i dont really want answers though

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dude people can make fun of Magnus and all but im like certAIn there was a time where Isak called him up in the middle of the night actually crying cause he was having a hard time with Even and needed a talk and advice?? And Magnus just listens even though its like 2 in the morning?? Isak and Magnus dont really talk about it but like those conversations are there and its canon

yes !! this is 100% canon!!!! dude im so !!!!!! yes!!!!

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This just occurred to me; soulmate au where they can hear each other's thoughts. Person A is studying really hard for a test. The test comes, and they blank on an important question. Person B hears them thinking about it, remembers the answer and thinks it at person A

I dont think Bones would give them the answer. Jim might though. But we are Bonesy people. 
So who wants to write an Academy Era fic for me @bkwrm523

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Josuhan for the valentines day drawing? Only if you're okay with it ^^

ah, just wanted to answer and say I’m not very sure how I feel about this shipping? I dont hate it but it feels weird to me since the two characters just dont really like each other, I mean I can still understand why others would like it but I personally don’t like it very much

Quite a few people have asked for Josuke and Rohan but I don’t really feel like drawing it ^^’ so I don’t think I’ll do it

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I really hope he changes his mind because 1) i dont want harvey hurting anymore 2) i cant have havey hurting anymore 3) i am not here for harvey hurting and 4) i wont be able to cope with harvey hurting because of Mike not wanting to come back


Yeah, I think after the Painting episode, Harvey deserves happiness, and Mike’s that happiness, so ergo, I want Harvey to have his happiness back, completely.

I don’t think it’ll happen, though. There’s two episodes left, right? Something’s bound to go wrong in the next one, to lead onto the finale, and the finales are always tense and miserable and so if it goes well, I’ll buy a hat and eat it, so there’s no time for Mike to change his mind.

Unless Mike changes his mind and wants to go back in the next episode (unlikely), but shit goes wrong and he can’t. Or he can’t, and realizes that he does actually want to be back in the firm.

I hope so. I don’t think that’s how it’ll be, but I hope so. Because same, Harvey’s heartbroken face genuinely hurts me. Like it causes pain in my stomach and I just want to cuddle him.

Or I want Mike to cuddle him. No, actually, I’d prefer Mike to do it.

#teammarvey xo

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r u okay with self diagnosing?? cause like im not diagnosed bpd but i experience like. every single symptom ive read about or seen and every bpd post on the internet is literally me but im just really confused cause i dont want to say im bpd but then it turns out im really not even though im like 90% sure idk im really paranoid

bruh I am self-dx I am super pro self-dx!! and don’t worry man it can take some time to figure out, I get it

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Nickname: Nothing too complicated, just Mel!

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5 feet exactly.

Time right now: 1:09 am!

Last thing you googled: the cast of whiskey tango foxtrot lol

Favorite music artist: i really like melanie martinez i guess. i dont have an actual favorite artist. i listen to a lot, though!

Songs stuck in my head: heathens by twenty one pilots hh

Last movie i watched: whiskey tango foxtrot

Last TV show i watched: probably h2o because im a basic bitch.

What I’m wearing right now: basketball shorts and a pajama top.

When i created this blog:  july 2016

The kind of stuff i post: mainly video game stuff. overwatch, re7, and other games i really enjoy! also some shows like riverdale and other series. this is basically a personal blog tbh

Do i do asks regularly: i mean if you send me an ask ill reply, sure! unless its like something insanely obscene, you should be fine.

Why did i choose my URL: i like overwatch. i like lucio. i like his beats, his music. thus, luciosbeats.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: i got gryffindor on the quiz thing but i think im hufflepuff i guess. 

Pokemon team:  the last game i played i had snorlax, cutieflie, primarina, shiitonic, magmar and minior. i should really replay it. 

Favorite color: yellow, light green, teal, a light pink. 

Lucky number: i dont have one tbh

Favorite characters: zarya, mei,  joel and ellie, lara croft, all the shepards ive ever made tbh and tali’zorah!

Dream job: idk writing for a video game company or something would be cool. i mean i cant fuck up the story as much as some people have already. (michael chu @ u)

Number of blankets i sleep with: other than my sheets, just one massive comforter. it doesn’t get cold here at all so theres no need for an insane amount.

Followers: 671 and ily all

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“tom is a cat.png”

In which everything is fine and good and the closest thing you call a ‘problem’ is Tord not being ready for Tom laying wherever he wants when he’s feeling particularly lazy and not taking no for an answer.

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Do you think Tiffany is going to have a big role as Silk in the Spider-man reboot? I dont think its going to happen for a while perhaps Tom's last film could introduce her and turn it into a spin-off?

I’m sure Tiffany is a great actor, but I do not want her to play silk 😥 she’s Chinese, not Korean and it would really bother me if they had her play silk. Also I think her roles going to be v minor and ugh even though her name is Cindy in the movie idk think she’s actually /Cindy/

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to answer some questions thank you so much!!!! even though i suck i love filling these in + also youre great

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How old are you: 17 going on 18

What’s your current job: student (+ weekend job at a supermarket)

What’s your aesthetic: why dont yall follow my aes blog @ha-de-s and find out :))))) summary: neon lights, flowers, the sea, the moon and beautiful people

Do you collect anything: not really, though i want to start collecting as much band merch as i can (ive only got two things so far) annnd i also want to buy more cd’s

What’s a topic you always talk about: bands i like, movies i saw, history, things i want to do, things i wish i were doing, …

What’s a pet peeve of yours: i get a really weird feeling when people cough when im near them + im really ticklish and dont like to be touched that much (??)

Good advice to give: keep yourself educated and look at things from different perspectives. keep going, keep living, there are people that care about you. and dont do drugs kids ✌️

Some quotes I like and relate to, and perhaps inspire you too:
“be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. then life seems almost enchanted after all” - vincent van gogh (and also the inspiration to fall out boys album title infinity on high, nice)
“nothing is absolute. everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away” - frida kahlo

3 songs you recommend: yo makin me choose only 3 songs is outrageous but im gonna say good grief (bunker sessions) by bastille, from now on we are enemies by fall out boy & prodigal son by rationale!!!

tagsquad do ur thing @magnvs-baen @ishouldprobablychangemyusername @aatsushiis @murkybokuto and anyone else who would like to do this!!!!!

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My crush tried to get me to dance last night at a party we were at. I politely declined because I can't dance, was feeling really anxious and the music was really shit. I woke up this morning and thought "was he trying to make a move?" WAS HE?!

YES definitely !!!!! dont worry though it’s not too late but now he’s tried, it’s your turn to! if you have something in mind go for it but if nothing maybe ask if he wants to hang out sometime or watch a movie (at cinema or netflix at home)

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Hi I just went through all the questions people asked about J&K. I went back to 2015 😂 And while reading the questions/your answers, I came up with some more 😏😂 I hope you don't mind 😊 Did Jimi really write songs for/about Karen before they were dating? How did Jimi propose? What is your theory about Mark and Karen breaking up? I love discussing these things even though we will probably never know the truth 🙈 (I am so weird! 😂) Lots of love x

Hi! I definitely don’t mind! This gives me a reason to ramble on about these idiots so it’s always fine!

Jimi did write songs for/about Karen before they were dating. They were asked at CMA Fest during a thing in 2015 (I think, it’s whenever Karen wore that green off the shoulder top, Kim wore a red/orange dress, Jimi was in a red shirt I believe, but idk what Phillip was wearing…probably black tbh), and they were asked about like if they kept it a secret or why or something to that affect, and Phillip was saying that before they got together he and Jimi would share a room while Kim and Karen would share a room when they were on the road and Jimi and Phillip would talk about K and Jimi wrote love songs for/about her and Phillip was just kinda like “dude you love her.” (I have a fic based on that somewhere in my documents but idk if I posted it or not.) 

I’ve tweeted Jimi and asked about the proposal, (https://twitter.com/taaaaanaa_/status/657030685547438080) and his response was https://twitter.com/JimiWestbrook/status/657044624888852480 . 

MY THEORY. well. Anon. That might just get me in a lil bit of trouble with the fandom bc it isn’t the nicest theory. There is a reason that I jokingly get called Satan by a few of my LBT friends and someone named me the “Shonda Rhimes of the LBT fandom.” KSO. Basically. There’s a instagram post from someone that Mark’s wife, Ivey commented on after someone commented and said something about The Truth (the band that Karen was in with Mark before LBT) and said something about Ivey being a groupie back in the late 90′s aka wheeeeen K left to do LBT stuff. So I think that Mark had an affair, but there was also definitely some kind of abuse going on whether it be physical, mental, emotional, etc etc etc. And if you want more on that theory feel free to ask but I need to finish getting ready for class, haha.


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Chris, how can i up my sleeping hours? i usually get 6-7 hours a day and i dont feel physically fatigued or anything but because of my anxiety id really like to sleep for 8-9 hours especially because i have the time to! but i dont want to take any meds for it so i was looking for a natural way of sleeping more, i feel like my mood would be better

I know a natural way is to use melatonin I think? I’m not entirely sure though, I would ask your doctor anon :)

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It's fine that you waited a while to do these asks. They're not something you have an obligation to do, doing them on your own time is fine. Being tired isn't really something you can control with your situation, so it's good you took your time to get around to answering.

i feel like i do though. cos its my followers actually interacting with me and acknowledging my existence (which my attention and love deprived ass craves even tho im also scared of it lmao)

plus i dont want them to feel as if i dont care or am ignoring them. y’know?

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ugh im stuck in this place in my life where i really want to find my other half and its hard because nobody that i know is 1) the gender im attracted to and 2) the people who i am attracted to, i dont feel comfortable around any of them and i dont feel as though they would just think of me as a guy ((im ftm)) and idk it sometimes make me feel like im not good enough for anyone and that ill never find love. its stupid but whatever i wanted to vent sorry <33

it’s okay to vent to me! you’ll find someone and THERE WILL BE someone even if it’s not now. just be a bit more patient.

send me asks about anything!



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1. What’s your favourite sign (zodiac)? Capricorn! also Gemini bc das me

2. Do you have a favourite spell? Not really! I dont do much spell work! I love @cosmic-witch s glitter jars though if that counts!

3. Is there an ingredient you put in pretty much every spell you craft? Yesss

4. If so, what is it? Bones or animal parts if I do any spells!

5. What’s your favourite crystal? I love raw opal, agelite, and obsidian!

6. Do you watch any witchy shows? does american horror story count?

7. Are you a self taught or student witch? self taught and making shit up as i go <3

8. Is there a type of witchcraft you really want to get into (maybe someday)? Im a super big death/bone witch nerd! i also love the idea of more spell work or plant witch stuff but I SUCK at both atm lol

9. Do you collect bones? Yup! I have so many please take some from me

10. Do you believe in spirits? Differently

11. Do you ever talk to trees? Sometimes lol I apologize/thank them if I take branches or leaves or thankk them for shade. :3

(My questions):

1. is there and animal that you identify with? 

2. Music you like to listen to when doing witch stuff?

3 . Do you believe in spirits and ghosts?

4. what types of witchcraft do you fall under?

5. what do you collect?

6. favorite spell you’ve done?

7. If you collect bones/pelts do you name them? Whats your favorite name?

8. Do you have any pets? 

9. If not whats your dream pet? (you can answer this if you do have pets too!)

10. Dream skull or pelt (all money and legal issues taken care of)?

11. whats you’re advice for fellow witches or Vultures? 

tbh, i think a lot of people have a pretty good idea of what the akuma are. a lot of people involved in akuma-tizing their friends have apologized for it once they realized that it upset their friend so much, like how the mime immediately knew he was the one the villain of the week wanted.

it probably puts a lot of things in perspective, too. if you know something you’ve done or said could upset someone, your first though is probably going to be “do i really want to turn this into such a big deal that the city will be destroyed?” and the answer is generally no, so you apologize and learn to chill. 

Thats also probably why so many of the akuma victims are marinette’s classmates. kids dont learn how to find their chill until like, 17

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Hi sunny! I'm drawing one paper now but I want to go digital. I read your FAQ and have picked out some supplies. But I didn't see anything about what commuter to use? I dont have one and it would really help if you could tell me what you use. should I get a Mac or pc? Laptop or desktop? What's best to run the programs? Of corse you don't have to answer. Just asking! :)

ahh it’s a custom assembled computer so I have no idea ;(

SAI is a small program so it should run well regardless, doesn’t work on mac though, also I usually don’t recommend laptops for drawing because laptop screens are just.. not the best to display colors properly /at all/

but anyway simply put most computers will handle most progams well enough when new, (unless you use some really heavy programs and stuff) and in the long run they will become slower, I have some 6 years old laptop and it’s slow even at handling SAI by now, so idk, it’s hard to say what will happen with computers in the long run lmao (most of mine died off after one year, current one is 3 and counting)

also some social justice bloggers are more apprehensive when it comes to explaining things, especially to anons, cause thats how we easily get baited into attacks

its like a defense mechanism really???

also alot of questions are just straight up offensive even though you dont know its offensive

and alot of times its hard to mentally bypass how shitty the question was worded to in order to answer your question

alot of people are like “well if you want me to learn more then WHY are you angry when i ask questions?!”

cause we have little idea if youre going to viciously attack us after we answer all because we didnt give you the response you wanted to hear