i dont remember if it was this set or the one from last week when while making it i realized:

All evidence that proves Shiro is a sleeper agent, and also a robot

OK EVERYONE I have some incredibly hard evidence regarding Shiro and his… “escape”. 

I think that this version of Shiro really thinks he is the real Shiro, but this is far from the truth.

His escape was all part of the plan. A plan to make sure he really believes that he is the real Shiro, and will behave like him as well. Every single part of it was set up so that the Galra and trick and track Voltron. That includes those 2 rebels. They were in on it. Read more below, it’s gonna be long.

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Fake love... (Park Woojin) Pt. 1


  • High school AU
  • Woojin is caught up in a bet where he has to date you
  • Other characters include – Daehwi, Donghyun, Somi, and Chaeyoung (from Twice bc I lovE THIS GIRL SO MUCH U GUYS DONT UNDERSTAND)
  • Minjun is once again a random name that imma use as a character bc why not cough Drunk-en love cough maybe this is what minjun did when he was in high school cOUGH

Part 2 Part 3 Epilogue

Part 1: amicitia pulchra est // friendship is beautiful

“Daehwi and Somi…. Donghyun and Chaeyoung…. y/n and Woojin….”

You got up once the teacher called your name and sat next to your new lab partner for your midterm project.

“Hey, I’m y/n.” You said to Woojin. You’d always seen him around school but had never really been in the same friend group as him so it was your first time talking to each other.

“Hey, I’m Woojin.” He smiled before taking out his notes to start class. “Oh also, can I have your number so we can talk to each other about the project outside of class?”

You nodded, quickly typing your number into his phone before the teacher yelled at you two for having a phone out in class. “Thanks” Woojin mouthed before tuning into the lecture.

You felt the corners of your mouth go up as you noticed one of his teeth charmingly sticking out when he smiled. I never noticed this before but Woojin’s pretty cute… You thought to yourself. Woojin had noticed the way you kept fiddling with your hair as you took notes in class and couldn’t help but find it really charming as well….

“Woojin-ah, who are you texting?” Woojin’s senior Minjun peeked over to look at his phone as they rested in the practice room. “Y/N? Is that a girl?” He gasped sarcastically making Woojin scowl at him.

“Yeah it’s a girl but no not in the way you’re thinking right now. She’s my lab partner for our midterm project and I’m just trying to set up a time for us to work outside of class.”

“Hey, let me see a picture of her.” 

Minjun snatched Woojin’s phone out of his hand and went to his Instagram account and typed in your name. “Is this her?”

“Yeah I guess…” Woojin scratched his head. He had never really given you much thought before only because your paths had never crossed, but of course he had you on social media because, well, you two only lived a few houses apart.

“She’s pretty cute dude!” Minjun slapped Woojin’s arm, making Woojin grumble. “You should ask her out.”

“Wh-What?!” Woojin rubbed his arm. “I barely know her though! We aren’t even close enough to call each other friends.”

“Ahh what a waste.” Minjun shook his head. “What if….” 

Woojin raised his eyebrow at the mischievous glint in Minjun’s eye. “What if what?”

“So how bad do you want to get into 101 Entertainment?”

“No way hyung… you know it’s my dream to be accepted into the company as a trainee.”

“I’ll ask my uncle to give you an audition.” 

“No way!–”

“BUT!” Minjun smiled. “You have to go on a date with this y/n girl.”

“What? What does she have to do with anything?” Woojin frowned. “Besides, I don’t think I really have the time to date anyone plus I don’t have feelings for her.”

“I’m just trying to get you out there buddy.” Minjun sighed. “It’s just one date… and an audition at 101 entertainment could really change your entire life… or whatever….”

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Woojin said. It’s just one date right? “Speaking of y/n, since practice is over I have to meet her at the library to start on our project so I’ll see you later.”

“Remember our little promise!”

Woojin put in his earbuds as he took the train to get to the library. He began to doubt whether or not it would be morally right to go through with the bet, but considered the fact that 

1. it was just ONE date

2. an audition at 101 Entertainment, aka the biggest Korean entertainment company, would literally change the course of his life

Woojin shook off any bad feelings he had left and spent the rest of the journey to the library staring out the tinted window.

“Hey Woojin!” You smiled as he sat down next to you but you couldn’t help noticing that he looked tired and kind of sweaty. “Did you just come from a sports practice or something?”

“Yeah, I have dance practice every week but it ends early on Tuesdays so that’s why I can only meet once a week.” He scratched his head. “So I’m sorry about that but… we can just be super productive so we won’t fall behind, right?”

“Yeah sure.” You tried not to stress yourself out over the limited time you had left to work with Woojin but you just tried to focus on not distracting yourself in the meantime. “So I set up the basic outline of the power point so that once we have the results of the research we do in class we can just add to the slides.”

“Oh wow, thanks. You didn’t need to do this by yourself you know.” Woojin felt a pang of guilt as he looked through all of the work you’d done while you’d waited for Woojin.

“No no, don’t worry about it.” You laughed. “I like doing work and honestly I can’t stand it if I leave anything to the last minute because I start getting really paranoid and stressed.”

“Well I’m glad you became my partner then.” Woojin grinned. “So what should we work on tonight?”

Hours passed before both of you realized that it was already 10pm which meant that you needed to be home in 30 minutes. “You live on Blossom street right?” Woojin asked.

“Yeah, don’t you live pretty close too?”

“I live on Blossom street too, at the end of the court.” 

“Oh okay…” You both fell into an awkward silence, neither of you being good at small talk wanting to say something.

“We can just take the bus together then.” Woojin coughed.

“Okay sure.” You nodded. You gathered all of your books and things into your backpack and Woojin pushed in your chair for you as you got up and even held the door open for you once you two exited the library.

He’s so polite… You blushed, thankful for the broken streetlights that hid your cherry red cheeks.

“So do you have any hobbies?” Woojin looked at you as you two stopped at the bus stop.

“I like playing guitar and drawing.” You answered. “Do you do anything else besides dance?”

“No, dance is my entire life. I’m going to try to pursue a career out of it.” He smiled.

“Oh really? That must be really tiring…” 

Before Woojin could answer the bus pulled up and he motioned for you to go first, making you begin to blush once again.

“So you’re friends with Chaeyoung, Somi, and Donghyun right?” Woojin asked once you sat down.

“Yeah, I am.” You nodded.

“I heard they all got paired up with each other plus Daehwi got stuck in there somehow too.” Woojin laughed. “Daehwi was so nervous about being with Somi.”


“Yeah I mean she’s like the most popular girl in the school.” Woojin scratched his head. "Who wouldn’t be intimidated?”

“That’s true…”

Woojin noticed how you kept answering in short phrases, as if you didn’t want to talk, so he laid off on the questions and let the rest of the ride home be silent, except this time it was more comfortable than awkward.

Secretly, you had a fear about dating ever since your old boyfriend had broken your heart. That had been the worst 2 months of your life so you decided that you would postpone dating until you got into college so you wouldn’t let it distract you… except Woojin was beginning to make a huge impression on you already. You didn’t want to give away your heart so easily so you were a little bit closed off and unwilling to get close to him, but you began to fear that you’d given him the wrong impression.

Once you two got off of the bus and he walked you to your house, you gave him a small smile. “Thanks.”

“For what?” He blinked.

“For walking me home I guess…” You felt your face heat up with embarrassment. Why did you say thanks?

“Ah, no problem. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay y/n?” Woojin lightly squeezed your arm before heading down the street to his house.

“What is this boy doing to me!” You groaned.

Part 2

Request: Hiya:) can I request a Johnny fluff where he gets his first tattoo as his birthday gift. And you start teasing him because he was whining about how much it hurts? Please Thank you 😊✨


Another day another dollar was the motto of Seoul tattoos, a hidden gem among the Gangnam area. You started working there at the age of 18 starting off at a decent wage, but quickly working your way up through the ranks and landing yourself in the top five tattoo artist in your area.

The shop you worked in wasn’t very big, only having room for about 7 artists in total. Not a ton of availability, especially for you. Yes being in the top five was an incredible achievement, especially with you only being a couple of ears into the business, but it came with the not so great perks. Being booked months upon months in advance, sketching designs non-stop for customers day in and day out, waking up at the ass crack of dawn to finish a sketch, buying tons of erasers, pencils, paper, and markers because of how many of each you’ve gone through. It was exhausting in a way, but it was all worth it because of the immense satisfaction you got when the colors were blended and lines were smooth pulling together the design and the customers smile and words “I love it” were what made it all worth it.


“Hey y/n how are you? Long morning?” Your coworker and good friend josh greeted you as he came in for his afternoon clients. Josh wasn’t your typical tattoo artist guy. Sure he was over six foot and had plenty of tattoos visible that gave him the majority over your own tattoos, but beneath the ‘tough’ exterior was a literal puppy. He looks intimidating, but equals like a little girl when he’s scared and ‘secretly’ loves cats and chihuahuas.
In a summary he’s a huge fluff ball and softy.

“Good afternoon josh it’s been going well thanks for asking. Had three clients just this morning and I got one more this afternoon before I get to go home and relax.” You replied flashing him a quick million watt smile before glancing back down at the sketch pad of your nearly complete design.

“I thought you had that done weeks ago. You k ow when he scheduled it?” Josh peered over your shoulder to glance at the magnificent sketch you had created for your afternoon client.

You shrugged. “I thought so too. But you know me always not satisfied. I’m just adding a few more details to really tie it together you know?”

“Yeah I know miss precision.” He folder his eyes before sauntering off into the employee room.

You heard the distinct crinkle of your bag of snacks from the employee room.

“Josh dont you even think about it!” You shouted as his head popped out form the doorway and a pot already adorning his lips.

“Aww please y/n? I just want one snack!” He whined loudly causing you to roll your eyes at his dramatic facade.

“Fine! But just one bag I’m saving those for tomorrow!”

A squeal left his lips as he proceeded to rip the bag open and steal a small bag of chips before prancing down the hall to his station.

You sighed at his weirdness before turning back to your sketch to add the last couple of pencil strokes.

You had just set your pencil down when the bell on the door dinged making you aware of the client now inside the parlor.

“I’ll be with you in a minute.” You announced before ducking behind your station to grab your client book. You popped back up, book in hand, and proceeded to walk toward the waiting area all while flipping through the book to your afternoon appointment. Your eyes scanned the page until the landed on that one name that was scheduled for 3 o'clock pm.

No. Way.

You blinked a few times at the name scribbled on your page, thinking you had misread it. You counted to three eyes closed and opened them and yup the name was still the same.

Sprawled out in neat handwriting was Johnny Seo aka your ex-boyfriend. You two hadn’t ended in bad terms per say. They just weren’t ideal terms. Long story short you had dated before his debut and when he did debut he was forced to break up with you and you haven’t talked since. To be accurate it’s been only a few months since the break up, but it was still fresh in your mind the way he had asked you to meet at your favorite cafe as a couple one evening. You could tell he was nervous as his hand were wrung together on the table and his eyes wouldn’t meet yours. You remember the way you placed your hand in top of his, trying to get his eyes to meet yours and when he finally did, you could tell something was gonna happen. He took a deep breath and told you straight up
“Y/n we need to break up. Management thinks I would be more appealing if I was on the market.” The shock you felt was unbelievable. Your emotions just went numb as you released his hands as if the words he said were a force shoving you back. His eyes stared into yours in sorrow silence, waiting for you to say something. You stayed silent processing the information before standing up flashing a weak smile that said it’s okay as he tried
To apologize and you turns and walked out of the cafe not looking back. Once you had gotten home the waterworks switch flipped as the realization of being in a relationship was gone, shattered to pieces like your heart.

Back to the present your head snapped up to see the same lovely smile adorning his lips as he looked back at you.

'Don’t smile at me.’ You thought. 'It’s only going to make me realize my feeling I still have for you.’

You cleared your throat, forcing the lump down and flashing a million dollar smile that could fool anyone. “Mr. Seo, 3 o'clock appointment?” You surprised even yourself with how strong your voice came out.

Johnny nodded his head in affirmation before you gestured for him to follow you back to your station.

You sat down in your artist chair before motioning for him to sit across from you in the client chair. “Okay Mr. Seo first tattoo in black and white, no filling, no color. Is that correct?”

Johnny nodded an affirmative again hoping you would just look up at him.

“Me. Seo I’m gonna need your ID and would. You like to pay now or later?” You busied yourself with grabbing the calculator for price and your other notebook full of transactions.

Johnny didn’t reply, he just stared at you. How did you the girl who was so bubbly and bright and absolutely hated formalities form into the girl you were now?

You waited for a response that wouldn’t come. You sighed as you mentally counted to three before looking up and seeing johnny’s intense stare directed at you. You two had a stare down until he finally broke the silence.

“What’s with the formalities? You never called me or anyone by their last name or surname before. What’s changed? Where’d my y/n go?” He whispered staring intently into your eyes not allowing you to look away and face the question head on.

“I’m in a work place Mr. Seo and I always use formalities with a client-”

“No you don’t. You’ve never used formalities with a client because you make them feel comfortable. So why are you using them now on me? We’re still friends y/n.” He cut you off.

You sighed knowing he wouldn’t let you continue until you called him by his real name and you wanted to be out of the parlor by 5.

“Johnny. Can we please just get to the tattoo-”

“Say it again.” He interrupted once agin.

You blinked owlishly at him. “What?”

“Say it again. Sag my name again.” He repeated.

“Johnny I don’t have time for this. I need your ID and form of pay please so I can start on your tattoo.” You turns to grab your notebook and when you spun back to face him a grin was adorning his features in the most adorable way. Without a word he grabbed his wallet handing you his card and ID watching as you scanned them before returning them to him. You went to return your notebook but felt a grip on your hand, soft but firm, hold you there.

A thumb caressed the back of your hand slowly as if he was transferring he feeling of your skin to his memory to cherish.

You slowly pulled your hand free from his grip and returned your supplies before grabbing the stencil and laying it on his arm, the place where he desired the design to be. You slipped York gloves on and filled the machine with black ink to start. You made sure the needle was working before taking a peek at Johnny’s face that was trying to be calm. You smiled lightly as he tried to act tough before laying a gently gloved covered hand in his arm.

“Johnny are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Why?”

“Well I haven’t even started and you are starting to look nervous. Are you sure you want to do this? You know it’s there forever.”

“Yeah I’m sure. Now or never right?”

You grinned at his facade before patting his arm and starting up the machine to start tattooing. You brought the needle closer to his arm before glancing up as his face seeing his eyes squeezed shut waiting for the unavoidable pain. You quickly reached behind you grabbing your blue stress ball and leaving it in his palm. His eyes opened at the feeling of a squishy object in his hand and he turns to you with a confused expression.

“It’s to help distract you from the pain. Squeeze as hard as you would like. I’m gonna start now alright?” You said watching as he nodded and rested his head back before inhaling and exhaling deeply to calm down.

With his affirmative you whirred up the machine and began to tattoo his desired design onto his skin.

“All done.” You announced as you took a cloth and began to wipe off the remaining ink and blood that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“It’s over?” Johnny questioned eyes opening.

You glanced up at his face and was surprised to see his eyes rimmed light red and the tears misting about. You took off your gloves and reached up to wipe at his eyes to clear the tears.

“It’s over. You made it through Johnny. How do you like it?” You asked as you grabbed a mirror to show him the finished design.

“Wow it’s incredible. Thank you y/n.” He gawked at the mirror hand hovering over the design.

You gently grabbed his hand and moved it away form the red skin before wrapping the tattoo and handing him instruction on what to do for the next week.

“Make sure you don’t get it wet for a few days then wash it after the third day. Put this cream on it afterwards and don’t put it in salt water. Come back if you have any problems okay?” You questioned ha ding him the bag of things he needs to ensure it healed properly.

He nodded and stood up. “I will. But what if I don’t understand what to do?”

“Then you can come back in or call one of us.” You replied wiping your hands on your jeans.

“So I can call you? You didn’t change horn number right?” He asked slyly.

You shook your head no a slight smile crawling onto your lips.

“Well then miss y/l/n how about some dinner then? I know I was your last appointment and I kept you longer than you should’ve stayed. Let me make it up to you.” He flashed his million watt smile at you that you couldn’t resist.

“What’s with the formalities Seo? I thought you didn’t like them?” You teased as he grinned at your playful tone before leaning down to your height.

“Thought I’d make it fair and use them in you. So how bout dinner? I’ll pay.” He held his arm out to you.

You rolled your eyes playfully before closing down your station and grabbing your purse before spinning back toward the awaiting male. You grinned mischievously before sauntering in his direction, walking past his form and out the door before turning slightly to see his gobsmacked expression.

“You coming or what? I’m starving Seo.” You teased slyly watching as he laughed before bounding after your form, linking arms and heading to dinner just like the old times.


Better Than Willow (Rob Benedict x Reader)

A/N: Do you ever have those times when you start writing a one shot and by the end of it you’re just like why the heck did I write this? Yeah. That’s me with this one. Welp. 

“I’ll see you Monday.”

“Man, I just feel so bad for Willow! She’s in love with Xander and he’s just a doof.” said Rob, leaning back against the couch opposite of you. It was a Friday night, and you and Rob were sitting on the floor of your living room, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was another one of those nights when you didn’t have anything else better to do.

You were a recurring character on Supernatural, a witch turned hunter, and the fans had just adored you. You had known Rich for years, but only met Rob and others through the conventions. Over time R2 had become your best friends.

One little problem.  A problem that only Rich knew and he had been sworn to secrecy.

You had fallen in love with Rob.

I mean, who could blame you? Those piercing blue eyes; that laugh. He was the most genuine and kind person you have ever met.

God damn your heart, it’s always causing you problems.

“Man, it must suck, falling in love with your best friend and they’re just oblivious.” said Rob, taking a sip of his beer.

“Yeah, I would know.” you said softly to yourself, not really thinking before speaking.

Rob choked up on his drink, obviously hearing your words and making a connection.

Rich was married, he wasn’t.

“Wait, what?” asked Rob, immediately grabbing the remote and pausing the show.

Your eyes went wide, realizing what you just did.

“Uh, nothing! I mean, it must really suck, especially being best friends and all, ha.” You reached over to grab the remote.

“Let’s just keep watching, shall we?” you asked. But it was Rob, you should have known better than to think he would drop it.

“Oh hell no,” Rob grabbed the remote before you could, “what do you mean, ‘you would know’?”

“Um…” you scratched the back of your neck, bringing your knees up close to you; something you always did when you were nervous.

“Do you, um, do you, do you have feel-.” I cut him off.

“Can we, can we just forget that the past 2 minutes never happened?” You took a swig of your beer. Dear God you could be an idiot sometimes.

Rob slumped back, a defeated look on his face.

“Well… if you’re sure.” He knew you as well as you knew him. Rob grabbed the remote again, turning the show back on.

Oh great, now you’ve done it.


Rob and Rich sat at a table in a bar, beers in front of both of them. The first con of the year was coming up, and the two co-hosts needed to preplan.

However, Rob had other things on his mind.

“Hello, earth to Bob-o? Robbie you still on the planet here or?” asked Rich. He could tell his best friend had zoned out.

Rob shook a little, coming to.

“Huh, what?” he asked.

“Pretty sure you haven’t heard anything I’ve said in the last five minutes.” said Rich.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. I just. Ugh.” Rob laid his forehead on the table.

“What’s on your mind, Bob-o?”

Rob looked up, being careful of his words. He didn’t know if Rich knew about Y/N.

Fuck it.

“How long has Y/N been in love with me?”

Rich choked on his drink.

“Is in love the right term? I mean. Ugh. How long has she had feelings for me?”

Rich sat his glass down, not saying a word. He had to be careful on what he said as well.

“I was wondering when you were gonna bring it up.” he said.

“She told you?” asked Rob. I mean, he had assumed, but it had been about a week since he had seen you.

“Are you kidding, she was banging down my door as soon as you had left.” said Rich.

“Rich, I left her house at one in the morning.”

“I know.”

Rich sighed.

“Remember that time you were totally obsessed with that girl from Jason’s show? How Y/N did whatever she could to help you get her attention?”

“Buddy, that was nearly 3 years ago.”

“Dude, why do you think she tried so hard to help?”

Rob’s eyes went wide in realization. You had sat with him with every idea, stayed by your side when you were just plain old frustrated.

Slamming his fist on the table slightly, Rob slid back in his chair, again frustrated.

“Dammit, Y/N.”

“What is it?” asked Rich.

“I fell in love with her a year later.”


“Thank you! Goodnight!” said Rob on stage. It was Saturday night, and the annual Saturday Night Special had just ended.

The band navigated backstage, joining the rest of the group.

“Alright, everyone ready to get back to Briana’s room?” asked Kim, ready to head towards the annual after show gathering. A crowd of murmured yesses went through the room. People slowly headed out, you stood up, ready to follow.

“Hey Y/N? Wait up?” You turned around. It was Rob, the last one in the room as he was still packing up his guitar.

It was also the same Rob that you haven’t had the courage to speak to for the past two weeks.

“Um. Sure.” Rich gave you a look as he stood by the door.

“Talk. To. Him.” He mouthed at you, before leaving.

“No.” Rich groaned at you, but left, leaving just you and Rob. After a few moments, he closed the case, leaving it in the corner for the next day. He walked toward you, offering his arm.

“Ready to go?” You laughed slightly, taking his arm.

“Lead the way.”

The two of you walked in silence, making your way to Briana’s hotel room. After a while, Rob spoke up.



“Y/N, were you ever gonna tell me?” asked Rob.

You sighed.

“No, not really.” you said.

Rob sighed, laughing slightly as he sat down on a bench in the lobby. He pulled you down with him.

“Man do I feel like a dick.” said Rob. He set his head in his hand, pushing his hair back.


He turned towards you, grabbing your hand in his.

“That girl from Jason’s show.”  

“Oh, that.”

“Yeah, that.” said Rob.

You looked down, not really knowing what to say.

“Hey, look at me, please.” Rob reached his hand out, lifting your chin up.

“It’s okay.” Rob leaned in, apparent to kiss you.

Was this really happening? The man you’ve been striving for for almost three years? It couldn’t be. You jumped up.

“Don’t.” you said, stepping back.


“You’re my best friend Rob; I don’t need you to pity me.”

“Do you really think that low of me to believe that I would actually do something like that?” asked Rob, both surprised yet slightly offended. You didn’t really know what to say to that.

“God, Y/N. I wish you would have told me sooner. I wish you didn’t stay by my side when I was obsessed with that random girl. I wish you would have given me a slap in the face and maybe then I would have realized sooner. But no, I didn’t realize it till a year later.”

You looked down at your feet, crossing your arms in solace.

“Realize what?”

Rob stepped forward, using one arm to hold you against him and using the other to again lift up your chin. He leaned down, pressing his lips against yours, giving you the thing you’ve been waiting years for.

Eventually, he stepped back, looking directly into your eyes. You looked into his.

“I’m in love with you too.”

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BTS Reaction: When they noticed you crying at night

Genre: Angst

Scenario: You were already in your second year in the college, but a few girls in your class really dont like you and bully you. At one night you cant hold back the tears anymore and BTS noticed you crying.

A/N: guys thank you so much! My first reaction post had so many notifications! You are so amazing! I’m so lucky about that! Love you guys!♥

(Request are open!♥)


You’ve been doing this for weeks. Every day you had to listen to insults. Every day you had to hide your grief from your family and friends. Nobody should worry about you. But that night it was particularly bad. When you have fallen asleep with your friend Jin, you have awakened from a terrible nightmare. With tears in her eyes, you rose from your bed and tried not to wake Jin. You quietly slipped into the kitchen and supported yourself at the counter so as not to fall back. Tears ran down your cheeks and desperately you tried not to sob aloud. But when you felt two arms around your waist that hugged you from behind, you sobbed aloud. Jin had noticed and followed you. He could not and did not want to see you so sad. He whispered softly to your ear:

“Everything will be fine, Jagi. I’m here for you. You are not alone”


It was late at night, when you opened your eyes and gently breathed. You just could not fall asleep, no matter what you do. Slowly, you directed your gaze to your sleeping friend Yoongi, who lay peacefully beside you. You did not want to wake him up, so you turned slowly to the other side, so you lay with your back to him. Slowly you breathed deeply and noticed how your eyes began to tear. At night it was always the worst. In the day you could still control your feelings well, but in the night, when you were alone, everything came up. Slowly, the tears ran down your face as you remember your daily school day. How they laugh at you and push you into a corner again and again. You really did not want any more. You just wanted to get up when you suddenly felt two arms around your waist and a few seconds later you were moved to Yoongi. He gritted his face in your neck and breathed deeply. Trembling, you breathed in and out until suddenly Yoongi said:

“Call me the names of the bastards and I’ll take care of it, baby. Its okay”


It was at night when you ran into the bath quickly and handed over. You had not eaten properly for days, and every little meal, twisted your stomach. The reason you did not eat normally was the school. For months, girls criticized your figure and look. You stopped eating normally and looked more and more at your appearance, but they always had something to complain about. You might be lucky that your friend Hoseok, had not noticed it yet. But that night, he finally realized. When he heard how you frantically ran into the bathroom, he followed you quickly and stood for a few seconds uncertainly before the door, until he finally entered. When he saw you weeping on the ground, he quickly settled down beside you and took you dumbly in the arm. You should calm down before you talk to each other. That would be a very long night for both of you.

,,Y/n.. psssscht.. I’m here now.. calm down.. do you hear my voice..? It’s okay..’‘‘


Namjoon was awakened by a sound from your phone. Normally, you always set your phone to mute or turn it off, but this time countless innumerable messages aroused. He muttered softly and murmured: “Y/N your phone .. ”
But when no answer came, he gently opened his eyes to make sure you were not lying next to him. Puzzled, he sat up and reached for your cell phone without thinking. When he accidentally hit Homebutton, he could have a look at your message and they shocked him. Without a word, he read one message at a time, full of rage, he wrote back shortly. When he finished, he put his cell phone on the dessert next to the bed and was about to get up when you came back to the room. Immediately he went to you, took you dumbly in the arm and put a hand on your head as he stroked you gently. At first you did not know what was going on, but when you saw your glowing cell phone, a light came on. Desperate you are on your lower lip and buried his face in his shoulder, while he said softly:

,,Its over, baby. You dont have to worry anymore because of this dumb people. I’m here..’‘


In the night, Jimin groped for you in bed to take you to him and cuddle with you. He loved cuddling with you and being close to you. Because of you, he could sleep well every single night, and when you were not with him, he just felt bad. But when Jimin groped for you and found nothing, he opened his eyes, slightly confused. When he did not see you lying next to him, he was immediately wide awake and sat on the bed in a few seconds. Slowly he got up from the bed and went towards the door. Probably you just went to the kitchen to drink something, he thought, and opened the door softly. He was about to go downstairs to the kitchen when he saw you sitting on the stairs. He looked at you, surprised, and was just wondering why you were sitting on the stairs, but suddenly he noticed your shaking shoulders. You were crying.
Immediately he was beside you and looked panicked. When you noticed how someone slowly rubed your hair out of your face, you looked with tear-eyed eyes at Jimin and you had to suppress a loud sob. He just took you in his arms and said nothing. He could not say anything, but he would talk about it with you in any case tomorrow. 

,,Dear, its okay. Please calm down. We will talk tomorrow so lets go to sleep, alright princess?’’ ‘


It was cold outside at night. You were already a cold, but it did not interest you. You had to get to the fresh air and since you could not sleep, you decided to go out into the garden. Slowly you sat down on a small bench and breathed in the fresh air. That’s what you needed. The whole stress of the last few months has been very hard on you and you hardly had time for yourself or your boyfriend Taehyung. He had tried to talk to you, but you always blocked. He should not know what was happening at school. You would be able to do it on your own. You were hoping, anyway. When you remember the daily chicanery and insults again, tears came into your eyes and for weeks, you cried again. At that moment, you were so glad that Taehyung slept peacefully in your bed and did not know you were outside in the garden. When you suddenly felt someone sitting next to you, you looked scared at Taehyung, who looked serious at you. Desperately, you bite your lower lip and just could not stop crying. With a short movement, taehyung had dragged you to him, and you despaired your face with him. He gently stroked you back and you were never so happy that he was here. 

,,I told you that you always can talk to me, but you didn’t. Y/N, i want to help you with every little problem in your life so please talk to me Jagi’’


It had become normal for Jungkook to wake up in the middle of the night and terrible thirst. So he went down almost like every night to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When he got up, he had not even noticed that you were not lying in bed. When he had drunk his glass, he quickly stepped it into the sink and was about to go back upstairs when he saw a light in the living room. Surprised, he pinched his eyebrows and wondered who had begged the light. He just wanted to turn it off and go back to sleep, but when he saw you on the sofa, he stopped in the middle of his movement. You had pulled your knees close to your body and wrapped your arms around them as you buried your face in them. You were quietly crying and hoping to make no noise. Slowly Jungkook sat down in front of you and slowly raised your face. You looked at him with tearful eyes, and it was not long before you were in his arms. Jungkook did not even have to ask you what was going on, he could already imagine. And it made him incredibly angry.

,, I’ll kill anyone who dares to do something to my girl. You dont have to worry anymore, i will take care of it.’’

Step by Step

TITLE: Step by Step


AUTHOR: ellynerynna

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki running around the house for his toddler to chase him on wobbly legs, both giggling madly.






Loki feel a nudged and he let out a groan. "Its your turn” you said. Loki held your body tighter, received a soft giggle from you. Loki planted a kiss on your bare shoulder before he groggily stand up butt-naked searching for something to wear. “Where is my boxer, love?” he said. You turn your body towards where Loki is standing “Dont know”. He let out a small laugh, making his way to the bathroom to take his bath robe and proceed to his son’s room.

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Washed Clean, part 4

The last part of this story! Don’t worry, though, I’ll be returning to this AU soon, with a fic focusing more on Obikin :)

on ao3

part 1

part 2

part 3

Pet-sitting for her favorite teacher over spring break? Check. Mysterious roommate begging to be found out? Check. Trapped over at said teacher’s house during a massive storm? Check. Handsome neighbor? Check.

All in all, it’s turning out to be a fairly busy week for Ahsoka.

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Prologue to the Pacifist

Frisk was panting heavily, their hands were clenched into fists, and their very SOUL pounding like a drum. Their entire body seemed to shake after they had just opened the barrier keeping the monsters underground. They were surrounded by all their friends, who couldn’t quite tell what just happened. Frisk’s journey through the caverns was at an end, but something didn’t seem right.

Only just after learning the child’s true name, Toriel called out in shock when Frisk collapsed unconscious on the floor.

She, as well as Frisk’s other friends, helped to carry them to the surface.

It’s now been 8 days.

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anonymous asked:

Sobbing because i need to request for more minho/newt. Umm do you take any aus ??? If so then: minho is a trainer and newt is in rehab for his leg and voila they meet and then go to some place right by like starbucks or something and they are just awkward little ducklings and oh gosh i need this so badly

They had to push him into the car that morning, like a cat on its way to the vet.

“You’re not my mum and I don’t need therapy.”

Teresa is looking down at the GPS app on her phone through dark, round sunglasses, trying to help Thomas navigate their way to the clinic.

“It’s physical therapy, and maybe I am—next left, Tom.”

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Day Off (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested: Can u do an imagine where you and nate have busy work schedules and dont spend enough time with each other so you two take a day off and go to the amusement park and enjoy each others company and kiss on the top of the ferris wheel

AN: Thanks for the request Anon! I’m so so so sorry it took a long time! Stuff is going to be crazy with school ending but I’m trying my best! Still feel free to request anything and I’ll still work on it. And once summer starts i’ll be way way more active! ☺️ Well love you lovelies! 💖

I sluggishly walked out of my car and up to my apartment. I got out my keys to unlock the apartment when I realized it was already open. Nate must of let himself in.

I set my bag down on the table next to the door, immediately seeing Nate sleeping on the couch.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It read 11:37 p.m.

Wow it’s later than I expected.

I walked to my room and put on an over-sized t-shirt, took off my makeup, and put my hair in a messy bun.

I walked back to the living room and shook Nate gently.

“Come on baby, come sleep in my bed.”

He groaned and sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He walked to my room and flopped onto my bed. 

I finished getting ready for bed and crawled under the covers next to him. Nate and I had been non stop working for weeks. I don’t remember the last day we had off together. That’s probably why he started to spend the night more often.

I missed him so much even though he was right next to me.

“Do you have work tomorrow Y/n?” Nate said in a raspy voice.

“Yeah, but I was thinking of calling in sick.”

“Please do that. We’re going to go do something fun.”

“Okay Nate, sounds good.”

“Night babygirl.”


Then we both fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the smell of coffee. I reached over and looked at my phone. It was 12:05 p.m. 

Damn I slept a long time. I guess I needed to catch up on sleep. 

Nate walked in holding 2 cups of coffee.

“Morning lil mama, here you go.” He said while handing me my cup.

“Thanks Nate.”

“Did you get enough sleep Y/n?”

“Yeah I actually slept really good. It was nice to catch up. Um.. Sorry I slept so much though..”

“Don’t apologize! I actually woke up like 30 minutes ago anyways.”

Nate was so cute with his messy hair and sleepy voice.

“So you should probably get ready, we’re going to the board walk today!”

“Wait, Nate are you serious?” I asked excitedly. 

“Yeah baby! I know you love it there!”

“Aw Nate! Yay. Okay let me go get ready.” Nate laughed a little at my excited state and I went to go get ready.

I got ready as quick as possible being too happy and excited to finally have some time with Nate. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time that we had gone on a date.

I walked back into the room and Nate was waiting on the bed for me.

“Ready lil mama?”

“Yup!” We walked out of the apartment and to his car.

It was going to be a couple hours of driving so I decided to put on some music from his phone. We drove with all the windows rolled down blasting music. It was already so much fun and we weren’t even there yet.

Finally at 6:00 p.m we got to the bored walk.

We rode a bunch of rides, Nate won me stuff, and we pigged out on fatty fair food. Nate insisted on paying for everything. He was being so sweet.

After a little while we walked down to the beach and chased each other into the water, splashing each other. I didn’t even care how bad I looked anymore. 

Eventually Nate grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

“Come on lil mama there’s one more thing we have to do.”

He started walking back towards the rides with me still on his back. By now the sun had set and the lights on all the rides were lit up.

We got to the Ferris wheel and he set me down. He gave one of the staff tickets and said something before walking towards a seat.

“Ladies first.” Nate said while holding my hand to help me get on.

Once the Ferris wheel started fire works went off filling the whole sky with pretty color. Nate smiled at me and pulled me in closer putting his arm around my waist. 

When we got to the top of the Ferris wheel it suddenly stopped. I looked at Nate worried when he said.

“Don’t worry, I pulled a couple strings.”

“Oh my god Nate!”

From up here we could see the whole bored walk and fireworks. It was perfect.

Nate grabbed my face with both of his hands.

“This is to make up for how busy we’ve been. I’m going to try harder to spend more time with you okay?”

“Okay Nate, thank you so much this is amazing.”

Nate smiled while leaning his forehead against mine.

“God lil mama your so fucking perfect.”

Then he placed his plump lips on mine. It was so prefect. Even though it was just one kiss I didn’t realize until it was happening how much we needed it. To be reminded about how crazy we were for each other. We pulled away both smiling really big at each other.

“This night couldn’t be any more perfect.” Nate said while the ride started back up with fire works still going off.

“Well I know one more thing that could make it better.” I said with a smirk.

Tonight was going to be a long night that’s for sure.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love how you write!! May I ask for a KageHina "I just really need to have you here right now."? Please?

also translated into russian by greenlonelystranger over here

That it would work out for them after high school, Hinata did believe it back then. That they could stay together, even after they graduate. In the three years he had been playing with Kageyama, he had grown so accustomed to him that the words from his first year barely resounded in his ears. 

“What are you doing here? You should have gone to another school, a better one!” is what he remembers himself saying and he can’t help but chuckle. What a dumb thing to say, he thinks now.

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Fic: Soccercrop (Chapter 12)

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10, Chapter 11

Pairing: Soccer cop
Rating: T
Word count: 1055
Summary: dont even read the summary it wont tell u anything

Beth had left a little bit before six o’clock to go home and have dinner with her parents. “You should eat with us sometime this week,” she had said before she left, and you had agreed.

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