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the nudist and the prudist [jk pov]

❛❛a girl saw me naked on my porch and also witnessed the unholiness that is my exhibitionism kink and somewhere along the line we became sort-of-maybe-not-really friends and i started to like her too but now things are a bit weird im sorry please love me❜❜ AU

COUNT → 6.875

GENRE → angst

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → mentions of sex | explicit language | alcoholism


note: so some of you requested part of tnatp in jungkook’s pov!!!!! im not entirely happy with this because it’s just so long??? and its basically just recycled material. but if u wanna understand what jungkook was thinking, this is the drabble for you. its not a drabble. i lied. look at the word count. but i still wanna call it a drabble. its a “long drabble thats not really a drabble” drabble. anyway i hope u guys like it and dont think this is too long LMAO

Jungkook was naked, but that wasn’t anything new.

A streak of sunlight shone in through a crack in his blinds, alerting him that it was the start of a new day. Unwrapping his arm from around the naked body still asleep beside him, he maneuvered around her so he didn’t wake her up, then draped the comforter back over her as he stood to his full height. He ran his fingers through his tousled, black hair thoughtfully, knowing without looking at a mirror that it was a mess after they fornicated on the dining room table, the kitchen’s bar, the living room couch, against many walls throughout the house, and finally stopping in his own bed last night.

It was a good thing all his other roommates had been out so they didn’t hear them. Out of all his fuck buddies, Jihyo was the loudest—but he liked it when she was loud. It told him he was doing something right, and using his penis was about one of the only things he could do right.

Closing his bedroom door gently behind him, he padded down the hallway in the direction of the kitchen. At the sight of his boxers in a pathetic heap by the stairs, he bent over to pull them past his hips, followed by his sweatpants he’d been wearing last night not even a few inches away. In the past, he wouldn’t have even bothered clothing himself—especially so early in the morning—since all his roommates had gotten used to his streaking habit a long time.

But something had changed recently.

That change was you.

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Something (lafayette x reader)

summary : its laffy taffy birthday and u cook him somin and he duznt kno u speak french 

warnings : crappy french & fluff,, cussing?? and mumbaiya hindi- basically the slang of hindhi which is the only hindhi i ever learned,, fite me 

992 words m8 thats so little but f1t3 m3

a/n : i wrote this during math class bc i already know all this shit so excuse me if its bad. 

It was laf’s birthday. he was out with the boys celebrating, so you had decided that try to cook for him. He’d be back in 4 hours, so you decided to call your grandma in france. Laf was your best friend, so close you lived together, but you had managed to keep the fact you spoke french a secret from him. Laf muttered under his breath and talked to Alex in French, and never realized you could understand everything they were saying. You remembered last week, when you had overheard the most peculiar thing. 

“Je n'aime pas la façon dont elle regarde John” he muttered to Alex. (I do not like the way she looks at John)

“Qui voulez-vous dire, notre John?” Alex replied (Who do you mean, John?)

“Oui, bien sûr, notre John” (Yes, of course, our John)

“Que fait-il?” (What is he doing?)

“Regardez-les, tous amoureux, c'est dégueulasse” (Look at them, all love, it’s disgusting)

you snorted at this, and Lafayette turned red. “Connait-elle le français???” he practically screamed. (Does she know French ???) you looked away, hoping he didnt notice. Alex shook his head. “I don’t think so” he replied in English. 

“Don’t think what?” you asked, innocently. 

“Laf here was wondering if you speak french?”

“Oiu Oiu Baguette?” You laughed, trying to butcher the word and visibly seeing Laf cringe made you laugh harder. 

But you couldnt get the thought out of your head. Did Laf like you?

you were with your grandmother, cooking a wonderful smelling broth. she had recently moved to the city to help your mother get back on her feet after her recent run in with cancer. since you did not eat meat, she was cooking the chicken while you prepared the desserts and broth the meat was to rest in. 

you tossed in the potatoes and carrots, adding a bit of indian spices from your fathers side to spicen it up. 

“Vous faites tout cela pour un garçon?” she asked you. (Do you do all this for a boy?)

“Alors, que faire si?” (So, what if?)

“Rien, rien, juste vous deux peuvent vraiment avoir quelque chose de spécial” (Nothing, nothing, just you two can really have something special) she winked suggestively. 

“Amama(hindi)! Nous ne sommes plus que des amis” (Grandma! We are only friends)

“Est-il un garçon français?” (Is he a french boy?)

“Peut-être” (perhaps)

“Ensuite, j'approuve” (Then I approve). 

“Amama,Est-ce que je peux te dire quelque chose” (Grandma, can i tell you something?)

“Oui chérie, qu'est-ce que c'est” (yes, darling what is it)

“Je ne pense pas que je suis amoureux, mais je veux que nous soyons plus que des amis” (I do not think I am in love, but I do want us to be more than friends)

You heard a loud choking noise from the door and you turned to see Lafayette, mouth agape, red in the face. 

“Ye wala he?” your grandmother asked in hindi, knowing he could speak french. (Its this guy?) 

“hanjee. ye mera dost he” (Yes ma'am, this is my friend).

“both acha dekte” she winked. (He looks very good)

“merku malum. usku malum. sab malum” (i know, he knows, everyone knows)

“uska baal merku both acha lakte” (I like his hair a lot)

“me too” you said in English, laughing slightly at his confused face, then frowning. 

“wait- how long were you standing there?” 

“I just came- you speak french? what? wait?” he stuttered out. 

“enough to get by.”

“it is her second language” your grandmother adds. “hindhi being her first”. he can only nod slightly in response. 

“Merde, ma vie est un mensonge. Je ne peux pas y croire. Comment parle-t-elle le français? Elle le sait tout, n'est-ce pas?” he muttered angrily under his breath. You were only able to catch a few words. 

“Je suis désolé de ne pas vous le dire. Je voulais que ce soit mon petit secret” (Im sorry I did not tell you, I wanted it to be my little secret)

“its fine. I just- wow. wow. you speak french thats really… hot. did i say that aloud? I mean like its just cool like i can bitch about john to you and-” he stopped himself. 

“you’re cooking for me?” 

“yessiree. coq au vin and tarte tatin. i asked amama to come over to help prepare the meat. we are almost done. take a seat, Lafayette, its your birthday.” you say, pulling out a seat for him to watch you two cook. 

your grandma was telling laf embarrassing stories of your past. you laughed at the both of them, fluently talking in french, as you added the finishing touches. 

“dive in!” you exclaim, setting down the meal in front of him. he smiled as he finished it in one go. “reminds me of my ma’s cooking. la magnifique!” he laughs. you look at his eyes, twinkling with happiness. then you heard someone clear their throat behind you. 

“tera pedas or kya ne” she laughed. (your sweets or what not). you nodded and pulled it out, handing it to Laf. 

“Happy Birthday to my favorite boy ever!” you exclaimed, watching him almost moan at the flavor. Your grandmother slipped outside and onto her motorcycle, speeding away. what a badass. 

“so. about earlier” you knew exactly what he was talking about. 

“I’m sorry- i didnt mean it just,” you took a deep breath. “fuck it. I fell in love with you. or something like that. I noticed it the first time you punched Jefferson in the face for calling Alex’s mother a whore. Something fluttered inside me and its been growing. I don’t know if its love Laf- I just feel something, here” you say, and point to his heart. He looks at you, studying the lines of your smile and your hopeful eyes and realizes you needed an answer. 

“you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear that” he said, and brought his lips up to you. It wasn’t movie fairytale firework explosive everywhere kissing, but it was goddamn something. it felt good, and thats all you needed to validate this feeling. you pushed the dessert out of the way, and jumped onto the table, Laf continuing to makeup with you. His eyes were closed in bliss, and his hands made his way up your shirt. 

“Je veux vous baiser si bien” he growled and attacked your neck.  (google translate it its too vulgar for my innocent eyes)

imaginary friend!mark;

Originally posted by markjin

  • here he comes!! the cutest ghost boy! mark tuan!!!
  • you asked for it @aestheticekso
  • so the thing about imaginary friends is that essentially, they are ghosts that died protecting someone
  • however, imaginary friends dont really recall the lives they had before they died, so they kind of have no purpose other than popping up every once in a while and wandering around the earth, attaching themselves to souls until they remember their past. they have the power to move on if they’d like, but most stick around, never remembering what they lost
  • there are good ones who become friends with children and comforts to adults and the elderly, and then there are bad ones
  • you can basically call the bad ones the monsters under the bed, the shadows out of the corner of your eye, the bringers of nightmares etc etc
  • mark is a good one tho 
  • mark doesn’t remember, but he died protecting his little sister in a car crash
  • a truck didn’t see their car until it was too late and mark threw himself in front of his sister, protecting her from the onslaught of glass and shrapnel
  • he died in the hospital an hour later, and his family hadn’t taken it well at all
  • they stayed in the same town and the same house though, and mark’s spirit was drawn to the place he spent most of his life, but he couldn’t remember anything
  • he had peeked around the house a couple of times and had seen pictures of himself and all, but he had no recollection of the relationships he had with his family or any memories regarding them
  • needless to say, it really sucked
  • since mark was the one who usually took care of his little sister while his parents were away at work and stuff, it was imperative that they found someone who could watch over her now that mark was gone
  • you were just a high school student at the time, getting ready to graduate and needing a little cash for college, and the tuan’s contacted you one day and you got the job to look after mark’s nine year old sister hannah
  • when you met hannah you were a lil discouraged bc she was suuuuuuper quiet and wouldn’t really speak to you except to say yes or no
  • you had tried to get her to watch a disney movie with you in the living room one night you babysat, but she had just refused and ran off to her room, claiming to be too tired
  • you had found it strange, but didn’t push it, and checked on her to make sure she was all right before you left her to “sleep”
  • about halfway through tarzan, you hear voices in the house
  • your first instinct is that you’re gonna have to fight someone so, of course, you grab a weapon
  • it’s a remote 
  • you’re making your way upstairs quietly, following the sounds of the voices carefully, your phone tucked in your hand and ready to call the police if needed
  • the only reason why you haven’t yet is because if hannah is just watching tv in her room, you’d probably get put in hot water with her parents
  • slowly, you inch toward her closed bedroom door and press your ear against it
  • “hmm, there was this one time I met a princess in the afterlife” an older male’s voice says, and you wait with bated breath, hoping to god she’s watching something on disney channel
  • “really?? tell me about her!” you hear hannah reply, and thats when you bust the door open, sending the door into the wall behind it while you hold your remote defensively in front of you
  • “leave her alone or i’ll kick your ass!” you yell
  • you’re surprised, however, when you lock eyes with someone very familiar
  • you can’t recall where you’ve seen him, but as this tall blond boy stands protectively in front of hannah, her small hands wrapped around his arm as she cowers behind him, you blink in hazy recognition
  • “you shouldn’t use language like that around kids, you know” the boy has the gall to scold you, having decided you’re not enough of a threat before he turns to hannah and pats her hair down
  • “dude, i swear to god, if you dont get away from her-” 
  • you’re shocked when hannah suddenly runs up to you, grabbing the remote from your hands with wide eyes “it’s okay, this is my brother, mark!” she tells you, tugging you closer to “mark”
  • you instantly realize where you’ve seen that face and heard that name, as your eyes shoot across the room and land on a picture frame on hannah’s desk
  • at closer inspection, you see that the boy in the picture holding hannah on his hip and making a peace sign at the camera looks exactly like the boy before you
  • you remembered hannah’s father telling you how they’d lost their son not two months ago, and how hannah had finally caved into getting a babysitter when she grew tired of staying at friends’ houses well into the night
  • he had mentioned how hannah had, at first, taken it pretty hard, and then in the past few days, had completely changed
  • while she wasn’t her old, happy self, she wasn’t locking herself in her room anymore, and they assumed that maybe she had found comfort already
  • you had no idea, and you were sure her family didn’t either, that that comfort was found in her dead brother
  • you’re like seconds from fainting when mark reaches out for you, grabbing at your arms to hold you steady and wow, his hands are freezing cold
  • you wince and he immediately pulls back, biting his lip “ahh, sorry, i forget how cold i am”
  • hannah gleams up at him though, showing off the few missing teeth she has, “i dont mind! you used to have really sweaty hands before” “did i? thats kinda mean kid” “its true!”
  • you’re like reeling, watching as they banter and looking between the picture and him
  • the resemblance is uncanny and hannah seems extremely comfortable with him, and you’re starting to quietly accept that maybe he really is there
  • but you also notice that whenever hannah mentions something about mark in the past, this mark tenses
  • he makes no indication that he remembers, just nods and goes along with it
  • there’s still a flicker of doubt in you so you end up asking for proof that he’s really there and not some look alike weirdo that’s been bothering hannah
  • mark, without a second thought, disappears
  • like just straight up gone my guy
  • you let out an ear piercing scream and wildly swat at the air, hannah holding her hands over her ears as she giggles at your reaction
  • you check under the bed, in her closet, and the hallway twice over, but you can’t find him anywhere
  • you’re near freaking out again when hannah just goes “ok mark, i think you can come out now” and he reappears sitting on her desk, his ankles crossed and a cheeky smile on his face as he watches you hold your chest in an attempt to calm down 
  • “real enough for you?” he grins, having the audacity to drop his eye down in a wink at you
  • needless to say you’re like speechless for the rest of the night
  • the tuans send you home with your payment and look kinda confused as you just. slump out of there. blown away
  • when the tuans call you two days later however, you take that job up in a second bc honestly mark hasn’t left your mind since he bid you farewell the other day
  • it strangely becomes a thing where you, hannah, and mark spend time together in her room
  • mark continues to evade any questions or mentions about the past, and hannah continues to be oblivious
  • mark shows you all the things he can do as a ghost and imaginary friend, everything from changing his voice to mimic yours (you nearly shit yourself) to walking on the ceiling
  • he mentions that as her imaginary friend, he’s supposed to protect her and keep her company until she’s old enough to forget about him, but hannah promises she never will
  • you end up learning things about mark (through hannah of course) and mark tells you about his travels as a ghost, meeting other ghosts of all types
  • he had even mentioned coming across one named youngjae, who haunted an apartment building up the street from hannah’s school
  • mark said that whenever he had free time, he went to go visit youngjae, but youngjae had recently made friends with the newest tenant there so he barely made any time for mark anymore poor baby looked so pouty
  • one day, while you three are hanging out, hannah falls asleep early so its just you and mark and since its been eating you alive, you decide to ask him why he never talks about before he died
  • “thing is, i never had the heart to tell hannah, but apparently when ghosts like me die… we forget the life we had before. we’re considered imaginary friends, special types of ghosts that forget their past and form attachments with humans in attempts to remember. being here has told me a lot, and i feel a pull to this place so i know for sure it’s part of my past. but despite everything, i only know what hannah talks to me about. i can tell she’s catching on to my “forgetfulness” now because she’s getting really irritated with me when i don’t remember something… i hate not remembering”
  • you’re pretty shocked bc you can barely imagine being a ghost and not remembering anything from your old life, but you can tell from the way mark looks so broken and sad that it isn’t fun
  • “im not sure what’d be better, tbh. being dead and remembering everything or remembering nothing. i feel… i feel like if i told hannah that i couldn’t remember her the way old mark did, she’d be heartbroken. i want her to be able to pretend that im the same old big bro she remembers having, not some stranger” he tells you, close to tears
  • while water falls from his eyes, they don’t necessarily exist, falling and disappearing in mid air
  • all you can do is rub his back and listen to him as he sobs, trying so desperately to remember who he is
  • after that day, you do everything you can to quiz mark on his old life
  • you ask hannah, her parents, and even do a little snooping around mark’s old room for clues
  • you end up reminding him of most of his life, but there are still pieces missing
  • it’s not in his memory as things he recalls himself, but it is in his memory
  • mark actually ends up being like your own imaginary friend
  • he takes you and hannah out to play in the snow in the winter, and he’s a goddamn cheater pretty amazing at it because he can like. disappear into the snow
  • and he ALWAYS teams up with hannah so you’re basically getting pelted to death with snowballs and you always lose
  • once mark found out he used to sing, he begins to learn again, and plays you and hannah silly songs every once in a while
  • will follow you around the house and make himself invisible
  • *you’re cooking something for hannah* “*mark sidles up to you and speaks in an impossibly deep voice* whats cooking good looking” “MARK TUAN”
  • you beat him with the hot pan but it’s ok bc he can’t feel it
  • he once copied the voice of dean and starting singing half moon to you and hannah on the couch
  • you two both ko’d and he just smiled at you two bc :))) his favorite girls
  • you know when people with cold hands deliberately put their cold hands on you just to be a lil shit
  • thats mark
  • what sucks is he’s cold ALL THE TIME
  • *snakes his hands around your waist* “mark you’re cold get off” “i wanna get warm and you’re really warm :((((” “you can’t even feel temperature g ET OFF”
  • once accidentally snuck into a selfie with you and hannah and nearly gave their mother a heart attack when you unknowingly showed her lmao sorry
  • sometimes just likes to sit and listen to you talk about your life when hannah falls asleep
  • you think your life is really boring but he loves it
  • he loves you
  • its kind of strange bc along with not having any memories from before, most emotions are kind of strangely new to him
  • he doesn’t realize what it is he feels for you until you come to babysit one day and you’ve got a bruise on your arm and he immediately gets protective and is like “whats this? what happened?? explain!!”
  • and you’re just like lol i bumped my arm into the bathroom door this morning chill
  • but mark realizes like, yo, he really cares about you and he likes you a lot and thinks you’re really pretty and hannah loves you too and he just… it makes him hurt even more bc he knows he can never be with you
  • and one day hannah is gonna grow up and before that even, you’re gonna go away to college and leave him behind and he can’t leave hannah 
  • he knows one day hannah is gonna grow old and pass ghost mark and every adventure they’ve had together since his death off as just a big joke that you played in on 
  • hannah’s gonna finally see mark as just what he is. dead. and it hurts
  • and, you
  • you’ll forget him too
  • because the other unique thing about imaginary friends is that unlike ghosts, they’re easily forgettable 
  • you’ll get a new life and new friends and you’ll probably forget him too
  • and he’ll be there until he remembers his past life for himself and moves on
  • he doesn’t know if he wants to
  • because looking down at you tucked under his arm and fast asleep, a blanket wrapped around the two of you (more for your own wellbeing than his own), he holds you a little tighter and whispers against your hair “please… do whatever you want. just dont forget me”
  • you don’t open your eyes, having woken up at the sound of his voice
  • you just close your fist around his sweater and you’re not lying when you whisper back, “never”

other ghost!got7






Splinter’s Death, April Fault? And apparently Apritello is dead...What?

So apparently the death of Splinter is April’s fault….and Apriltello is dead….oh the people in this fandom….

Okay, since Im calmer, I can rant more appropriately.

Lets take in onto why April didnt save Splinter…shall we?

Remember back in the chompy episode they talked about the Aeon made April’s powers a little weak? ((I cant really remember what exactly was said.)) Well theres one of the reasons. 

Another reason is, she used up most of her levation during the Shredder fight.

Oh and after you just witnessed your Sensei getting gutted, then Im pretty sure you’d be paralyzed and shocked. After Splinter had fallen, April summoned enough of her last bit of powers to try to end Shredder once and for all. Hear me out, when you see someone die in front of you, something just snaps inside you making everything you do is beyond your bounds. Meaning when April blasted Shredder off the roof, she wasnt in her right mind. That or she didnt know she could even save Splinter, let alone shove Shredder off the roof. 

In the second part of the Finale, SPOILER ALERT!

She stopped Donnie from falling probably to his death since he was gonna land on his head, when he was on his feet, he told April he needed to get back up there. She told him she couldnt levitate him. Which makes me think she has limitation to these powers of hers.

Shes not an all magical goddess who can save people just whenever. She’s also still young, the death of splinter shocked her, she tried to save him by warning him, but sadly that wasnt enough. I mean look at these faces!

 These two were witnesses to this

Now of course she’s not gonna think “Oh let me use my unlimited use of powers to levitate this heavy pound rat to saftey” Plus even if she did, she wouldnt of saved him from death. Look how deep those blade are?

Those blades come out of his back!! They went into his stomach and out of his back. I may not be a doctor but Im pretty sure that would kill anyone. 

Not only the stabbing, but Shredder holds Splinter high, making the blades go deeper into the body. Making the wound worse.

Then theres the fall.

That fall was in slow motion for us audience so we could grasp what was happening. But in reality, it was in a blink of an eye moment. There was nothing April nor anyone could of done. Knowing April, she would of used up so much of her powers to save Splinter. But with those wounds, and the impact a fall can have, he was already dead. That fall from a building that high would of killed him during his falling Im sure. ((Dont quote me on that))

Now lets talk about April’s sudden powers when she puts down shredder.

Right here is where I think she’s gathering all of her powers that she can, her eyes becoming murderous in the process, 

You can see it in her eyes, shes going to take this guy down, shes gonna avenge her sensei, shes gonna make him feel pain and die for what he’s done. You see that murderous look as I pointed out above.

This is probably her last bit of power she has in her before she collapses from using up so much of her powers already.

And dont forget again, the crystal weakened her. So this might be at her most powerful? Maybe. I could be wrong.

With Casey’s help she, they achieved something, at that time. They  avenged Splinter, their teacher, so they thought.

Lets talk about the wound.

Yes, Leonardo’s hand is soaked with blood. It this was on another network, this would be the gory. Im glad this show doesnt show much blood cause I wouldnt be able to stomach it. But Splinter’s top half of his robe would be covered in blood. Mikey probably would have some on him 

As the picture says, notice how Mikey is positioned, he isnt on top of Splinter like he was back in season three, hes holding his father’s hand and laying his head on it, it could be that theres so much blood he doesnt wanna get closer to it. That or, something else I cant really theorize it properly. 

What Im trying to say is, blood. LOTS of it.

Donnie and Leo would at least be sitting in the pool of blood of their fathers, meaning levitation or not, he would of died from the amount of blood. And the impact of that fall.

I do close this subject with this… APRIL IS AND WILL NEVER BE AT FAULT FOR OUR PASSING SENSEI. So whoever started this frenzy need to just really speculate before just blaming.


So is this why April is being blamed? Cause she’s apart of a ship that some dislike? If so, thats obserd! This person who started this was obviously a Capril shipper.

Because gosh forbid, one cant comfort another and not be tied into stupid romance.

Is this why Apriltello is dead? Cause he comforted her? I mean, I dont care either way, Capril is adorable and I do like them, Like all ships. I honestly dont care. What Im getting at is its pretty immature that you try and rub this in Apriltellos face claming that ship is dead.

Apriltello will never die, as long as it has shippers, it wont ever die, just like the ship Capril. That ship wont die cause it too has fans. Do I ever claim that its dead, hell no, cause that would be incredibly rude to the Capril shippers, like its rude to Apriltello shippers.

Most of dont like Caprils cause fans like the ones who are immature ruins it, well atleast that goes for me, I dont mean to speak for all. Its just….incredibly offensive is all.

Ships never die. Canon or Fanon, EVERY ship will live on. Cool it with the immatury, it makes you look like spoiler kid. 

I know im gonna get a lot of flack from this, but this needed to be said before this crap grew worse and more irritating.

If you wanna discuss you can 


Be mature, please, I dont babysit. Also feel free to add onto this. But be respectful to one another. I dont condone with jerks.

bhyekyungsoo  asked:

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog after reading the couple ring post! Regarding that, I think the chrome heart ring that similar to yeol's isnt the same as the one that polar light gave, because PL gave the one with black background, and the similar with yeol's is just the black version of it? And do you mind giving out the 'chanbaek timeline' you mentioned before? Keep loving baekyeol <3333 this lovely couple is unstoppable. Have a nice daay!

Hi ^_^ 

about that ring.. yes.. the chrome heart ring given by polar light are not matching with yeol.. before polar light gave baekhyun the ring, baekhyun already have another ring he wore.. he also wore it during their recent Nature Republic Fansign (where his ring went missing).. 

the one polar light gave baekhyun have black background and silvery white chrome heart design one it (the top ring on his finger) .. meanwhile the one on chanyeol’s pinky finger has all white/silvery background and greyish chrome heart design on it.. this design matched baekhyun’s ring (the one not given by polar light) which are also silver background but with black/darker chrome heart design on it ( the bottom ring on his finger).. 

about chanbaek time line.. lol.. this thing i  just come out with my fellow chanbaek shipper who closely monitor chanbaek (we’re not sasseng don’t worry..lol) we are just ninja.. hahah..

p/s : this is what I THINK.. it can be false.. it can be true.. no one knows for sure besides chanbaek themselves.. its gonna be long, so brace yourself with my delulu writing..

this is purely chanbaek.. don’t like chanbaek..? don’t read.. i don’t want my inbox blown with hate.. thank you ^_^ ..

lets begin..

if you realized, when chanbaek first meet, they got close in just one night.. kai confirms this..

Kai said during 120605 EXO-K joynews24 interview : At first I was a bit surprised, Baekhyun joined us very late but he became close with Chanyeol in just one night..

i think chanyeol and baekhyun love each other as soon as they see each other..lol.. but seriously look at them..

The fans who attendedBaekhyun’s birthday party said Chanyeol first opened the party by making aspeech indicating  ; “This is Baekhyun, my roommate and we are in a loving relationship.”

121126 Chanyeol’s birthday party Baekhyun said that when he just entered SM, Chanyeol was the first person to walk towards him, and after having eye contact for 10 seconds, they had the feeling of “That’s him!”. Anyway, the two could really get along very well. The other members told them to get married. Baekhyun said “Umma! I’m going to get married” 

the picture below was during MAMA Era.. and these two are surely chanyeol and baekhyun.. only baekhyun have that hair colour during MAMA and that guy, thats chanyeol.. look at the ear..! i think they are together since the first time they meet but they are in the state of secrecy.. 

you can see that baekhyun actually feels uncomfortable when chanyeol holds him and chanyeol kinda hesitant(?) with his hold.. so i think by this time they are scared people gonna know about them..

during MAMA and History, they are in good term.. just being careful.. not going overboard with their fanservices.. the still in good term when they record Happy Camp on 130604 recording.. 

however they had a fight during Wolf promotion fansign event on 14th June 2013.. 


in this link there are parts where chanyeol and baekhyun refuses to reply to any request from fans relate to chanbaek..lets face it.. isn’t chanbaek started as just a fanservice made by the company..? so why are they suddenly refused to do anything with it..? aren’t they afraid of the company..? this is during Wolf Era.. they are promoting Wolf at that time..

 what happened between them until the choose to ignore the fan’s requests..?? and just 10 days difference with their lovey dovey recording of Happy Camp.. i think during that time, something happened.. maybe that time Baekhyun already set to have a girlfriend.. or their company already asked them to stop.. 

i think chanbaek already have feelings for each other when they first meet but they are restricted by people ( their company maybe.?).. they even wrote songs together, practice duet together (the things about their duets is, it never went on-air..except the Love Song on 130808 Youngstreet„,)

Can you imagine, practicing this song, with just the two of them.. while looking at each other..? and why Baekhyun have that look on his face..?? maybe throughout the practice and spending time together make them closer again and they started to ignore what people said.. 

Do you know who is the first person that posted Baekhyun a Happy Birthday on Instagram..? nope.. its not Sehun.. its Chanyeol.. but why he deleted that cake post..? Baekhyun’s birthday cake was chanyeol’s FIRST ever post in his IG.. 

in my opinion, Baekyeon already set up long before February.. why..? because, out of nowhere suddenly Chanyeol said Chen as his new soulmates.. i emphasizes “NEW”… he didn’t say “my soulmates” he said “new soulmates”.. that means he still remember that he has a soulmates before..and it is Baekhyun.. the guy sitting infront of him.. 

Chanyeol called Baekhyun as his “number 1 soulmate” in [MISC] 130814 - STAR CAST : “Trend’s Core ‘EXO Life of Research’..

look at Baekhyun.. he didn’t smile at all.. thats Baekhyun’s jealous face.. when Baekhyun is jealous he will stare at distance and his lips gonna be thinner as he curl his lips.. and i think one of the earliest member who knows about chanbaek is Kyungsoo.. and kyungsoo just look at at chanyeol with straight face too.. 

after this interview, they shoot for EXO Showtime.. didn’t anyone realizes that chanyeol didn’t have much skinship with Baekhyun unlike with the other members..?? in showtime, if you look clooosseeeely you will noticed that chanbaek have many scene where they are together being cut off.. during the sunrise episode, actually Chanyeol and Baekhyun stand next to each other but it never shows in the show.. 

(sorry i got into EXOST..but i always wanna talk about this just no one asked.. haha..lol)

there are only two person wearing that white jacket at the time.. its suho and chanyeol..the editing of exo showtime is very weird.. why..? chanyeol stands next to baekhyun but not one shot where they are standing next to each other..

see..? the most left is baekhyun and who is taller than baekhyun and wearing that white jacket..? its chanyeol.. but exo showtime’s crew make sure the shot are not clear.. why..? i think some inside connections are influential here.. 

and this one.. did you noticed that in the real show, (at least from what i watched) the leg part are completely covered but big ass words at the bottom..

Chanbaek are being very fearless when Baekhyun suddenly come to Roommate.. 

when baekhyun come to Roommate house, many of their moments and interactions got cut out by SBS.. i have another theory about Roommate (here)..

ok i’m gonna talk a bit about Baekyeon.. they said Baekyeon starts dating in February right..? Anyone who knows me know that i don’t believe in Baekyeon.. i believe that Baekyeon are not dating and are a stage up thing by SM.. idk.. i can be wrong.. but thats what i believe (because there are just too many things that are shady about them..idk).. don’t you think its weird, that SM revealed Baekyeon EXACTLY one day after baekhyun came to Roommate..?? read my chanbaek in Roommate post and you’ll know why i said its very weird..

when Baekyeon revealed, Baekhyun looks like a wreck.. have you seen the picture of him go out from music show..? hurmm.. i dont remember what broadcast..

after Baekyeon revealed, we Chanabek shippers are kinda depress and thought that Chanbaek are really broken.. but Chanbaek proof us wrong.. Chanyeol still with Baekhyun in the airport like he always did.. 

they lost the laugh on their faces but they still together.. thats enough for me.. because after that they are normal again.. it took time but they are ok again tho.. after this, chanyeol starts being very obviously close with kyungsoo.. he starts making moments with kyungsoo, he choose kyungsoo.. (i don’t hate kyungsoo, no no.. i love him.. i just say that chanyeol become obviously close with kyungsoo..)..

i can see Baek look so hurt.. i think i have the gifs but maybe in my phone sorry.. 

there is one event that happened and the timeline are perfect.. its 1140719 TLP Shanghai.. 

first Chanyeol posted “Love is a losing games” lyrics in his IG.. a song about the pain in love (at least thats what in the lyrics chanyeol posted)..

Few hours after that (when they are in china) Baekhyun, who keep silent about the Baekyeon thing suddenly posted an “apology” letter in his IG..

after this letter was posted in 4 in the morning few hours after that he deleted it.. i dont know why he delete it, maybe he got a lot of hate because of it, but in my thought that letter actually just for EXO-L and also Chanyeol.. he talk about misunderstanding.. what misunderstanding..? that he dating tae..? thats not a misunderstanding , right..? about he didn’t love his fans and betrayed them..? we all know how much baekhyun loves his fans.. he used to be no.1 in fanservice @ fanlove.. so what is the misunderstanding..? if he really wanna make his fans forgive him why he didn’t posted on the fancafe..? or somewhere many other people gonna read it..? and why deleted it..???? only baekhyun knows.. i think he just want chanyeol and people who believe in them read that and after making sure chanyeol read it, he delete it.. who knows.. it might be true.. 

after that chanyeol posted another thing.. exactly few hours after baekhyun deleted his letter.. heart shaped leaf.. hurmmmmm… 

feeling better chanyeollie..??

after the apology letter incident you know what happened..? TLP Shanghai.. what so special about TLP Shanghai..? well.. after few other TLP conducted, chanbaek had been very distance.. they are there, but there are no actual moments between them.. until Shanghai..

in TLP Shanghai, this happened.. they finally have real moments.. real contact.. and chanyeol seems happy again.. 

few month after that, they are very happy on stage.. off stage.. everywhere.. Chanyeol who stops being nice to Baekhyun after the scandal, suddenly being a prince charming again..

chanyeol again being the charming boyfriend material him with baek (baek only) by taking baekhyun’s bag and push it for him.. awww.. so sweet.. ^_^..

and they still do their little “love sign” just between them.. isn’t baek already have a girlfriend at this moment..???? look at their smiling faces.. 

they still love each other even after so many rough obstacle come their way.. and i hope they can always love each other forever and people just stop disturbing them..  

Here are the clearer timeline of all this..

  • 4 June 2013 - Happy Camp recording ( they do the lovesign)
  • 14 June 2013 - Wolf Fansign (fight?)
  • August 2013 - Growl
  • 8 August 2013 - EXO Youngstreet (duet with weird expression)
  • October 2013 - EXO Showtime
  • ** Feb 2014 - BY said to start dating (EXOST still in recording)
  • 17 June 2014 - Baek come to Roommate
  • 18 June 2014 - Baekyeon revealed
  • 17 July 2014 - TLP Shanghai
  • 15 August 2014 - SM Town 2014 (another lovesign)

at the end.. no matter what we think, only chanyeol, baekhyun and SM knows what actually is between them.. me and my friend can spend hours talking about chanbaek..lol.. we come out with many theories, and look from many perspectives.. hehe..

that’s the thing about me and my friend.. we love chanbaek but we don’t blindly loving them.. we have our reasons (plausible reasons) why we think chanbaek is real.. we look from many perspectives.. we don’t look in one sole reason and one sole perspective only.. 

Again i will say this.. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.. I USE “MY OPINION” IN THIS ENTRY.. you can believe it or not i don’t care.. 

Locked out (Demon!Dean x Reader)[smut]

Genre: Supernatural

Characters: Demon!Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smutty as hell/forceful

Request: Super smutty Demon!Dean imagine? Please, please!?

It had been just over a week since Dean had walked out that room - it didn’t feel the same, and something told you it never would. His inky black eyes used to scare the hell out of you whenever you saw them, he used to try and hide them from you and Sam but it must have slipped his mind at times - it was only when the incident happened that things had changed…

A couple of days before 

You hated hunts where you had to dress up, how come it was you always as the bait and not one of the boys? You understood that it was an all male Vampire nest that were targeting young women to turn them then keep them as their slaves for the rest of their eternal life, but why you? You came out of your room wearing a tight burgundy vest top tucked into a leather black mini skirt with the high heel boots you never thought you would wear. You had never felt so uncomfortable in your life. Clicking your way into the kitchen you washed the remaining eyeliner and red lipstick off your hands in the sink ’why did I use waterproof?!‘ All of a sudden you felt someone press up against you, slightly bending you over the sink whilst rubbing their hands up and down your hips and back “Well sweetie, if I were a Vamp, Id defiantly have you as my slave” a familiar voice whispered into your ear sending a flutter of pleasure through your stomach, only to then playfully nip your neck before slapping your backside and walking off out the door. Dean Winchester. Why Dean Winchester? You composed yourself and carried on out the door after him, preparing yourself from the hunt you had lied ahead of you.


Sitting at the dinner table staring into the darkness you thought about that night and why it was on your mind so much; ever since Dean had come back he seemed to be more interested in you than ever, slapping your arse at every chance and commenting on how your chest bounced as you walked. You liked it. 

Sitting opposite you was Sam, wearing a plaid shirt as always; and next to you was the man himself - you only snapped out of your daydream from the feel of Dean’s warm hand touch the top of your thigh, you exhaled a little too deeply and he noticed, squeezing you even harder causing you to knock your dinner plate off the table “Oh god, I’m so stupid!” you complained, standing up out of your chair, forcing Dean’s hand to slide off your leg “Are you okay Y/N?” Sam asked starting to stand as well, Dean shot up in an instand and held your back and gesturing his hand as though he was pushing Sam away using the force “She’s fine” he said sharply “She’s just exhausted” he continued looking at you. It may have just been the light but you could have sworn he flashed his black eyes at you. He took you by the hand before you could protest “Ill make sure she gets some rest while you clean this mess up” he said ordering his brother like he always had - Dean led you to your bedroom as the sound of clinking china became distant.

Dean tucked you into bed ever so gently until he heard the bunker door open then shut again, a sly smile came across his face “Be a good girl and stay here, ill be right back” he said propelling himself from the bed, slithering out of the door way and down the hall, you instantly threw the covers off you and peered your head round the corner of the door frame - you heard three distinctive locks of the bunker door and spotted Dean walking back down the hall starting to undo his belt, he haddent seen you yet so you bolted back to your bed and placed the covers back over your body, trying to remember exactly how you looked before you left. Re-entering the room he slipped a chair under the doorknob and continued to you, holding one hand behind his back “What was it?” you asked innocently “Just locking the door so Sammy cant get back in” he replied laughing “What? Why?!” you shouted sitting yourself upright “Because we don’t want to be disturbed” he said through a smile as he grabbed you round the throat, pushing you up against the wall behind you; he nipped the exposed part of your neck “Remember what I said on the night of the big Vamp hunt Y/N?” he reminded you in between sweet kisses, oh god did you remember; you moaned as a reply - his response was biting down on the vein in your neck, it felt as though it was going to burst but it was counteracted by the wetness that started to fill you down bellow “Well, now I’ve turned you” he said bringing his arm out exposing the arrangement of belts and ropes he had collected in the short period that he was gone “Now its time to make you my slave for all eternity”.

The rope burned against your wrists as he tied your right hand your left and hoisting you off of the wall, arms outstretched above your head and arse just about off the bed; Dean stood proudly above you, standing on the bed holding the other end of the rope “You don’t want this Dean, its that thing thats inside of you” you yelled out to him, you didnt want him to stop but you wanted to make sure the real Dean was there “Oh but dont you see?” he said bending down slightly to meet your face, his hand wandered downward; caressing your breasts and grabbing the bottom of your shirt, pulling it upwards briskly he exposed your jet black bra whilst tying the knot tighter by wrapping your shirt around it as well - he pushed your chin up towards his face with his index finger and showed you his emerald green eyes “I do want this” he replied flashing his eyes back to black “I want this so bad!” he said more aggressively throwing you down onto the bed again and straddling your chest; he still held the rope firm in his grasp while he forced your mouth open, he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down as well as his underwear, exposing what your body was yearning for. Gripping you by the hair he pulled his face close to yours “Now youre going to take me in your mouth, and youre going to obey. Ive done the walk to the bins many times and im telling you that he is already on his way back. So, are you going to be my good girl” he asked sliding his head into your wet mouth, you bit down hard causing him to yelp out in pain. “No” you shouted with a smile of delight, you knew what was coming; with a face of pleasure Dean flipped you over onto your knees, the rope now making your hands stick to your back, he wrapped it around your stomach and added to the tangle of shirt and rope “Guess we have to do this my way” he laughed pulling down your trousers and undies and thrust his finger into you hard, constantly pounding his finger into your g-spot making you moan with delight he asked once again “Now, are you going to be my good girl?” “No” you screamed halfway through a moan. He slipped another finger in causing you to scream even louder into the mattress “I said, are you going to be my good girl?” he repeated pounding you as hard as he could “YES!” you squealed, slowing his pace he removed his fingers from you, wiping your wetness onto the covers; lowering his face onto your entrance slowly l lapping up your juices to clean you up 'accidentally’ pushing his tongue in too fair every now and then - deciding you were wet enough he flipped you back over again so he could face you, lining himself up with your slit he rubbed himself against you and you hummed a slight moan at the relaxing feeling “P-Please” you called out “Say my name” he ordered “Dean, P-” you were cut off by him sliding himself slowly inside you penetrating you ever so slowly “Oh god, Dean!” you shouted as he picked up pace, he slammed himself into you over and over while you screamed repetitively - he dug his nails in harder with every squeal you made. Hitting your g-spot every time you felt your orgasm pooling up inside you, it wasn’t until you tried to silence yourself that you heard the pounding “Dean, I know you’re in there let me in!” you heard the muffled shout of Sams voice from outside “Nearly here” he winked at you “Better hurry up and finish you shouldn’t i?” he teased as he pounded into you harder. The unmistakable flutter of wings drew your attention to the other side of the room - there stood Castiel gawking with a tilted head and Sam unconscious on the floor; Dean offloaded himself into you, triggering your own orgasm causing you to scream louder than you ever had before. 

“I dont understand, Dean whats going on” Castiel asked innocently “Just showing Y/N who’s boss Cas nothing to worry about” Dean panted.

“I don’t understand

He comes home

Request: hey if requests are open can you write like a blurb/preference type thing for the prompt: they surprise you by coming home from tour?? thanks babe love you ((and your writing btw haha)) xx


You and brad had a very long distance relationship, as he resided in birmingham,England and you lived in the US. You met when he was on tour in the US and you were working the venue he played at. You didn’t see eachother often unless the band had things going on in LA/NYC then he’d come visit for a day or two.

Brad was supposed to be on tour in the UK at the moment so you knew the communication would be minimal because he’s super busy. You went about your day per usual, which entailed sitting in your bed until about 10am on this lazy saturday morning. Your phone kept buzzing until you woke up and checked your phone and had about 5 missed calls from brad. That threw you off, so you unlocked your phone to check your messages. None. thats odd, you thought. Then you were receiving another phone call, bradley.

“Yes bradley why must you wake me up at this god forsaken hour” you said in a cranky morning voice

“Trust me this is more important than your beauty sleep love”

“What is it then bradley??”

“Well first i need you to wake up and go to your door”

“What in the hell, why must i go to the- HOLY SHIT BRAD I SWEAR IF THIS IS SOMETHING STUPID I SWEAR”

“Babe, i promise you its not”

“Alright, let’s see what you’re going on about”

You opened the door and to say you were surprised would be an understatement. There stood your cute, little, british boyfriend.

“Holy shit, brad” you squealed engulfing him in a hug

“Told you it wasn’t stupid” he laughed, while holding you.

“You moron, i love you” you laughed

He gave you a kiss and told you how much he loved you, then the two of you spent the afternoon together in bed watching movies all afternoon.


Connor was constantly on tour, so you didn’t see him often. He was on the european  tour so it wasn’t as bad, but bad enough for you. You havent seen him in over a month and you missed him like crazy, but you knew this was his lifestyle and it was an adaptation you’ve learned to deal with.

You tried to just go on your daily business, so today that was getting up at 7am to open up the coffee shop that was down the street from your apartment. Half asleep you were just going through coffee cup by coffee cup, not noticing whose faces where who.

“Hi, what can i get for you?” You said for the 50th time this morning

“Um id like a large coffee, and a side of my beautiful girlfriend?” Rang that familiar scottish accent.

It couldnt be, could it?

“CON” you said in surprise.

“Hi baby, hows your morning”

You ran around the corner of the counter and jumped into a hug with him.

“Con i cant believe you’re here, i missed you so much”

“I missed you too baby girl” he said kissing your forehead

“Wow i wish you had that kind of enthusiasm every morning shift” your boss joked from behind the counter.

“Alright i have to work, but we can hang out after my shift?” You suggested.

“Of course, i’ll pick you up from here at two”

“Perfect” you said, before kissing him quickly.


Dating someone who is on the brink of fame isn’t easy, not the least bit so. Theres always tour, studio, and interviews so its hard to find time for eachother. Even with all of the negitives, you and tris made it work. He saw you every spare moment he had when he was home from tour, next to his family of course.

You Missed him terribly when he was on tour, but you guys made it through always with facetime, and visits when he was home. It was one of those days where you missed him a lot, but forced yourself to go about your everyday routine. You woke up, made yourself a cup of coffee and glanced through your emails on your phone. The doorbell rang, which was odd because it was 7am. You got up and opened the door, there was a single rose and a note attached. It read “ good morning babe! Ive got a surprise for you, but first i thought you could go for a bit of an adventure this lovely saturday morning, you’ll find your next rose at our favorite breakfast date place, Tris xx”

You got dressed and walked to the cafe across from your apartment, you always went there for breakfast with tristan. The waitress smiled at you and said “hey sweetheart, ive got something for you” before handing you another rose. The waitress knew you pretty well because you were there quite often, especially when you had essays to do for uni. The note read “ hi you found the second one, props babe that one was the easiest. Now go to where we had our first date, love you, Tris xx”

You smiled and knew exactly where it was, his house, he took you horseback riding on your first date. You took a bus to where his house was and walked to where the barn was and was greeted by his sister. “Hiii, tris said to give this to you” she said in the cutest voice.

“Thank you!” You said giving her a hug, and taking the rose.

The next rose read “babe, youre getting there. You found milly, now head over to where we kissed for the very first time”

You knew that meant the park a couple feet down the road, so you made your way there and on the bench was another flower.

“ do you remember this place? I remember it like it was yesterday. Now you’re almost done i need you to go to just one more place. Go to that beautiful shop that you love to go to”

You knew the place, it was your favorite place to go shopping.

You got there and looked around for where the rose could be, and you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You turned around, and it was tristan. You couldnt believe your eyes. You tackled him with a hug and said “i love you so much” muffled in his shirt.

“I love you too baby, i missed you” he says looking into your eyes.

“I- i dont understand, arent you on tour?”

“Yeah, but i wanted to surprise my baby whilst we were close by”

“You’re the best tristan, i love you”

“I love you always, baby girl”


You were an actress, so you and james had equally hectic schedules. You always made time for each other though, it was all about communication and time management. He was away on tour at the moment and you were at a take for a movie you were starring in, you missed him but you tried to stay utterly focused on the scene at hand instead of thinking about james.

You did a few scenes until you had a 20 minute break for your lunch and whatnot. You head over to your dressing room and drink a sip of water and scrolled through your twitter feed before eating your sandwich for lunch.

You continued with the filming, and it was a very long day for you. Hours spent recording scenes and perfecting things for the movie, you just wanted to get out of there at this point. You went to get changed in your dressing room.

Once you were ready to leave, you heard a knock on the door.

“You have someone here to see you miss!” A worker kindly said from outside the door.

You opened the door, and shocked couldn’t even begin to express how you were feeling right now.

James, james was standing at your doorway.

“JAMES” you squealed before jumping on him.

“I missed you so much” you said settling.

“I missed you too, baby girl” he said kissing you for the first time in a long time.

“I thought you were-”

“We are, i just wanted to come surprise you” he said knowing what you were going to say.

“I love you so much” you said in a content sigh.

“You look like you’ve had a rough day, you want me to drive you home” he asked pulling your hair behind your ear.

“Please? That’d be absolutely lovely”

“Of course, come on now ill take you home and we could lay down and watch netflix together”

He always knew when you were exhausted, and what to do to relax you.

“Sounds perfect” you said taking his hand in yours and walking to his car.

•Jealous•Marc Bartra

“What is your problem!” y/n hissed, glaring at her boyfriend of little over a year. “Dont have one.“Marc retorted as he crossed his arms defiantly causing Y/n to narrow her eyes. 

The young couple was currently staring each other down in the kitchen of the apartment they shared. Y/n stood in front of the island, looking as if she was one wrong word away from violent reaction, while Marc stood across from her–leaning against the fridge looking like he couldn’t care less. It baffled her that he was really standing there like he did nothing wrong. 

She couldn’t remember a time  Marc had made her  feel  this angry or embarrassed. He wasn’t perfect by any means and their relationship had been through its fair share of bumps but he  never acting like this.  He’s never been as much of an asshole as he was no more then ten minutes ago. 

After coming home from a long day training, instead of greeting y/n like she was his girlfriend—he decided to make a scene. Why?because he  had found her on the living room floor doing what she exactly what she had told him she’s be doing–studying  for her upcoming midterms with a friend. 

But of course that didnt matter to Marc; it didnt matter the two friends were surrounded by books, notes and study guides. It didnt matter that they had both been deeply concentrated on their work, not even speaking when he arrived. Nope, all Marc saw was that this friend happened to be male and all common sense flew out the window.  

He was rude off that bat to Andrew not even bothering to introduce himself. 

“Who the fuck is this and why is he here?” Were the words he chose to go with. He hadnt even said hello and that infuriated Y/n… and it only worse from there. Now he had the nerve to act like he didnt do anything? Fuck that. 

“You dont have a problem, Marc?"she raised her eyebrow at him.

"Nope."he answered, his demeanor remaining aloof. She chuckled; he was unbelievable.

"Right, and I suppose you were  rude as fuck out of the goodness of your heart.” Y/n said sarcastically. 

“Sure."He shot back, as much as he was trying to appear like he was still unbothered his eyes gave him away. They were cold and hard as the ice they resembled. A unwanted shiver crawled up her spine–they just looked so intimidating but she’d be damned if she let it be known she was anything but infuriated.

"Seriously Marc?That was a friend of mine and you embarrassed the fuck out of me!"she exasperated. 

"Friend? Yeah, okay.” He chuckled shaking his head. Y/n narrowed her eyes as her hands twitching at her sides—he was really about to get slapped, 

“ Whats that supposed to mean?"she gritted.

"Exactly what it sounds like."Marc shrugged,” If  that’s your ‘friend’ how is it  that this is the first time I’m meeting him? As a matter of fact you’ve ever even mentioned an ‘Andrew’.“

Y/n wouldve laughed in his face if he wasnt pissing her the fuck off. Was he being for real right now? She couldn’t possibly be friends with someone because she hadnt mentioned them?

"Oh shit. I forgot I was supposed to run all my friends  by you! My fault, Dad."she sneered sarcastically.

"If they were really your friends you wouldn’t  have a problem telling me about them ."Marc countered. Y/n’s head jerked back as if he had slapped her.  Though He had only been trying to state the obvious—you introduce your friends to your significant other right?—  all Y/n heard was an underlying accusation.

She narrowed her eyes,” Run that  by  again because it sounds like accusing me of something,Marc.”

He looked at her in utter confusion; accusing her?he had no idea what she was talking about. 

"I’m not—”

“—because if you  are  accusing me of some shit be a man about it come out and say it."She cut him off. 

"I’m not accusing you of anything!”

“Then what the hell are you doing, Marc because you’re fucking up.”

“I just  don’t appreciate some guy I’ve  never seen before, chilling in my  house!”

“He wasnt "chilling” we were studying,“Y/n leaned back against the island,” but your house huh.“

Marc groaned, already knowing by her tone she was about to make something  he literally meant nothing by into a thing,

"will you stop trying to put words in my mouth?thats not what  i meant by that and you know it!”

“Im not putting shit in your mouth, you said it. Your house. Got it,” she nodded as if it was all making sense,“And since  its yours it only makes  sense I run everyone I come in contact with by you. My bad.”

“Y/n.."he sighed. 

"No dont Y/n me. Clearly you’re  the  king of this castle and what the king says is law. I’ll bring  every friend i know  over to meet you. Do i need to set an  appointment?"she taunted, knowing that her words were making him uncomfortable.

  Marc always made it point that she  knew she was his equal. Though if anyone had above anyone in the relationship, in his eyes it would be her. 

He saw Y/n as a queen and treated her as such. Ruling over her was never something he wanted or intended to come off as he wanted. At least that’s what she had thought, apparently Marc had the finals say in anything. Therefore making him king. 

"Oh silly me, of course I have to make an appointment! "Y/n slapped her head in an exaggerated motion,"When does training end tomorrow so can set up the first one?”

“Y/n will you shut up a second ??” He snapped, annoyed. 

“Yes King Marc."Y/n recited like a  loyal subject in her Kings castle. 

He glared at her,”stop.”

"Why King Marc?"she continued to taunt. He groaned before  pushing  off the counter he had still been leaning on. Once he was close enough he taking a hold of her hands and pulling her to him before wrapping his arms around her waist.

"you’re not taking me seriously."he said as if she was supposed to. 

Of course she wasn’t; what was to take seriously? He was rude as hell and  acted like an utter asshole  to Andrew  before all but kicking him out of the apartment… All because y/n hadnt introduced  them prior. How was she supposed to take him seriously?

"Because you’re acting like an idiot—” she started. “How would you feel?"Marc cut in. 

"What?"she furrowed her eyebrows, confused. What did he mean how would she feel? Feel about what?

"How would you feel if you came home and I just hanging out with some girl you’ve  never seen before?"he pressed. 

 Y/n gave him a look,”Andrew wasnt ‘some guy’. he is in my anthropology 102 class. we. were. studying.”she said slowly as if it would help Marc finally realize how dumb he was being. 

"He’s not some guy to you. You see how that works?” Marc pressed completely ignoring her insulting tone,“I walk into the apartment I share with my girl to find some guy with her. And before you jump to conclusions again, no I’m not accusing you of anything. I trust you.”

He trusted her…so what was this even about? What was he trying to prove?

“Im gonna ask you again,” she stated, “whats your  problem?”

 ”I dont trust him.”he stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

“You dont know him."Y/n rolled her eyes and to her surprise Marc agreed. 

"Exactly! I dont know him and yet here he is sitting on my living room floor.”

“Okay? You’re acting all jealous for no reason—"she started only to laugh as her words dawned on her.  She was treating Marc like he was the slow one but in reality she was. how did she not see it for what it was? Marc wasnt just being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole… this idiot was jealous.

"Oh my God you’re jealous!"she leaned away just enough to look up at him. 

"What?"he made a face at her words,” No, I’m not, I just—" 

“You saw me with a guy you never met and  got jealous."she finished  with a teasing smile, the blush that tinted his cheeks only confirmed her revelation. 

"You know you have no reason to be."she said matter factly,” Andrew’s not my type.“

"Why not?"Marc asked curiously. Ha, so much  for not being  jealous. "Not that Im jealous..just curious."he quickly added. 

Yeah right. She didn’t believe him for a second but decided to humor him. 

"Well for one, he’s a slob."Y/n revealed, holding back an eye roll when Marc visibly relaxed as she began her explanation, his jealous ass was loving this,"Did you see the mess in the living room?Most of that was him. You already know what a struggle it is for me to keep organized, imagination that times two.  That would be such an unhealthy living situation. Two he’s a nervous chatterbox.”

Marc made a face,”what do you mea—”

“When he’s anxious he wont shut up about the most irrelevant things. Its cute as a friend but i’d probably choke him if he was my boyfriend."she said truthfully making Marc laugh only because he knew she was dead serious. 

"And finally the most important reason of all—I dont find him attractive. Not even a little.oh and there’s that little technicality that I love you, jackass."Y/n chided as she slapped his chest.

"Oh right,"he said stupidly and she rolled her eyes,"sometimes I wonder about you, Marc Bartra.”

“But you love me."he grinned.

"Yeahhh,"she let out a fake sigh,"I suppose I do.”

She squealed and giggled when he bent down and playfully bit at her bottom lip before kissing it. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he continued to plant lingering kisses on her lips. 

Contrary to what Marc might of thought he was not off the hook. Y/n was still slightly annoyed with the way he handled Andrew. Just because she knew why acted the way he did, didn’t make it right. She was gonna let it go for now, but made  a mental note to make him apologize. Later though… because right now she was  more than content in kissing her man. 


For Lack Of  A Better Title (Ch. 2)


I might end up posting this on ao3 but I haven’t decided yet. Anyhow, I’m honestly not totally sure myself what direction this story is taking but we’ll see

chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5Chapter 6 pt. 1 |


And here we go

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* Mrs. D took Charles out on a day pass for a “funeral.” His funeral. Only to return to Radley with a Charlotte.  Did no one at Radley ask where the hell Charles was and who the fuck is Charlotte.  She literally left with a son and returned a daughter. Did NO ONE find this odd??

* The flashback of Mrs. D and Ali–Mrs. D is telling her about a phone call she received from Radley saying they had her daughter.  When she got there she found Cece, not Alison, and she was supposedly pretending to be Ali. Now, yes, technically it was Jessica’s daughter but she was PISSED when she was telling Ali what had happened. 

* Jessica has said that Ali and Cece’s friendship was TOXIC. (and yes, maybe it was but Jessica has always spoke badly about Cece.

*We saw a flashback of “Charles” and Bethany–they are about 10/11 years old. We then see that Bethany and Marion get into an argument on the roof and Bethany pushed Marion to her death.
MY MAIN ISSUE WITH THIS– in season 4, we were shown a flashback of Ali and Toby at Toby’s house and Marion is there.  Ali and Toby were ATLEAST 15 in this flashback. SO, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that Bethany killed Marion when she was 10/11 (Toby would have been only 5 or 6 years old). Marion was alive during Toby’s older years.  THIS DOES NOT ADD UP.

*After Marion’s death, Wilden wrote it off as a suicide to cover for Mrs. D. NOW, here is my question– Did Mrs. D ask Wilden to do this so that noone would find out about Charles/Charlotte?? It seems a bit extreme.  Also, last night we were shown a flashback, on the night Ali was hit by Cece, WIlden is the one who gets called out to the house. Jessica and Wilden make some sort of agreement because right before he leaves, he tells Jessica, “dont worry maam, your daughter was not in Rosewood tonight.” (something along those lines). Now, if Wilden, Cece, and Jessica were the only ones there that night, then he would HAVE TO KNOW THAT CECE IS JESSICA’S DAUGHTER.

moving on……

*Season one started with Wilden investigating the girls.  He made sure they knew he was on to them.  He went ABOVE and BEYOND his call of duty to get the truth out of these girls. After the finale, this makes NO SENSE bc we were shown that he knew exactly what happened to her. He was there, at the crime scene, with Jessica and Cece, and agreed that as far as he was concerned, Jessica’s daughter was NOT in Rosewood that night.  So, why the ef would that make Wilden look so CREEPY, SHADY, and a total ASSHOLE cop for no reason.

*Now, Cece killing Wilden makes more sense now bc IF he was the cop that came out to the DiLaurentis home on “that night,” and made a deal with Jessica, then that means he KNEW LOTS OF HUGE SECRETS. Maybe even from when Cece was still Charles and that night Marion was killed. She had to kill him bc he knew WAY. TO. MUCH.

*HOW DOES CECE AND SARA HARVEY KNOW EACH OTHER?!!!? I NEED TO KNOW THIS, LIKE NOW!! From what we know about Sara, she was the “Ali” of her group of friends. She was selfish and always only looking out for herself.  As far as we know, Sara had/has NEVER BEEN TO RADLEY (where Cece pretty much grew up). So how did they meet, and how did Cece become so influential to Sara to make her start doing her dirty work. If Sara really was the Ali in her friends, she would have never been someones pawn. She would make others her pawn. For me, the friendship has to have been very close for her to do this for Cece–who up until last night, we had no idea they knew each other.

*just a quick theory while I’m talking about Sara—I believe Sara may actually be Bethany. It would explain why “Sara” is so loyal to Cece. They were very close in Radley and maybe they planned on escaping that night and they killed the real Sara Harvey and passed it along as Bethany Young. They could have been the 2 brains behind the body being dug up in 3.01– bc they knew if it was exhumed, it would be rightfully identified as Sara Harvey. Since “Sara” is actually Bethany, she could put her own DNA on the body so that it had the right DNA to match up…..remember this, “its not getting out of Radley thats hard, its staying out.” Well, how can anyone go back to Radley if theyre presumed dead.  And it would make sense that “Sara” went into hiding in the dollhouse. She had to make sure she was never to be seen or to be found.  She could always pretend to be just another victim if they were to ever get caught.  It was the perfect plan……just something to think about:)

Now, moving on, AGAIN….

* Charles aka Charlotte was in Radley for a long time. (We DO NOT KNOW when she left there for good)  In the flashback, we see Charlotte, as a grown woman (atleast old enough to attend UPENN) in Radley. We were also told that Cece begged Wren to let her see Mona. Wouldn’t some of the staff recognize her as Charlotte since she was a former patient/patient? And, if she was in Radley the same time Mona was, like she said, why on earth would she need a visitors pass to see her.  We saw it last night, she walked right up to Mona, in her room, in her red robe.

*Another thing that just makes NO SENSE is the whole Melissa + Cece bullshit. We were previously told that Melissa is the one who told Cece that Mona was in Radley.  WHATTTT?!!!? If Cece was a patient there like we were told last night then she would have already known. And, WHY WOULD MELISSA FEEL THE NEED TO LET CECE KNOW THIS?!!!?

*What happened to the “the four of you remember more than you think about that night.” –Ali   OR   Spencer’s flashback of her hitting someone and then being covered in blood.  We have seen in numerous times plus its something that A made her relive while she was in the dollhouse.  THERE IS A REASON FOR ALL OF THIS. They wouldn’t just show us this over and over again for it to mean absolutely NOTHING.

*I am not sure what season (maybe 4) but we saw that Cece was on EZRA’S PAYROLL.  FOR WHAT?!!? Why would HE pay HER to get information if she is the one whose been doing this all along. NOPE–DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!!

*What in the world is SARA HARVEY doing as RED COAT/BLACK VEIL?!!!? She and the girls never met until they were rescued from the dollhouse.  They know NOTHING about her, LIKE, NOTHING AT ALL!!!

*We have seen Black Veil in the RV Lair, we have seen her move into an apartment with the dollhouse and her BV outfit. We have seen her send flowers to the Parents of Bethany Young (and if you read my post earlier, you would know that I think Sara is actually Bethany….and maybe she was sending flowers to her own parents bc they think she was murdered. We have seen Black Veil torch a side of the Hanna dolls face and we are lead to believe that BV got all the girls out of the fire the night at the lodge EXCEPT for Hanna.  Remember, she was left in there and Ali is the one who dragged Hanna out. Why would Sara Harvey have any ill will towards these girls, especially Hanna and Ashley Marrin. They were targeted and framed BIG TIME for Wilden’s murder.

*Marlene has said OVER and OVER and OVER again that “Black Veil is endgame.” Well, up until SEASON 6, EPISODE 1, Sara Harvey was a completely irrelevant character.  Now all of a sudden shes ENDGAME?!!? I dont think so……unless there’s one hell of a story to tell about her (that shes actually B.Y.) then I call bullshit. 

So, if you read the whole thing, thank you! I had to clear my mind on all of this and this is the best way I know how!! Please message me or comment with your thoughts on last night episode and your thoughts PERIOD!!

i cant believe what a childish delusional pig this guy is ( from my understandment this is a guy)…ladies and gentleman take a look at this massive amount of retardism and be amazed

you cant hold a decent argument with these kids because they are blindingly ignoring and excusing every negativity and atrocity with bullshit reasons who make no sense…then this pig amitds blocked me so i couldnt reply back…can this be even more childish and cowardly ?ok so im going to refute every single little piece of delusional shit he said

1.first of all,there wasnt any instance of sasukes body moving on its own…..while naruto was  worrying about sakura and kakashi’s safety after they fell to the lava,sasuke ignores them and is focused on saving only naruto.. he  tells naruto  ‘’to look ahead …if either one of us dies, the world ends ‘’ ….. sasuke  instinctualy shows he doesnt care about anyone other than him and naruto because they are the only ones who can save the world,others do not mather…and if one of them dies or gets distracted ,their plan will fail..he is so set on this mindset that he tries to convince naruto of it ,to make him more focused on their plan and less worried about what sakura and kakashi are doing….he was basicaly trying to prevent naruto from saving them lol…..sasuke then proceeds on admiting he only ‘’saved ‘’ kakashi and sakura from infinite tsukuyomi because they happened to be close to naruto..naruto of course does not agree to sasukes mindset.

he is clearly  comparing his actions ‘’my body moved on its own ‘’ towards his teammates to how sasuke acted while saving him  in part 1 to drive a point on sasuke ..any person with a half of brain would figure  this out …where is naruto saying sasuke is lying? naruto was talking about himself when he said his body moved on its own ,while using sasukes words..he did not make a refference to sasuke  since sasuke’s body didnt moved at all to save either kakashi or sakura…basic logic ..its even implied that since sasuke’s body didnt moved on its own then it shows he simply does not care ..this was reinforced when sasuke didnt even react when kakashis scroll burned down and both him and sakura began falling into the lava…naruto had to save them because its narutos body here who moves on its own,sasuke could barely give a fuck 

2.  this made me laugh …how is ‘’ he told kakashi that he doesnt have a reason to love her ‘’ any better than  ‘’he is not interested in her ‘’? pls stop youre pathetic right now… at least i wasnt making shit up ,this is exactly what he said  in the manga just with a different translation

3.it was implied 2 times that sasuke did not kiss sakura..first when sarada asked her if she ever kissed sasuke ,she made a sad face…why was  such difficult to say yes to her daughter  if this was true? …then before sasuke left them again,he blew her  off ,refusing to kiss her … sakura lamented that he is going to keep her waiting forever…keep in mind this word ‘’FOREVER’’

4.where the hell does it say in the manga that sasuke was with them for a few years ? youre  making up shit again

sure lets forget that sarada said on two instances that she does not remember him and hasnt meet him at all…lets pretend sarada’s imaginations of sasuke helping her walk and her embracing him are 100 % real..sure …sarada has never met her dad before ..she knows nothing of him..and if that wasnt enough proof for you fucknuckle ,sasuke even has 2 arms in her imaginations you could see his elbow..again ,your reading comprehension is zero

5. ‘’sasuke left for a mission to save the world ‘’  …….i think i already refuted this in another post…..the so called mission to save the world only occured when naruto was already hokage at the kage meeting..according to the boruto one shot naruto became hokage when boruto was 7 or 8 ….so before this important mission what was sasuke doing in the forest ?ya thats right visiting his side chicks from village to village ..he could care less about contacting his family for all those years..he sent letters to naruto but none to his daughter or wife  and only met them because sarada found him by accident and he had no choice

6.again, how pathetic can  someone be to pick on a crackship but at the same time to brag his ship is canon?its like acknowleging your so called canon ship is so shitty and garbage that any ship with interaction which didnt became canon is far superior than yours,so youre rather atacking crackshippers than atacking ships who have substance ,because you know you cant deal to be on the same level as them.. .because lets face it…ss is a collosal amount of trash…even crackships shine next to it

7.again sheeple is excusing parental neglect and murder attempts from this manga using ‘’ its a shounen’’ argument…im speechless at this level of stupidity

8.sasuke said that the only connection he has to sakura is sarada….a child is not an ultimate proof of love between two people…..if that was the case nobody in this world  wouldnt be divorced ,and rape children would not exist..not to mention sasuke hesitated when sarada asked him if he has feelings for sakura and answered with a half assed ‘’’…yeah’’..he obviously did not   want to make the child feel bad  because its not her faulth for being brought into this world,and having  parents so distant to eachother 

9.ok ..i dont even think i need to respond to the last paragraph..im already imagining you were in this state of retardism  while you were typing that with foams around your mouth corners

lol go treat yourself you have severe mental issues  and reading comprehension of a retard…i drew conclusion its not good to argue with the  insane so this is my last post to this maniacal asshole

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1000+ already!?!?? it feels like only yesterday that i started this blog! time sure flies when youre having fun, huh? thank you so much for sticking with me all this time, even though my content as of late hasnt been exactly what you would call, uh, “quality”. i cant even remember what life was like before ichinyatsu…

maybe ill do a giveaway or something later, but for now i just wanna take a moment to thank all the people ive met along the way! INDIVIDUALLY OF COURSE!!! (am i crazy!? probably.. because im crazy for you guys! ♥)

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C3HK Daiya Stage Repo

I’m gonna try and type what I remember from today’s event!

Basically I understood a bit of what they were saying and the rest I had to rely on the host’s interpretations, so most of this is actually Japanese->Chinese (Cantonese)->English

They may not be in the correct order…also i cant remember all their answers sorry (´•ω•̥`)

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THE BEST BDAY PRESENT! (Andy Biersack imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

Your cell phone was vibrating like crazy as you were getting ready to head over to a certain someone’s birthday party. You sighed of frustration and checked your caller ID to see that once again it was the birthday boy, your best friend Andy. “Dammit man..” you muttered and answered your phone, placing it against your ear, “Yes?…Andy…” you said through grinded teeth, seeing as it was like millionth time he called you today.
“Where are you woman?!” He yelled over the loud rock music that was playing in the background.
You couldnt help but giggle a little, the way yelled was pretty sexy to you.
“For the millionth time Andy Im still getting ready and like I said many times before I will be there! I wont flake out on you.” You assured him once again.

“Yeah thats right you better not! I’ll be waiting for you then, hurry!” He tells you.
You smiled and rolled your eyes, “Alright later.” were your last words and hung up the phone.
Your smile couldnt go away at all, you found it kind of cute that he wanted you to be there so badly.
You hurried up as fast as you could and finally finished getting ready, you looked absolutely amazing, everything you had on was on point.
You grabbed your sweater and Andy’s present before heading out the door.
Moments later, since your bestie didnt live that far from you, you arrived at the party just in time.
You saw all of your other friends there and there wasnt one person that didnt compliment you on how beautiful you looked, it caused you to blush a lot.

You spotted Andy and approached him, he was looking especially handsome today.
You tapped his shoulder and he turned around, immediately a huge smile formed on his face.
“Youre here!!” he shouted hugging you super tightly and even lifting you off the ground.
You laughed as he placed you down, you handed him his present, “Happy Birthday Dork!” you yelled.
“Im so happy youre here!” he tells you.
“You fucking should be! you kept bugging me on the phone! you know how many text messages I have from you?!”
“My bad! I just wanted to make sure you were gonna make it.” he says pouting. You could never resist when he did that, he looked so adorable, especially because to you it looked like his blue eyes popped out more.
You hugged him once more, “Youre forgiven.”
“You look beautiful (Y/N).” he complimented gazing at you a little.
You smiled and blushed, you were told that by many people when you walked in, but for some reason when he said it, it meant so much more to you.
As the night went on, despite the fact that Andy had many guests at his party, he sticked by your side the entire time.
Almost as if it was just the two of you in the house.

You were starting to get the impression that he was feeling a little something more than friendship towards you. But you didnt want to get you hopes high, the two of you have been very good friends since middle school, so you feel like thats all he was ever going to feel towards you, friendship and nothing more.
Althought it would be so great if he wanted to get together with you, but again, it was best not to get your hopes up.
“Hey Andy! come here we wanna give you something!” One of the guys called out to him.
Andy just shook his head as a response, basically telling them “No thank you.” with his expression.
“You should go.” you insisted.
“Fine then I’ll be right back.” he says standing up from where he was sitting. You felt pretty special right now but you shook your head and snapped out of it.
More time went by, you had a lot of fun, the cake was cut the party went on for hours. The guest were starting to leave, you didnt even feel the time fly by so quickly, you checked your cell phone real quick and you gasped when you saw that it was way passed midnight.
“Oh shit I have to go.” you told yourself, you looked around and saw Andy saying goodbye to all of his guests, you approached him and tapped his shoulder once more like before.
“Whats up?” he asked.
“Andy its really late and I have to go I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”
You told him real quick and headed out the door, you felt his hand grab your arm stopping you.
“Dude I really have to leave.”
“Youre not walking home by yourself this late, its too dangerous.”
“Well what do you want me to do? you cant drop me off you have to stay here and clean up your place.”
“Exactly!” he said. You raised your eyebrow a little confused. “What do you mean by that?”
“You help me clean and sleep over.”

“Are you crazy?”
“Just a little.”
“Andy!” you yelled, he shook his head at you,
“No (Y/N) Im not letting you walk home alone.”
You sighed and figured what was the use of arguing, you were not going to win at all.
“Fiiiine, I’ll stay.”
“Good!” he says grinning, “You wipe the dam smirk off your face, lets get to cleaning!” you tell him, making him chuckle.
After exactly two hours of cleaning, it was now about three in the morning.
You yawned and Andy noticed, “Here I’ll finish up organizing everything you can go ahead and sleep in the guest room upstairs.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah dont worry about it, you helped enough, go on.” He assures you.
“Alrighty night night.” You yawned once more and headed upstairs. You plopped yourself on the bed, taking off your shoes and jacket.
You grabbed the pillow and held it close to you, the bed was super comfortable and your eyelids instantly became super heavy.
Minutes later, you turned over to the other side, your eyes opened a little when you saw the shadow of a tall man comming inside, you kind of didnt know what was going on since you were in fact half asleep.
Your eye lids shut once more and you went back to sleep.
But it only took seconds for your eyes to open wide when you felt long strong arms wrap around you.
You gasped and sat up a little, “Andy?” you questioned.

“Yeah its me.” he softly replied. You turned on the lamp that was on the table next to the bed and faced him.
“What are you doing here?”
“But..this..isnt your room.” you said.
“I know that.”
You became very confused once again, why was he all of sudden cuddling with you. It almost felt like a dream to have his arms hold you so gently and close to him, not to mention he still had that sexy scent of his cologne lingering on him.
“Im confused.” you confessed.
Andy sat up a little, you blushed even more to see that he was shirtless. His tattoos exposed and making him ten times more sexier.
You didnt normally see him like that, so his skin made your heart race.
“Listen (Y/N)…” he began, running his fingers through his lucious black hair, his voice so gentle and deeper than usual, it was very alluring.
“Ive been wanting to tell you since you came to the party but..I didnt have the guts to…”
Your heart raced even more, what in the world was he going to say to you?
“I really like you…Ive fallen for you ever since I can remember.” he confessed. Your mouth dropped, there was no way you were hearing this right now.
“You..really like me as more than a friend?”
“For a very long time now yes.”
“Howcome you never told me?” you whispered.
“Because I was scared that you didnt feel the same way…I thought you were just going to look at me as-“
“Just a best friend?” you finished for him.
“Yeah how did you know?”
“Because I had the same fear…” you say.

His expression became very surprised, he reached for your hand, taking it into his big one, caressing it carefully with his thumb.
“So..does that mean you feel the same way?” he asks hesitantly, a smile already forming on his face.
You giggled and nodded, “Yes I do…I really like you too Andy.”
He laughed a little, your words truly lit up his face, he came closer and closer, your stomach forming major butterflies as you saw his lips pucker up and finally touching yours.
Your lips danced against his, feeling how soft, smooth and seductively he was kissing you.
“Mmm.” you moaned a little, it turned him on a little and he deepened the kiss.
He laid you down and ended up on top of you, your lips becomming more and more wet each time you slided them against each other.
His perfectly shaped and magical lips went down to your neck, his hand grasping your tender breasts.
Your breathing was becomming more and more heavier, your body getting heated by his sexual touch, he removed your shirt and your hands were all over his chest.
“Wait…” you said pushing him away a little.
“What is it?” he asked
“Dont you think we’re doing this waaaay too soon?”
“Right..sorry, your so sexy I couldnt help myself.” He tells you, you both laughed kissed once more.
“We’ll get to that part later, but for now cuddle with me?” you asked, he smiled and nodded
“Of course baby.” he got off of you and held you close to him. You were still in your bra but you were comfortable like that.
“You calling me baby? I love the sound of that.”
“I do too.”
“I think youre gonna remember this birthday for a long long time.” you say.
He gazed at you and stroked your cheek gently saying..
“Yeah youre right, I got the greatest birthday present this year…”

(Took me a while to post this but I hope this was fluffy enough for ya :3)

Answering this on my blog...

“CONGRATULATIONS! saw your news this am on being new gig. Well done.

How was working in ATL for Kerry’s gig? Sucks it took a week for you to get paid but that aside, did you have a good experience on the set? How about VP?”

redrubied  Thanks so much darling. Kerry’s movie was lot of fun and highly educational. I was on it for 6 days and was there her last day on set. Kerry is a dream, just the absolute best. She and the first A.D. kept the set fun and lively because we shot some LONG days yall. Rick Famuyiwa is funny and nice. During the second day of filming, he let me stand behind him and the first A.D. and just watch filming thru the monitors. Kerry is sweet, gracious, amazing, and looks exactly how she looks on tv. But all I say is just be ready. Kerry transformed in this film. Girl did her homework and just kicked butt from the scenes I got to see. The last 3 days were scenes with Wendell Pierce, Greg Kinnear, Treat Williams, Dylan Baker, and the other males playing senators. They were super cool and even ate lunch (which was REALLY REALLY GOOD, we had a lot of food, no matter the time of day there was always food or snacks to eat) with the extras one day. Dylan Baker held the door open for me when we went out to get lunch. Um, I got to take one of those stock art pictures with Greg Kinnear, those fake pics that usually decorate an office, so that was cool. Wendell Pierce was sitting in my seat on set when we came back from lunch then he moved and started telling the guy that plays his lawyer (Bill Irwin) about how he was affected by racism when he was younger. It was an awesome story and Wendell Pierce is also talented and amazing and super gracious as well. Greg Kinnear is freaking cool and hilarious as well. On Kerry’s last day, after she thanked all of us background for being there and had everyone clap for us, Greg stood up and yelled Kerry’s name and we all clapped for her and she of course with her self-depreciating self was so humble and shy. But when she wants to be, she is super loud and funny. But she works SO DAMN HARD yall. I was dying having to work late into the night and then to come back early the next morning but add on being an executive producer and an actress with tons of lines on top of that, I cant even imagine. Like seriously, once Confirmation gets a release date, make time to be home or at a friend’s house, or wherever to watch it the day it premieres. This is such a passion project for her. Grace Gummer was there one day but the scene they shot with her was quick and then she just hung out for a bit watching with the rest of the crew. Eric Stonestreet was there one day as well and was making jokes, didnt see him for too long. Oh Jeffrey Wright is cool too. Um, I can say he is very hammy. He was hanging with us extras more than anyone, and he likes attention. He and I got into a staring contest on the first day that I worked, before we got rained out. Thats just the stuff I remember off the top of my head. I am sure there is more because I was there for 6 days, and we worked over 10-16 hours each day but those are the highlights. Oh, Jamie Foxx’s movie was shooting in the same location we were but I never got to see him. Boo! But there was extremely loud music coming from their set constantly so I am sure they were having a good time. All in all, FREAKIN FANTASTIC! If anyone would have told me at the beginning of this year that I would be in the same room with Kerry, standing just feet away from her, I would have laughed in their face. To finally see someone you look up to artistically work in the flesh, there is nothing like it. My mind is still blown it happened. 

Vampire Diaries was really good. It was the first tv show I was an extra on and TV filming goes quick. They usually pay you for an 8 hr day and I dont think I was on that set more than 5 or 6. It was super quick. Crew was AWESOME, we were shooting outside so they made sure we were always hydrated and during downtime, had us in the shade and always checking on us. Food was yummy. Their first A.D. was amazing, just a cool guy with quick ideas and really knew how to put a scene together. Paul Wesley seemed to be having lots of fun during his scenes and during downtime. Um he and Zach Roerig (I think that was him) were really nice to any of the fans that were brave enough to come ask for pics and autographs. I dont watch the show but I did want to see Ian and Kat but they werent there. But yes, it was a nice experience. Very easy and my car was booked as well so I got paid extra for that lol. 

But yeah, there have been some cool times. I was on Tom Cruise’s movie and walked right past him when I went to the bathroom. Didnt even realize it was him but he said “pardon me” when I said “excuse me” and once I was in the bathroom, thats when I knew lol. Think what you want about him, but that man knows his shit. He knows what he wants, how a scene should look, and how to be effective. And he is also super sweet. But I wasnt used on his film, Basically just sat in this room with the director and some PAs and the sound guy and watched filming. But I got paid to do nothing so that was cool. Worked on Captain America and the scene was with Robert Downey Jr. Such a sweet and fun and handsome guy. And really hilarious. He likes attention too lol. Also did The Originals. That was my first overnight shoot and yep we still got fed even though it was close to 11pm at night when we took a break lol. That was still less than 8 hours but people are used to sleeping during that time so during the downtime, people were sleeping. I havent fallen asleep on set yet, I just dont want to miss anything lol. And the last thing I did was Miracles from Heaven at the end of July. Queen Latifah was just a couple of feet away from me and apparently you can see me really well during one of the scene bc I was on that film for 2 days and on the second day, the PA that was with me was like, I have to put you in the back, we saw you really well yesterday so we shall see. Jennifer Gardner’s bodyguard was everywhere and the entire crew was constantly letting us know to give Jennifer her space and to always be professional bc apparently some idiot extra came up to her after this really emotional scene where she had to cry over and over again and proceeded to tell her about how much she loved her in some film. Just not the time and place, we are at work and it kills me how many people dont understand that. Anyways, things were nice but professional on that set. But out of all the sets, this set had the best food and the most options out of all of them. Just wow. SO MUCH FOOD! That made me happy, and everyone was together, there was not separation between crew/cast and extras. We all ate the same food. Queen Latifah came in, got her food, and then left in her car as we were coming from set to eat. 

So yeah, I have had some great experiences. I have really lucked out because I have heard some horror stories from other people who have been doing this longer. I just thank God for all the blessings bc I really wouldnt be able to do any of this without Him. He is making all of this possible for me yall. Like seriously, stuff is happening financially that has me amazed daily and it can only be Him. So just rely on Him yall because He is really all we need. And when He orders your steps and you follow, anything is possible. ANYTHING. 

Personal imagine for anon (( beau imagine ))

the morning sun lit up your whole room, causing you to flutter your eyes open, wakin up from your sleep. the scenes from last night came rushing back into your mind, but not much could be rembered. you were surprised your hangover wasnt really bad.

‘what a night’ you thought.

you then heard the water running in the bathroom, it must be beau. you then tossed and turned in your bed, and suddenly you heard a vibration. you turned and face the bedside table, to find beau’s phone lit up, showing that he just received multiple texts. you reached out to the bedside table to get hold of beau’s phone. just for the sake that you thought it might be something urgent. as soon as you unlocked his phone, you could not believe your eyes, the contact name read ‘babe😘’. you scrolled through the messages but none of the texts that he got was sent by you, your eyes widened. you could feel your heart racing as your read the messages sent by the anonymous

'goodmorning handsome😍’ 'babe where are youuuuuuu’ 'cmon reply me’

you just sat there one your bed that you an beau shared, with your mouth wide open, still trying to process what you just came across. you then stormed into the toilet, to find a half naked beau, with only a towel wrapped around his waist. with his phone in your hand, and your eyes getting watery you tried to voice out “w-w-who is this babe you speak of” you asked, scared to hear his response. “what? c’mon babe calm down what are you talking about” he said in return. “how the fuck are you even calm about this, how the fuck do you even expect me to be calm, what is this? do not fucking call me babe after you text some girl, being all flirty and shit. what the fuck am i to you? huh beau” you yelled. “babe-” he says slowly as he inched closer to you. you backed away trying to avoid contact with him as a tear escaped your eye, “dont even, just dont, i trusted you, i loved you. am i not enough beau? was there something i did wrong?” you croaked. you expected something else to escape his mouth, but all that was returned to you, was a laugh. you had enough, that was when you lost it, “y’know what, i’ll be honest, it was a privillege getting my heart broken by you, thats how much i love you” you said in between sobs as you left the toilet and ran out of the room both of you shared, just as you opened the door, you bumped into luke. you looked down with your arms covering your face, trying to hide the fact that you were crying. “hey, hey, hey, dont cry, beau has something to tell you” he said as he enveloped you in a hug while he rubbed your back. you tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong. “he has nothing to say luke, even if he has, im done” you said, full of anger. just then luke releases you from his grip and another pair of arms was wrapped around you from behind, you turned your head, to find beau hugging you from the back. “LET ME GO” you screamed as you were bawling your eyes out. “i would never do that, not in a million years” beau whispered into your ear. “but you asked for it, so now im leaving” you said. “no no no” he said as he turned you around to face him, but you ended up looking down at your feet, you felt disgusted to look at him. “how the fuck do you expect me to be okay when you just cheated on me” you said, trying your best to sound calm. “exactly, thats the thing, i didnt cheat on you, so you should be calm babe” he said with a grin. “what? what the hell do you mean beau?” you asked full of frustration and anger. just then he turned you around to face luke, but this time, it wasnt only luke that you were facing, you were also facing towards a camera, that luke was holding. you became really confused. “what the hell is going on?” you said as you brought your arms to the back of your neck as tears stream down your face. beau then pulls you into a hug, with one hand rubbing your back and the other stroking your hair. “shhh shhh im sorry, this is a prank, im really sorry babe” beau whispered as his hot breath brushed against your neck. “w-w-what do you mean this is a prank?” you said in between sobs as you pull away from beau’s grip. “remember last night? we were all drunk, and i left my phone downstairs, and apparently luke thought it would be funny if he were to take it and change his name to 'babe’ in my phone, and also before i left to go upstairs last night, luke kept on going on about lube being real, which i soon found annoying because all he said all night before i left was "lube is real beau, lube is real” which is why i left to go upstairs, i guess i was way too drunk to remember to take my phone with me, so luke took it and he change his contact name in my phone to 'babe’ to mess with me and in the morning, surprisingly its like i didnt even have a hangover? that was really weird but when i woke up i realised my phone wasnt in our room, so i went around the house, to search for it, and when i went to luke’s room, he had it in his hands and he giggled and he told me to check my contacts, and so i did, and i realised what he did, but just before i wanted to change his contact name back, he told me about him having the idea to use this as a chance to prank you, and we know that youre a really light sleeper so even the slightest sound like the sound of a running tap water could wake you up, so thats why i was in the shower to make you wake up just in time when we plan for luke to text me and thats why he us holding our camera, because we planned to put this up on our channel" beau explained quite fast, and you could tell he was running out of breath. as he stopped to catch his breath, he had his right hand cupping the left side of his chest, which is a habit of his. you stood there full of emotions with your mouth wide open. “you dick oh my god this isnt a joke what the heck beau this isnt funny like do you know how far this could have gone?” you raised your voice a little, in worry. “i know babe, i know, im really sorry alright, i wont do anything like this anymore babe, i promise” he said as he pulled you into a hug and placed a sweet gentle kiss on your lips. right after that, you went to luke and hit him in the arm playfully, followed by a whisper “by the way lube isnt real” as you let out a laugh and saw a smile crept on beau’s face. “nah ah, it is real” luke says with full of sass. “alrighty then whatever floats your boat, but note that if you do this one more time it would be much more worse than just a punch in the arm” you said to luke, giving him a wink. luke then rolls his eyes in response. “alright now, bye luke” you said as you closed the door behind him. as soon as you closed the door, you leaned your back against it, as beau slowly walks to you. eventually, he got so close that you could feel his hot breath against your skin “you know i would never cheat on you right, i could never do that, im sorry if this went too far, i really love you, and i always will” he said as he gazed into your eyes. “i know, and its alright just promise me you wont ever do that again, and i love you too beau” you said with a smile across your face. “promise” he said, as he brought his lips onto yours, having both of your lips move in sync, butterflies swirling in your stomach, it always felt like the first time, like there were fireworks going off. and you realised that you were so scared of losing beau, and thats when you know for sure, beau peter brooks, is the love of your life. ———————————– A/N || hey anon, thanks for requesting, hope this wasnt too long winded and hope it was alright, ive written and read alot of fight imagines and they always seem to end the same, so i thought of ending it slightly different, hopefully its to your pleasing! sorry i posted it up late! been quite busy but im back, i promise ill be active now! do feel free to request for more imagines.