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Buddy and I would like to send our heartfelt love and concern for those in Manchester England.  The British people were supportive when we suffered an attack here in a venue that was a place to celebrate.  Like the Pulse shooting innocent individuals were victims at a time of fun and celebration.  No one should have to fear for safety, especially when they are in a joyous place.  Manchester our hearts weep with you.

For Ms Grande I cannot imagine what you are feeling at this time.  Much love and positive energy going your way from all of us.  You are an amazing young woman.  You and your fans did not deserve this.  You bring joy to so many.  Hopefully the victims will be able to remember the joy you brought to them after all have healed.

To the world we need to push the darkness away that seems to be clouding our lives.  I dont have answers to how, I just know that for so long we have been in a dark place.  When the attack took place here in Orlando the world gathered in support.  I hope that the same love and support is offered to all who live in Manchester England and those who were at the concert.

Much Love

Buddy and James

it’s good to note that the Undertale fandom and the Sans fandom are two different beasts.

Dont get me wrong, I love sans as a character. He was my favorite for a while before I started falling in love w/ Alphys and her robot son. 

If you ever feel frustrated at the mass amount of Sans..es…Sansi? Remember that there are fans out there that have a hundred and one stories to tell about Asgore, about Alphys- about Muffet and Monster Kid and Asriel. About Papyrus’ and his relationship with Undyne or Flowey or Frisk. And I’m sorry that you have to wade through the Sans Multiverse to find them.

But, I did the Sans thing too, it’s ok. It’s not a bad to be in that section of the fandom, to do the sans thing, you’re having fun you’re not hurting anyone.. though you might be frustrating them ha! 

unless… you’re doing incest. 

then you need to fucking stop.

you did though

—- ok so i actually looked on my blog and now I remember saying that because the colors looked very cartoonish to me and it still does. I never said they looked like anime characters tho. I dont see whats so wrong about me saying they look cartoonish because of the colors Its also weird how you literally dug this but that isn’t the main issue. If someone can explain to me then i will listen.
b a d l i a r //finn balor fluff

prompt- you both like eachother but dont know it.

warnings- bad writing? finn balor

listen to bad liar by selena gomez

i don’t like her. i don’t like her.

finn said to himself multiple times while staring in his dressing room mirror. he figured maybe if he did this every day so many times, he would start to believe it. he tried to find flaws, make up excuses, but it wasn’t working. she was too pretty.

you were too pretty.

finn had a crush on you since he could remember. you were here since fcw. and when fcw turned into nxt, he came. but he always seemed to miss you. you guys went to the same university, but you graduated a year before he did. you wrestled at new japan, but wwe called you just as he came to new japan. but then the best thing happened to him.

you were in nxt together.

your friendship had gotten closer over the years- and don’t get me wrong- he was thankful he could learn more and more about you and see how amazing you were, but he wanted more. he wanted to claim you as his. a knock at the door interrupted his thoughts. he shook his head and opened the door.

fuck he thought. it was you.

“hello, balor.” his breath got caught in his throat. little things like this, you checking on him before and after matches to see if you were okay. he loved the way your voice sounded. so soothing, but so powerful. you could captivate a room with your looks, personality, and talent. and the sad thing was, you always put yourself down. you were so special to him.

“hey. walk with me? im on in five.” you nodded. how could you turn down a walk with finn balor?

“so you ready?” you asked him when he closed the door.

“yeah, me and joe went over some moves before the match. you know how he doesn’t like to wing it.”

“yeah, he’s the new randy savage.” you joked making finn laughed. you loved making finn laugh. you continued walking to the gorilla making jokes.

“alright, this is me.” he said.

“you got this!” you yelled high-fiving him. he smiled at you lovingly before kissing your cheek and running off. he felt like a giddy school girl. but you didn’t have to know that.

“(y/n)!” you heard a low voice. you looked up from your phone to see hunter.

“hunter!” you greeted him with a big hug. he was basically a father to you.

“just date him already.”

“what?!” you exclaimed pulling back from the hug.

“he likes you. finn likes you. alot. you see the way he looks at you? he always talks about you, and it’s quite annoying.” before you could rebuttle someone else cut you off.

“exactly.” you turned around to see sami.

“shut up sami!” you said giggling. he always teased you and finn about dating.

“it’s not like im opposed to it, he just doesn’t like me.”

“bull shit.”

“biggest load of bull shit i’ve heard.” both said at the same time. you sighed as both boys shook their heads.

“i’ll see you guys later.” you said walking over to catering.


you plopped yourself down with your favorite food as soon as finn’s match finished. you’d been chatting it up with sasha, zo, and cass, talking about random crap. little did you know, a more interesting conversation was going on somewhere backstage.

“she likes you!” sami slapped finn’s chest.

“what?!” finn fell into a coughing fit. sami laughed.

“i thought it was obvious!”

“did she tell ‘ye this?” finn said wide-eyed. sami shook his head, smiling wide for finn. he knew how much finn was head over heels, practically in love with her. finn took a deep breath and started running.

“go get 'er demon king!” sami yelled as finn ran. little did you know, finn was running to you. you were mid laugh because of the hysterical jokes that were coming out of enzo’s mouth when finn lightly jogged into catering. your laughing died down when finn walked towards you. you titled your head to the side in confusion and stood up walking towards him.

“great match, but are you oka-” his pink lips smashed on yours, throwing you back a little. his arm slowly snaked around the small of your back making sure you were steady. finn was scared for his life that you wouldn’t kiss back. but when your beautiful lips molded into his, he sighed in relief.

her lips fit mine like a puzzle piece. she belongs with me. i love her. finn thought. you pulled back lacking air. you both took a deep breath and looked up at him. he was already looking down at you in concerning love.

“ 'ye don’t know how long i wanted to do that.” you were snatched out of finn’s hypotonic actions when you heard enzo, nicole, and sami cheer.

“be mine. please darling.” a boost of confidence rushed through you and you kissed him again.

“does that answer your question?”

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

SU Headcanon: Amethyst Has OCD

this is just my personal headcanon & you dont have to agree with me! but here is some evidence to support my headcanon:

  • amethyst compulsively hoards. A LOT. i mean, have you seen her room? 

i mean look at this:

OCD isn’t just about neatness & being orderly. some people with OCD hoard!

plus we can look back on maximum capacity showing her compulsive hoarding tendencies:

  • amethyst has openly expressed that she has a system for her stuff (source: Together Breakfast) & doesnt like her stuff being messed with (Reformed) 

remember when pearl comes out of amethyst’s room & says she organized her mess? 

how about in Reformed, when garnet was trying to find the slinker?

she did NOT like garnet messing with her piles. this is a common thing with people with ocd! you wouldnt believe how many of us are messy & dont like our messes touched. 

  • amethyst displays obsessive thinking in Beta, where it’s shown she has not stopped thinking about jasper. people with OCD can get hooked on one thing that upsets us & obsess over it for DAYS & DAYS. not only that but she is shown to hold herself to a higher standard than others, which is a common ocd symptom! perfectionism shows itself in unique ways per person.

again… you dont have to agree with me but this is a headcanon that i enjoy & find comforting & i would like other people with ocd to find comfort in this too! 

(credit to @giffing-su for the gifs) 

Keith, in the very first episode: you won’t like him anymore if you pretend you don’t know him


So long story short an “army” that goes by the name of Venny is pretty good at making celebrities notice bangtan. She got a retweet from wale from an old cover from namjoon and even got tinashe to notice hobi. 

But heres why you SHOULD NOT treat here as the best namjoon stan ever because she is not

*i dont want to bring up the past but a lot of people are comparing her with namjoon because VENNY IS PROBLEMATIC SHE MADE A LOT OF RACIST REMARKS AND NEVER APOLOGIZED OR OWNED UP TO THEM AND EVEN REPEATED THEM UNLIKE NAMJOON*

So basically many armys AND HER claim that the collab happened because of her WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT BECAUSE ME KNOWING NAMJOON HE WOULD OF SAID SOMETHING HIMSELF

so then venny venn diagram releases these on her twitter (WHICH IS NOW PRIVATE COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT)

Okay but e ven before i knew that this was fake I HIGHLY DOUBTED IT namjoon would of done something himself he has the full capability to dm and message intl armys he has done so before

also she sounded soooooo shady i wasnt buying it


so then seeing this beef wale assumed namjoon knows venny venn diagram not knowing the real situation



I feel really bad for her BECAUSE SHE IS SO PETTY

okay but basically i dont know what to do

the whole situation is so petty and stupid, like did this girl REALLY have to do this, being a namjoon stan since pre-debut i wouldnt be this thirsty to get namjoon to notice me, like i dont really know what to do because she already has done it and really cant take it back.

but hey im happy this happened because the twitter memes about her are so funny

peace, love, and support namjoon’s mixtape

*note* so many people are supporting namjoon remember when everyone used to fucking hate him people are giving him so much love i love armys we are amazing we need to protect namjoon 

i feel bad for namjoon bc this is affecting his career, some “armys” are no different from antis using namjoon as a fucking target for everything, i remember him mentioning that he wont feel as if his life has purpose until his music affect the lives of his fans and now when he actually gets to know an intl “army” its about something negative and false accusations against him. Imagine how hard breaking he would feel GREAT START TO HIS SECOND MIXTAPE UGH


atfirst i thought it was stupid to hate on  venny as what she did was a harmless petty joke but this can really affect namjoon’s image in his rap career as wale knows about this

imagine how ashamed he felt goddamn

this years holocaust remembrance day is very important, given the current political climate. take today to remember the horrifying acts committed against jewish and romani people. take today to recognize the beginning of those same acts forming against PoC in america today. take today to resist those in power however you see fit, and after today, dont stop resisting. i am a jew still personally affected by the holocaust even 2 generations later. every jew is affected by the shoah, but there is a special pain to know what happened to your own family. or worse, not knowing what happened to the unknown people you see in old family photographs. we as a people will never be the same. remember the holocaust today. dont let this happen again.

person of interest alignments

lawful evil - john greer
neutral evil - martine russeau
chaotic evil - samaritan

lawful neutral - peter collier
true neutral - sameen shaw
chaotic neutral - root ‘root’ root

lawful good - harold binch
neutral good - the machine, lionel fusco
chaotic good - john reese, joss carter

chaotic good boy - bear ‘the dog’ bear

chaotic stupid - jeremy lambert