i dont remember usernames


for the anon who asked for a hair tutorial! i hope it’s somehow useful. this is just how i usually paint hair, i forgot everything i learnt about color theory in art school so dont pay too much attention jkflsk


Forsakentale 13 or 12 maybe i cant remember

this is very long and i hope you enjoyed Its not where i wanted to ended but im getting tried so here!

Warning for the next comic their will be strong language and it will make you sad

Forsakentale belongs to me nightmare belongs to @jokublogs error belongs to @loverofpiggies (i think thats cqs username) Killer belongs to ??? (i dont remember their username horror belongs to ????? Alter belongs to @blogthegreatrouge Goth belongs to @nekophy palette belongs to @angexci

so many people ,-,


☀️ march moodboard tagged by @witchmilk666 ☀️

i really want to do an april one too because april has very specific feelings for me 

i tag @divinedarling @p1astics @babayagasbaby @pooh-bearz ,,you can do it still if i didn’t tag you and you read this, sorry if i didnt tag you i dont remember a lot of usernames and please dont feel like you have to do the tag either even if i tagged you 💛🐯

please dont follow me if u are mutuals with @.icedsodas/@.phantomemoji/@.owasera or whatever their current url is

this isnt a callout and i have no right to call it one because its mostly personal drama but please take the time to read this anyway (esp if ur mutuals with them) because theyve made me ridiculously uncomfortable over the course of the past couple years

lots of text and screenshots under the cut also tell me if its hard 2 read cuz of my theme and i will edit it (in the meantime u can right click an image + open in new tab to see high res)

u can either block them or me after reading this idrc which/rbing would help me spread the word to all my mutuals but u dont have to

tw for brief mentions of suicide

edit 5/12/17: so they talked to me about it and really only dug themselves further into a hole and made it even more obvious that they are stalking me. that conversation will be linked at the bottom of the post to keep it in chronological order, but if you already read it and want to see the update,  >click here.<

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flashback823  asked:

Okay I understand the fans are being unreasonable and you have had enough. However, ever since then you have been acting really cold forward your followers who simply want to ask your opinion on other things that are not the fictional ship and what not. That is not okay. I love you, I live your work, but I am not living your 10 year old attitude. (Whatever my username is because I dont remember) out.

I understand your point of view
However I’ve stated many times on my blog that I have an FAQ page with lots of questions that have been asked over and over

Literally 10 posts ago I stated that I ain’t doing much more Undertale and I even made a video however ‘fans’ continue to bombard me with questions about it

I haven’t really acted coldly to anyone who asked about my opinion on anything else so I’d like to see what you mean by that but regardless

I act coldly because that’s how I’m treated

I beleive in the idea of ‘If people can’t be bothering finding out what you’ve already been asked then I shouldn’t bother giving a proper answer’

That’s my stance but feel free to discuss with me I love talking to people with different views and opinions!

pockyroyale  asked:

hii!! im new on tumblr and wondering if you can recommend me some blogs to follow, thank you very much!❤️

Sure thing :) 

i recommend @nuest-network  @loves-diary (hiatus rn tho) @fuckyeaharonkwak @nuestlovestory @hyun95 @clickthelikeit @fychoimingi @glorypath @amoremingi @eon1bugi @fuckyeahnuestbaekho @nuest @androren @m1nhyun @onibugi-jr @incorrectnuestquotes @nuestx  @nuestthings

my memory is bad so i dont remember usernames well but once you follow these some other great blogs will show on your recommended 

anonymous asked:

“I don’t have much beef with anyone.” You get into childish arguments with Reylos constantly.

do think i count arguing w/ babies as beef? honestly? i dont even remember the usernames of reylos whove commented on my posts lmao

One of the first people i ever followed on tumblr like??? Almost 5 years ago was this person who was obsessed with gregory horror show (thanx for that) and the flatwoods monster (double thanx) and now i legit cannot find them. I dont even remember their username i just vaguely remember that they drew padlock fanart and made a video about how their dad said that a gif of a ps1 santa looked like he was having an aneurysm and it was like the funniest shit i ever heard