i dont rlly expect much notes on this

hrmmm I’m gonna take a shower and then do some rlly lowkey fanfic shorts between 10 and 30 sentences…if u have requests send ‘em in i suppose?? i will do pale/ashen shippy stuff but nothin’ romantic. 

my fandoms are homestuck, the adventure zone, bob’s burgers, psychonauts, red vs. blue, Voltron, pppprobably whatever else u’ve seen on this messy messy blog. 

animes r…fairy tail (up to the magic games arc), death note, mp100(p much caught up on the manga), bsd (anime), bnha (part way through season two),  death parade, fma:b, ouran host club, madoka magica, seven deadly sins, princess tutu, the devil is a partimer, steins;gate.