i dont remember how to photoshop

so i had this idea concerning the (likely) next gen captains of shiratorizawa and seijou…. which was like
what if yahaba and shirabu like. inherited the grudge between the two schools and tried to keep up the rivalry but then as soon as they stepped on the court and took one look at each other they’d be like “oh no he’s hot” and inevitably date and oikawa would achieve an inhuman level of disapproval

anyway, yahaba/shirabu, for your viewing pleasure. don’t ask about the rave lighting i dont know what happened

ok yo things to do to get back on this blog

  • redownload photoshop??? tf
  • i got a macbook so i dont have photoshop on it yet
  • make icons. ya girl has no damn icons
  • remember How To Write
  • make more icons
  • Forget How To Write Again
  • progress my 2nd Blog// coughs
  • stop being a p*ssy and download photoshop

anonymous asked:

How do you make those lock screens? I'd like to do it too but I'm not sure if there's a program or something I'd need to get.

I use photoshop (which you can find torrents for but i dont remember where), but there are also similar free programs like firealpaca and paint.net (you can watch youtube videos that show the basics of them)

I use the magic wand tool (i think thats the name) to outline the player and remove the background. For really popular players if you google image search them, go to advanced search tools and change color to “transparent,” there are usually cutouts already available.

And my fonts are all from here

saphy-sims  asked:

Hi! I just started my own simblr and I was wondering how you edit some of your screen shots to have almost a painterly look? Like the effect that's on your pride month post. It looks so good! I've been trying things out in photoshop and stuff but I can't seem to replicate it :/

i believe for that post i used topaz clean & denoise (i cant remember if i used oil paint ??). really helps against harsh lines. though make sure your photo isnt blurry or pixely (◡‿◡)

anonymous asked:

hey i was just wondering if i could ask what brush settings you use???

you can!!!!! most of the brushes i use come from kyle webster – i bought his megapack like a year ago and it was the best $12 i ever spent honestly so if ur on the fence about spending money on it it’s worth it, and u get new brushes for free whenever he adds them. theyre amazing. anyway from this set i use the ulimate pencil soft and the happy HB for sketching, set with the flow around 60-70%; and the badass brush inker for inking, 100% opacity 100% flow. i mess around with a lot of his other brushes a lot too but these are the ones i use the most. and usually when i start a drawing i’ll do the whole thing with that brush unless i need special effects like…. freckles or clouds or something specific

i have this other brush that i cannot for the life of me remember where it came from but i use it like, all the time, its very marker-y, like most of my recent stuff is done with this brush. i just screenshot the settings because i dont know how to give it to you

this is photoshop obviously by the way, when i use sai i honestly only ever use the default crayon brush for lines and the acrylic brush for colors. i do most of my coloring in ps though and usually only sketching in sai. hope this helps!!

anonymous asked:

ok ive been fawning over your art for ages.. do you have any tips or advice? im 18 and looking at your art from a year ago i feel really really mediocre. how did you learn poses and anatomy so well? also what program do u use :^0

aww man Im flattered and I WILL TRY.. (i use photoshop cs6 btw here is a link if u need it)

I dont remember exactly where I started with anatomy but Im pretty sure I kicked off with figure drawing sites like this and this!! the first link is a timed figure drawing site that gives you pictures of people in timed intervals for you to draw real quick. Lots of quick figure drawings helps a tON with anatomy, and yo if you get a chance to actually take a figure drawing class with live models get on that shit, it is a super valuable experience. The second link is a huge database of static poses, super great useful site back in high school I used to do a few sketchbook pages from there whenever I had the chance. 

To people who can’t muster the energy or confidence to do lots of prolonged figure drawings, 1) please muster ur energy, dig deep friends and 2) tracing stock photos for PRACTICE is incredibly useful and it takes very little effort. ofc do not claim the drawings for your own, and DO NOT EVER trace other artists’ work. Not only is it super rude but trying to learn anatomy from another person’s stylized artwork is super ineffective. 

honestly tho besides the figure drawing sites i think the main thing that helped me is i doodle really quick little figures all the fucking time on any paper i have available, 9 out of 10 times they suck ass and are super out of proportion but any practice works yo!! 

now personally, I think the most important anatomy tricks I have learned are just. learning to gauge how long individual appendages are and then just getting acclimatized enough with anatomy to eyeball shit. like for example with arms i usually just draw the upper arm, a circle to indicate where the forearm connects, and a hand shape in the approximate location of where the forearm will end:

and then yo if something is too long or too short just get out the lasso tool and drag that shit around. Also, never underestimate the usefulness of the flip canvas horizontal tool. if you have watched speedpaints you have probably noticed the artist working normally and with their canvas flipped the opposite way, this is to make sure all the proportions are accurate. If something isnt right, it will jump out at you as soon as the canvas is flipped– i know this can be super discouraging but it is v useful!! 

I HOPE THIS ISNT TOO LONG BUT GOOD LUCK MAN i love u and i believe in you!!!! get that shit done lemme know if u need any more specific tips or w/e!! 

Jearmin Week! Day 4 [18.12.14]: Stargazing

-> Armin tells all he knows about astronomy to Jean, not know Jean is only half listening bc to him, Armin is the only shining star tonight.

i really need to practice on draw jean more, but i took advantage of photoshop again bc how do u stars

Skeletonmikes “I’m too cool for banners” follow forever!

aka: i dont have photoshop and also i really dont feel like making one

so to celebrate recently hitting 400 followers I decided to do a follow forever! (sorry if I follow you and you weren’t mentioned I promise ily very very much)

@lovefeelinglikewar- Probably one of the best friends I’ve made through this site, I remember both of us lost followers at first because we had to talk through text posts! Love you for your great plots, and for just being a great friend in general (also thanks for all the Jalex)

@plantfandomlife- How long have we even been friends, omg. I love you so much, and I’m gonna meet you someday without a doubt. You’ve always been there for me whenever I need it and have supported me through everything <333

@geradslay- ok we really don’t talk much and I wanna change that because you’ve supported my blog a lot and seem so nice. You were also one of my first like… 50 followers too?? anyhow you’ve been here a while and have always been amazing

@skaterzack- I remember when we first started talking, it was because you and Kari spammed me with fetus Zack pictures! Even if we don’t talk very much now ily lots and hope you get to fight meet Zack someday

@pouronemorechaserforme- you corrupted me

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I used to be.

remember 3 months ago when i still dont know how to use photoshop?

OK I remember when we barely had any movie material and used all visuals from fanart or photoshopped images of Jen and Josh and now look

We’ve seen almost everything and we’ve come this far I can’t believe how much time has passed and how this fandom has grown. And I’m so grateful to have been on this ride.