i dont remember half of these questions

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nicknames: leo or if ur kelly, leothememeo :^)

gender: demiboy

star sign: cancer

height: five foot two.. an a half .. that half matters

time right now: 1pm

last thing i googled: i dont remember :/

favourite bands: oh boi lets c, seventeen, monsta x, red velvet, nct, pristin, b.a.p, nu’est, block b, shinee, blackpink, ikon, winner, exo, pentagon, gfriend, aoa, mamamoo, twice, infinite, f(x), vixx, bts

favourite solo artists: lee hi, dean, iu, ztao, luhan, ailee

song stuck in my head: calm down by monsta x

last movie i watched: im watching divergent rn actually

last tv show i watched: rupaul’s drag race 

when did you create your blog: sometime around february 11th 2017 i think ? 

what stuff do you post: svt and nct and pristin and more 

when did your blog reach its peak: lol never 

do you have any other blogs: @minghaohelps for roleplay stuff

do you get asks regularly: nope lol

why did you choose your url: i luv minghao’s brown hair and all but .. blonde hair was A Look™ 

following: 478

posts: 1200

hogwarts house: slytherin or hufflepuff

pokemon team: i dont remember .. i think mystic

favourite colours: blue & purple

average hours of sleep: 6 hours i think

lucky numbers: 17, 84

favourite characters: OH BOI im just gonna say nico di angelo 4 rn .. i lub my son

what are you wearing right now: work out clothes .. i was gonna work out but :/

how many blankets do you sleep with: none

dream job: ?? who nose .. i dont

dream trip: probably to japan with my bff or .. anywhere tbh

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