i dont remember the name actually

things tim drake has said
  • “i know i just rewatched star trek but will you rewatch star trek with me”
  • “bruce breaks the no names in the field rule the most tbh. remember the debacle with jason? ‘you can change, jason’ ‘its my fault, jason’ ‘jason, dont kill the joker, jason’ holy shit keep it on the down low b” 
    • “tim you…. werent even there. how do you know that” “i spy on jasons vent blog sometimes. i like to send him anon hate.”
  • “one time i was falling to my death and i was like ‘at least bruce will be proud of me’ and my therapist tells me thats ‘unhealthy’. whatever that means”
  • “i actually have a rule. no one can mention kons death but me. the rule is called ‘tims a hypocrite’”

i just remembered that i completely did not know the bye bye man was an actual legitimate thing, like i thought it was some fake meme that tumblr had made up to make fun of a generic unscary movie title. Every post i saw i thought “huh i still dont know what the actual name is” and then the other night we were driving home and i saw an advertisement for it and i. i just. it’s a real fucking thing. that’s a name. thats the real name for a real movie that they’re really putting out into this world. i had to look it up when i got home to make sure it’s not some huge elaborate prank and im STILL not sure, i am. In disbelief still. 



In my Roman History and Religion midterm, there was a question from a chapter I didn’t read. As i was thinking hard about it, I suddenly remember I recognized one of the terms. The question was asking what the book of rhyming oracles was called. I remembered a scene in the PJO series where Percy and his friends go to free a harpy named Ella who has memorized, you guessed it, the Sibylline Books. She has memorised all the oracles in it, and recites them at random times. That was the option I rezognised and I was ELATED.

I circled it in, and handed in my midterm like a BADASS.


random vampire sims +1 human sim !! shoutout to @ciruelabob, thanks to whom i actually have the game pack!

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what do you love about yourself?

i think m fav thing about myself is my balloon animal making skills like, m parents got one of those beginner kits for me when i was 11 and it was the best day of my life? i remember my first one
was this light blue dog balloon animal and i named him fredford because ofc, and i just kept him for as long as i could until he like, slowdeflated the way balloons do and it was sad, i was small and attached, but it gave me the determination to make so much more n i picked up so many complex designs and moved beyond animals into things like hats and props n anything you can think of

i stopped for a couple years but started again more recently and its just
so good, i love working w my hands and the squeaky noise of the balloon as you twist it and getting to create so many cool things and even like
moving into making my own designs

my latest balloon animal adventure is making a recognizable mango balloon animal but, its so hard because mangos are such a simple shape it just ends up looking  like, anything but a mango, but eh, ill keep working on it n do my best!

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Name a fandom: Chaotic

How I entered/learned about the game/show

OH boy, i learned about chaotic when the show was first being advertised(like a ‘coming this fall’ kinda thing)! I dont actually remember much about it, i just know that it mostly focused on Tom and because of that i didnt care. It wasnt untill i saw/heard Kaz in one of the commercials that i actually decided to watch.

and then i found out it was actually good and funny and here we are.

Fave character


Least fave character

uhm. hm. I dont really hate anyone? i hate how some characters were handled but not the characters themselves?

When i first started watching i hated Tom. So much. And it wasnt untill much later(and subsequent slight character development on his part)that i came around and started to like him.


its funny, the chaotic fandom is like, the only fandom where i dont ship anything. Klay x Krystella comes close, but considering their lack of real personality, its more of a ‘what if’ kinda thing.

Pairing that everyone likes but I don’t get

i was part of the fandom on deviantart when it started. and. well.

Tom x Sarah

(also all those human/creature pairings, like what? im a furry but come on now most of them just have no circumstance in which it can work…)

Fave thing about the fandom

that its still alive and kicking after how many years?? like damn.

The most despised thing

Most of the people who are still into chaotic are only in it for the cards and dont give a rats ass about anything that isnt cards, and have nothing good to say about the show ;u;

If there is something I would change what would it be.

honestly alot(hence the planned fancomic reboot), theres just so much wasted potential in chaotic. I guess for starters i wouldnt just suddenly drop the Cothica plot out of nowhere, the main 6 humans would get some devlopment/characterization, and perim would be seen as a place that beings live in instead of whatever the show wanted it to be

I hate when people say “they don’t even know you exist”,“you’re never going to meet them” or, “ they won’t even remember your name” The fact is that I dont care about that. They could never ever notice me and I wouldn’t suddenly stop watching what they star in or going to their concerts. The reason I like them so much is because they actually make me happy. They turn a bad day into a good day. I am a fan and I don’t need confirmation that they know i exist. I dont have to meet them in order to continue to support them. I dont need them to remember my name because I remember theirs. 

i was like “lol trc is over my life is over i hate everything i miss my boys and blue and 300 fox way” and then i remember the ronan cycle is coming out or wtvr the fuck its called i DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT ITS NAME IS I WANT 70 CHAPTERS OF PYNCH WITH BLUESEY IN THE BACKGROUND AND FOR THEM TO ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGE NOAHS SECOND DEATH AND TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY LOVE HIM AND FOR BLUE TO TALK TO HIM SOMEHOW THROUGH HER PSYCHIC FAM IDC JUST GIVE ME MY CHILDREN BACK

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@ the last anon usually what i find is a good way to tell people why the lance name discourse matters is i direct them to ur blog posts about it and to the blog lanceiscuban (which if i remember correctly ur a mod on right?) bc even if u use polite language given how limited the tumblr messaging system is its really hard to explain every little problem with the mcclain name and all the solutions to it. plus having legit sources (ie actual cubans) makes the argument much more credible

(quick part two) spreading the blogs around i feel is especially important if ur white bc as we all have seen white people really dont like listening to non white people, but at the same time its hard for a white to listen to another white say what is or isnt racist. its honestly terrible but ive found that white r more likely to listen when its another white reccomending listening to a poc than just listening to a poc (i hope im not overstepping with this, this is just what ive personally seen)

you’re not overstepping at all, and in fact you’re so goddamn right about this it’s not even funny. I have seen this happen thousands of times where a POC will say something and white people will brush it off. but if a white person says it then suddenly it’s innovative and something that should be emulated. and this isn’t even like a prejudiced statement, this is like cold hard truths here. 

it’s basically what’s going with the last name thing rn. like I, a POC, say “hey let’s not use McClain and let’s either use nothing or something clearly Cuban” and i get told, by white people, that i’m over reacting and being ridiculous and i’m a horrible person and all this sort of other things and citing other latin american countries in their arguments that have more no more in common with Cuba than Equatorial Guinea.

until of course, a white person, oh i don’t know, writes a heavily stereotyped mildly racist fanfic and suggests a Spanish last name for Lance. Then suddenly that’s the hot new name. BUT there are still white people rallying around each other telling one another that it’s ok for them to use white names for Lance because there are hispanics out there somewhere with non-hispanic sounding names and that minority, no matter how slim compared with the majority of hispanic people with hispanic sounding last names, is enough to justify them literally foregoing doing any sort of research on cubans at all because lmao he’s white right? he’s got a white name that we gave him, if i just make him say something in spanish that’s enough pandering to skirt by the fact that i literally have no fucking clue what cuban is from cumin.  

so yeah, that does happen a lot and tbh more white people should learn a thing or two from POC’s and stay in their lane when things are not about them and fucking learn from others because they are not the only important people on this planet. 

sorry i went on a rant there lol

// This is a little reminder for all of those who werent aware: Calling someone by their first name in Japan is considered very intimate, and you can actually be seen as really rude if you do it to someone if you are not a family member, lover, or a very close friend.

If you want to speak to Teru, and you are neither of these things, you should call him “Hanamura”. If your muse is a delinquent, or they just use first names on everyone (Ibuki for example), then I will not mind.

I have had people say that they dont remember his surname and that is why they call him Teruteru. Please… that is not a good excuse ;;; Please interest yourself enough in my muse to use the correct name for him.


ehhhh i havent rly been able to finish much lately but i did a bunch of tabris origin doodles this week bc i miss my kiddo

the question w origins is always do i miss origins enough to actually play origins

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yea like the whole “OMG THE BARIANS ARE KILLING PEOPLE THIS IS SO DARK AND CREEPY” and im just… i dont even remember half these peeps names… like aww no harem girl #3 is dead how would yuma ever cope oh wait its never even gonna be brought up again outside of a passing comment. oh no it was actually don thousand that made all the barians evul so we should feel sorry for them and forgive them for killing all those random people.


god i’m still petty about that lol like i said, cheap angst and went nowhere

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Hey man you're a cool dude! I've seen you reblog Taako a lot (I hope that's his name) but I don't know anything about him or what he's from so could you explain for me? Also he is a guy right? He just kinda looks feminine?

thanks! yeah that’s his name he’s a Boy he doesnt have a Real actual appearance all we know is that hes beautiful and wears skirts sometimes (and more probably i dont Remember) people just draw him feminine a lot but he’s from a d&d podcast known as the adventure zone!! it’s really cool. he’s an elf and a wizard and a chef. it’s hard to explain him cause he’s wild but he’s gay in canon and he’s basically the embodiment of the saying “steal everything your little gay hands can carry”

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ripsara + hogwarts

okay so rip actually goes to hogwarts

but sara being american goes to the american wizard school from fantastic beasts which i dont remember the name of so like ??? just go with this 

anyways, i feel like this would take place after theyre both out of hogwarts and sara is a quidditch star (because legends is now a quidditch team?? i dont make the fucking rules they are) and she’s incredible and rips the teams owner who she drives up the fucking walls all the time

and like basically

its legends of tomorrow

but theyre just a quidditch team

rip is the owner of the team

sara is a chaser because chasers are hot, along with jax, and ray 

mick and kendra are the beaters because kendra is bad ass like that and mick is massive

len is the keeper cause strategy or something 

which means whose left to be the seeker? 

martin stein? 


lets just bring amaya in early

(this got off topic, but imagine the legends as a quidditch team, and sara kisses the teams owner all casual, like youre welcome for that win)