going to confess to me now?”

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Send Me a Character: Keith Kogane

im sorry i wrote too much probably i just…really like keith…

first impression: Space Nico di Angelo. basically a moody, angry, lonely outsider who didnt need anybody and was like an antihero. in general i thought he was gonna be like really angsty and sad cause thats what all the fanart of him seemed to be. this was also back when just season one was out, and i thought his whole story arc was about being an alien because, again, fanart. 

impression now: still space nico di angelo?? i didnt expect he’d be so caring though, i loved that! like, keith is a loner, but its not cause he wants to be. people just keep abandoning him/getting abducted by aliens and he tries his damnest to keep people together every time he does find a new family. hes such a team player, he just?? loves his team so much?? hes the only one who signs up for that suicide mission, he fights zarkon solo for shiro, and even though it would kill him to lose the team he runs off so he doesnt put anyone else in danger and i just,,, have a lot of feelings about keith. and i really like how, even though hes touch averse, he still craves intimacy and you can especially see it in how open he is with the little touches between him and shiro. he’s also not an angry person i think, hes just been dealt all these bad hands. keith strikes me as someone who couldve been a quiet, but honestly easily content and mild mannered sort of person. he seems more gentle by nature, but you are what the world makes you i guess 

favorite moment: the part in blade of marmora when he has the hallucination about seeing shiro–and shiro is literally right there watching. i went through all of season 2 the night it came out and by that point it was like 5 am and i had to stop and wonder if i had fallen asleep caus no way did someone just say shiro was the person keith “most desperately wants to see” i was so damn happy. it also made keith’s fear of losing shiro a lot more visceral, and honestly watching it for me is just painful. seeing shiro and red both lash out and ready to take down everyone in the base to save keith was also amazing. my favorite episode 

idea for a story: i was doodling something for this earlier so–little mermaid-ish type au where the reason keith doesnt look galra is cause he made a deal with haggar to get his human form so he could go back to earth with the Champion

unpopular opinion: personally i dont think he’s romantically interested in lance. i also think he and lance would have actually been a lot closer by now if lance wasnt actively pushing him away, which is a shame. in season 2 especially you see the rivalry is more one sided and keith really is trying to make things work. not that i dislike lance for it or anything, but i think his issues with keith are about himself more than keith and as soon as he realizes that things will get a lot better for them both 

favorite relationship: i feel like this doesnt even need to be said lmao but sheith definitely sheith. i felt like really conflicted about it at first though cause even when keith is first introduced and rushes in to save shiro i was feeling it but..uh…i was totally dead convinced shiro was a sleeper agent thatd betray everyone lmao. once i came around though i loved everything about their relationship. their history, the mission failure, keith’s time in the desert and the way his voice breaks when he speaks to shiro in that soft gentle tone, the way theyre always so honest and vulnerable with each other, the way shiro sees him as a leader, all the parallels thematically, its just,,, i really like their character development a lot alright 

favorite headcannon: i firmly believe keith is a druid in all honesty and even if he isn’t id still insist caus it just makes too much sense to me lmao. i also really like trans keith and ace keith 

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I honestly dont think anybody has anything against Kelly and Castiel's platonic bond but are fearing they'll take it to a romantic route. Being together raising a child and a guardian angel? well Destiel fans know how romantic that is/can be. I can see the potential romance story there, if they'll do it is another matter, hope not

I know what you mean, but I sure hope not and I don’t see it going that way. I don’t think they have the balls at this point to flat out no-homo Destiel as they know they will lose viewers, same that they don’t have the balls to flat out homo Destiel before it is much more at an endgame point as they expect they might lose viewers? 

I mean, I am kind of sick of the concept that man + woman (and baby) = love story. The reason we ship Destiel is cos of the romantic tropes between them, and there are like, NONE between Cas and Kelly? Other than the fact that he is protecting her - but this is because of CAS’S MORALS, not particularly due to who SHE IS

Dude, she’s been raped and tortured and having lucifers kid, this is not the time to make a move, if anything that is predatory on Cas’s part if so? That is totally against his whole character. Cas has been in love with Dean for HOW LONG? and hasn’t made a move? Like, the guy isn’t exactly begging for it left right and centre. I think he’s more classy than that even if there was something there, which there isn’t. Im sorry to bring it up again but it’s exactly like the way Dean and Eileen had NO chemistry. This for me is the same, Cas and Kelly’s interactions are all about his MORAL stance, his love for HUMANITY and doing the RIGHT thing, NOT about her or her personality per se.

Sorry I wrote about this in another post just now so completely forgot to write about it here thanks @winjennster for reminding me, this is also all about Cas’s role as a PROTECTOR. Which is key to his arc.

Also, the interactions we have seen so far were in the same episode as ALL THE FREAKING DESTIEL TROPES. It’s like they went full HOMO on this thing and totally NO-HETERO’d the Kelly/Cas relationship by YES HOMO-ing the Destiel one. 

It’s like the opposite of what we usually have seen in the past. I’m living.

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At this point though with the writing last episode tho who freaking knows man, it all comes down to whether this positive endgame is real or not.  If this is all wrong then yeah Dean will get a Lisa type family who he doesn’t actually want to be with but feels he should be with cos he hasn’t dropped his facade and is still living a lie, Cas will screw someone and probably die sacrificing and Sam will end up alone. Like, no thanks.

I choose to think no until proven otherwise because there is no way that that is the narrative we have been shown so far between these two.

Giant Guide to Ace Self Love

Kieren here. We get a lot of asks about how to accept being asexual when you don’t want to be. And it breaks my heart a little. This is going to be my guide for it. All the coping techniques I list are how I accepted myself being trans. It’s not exactly the same but the strategies will transfer for asexuality and aromanticism. All the asks I’m responding to are going to be under a readmore since there were a bunch and this is already long enough as is. Onto the advice…

I want all of you to know there is absolutely nothing wrong with you all for being asexual and/or aromantic. You are not broken. You are not unloveable. You are not any less than for being asexual and/or aromantic. And I really hope that this helps all of you come to see that for yourselves.

A lot of the asks sent in expressed a desire to feel sexual and romantic attraction or change your sexuality. The hard truth is, you can’t. Conversion therapy has been disproved several times over and is really harmful to a person’s mental health. Your sexuality and romantic orientation are what they are. And while they can be fluid and change over time, don’t count on that. It doesn’t happen to everyone.

First, let yourself be sad about this. Have a good long cry. The start of the healing and acceptance process is to let yourself feel that sadness genuinely. But the key is not to wallow in it. You need to build yourself up afterward. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel happy. Read a favorite book or fanfic. Watch a movie you love. Listen to your favorite happy songs. Write a happy poem. Snuggle a friend. Wrap up in a soft blanket. Take a warm bath. Do what you need to help build yourself up after feeling sad. You may need to do this a few times. It’s okay.

A good way to do that is to keep a journal (or make blog posts). Log your feelings about this. Venting your feelings honestly is important. Letting yourself feel your feelings is a huge step to self acceptance. Again, don’t wallow in the sad feelings. Bring yourself back up. Write a positivity blurb at the end. Then go do things that make you happy. Don’t let yourself stay in that sad space. that will only make it worse.

Next, start surrounding yourself with ace positivity. If you’re seeing a lot of things that put down asexuality cut them out of your life. Stop. That’s not helping you. Follow blogs that are supportive of all aces. Follow ace positivity blogs. Seeing things from other asexuals being proud and happy with themselves will help.

Also do some affirmations. Repeating to yourself that it is okay to be asexual and aromantic and that you are amazing and wonderful will go a long way. Find a short phrase to repeat to yourself out loud or in your head when the self doubt and hate starts up again.

Talk to other asexual and aromantic people. There are plenty of ace people on tumblr. Talk to them. Send them asks. Chat. I know this can be nerve wracking and hard for people with anxiety. But talking to other people like you is a huge help to self acceptance. It helps you feel less alone.

Again, all of you are lovely and wonderful people. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken. And I wish you the best in your journey to self acceptance.


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