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1. Do you think your TC will teach you next year?
2. If you have to move to another city, how would you tell your TC? Would you confess to them? How?
3. Have you written a letter to your TC? If no, would you ever do that and what would be in it? If yes, what did you write?
4. Are you attracted to your TC in an emotional or sexual way? Or both?
5. How did you meet your TC? Do you remember your first conversation?
6. Have you had a serious problem because you have a TC? If not, what problem could you have to deal with?
7. Have you ever had an argument with your TC?
8. Do you see your TC outside of school?
9. On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want to kiss your TC?
10. If your TC is married, would you (still) want a relationship with them?
11. Do you have a photo with your TC? If yes, how did you get it?
12. Do you think anyone you haven’t told about your TC knows you’re crushing on them?
13. When is your last class with your TC? Will you see them in summer break?
14. Have you ever mentioned teacher crushes/the tcc to your TC?
15. Do you think one of your classmates has feelings for your TC?
16. Do you get jealous when you see your TC with other students?
17. If you and your TC had a long distance relationship, do you think it would work out?
18. What is your TC’s degree? Do you like what they studied?
19. Have you ever cried about your TC? If yes, why?
20. Have you ever cried in front of your TC? If yes, what happened?
21. Do you know about your TC’s family? If yes, what do you know? What else would you like to know?
22. What would happen if you found out your TC is dating another student?
23. Have you ever secretly taken pictures of your TC?
24. Do you like your TC’s classes? Are they easy or difficult?
25. Describe a special moment you had with your TC.
26. Are you in love with your TC? How do they make you feel?
27. Have you ever gotten angry at your TC? Is there anything you don’t like about them?
28. Has your TC ever given you a compliment?
29. Have you ever given your TC a compliment?
30. Will you remember your TC when you don’t see them anymore? Will you keep in touch?

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as many of you know, today marks a year since the pulse shooting. as probably fewer of you know, i (the admin) am a member of the lgbt+ community, and im from florida. a lot of this his super close to home - i knew people in orlando that night, my facebook feed was flooded with my friends trying to find their other friends and marking themselves safe, hoping nobody they knew was there that night.

its been a hard day. and i can still remember the exact moment i heard the news, 10:30am sitting in bed in disbelief and horror and anger and all these horrible feelings as the news reported worse and worse things

and idk the point of this post, really. i dont have anything inspirational or whatever but it felt wrong not to acknowledge the 49 victims here if that makes sense?

i guess its just important to me. because of how it happened 3 hours away, because i visited the memorial, because it still stings when people mention it, because when i went to pride and i was scared because of it

im sorry, this is longer than i expected, but this is all you’ll have to hear from this blog about it

just love each other and remember the 49 people who lost their lives


“SAM! Do something! Look at these morons!”

Requested by: fy-nghariad-fy-emrys

So my friend asked me what adhd is like

Idk what its NOT like. So I dunno if theres anything that happens between the two.

So like- adhd… Is attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder. Where its hard for you to focus and pay attention. And uh like, (I sat here for 30 seconds trying to remember what the HD meant XD) where you’re hyper and cant sit still and stuff like that I guess.
I mean, at least its how I have it goin.

I dont exactly know how you want me to explain but uh.
So…. Um. (I guess like its how my daily life is like? I dunno)

So. At school its super hard for me to focus, especially because of the fact my mom wont let me take meds for anything whatsoever.
The slightest thing can get me off track, I look outside and see a leaf blowing- start focusing on THAT instead of my teacher.

Or seeing a pencil roll around the floor “hey thats yellow, the sun is also yellow, Heyyy so are bananas!” And so on.

When a teacher asks a question, like math or science. I immediately shout out “OH I KNOW! When I really dont. I tend to do lots of things without thinking first.

Sometimes I talk to myself, like saying uh "you know what, you should go make a drawing containing this, fatima!” “Yeah I should, sounds good right?” “Yuperooni” (jeez when I talk about it I seem insane-)

When I hyperfocus, its terrible, especially because im I’m focusing on something I shouldn’t be doing. Like watching a fly buzz around the house. (Id start following it, practically hunt it down)

My mum once told me to take out the trash. I waited for about 2 minutes cause I was finishing up a sketch. “What did I tell you to do fatima?” I had to think extremely hard, retrace my steps a bunch of times, I literally tried everything to remember, but i couldn’t.

When I was younger, someone would tell me “stop doing this!” Its like I wouldnt even hear them and keep doing it, without looking at them at all, completely ignored them.
I would roll around on the floor, sing a whole bunch during school. I was terrible lol.

Sometimes out of nowhere, I spring up from the couch and start running around the house or classrooms. Always shouting random things out like nonsense gibberish like “AKSHK” or say stupid shit like “THERES AN ALLIGATOR IN MY CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!”

Sorry this is super long. And My memory is shit. So is my focusing ability. But I guess it just makes me, me.

I probably left out a whole bunch of shit and its probably super confusing to read. My writing sucks and ive been focusing on this weird show my cousins are watching.

Anywhere theeeeeeere you go Alexis. Hope this is good enough to understand XD.

(I only managed to remember this stuff off of recent things, some long term memory left in my brain, or parents and other people I know)

we need a setosorcerer day

i know i made a post about starting one but i feel like everyone saw it, agreed, and than no one thought about it again.

i thought maybe setosorcerer day would be April 11th buuuut that date has already come and gone at the time of this post…

so i thought of a new date: June 1st!

why june 1st? its the upload day of his most recent video.

okay, to refresh, does anyone remember husky mudkipz day? and how the kippers all made art/tweeted their art at husky to help cheer him up?

well, seto may still be gone, but we still care about him, dont we?

so lets show it in a big explosion of love! he may not see it, sure, but the chance that he will is enough for me. what about you?

i know some of us have lost hope that he will return, so this could also help boost those individual’s spirits! so…

June 1st will be SetoSorcerer day! tag any art you do for seto with #SetoSorcererDay.

fanfictions, art, anything! 

lets get the fandom together and muster up all our “magic” and make an explosion of love, laughter, and good times! 

anonymous asked:

i just remembered that once i dated a straight guy (internalized transphobia whom?) who suddenly decided that bc he had long hair and didnt like being super aggro he was a "straight lesbian" even though he actively identified as a cis guy bc he like.... didn't like applying the "hetero dynamic" to himself??? like "im not oppressive i'm a punk" and that's the story of how i died

gfgfkDSFddS [cishet male voice] hello friends i am kveering heterosexuality here by looking like boyinaband and searching for women with dissimilar tastes to what is the societal standard. Also im not gay. women. did i mention girls

fr tho when @purgatorycourse made the “straight lesbian” post, i looked it up to show her what i’d find and the first result on my browser was a huffpost article about why straight women watch lesbian porn, and when i googled it, i got urbandictionary definitions for 

1. a girl who likes gay guys (literally fetishizing mlm while making it seem like real lesbians like men at all or fetishize them also?? which?? whAT), EDIT: just remembered but don’t actually look this one up bc it said the t slur and implied that girls who like trans women are also “straight lesbians” and it’s gross

2. a girl who is So Straight that she can do Anything and not be called gay

i stopped reading after these but yeah if that aint the most cursèd phrase