i dont rly know what i was doing last night

someone gimme an angsty close as strangers by 5sos plot? like this guys is from this real big band and he’s been w this girl for a little while and they feel like its the real deal but their relationship is only a few months old when he has to leave for tour and she’s just a uni student so she can’t tag along all the time so they spend weeks and months without seeing each other and at first people tell them that they’re never gonna last and they’re ‘nah we love each other and that’s all we need’ but then as time goes by things start to get strained and they fight and cry and call each other in tears or drunk or just really fucking pissed like ‘hey asshole its six in the morning here what the fuck were u doing with a bunch of girls on your arm last night’ but then surprise weekend visits and ‘the plane’s coming for you i’ll be waiting when you land’ and looking at each other and just being… who are we? we dont even know each other anymore, but i love you too much to let go of this.