i dont remember who originally posted this


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Oh! thats great! for the person who asked how to meet other littles theres this skype group chat im in rn its underage littles i only have the link to the underage one because i cant find the original post or remember who posted it originally i really wish i could remember who posted it because i want to share it with as many people as possible!! its great theres 12 people but dont worry theres only 3 or 4 of us who actively talk everyone else randomly pops in every once in awhile

oh that’s really neat!! message me 😊

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that gifset you just reblogged with pam who seems to be video chatting and a guy walks in...whats that from???? i dont remember it in the office

Hey I think it was originally posted on the Jim and Pam wedding site (halpertbeesly.com) around the time of the Niagara episode. 

I remember back in elementary school I wrote a story about a guy who got trapped on an enormous island in the middle of the pacific ocean which wasnt seen by satellites because it was covered in blue sand so it blended with the ocean. And I had a good time writing it

The point is, if you think your idea is dumb, dont worry it could be so much dumber. But you’re having fun writing it