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your color || joshua

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pairing: joshua hong x reader insert

genre: mostly fluff, some soft angst, soulmate!au

word count: just over 11k

sypnosis: an au in which you’re born colorblind, but as you grow up and fall in love with your soulmates (can be friends, lovers and even family), you’ll begin to see new colors one by one. green is the last color you can’t see until you meet joshua. i found this au idea somewhere, so it’s not mine, but i can’t remember where i got it n i dont have it saved !!

notes: hnG IM FREE! wow this was a long, wild ride and i wanna d*e every time i think abt it. anyway, this was originally meant to be finished on @starshua‘s birthday, n here i am…. posting it over a month later :”) anyway i hope u enjoy it little foot i worked Hard even tho it’s a mess, n happy belated birthday !! also tagging @shuvee, another shua enthusiast !

“So, one more soulmate, huh? Are you sure?”

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Hey I was wondering if you could do a prompt where Harry comes back for eighth year with a man bun and a lip ring and Draco just dies on the spot, like practically drooling... Sorry this is blunt but you are the best writer ever and I love this idea of Harry not wanting to be 'the golden boy'

Omfg yes I fucking love this prompt. And thank you so much that’s so nice I love you 💙 Also when I read this prompt I immediately thought of this artwork by @sadfishkid

I got soooo carried away with this before Draco even showed up 😂 I had fun with the tattoo thing…it was cool trying to think of what Harry would get for each person, but I decided to leave all those out to prevent this from being even longer lmao

My Writing

Harry was sick of being the Golden Boy. He couldn’t stand everyone treating him like he was something special. Someone who could do no wrong. He just wanted to be Harry. That’s why he decided to change his image. If he didn’t look so damn innocent, maybe people would stop treating him like he was.

Harry grew his hair out, much to Mrs. Weasley’s dismay. It got long enough that he was able to put it up in a bun, and he found that he actually really liked how it looked. But that wasn’t enough. He needed something else. Something that would be the icing on the new badass Harry cake. He was strolling through muggle-London one day when he found exactly what he needed. He walked into a tattoo & piercing shop. He pointed to the lip ring that he saw through the shop window and said he wanted it. They immediately pierced his lip for him.

“Anything else?” The worker asked him.

Harry thought for a moment.

“Yes, I’d also like a few tattoos, please.” 

Harry thought about waiting until he could get these done at a wizard tattoo shop, but decided that he wanted the muggle ones. He wanted them to always be there, permanent, never changing. Harry was sure wizard tattoos could be removed. And even if they couldn’t, he didn’t want something that would change and move.

“Sure. What would you like?”

Harry ended up getting more than just a few. He knew he wanted one for everyone in his life that was very important to him. He started off with a star for Sirius, antlers for James, and a moon for Remus. These were all pretty small and he got them all on his right forearm. He then went through all the others that deserved a tattoo: Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Molly, Arthur, Fred and George, Ginny, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fleur, Hagrid, Cedric, Colin Creevey, Moody, Tonks, Dobby, Hedwig, Dumbledore, and his godson Teddy. All of these were all relatively small tattoos, all of them covering his arms. Each one was some sort of object to represent every name.

There were 3 people, however, that he saved for last. He wanted these tattoos to be bigger than the rest. Because without these three people, there was no way he would be alive. Harry knew that he probably wouldn’t have lived without mostly everyone on his list, but these three people literally saved his life. 

So he got a large lily flower on his right pectoral muscle, a large narcissus flower on the left, and on the back of his shoulder he got a dragon.

Lily, Narcissa, and Draco.

Harry never showed those three tattoos to anyone. They were special to him. Plus, he knew Ron would flip if he knew he got a tattoo in honor of Draco Malfoy. And no one even knew about what Narcissa had done for him. He always kept that story to himself.

Harry was pleased with the reactions he received at his new look when he arrived back at Hogwarts for his 8th year. Every compartment he walked by on the Hogwarts Express had kids staring at him. Harry couldn’t suppress his smirk.

Ron and Hermione were on Prefect duty or something. Or maybe they just didn’t want to be around Harry, he got that vibe from them pretty often these days. Harry didn’t really mind, though. He liked being alone now. He sat in the quiet compartment and looked out the window.

Harry was pulled from his thoughts, however, when he heard the door open.

He turned and saw Draco Malfoy standing there. 

“Holy shit,” Draco muttered quietly to himself, thinking Harry couldn’t hear.

Draco stared at Harry with his mouth open, speechless, for a moment before he licked his lips at the sight, and then finally said something.

“I, um, I’m sorry. I was just- well I’m not sure if you know, but my um…friends,” he put quotes around the word. “They aren’t returning. And well…not many people want to sit with, well, you know…the death eater. And so I was, um, still looking for somewhere to sit. I-I saw this compartment was only occupied by one person, and well, it’s you. But I don’t mind! I mean, that is, if, um…you don’t. So, um…would it be okay if I sat here, Potter?”

Harry smiled at him.

“Your company would be greatly appreciated, Draco,” Harry told him and then moved his things off the seats so Draco could sit.

“Thanks,” Draco mumbled.

“I thought you were a prefect, though?”

Draco snorted.

“Yeah right, Potter. You really think people trust ex-death eater Draco Malfoy to have authority over their children.”

Harry shrugged.

“I would trust you.”

Draco just looked at Harry, bemused.

The train ride was nice. They talked about all sorts of things. It wasn’t until a few hours in, though, when Draco finally asked Harry about his new appearance.

“So…I see you’ve changed a bit.”

Harry laughed.

“Yeah, you could say that. What do you think?” He raised an eyebrow at him and smirked. He already knew the answer,

“Y-You look really good- I mean, um, it suits you. Somehow your hair is less of a mess when it’s long,” Draco quickly tried to correct himself.

Harry smiled at him.

“I really like the piercing.” Draco blushed. “Did it hurt?”

“A little, but it was tolerable.”

Draco nodded. 

“And the tattoos?”

“Same thing. Although I may be a bit biased.” Harry laughed. “Most physical pain doesn’t really seem like much after…well, you know.”

“I really like that one,” Draco said and pointed to the phoenix on Harry’s right bicep.

“Thanks. I like that one too. I got it in honor of Dumbledore.” 

“Oh! Do they all…?”

“Represent someone? Yeah.”

Draco moved so he was now sitting next to Harry, rather than across.

“Who’s this one for? It’s quite nice.”

Harry smiled at Draco.

“Sirius Black. He was my godfather.”

“I know,” Draco said quietly, more to himself than Harry. “And this one?” Draco ran his thumb over a tattoo of a sock, smiling down at it in amusement. Harry felt a chill go up his spine at Draco’s touch.

Harry grinned this time.


Draco nodded.

They went through all of Harry’s visible tattoos. Draco looked a little disappointed when there weren’t anymore left. 

“Are you sure that’s all of them?”

Harry chuckled.

“Yes, Draco. As much as I’m sure you’d love to have a look at my arse, I haven’t got any tattoos down there.”

Draco’s pale skin turned bright red.

“I didn’t- I wasn’t- I dont- I only meant-” Draco sputtered for a response.

Harry burst out laughing. He was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so happy.

“I know, Draco. I was only teasing,” Harry said and lightly patted the top of Draco’s head.

Draco glared at Harry for a moment, but he couldn’t hold it, and a bright smile broke out on his face instead. Harry had never seen anything like it. Anything so…perfect, radiant. It was at that moment that Harry considered letting Draco see his three hidden tattoos, but decided against it, as they were going to arrive at Hogwarts very soon. If he really wanted to show him, there would be plenty more opportunities, because Harry had a feeling that he and Draco would find themselves in each other’s company a lot more this year.

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Beani I can't stop having anxiety attacks :( any tips

i know that feeling like youre trapped in your own head. I had a really horrible few months and my anxiety and overall mood and mental health was some of the worst its ever been but im coming out of the slump!! I would focus on small menial activities that dont require a lot of deep thought. when im left to myself and my hands arent doing anything ive noticed my mind can wander and spiral and ill have an episode. Ive gotten into embroidering lately which is REALLY awesome to get lost in, i also paint a lot which is not as repetitive and menial as embroidery but also works. Reading is also good to replace any troubling inner dialogue with the storyline of a nice book. I remember going through a bad patch while reading The Edible Woman by atwood but feeling very comforted when id find time to read. More than anything remember that there are always peaks and pits to life, i remember feeling as if these bad periods would last FOREVER and getting manic, but happiness comes and sometimes you dont even notice. Struggling with my emotional set point at times has made me really savor the feeling of being content. itll come.

Bts reaction to taking you to the amusement park


He is glad that you are happy and enjoying yourself. He ends up winning you one of those giant stuff animals

“Babygirl i won this for you”

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Loses you for half an hour then you find him sittin on a bench in the shade sucking a lollipop

“I hope you didnt expect me to come looking for you. Its too hot”

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Refuses to ride any rides because last time his stomach started hurting

“Um.. no. I think not. You remember last time dont you?”

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Jungkook: so excited to ride the rides and do couply things

“Ooohhh i’m gonna win you that giant panda”

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He would be nervous but excited too expect him to hold your hand on rides. Tries to stall

“Jagi i am so hungry lets go get some food first”

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He will do certain rides but some of them like the drop tower he wont

“Go have fun. Ill be waiting”

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He is the one that makes you do the rides

“Come on (y/n) its not fun if you dont put your hands up”

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ok listen to me. listen. canonverse sasunarugaa au where naruto goes with sasuke on his Angst journey post-699 and they stay the hell away from konoha for sasukes sake for now but they actually stop in suna a lot.

gaaras thrilled because he finally gets to see naruto somewhat consistently. he loves naruto despite time and distance but that doesnt mean having more of naruto doesnt fill him w joy. he was surprised at first when naruto came with sasuke, even with his knowledge of sasukes basic pardon, but he’s happy that sasuke looks more at peace. they dont talk about the last time they battled at first but they both remember and at one point, when narutos already passed out and gaaras up late workin on kazekage paperwork (and bc he cant sleep so well still even w/o shukaku), sasuke just says to him, “you can say ‘i told you so’, you know.”

and gaara knows what he means but he still wants him to go on and sasuke says, “i didnt have to keep my eyes shut.” and then he goes to bed and gaara feels so much fondness for him then.

and it goes on like that for a time, occasional visits that sometimes are longer than they need to be. and somewhere in traveling naruto and sasuke grew close romantically obv and then somewhere in these visits naruto starts to with gaara also and its really nerve wracking but they talk it out and it all works and theyre happy

eventually gaara stops being kazekage. its a mix of his own bitterness and realizations coming to fruition and the way he wishes his life wasnt bound to this. he doesnt feel as guilty about being responsible for a village that never treated him well anymore (and maybe both naruto and sasuke play a big role in that). he leaves the position to temari if she wants it (and she does) and he leaves and joins them and its good and happy and sasuke wont stop feeding every cat they see on the way


if you know for a fact that the world and time is moving (and so you must be also) but you feel like you are standing still…is that relativity ?

in certain moments i laugh, and can’t deny that this is a type of happiness of course. but they never last. i know happiness is not a “forever” type of thing but i feel very empty day to day. i remember living by myself. i was so lonely but things were simple

 i dont think i can escape my sadness. romantic love , platonic love, working hard, success, not working.. none of it can make it go away.

i always think i should feel grateful. “at least i can get out of bed today. at least i can complete my work on time”. but i find myself crying at the most inopportune moments. on the train, at home, after work, even in my dreams. i feel like i am between time and between myself. 

i hear motivational words and i hear encouragement but it means next to nothing. all i want is a bit of relief

December Visit

A small fic based off of the headcanons I made for an AU where Strip and Lynda raise Cal instead of his parents. Humanized :)

Read on Fanfiction.net or Ao3

“The first time he came here he had been too young to read the curly font. But even now that he was in first grade, he realized that the only word he could understand was Park. Funny, he thought. It didn’t look anything like the parks near home and it most definitely wasn’t a place where people go to have fun.”

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In the middle of the whole debriefing information (with a touch of Watts being praise for being a pushing force in the matter) Cinder asks the important questions,,, and it seems she hasnt fully recovered since now she speaks like i type… 

Why tell her to hurry? you really wanna help her? or are you afraid you’ll be blamed if they dont find what they want? actually that last one sounds like something Salem would do

“Do you remember the first time we meet?“

O_O … im starting to be happy we MISSED that meeting… 

“You’re lucky reedemable characters are IN this decade or you would be killed right here“ - Salem probably



its me again.

we dont remember each other real well but i know you were there.

6 years now?

i cant remember your voice but i can feel your touch

when you visit its short

but not sweet

you leave your plane ticket on the front door step.

no words spoken.

no last kiss.my time on earth is longer without you. my pain grows on mountains, and like ivy on houses , i eventually die.


i know you dont care. your body will forever tingle in my chest.

i still love you

please come back.

171114; A Day To Be Remembered 💗💐🏆

last night i really just passed out after sending in that one voting text at 4am. i know its been like 5 hours since they won but im just finding out about this now and im beyond emotional TT 

im so happy and thankful for all the fellow monbebes out there who put in so much effort to get the boys what they deserve as well as those who aren’t monbebes but also took the time to support and realize the dreams of these seven beautiful men!! and most importantly im so so so so so proud and happy for monsta x because they deserve this so much. from may 14th 2015 up until november 14th 2017 they have been nothing less of hardworking, they just keep giving and giving and finally we were able to give them something that they have wanted for so long……

its been 916 days, some sad and some happy, but today for sure this is a day to be remembered and a day to feel proud of!!

Congratulations Monsta X!! i love you with my whole heart ❤️ #MonstaX1stwin


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You'll Be Back and Ten Duel Commandments for the song ask please?

  • you’ll be back: when was the last time you were dumped?

ive actually never been dumped since ive never properly had a relationship with anyone (i am good at dumping tho, especially dumping cereal into a bowl) 

  • ten duel commandments: have you ever been in a physical fight with anyone?

one time when i was like maybe 11 my dad took my laptop and i must have wanted to play webkinz or some shit so i decided to physically take him on and i dont think i won, and thats the last physical fight i can ever remember getting into

hey uh ,, Does anyone else remember the last time they were genuinely happy bc fuck dude i sure dont like when i say happy i mean like not general happiness over a single thing but like, happy with being alive and not worried about god knows how many things at once and being carefree and wondering what nice things tomorrow will bring like…I Have Not Felt That In So Long….