i dont remember anything else

Good things about 2.07

  • The first two Malec scenes
  • Maia and Magnus
  • Magnus throwing a drug dealer out of a bar
  • Izzy reassuring Alec it’s okay to want sex
  • Maia telling Simon he needs to get his shit figured out before he dates anyone
  • Jace being a Star Wars nerd

okay story time.

so every now and then i get a song stuck in my head and it doesn’t leave for a few hours. the only reason i know the song is because of a parody video of grease i found on youtube in 2009. i was around 10 in 2009 and youtube was a magical and hilarious thing back then.

this grease parody video haunts me because not only was it a parody video but it was super low quality and was basically all of the cast of grease singing their songs but they were all babies. all the songs were based around baby stuff and the characters had baby faces. everything was babies.

throughout this entire video, the only song i distinctly remember was the baby version of greased lightning. it wasn’t even greased lightning, it was greased stroller. i dont remember anything else except poorly animated babies singing greased lightning.

now every few days i get fucking greased stroller stuck in my head for hours.

Ok i was remembering this dream i had a while ago where Mista found this doll thing that was a stand, (pretty much like Surface) and when he touched it, the doll took the form of Giorno. So Mista was just hanging around with this doll but to him it was like he was with Giorno, so he fell in love with it, like, Mista was hugging it and kissing it, it was v gay. So one day Mista’s like “mmmmm imma confess to Giorno with a picture a made” so he grabs his phone and the picture is a photo of himself with a bunch of filters and stamps that say stuff like “ily” “eww” “cute” u know the ones, and i dont remember anything else,,, i just remember that at the end everyone in the gang is like why are u hanging around with a doll.
Also turns out that Mista send the pic to himself by accident, and real Giorno was just doing his stuff,, he never knew

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Hiii!!! Do you know the fic where zayn's family has a company and his dad wants him to married a rich girl to secure the company's future, and then zayn meets liam and start dating but zayn breaks up with him and goes back home to get married. I dont remember anything else but it was ziam endgame! Have a nice day!

Yeah!! It’s

Learning to let go - http://archiveofourown.org/works/5770504

ok so one of the first SU related dreams ive had

all i remember is garnet, amethyst and steven where on a passenger plane that was really close to going into a nose dive due to failing systems, so garnet forces open the escape hatch and tells amethyst they need to fuse immediately

they do their fusion dance but before they jump together, garnet strikes a pose while standing with her back to the open escape hatch,

 amethyst jumps at her and launches their glowing fusion-forms out of the plane

 and they make this huge splash down and then go leaping after the plane to catch it mid-air 

A+ dream i’d say

once when i was like 10 or something and my parents and i lived in a really small two bedroom apartment i remember going through their stuff looking for change and in one of the drawers of my dad’s cabinet thing in the top drawer under a bunch of medicine there was a trojan box and i remember being really excited about it for some reason that my parents still had sex and i told my best friend at school the other day and she was excited too for some reason i don’t really remember why though it was like really amazing at the time as opposed to being disgusting which is what i would feel now

I had a dream where they made something along the lines of “Muppets; Post Apocalypse” and there was this one scene where the otter family from that one old thing with the drum had been hung by the neck with chains in the rain as a warning to the rest of the muppets. When the muppets found them they were still clinging (miserably) to life. I bet it was because they had hands inside them instead of spinal cords. I specifically remember Alice Otter saying “Emett, Try and feel the sweet earth between your toes, Emett…” to which he replied “I’m tryin’ Ma…!” 

When Sweetums ripped through the wall to save them Alice shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON!” implying a post apoc raider gang hung them and left them to die on his birthday. That’s the most muppety shit I’ve ever heard. 

Theater Club AU

Nico and Maki are the lead actors. They bicker constantly over roles and lines and stage directions. Everyone is tired of them, but they’re impossible to stop. Nico generally takes the female lead in plays while Maki takes the male. Nico spends a thousand years in the makeup room getting ready.

Eli and Umi are the directors. Eli directs the play itself, and thus has to put up with Nico and Maki more than anyone else. Sometimes she gets a little snappy at the others, but no one can really blame her. She’s great at blocking and encouraging the actors to truly get the right emotion across. She won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

Umi directs the behind the scenes stuff, like lighting and sets and costumes. She’s slightly less strict than Eli, emphasis on slightly. Kotori gave her a megaphone once and now Umi walks around with it all the time. There’s a betting pool on if she knows it’s fake or not.

Kotori is the costume designer. It’s a mystery on where she gets the materials for everything, but she spends hours and hours sewing them. She does a lot of the work on set, chatting with the other girls and giving advice to the painters. Usually she’s the last person to leave the stage, often bringing more work home with her.

Rin and Honoka design and make the sets. They cut out the wood, move the heavy props around, and paint absolutely everything on set. They have learned, through several accidental experiments, that Maki is the worst person to paint. Eli is next, followed closely by Nico. Luckily for those three, Rin and Honoka do most of their work back stage where the actors don’t go.

Hanayo is part of tech crew, doing the lights and sounds. She’s pretty good at it, when she can get over her fear of heights and can actually make it across the cat walk. Usually she brings a bowl of rice up with her to calm her nerves, and it’s not uncommon for stray pieces of rice to fall down on you during a show. Rin has suggested it be used for snow. Umi’s considering it.

Nozomi writes the script. She also films the play, when they get that far, but most of her time is spent calling out to Nico and Maki that they aren’t putting enough passion into her play. Nico is quick to shout obscenities back. Unfortunately for her, the next play has a big kiss scene at the end. Neither Maki nor Nico are told about it until they’re going through the blind run of the script. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go well.


tell me its okay to be happy now

i had a dream that rhett and link were showing me and someone else (a mystery woman) an ADVANCED screening of a new movie of theirs in their living room and i couldn’t stop talking through it and i could tell they were getting annoyed but then their kids were in it and i started to cry