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infodumping about the ocean

monsta x as college students


  • has been in college more than 4 years because he doesnt overload himself with classes and takes like 3 or 4 classes a semester instead of people’s usual five 
  • you can tell he doesnt know whats going on in class but he does fine on tests you dont really know why
  • sits in the front and will stay after to talk to teachers because he didnt want to ask questions in front of hte whole class
  • doesnt really talk to anyone but will help with notes or clarify something if you ask 
  • stays the longest to take tests


  • always calls his mom when classes are done for the day
  • is in a frat and goes to parties but never drinks and makes sure people get back to their dorms safely after parties 
  • does pretty well in classes and almsot always comes to class because he knows his mom is working hard to pay for college 
  • will  ALWAYS share his notes like when you ask even if you jsut didnt want to come to class he’ll always be like “of course!!!” 
  • he has a practical major like engineering but has like. drama or something as his minor 
  • will confront religious protesters that come to campus 
  • confront as in like
  •  dance in front of them so like 500 students have him on their snap stories 


  • organizes stress relief activities during exam week and probably passes out candy to people in the library 
  • is always positive even when he has a lot to do 
  • probably is an RA in your dorm or soemthing and knows everyone on his floor and is very nice and helps everyone in any way he can
  • organizes movie nights in the dorm for sure
  • has started going to hyungwon’s dorm jsut to wake him up 
  • can tell you how to get to any building on campus even though hes never had clsses there 
  • doesnt get really good grades? is like passing but hes happy with it 


  •  a goddamn mess
  • is extremely organized and has like his schedule printed out in like a pretty color coded graph
  • gets to school like 4 hours before his classes just so he can get good parking and get shit organized before class
  • always has a coffee. always
  • catch him crying in the library on multiple occasions 
  • does so well and is so organized but thinks he does terribly every time he finishes a test even though he got a 100
  • when someone tried to move his notes to sit with him he will jsut look up and belike “fucking dont” 
  • ask him 4 his notes and he will demand a fucking doctors excuse he will NOT give his notes to people who just didnt want to come to class he worked TOO LONG and TOO HARD on them 
  • undereye concealer is his most used product 


  • always late for his first classes because he slept through his 5 alarms and his roommate has just stopped trying 
  • has msot classes in the afternoon or night 
  • wont do homeowrk in his dorm so he stays in the library really late until he finishes it
  • eats full meals in class but he sits in the back so nobody really cares or notices half the time
  • does modeling for art classes for extra cash 
  • joins study groups and goes to every SI session and generally just knows a lot more than people expect since hes late for class so often 


  • pulls papers and stuff out of his backpack like crumpled to shit because he doesnt own a folder and just shoves shit into the mess he calls a backpack
  • has headphones on at all times like in class and outside and when he has his music on between classes its like loud enough to be able to distinguish lyrics and shit
  • has a friend in every single class
  • didnt know there was an exam today.. never knows 
  • does his homework 5 minutes before class like literally standing outside the classroom
  • never studies (bc he didn’t know there was an exam) but does pretty good anyway because he really does pay attention in class
  • u would think the professors would hate him but they dont because he is actually a pretty good student just very disorganized 


  • kihyun wants to strangle this guy
  • says allt he hard classes are so easy 
  • will fight the professors on anyhing and everything like “i dont think that answer was wrong though” and the professor will get so fucking frustrated 
  • works very hard secretly but never shows it 
  • is in higher level classes even though hes a freshman 
Dogs Are Mans Best Friend

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Request - Carlos x Reader where she’s the daughter of Roger and Anita and they meet because they’re both walking their dogs and it’s so cute and fluffy? Thanks
Requested by - Anon
Tags - None
Word Count - 1, 067
Pairing - Carlos x Reader (Daughter of Roger and Anita)
Warnings - I feel like neither of them would swear they seem like those types of kids so just fluff
Summary - basically you the reader, will fall into a bush and meet carlos…i forgot to explain why he was there…shit…He was playing with dude and Rolly but when you came they ran off to the next little open area okay just clearing that up

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Idea for a jikook fic: (really typical but cute) • Jimin is the new nerd/shy boy at school • Everyone thinks he's stunning cause he is..Ofc(Purple/silver hair era, because he kind of looks like a prince) • Jungkookie is a bad boy at the same age as Jimin. (You never walk alone hair era because it's messy) • Jungkook finds Jimin annoying because he is stunning and smart BUT poor • Jungkook on the other hand is a rich kid with a lot of problems at home • Jimin finds out Jungkook's secrets • LOVE

Okay so this has been sitting in my inbox for months now and I’ve just had 0 motivation to write a fanfic. not just off this prompt, because i love it. but a prompt in general. so instead i’m going to do headcanons. I hope that’s okay! 

(note: this is amercan school bc i’m too lazy to look up details on korean school oops)

~ Jimin just moved from Busan to Seoul. He was pretty out of his comfort zone at his new school. He had dyed his hair silver because he liked it, not so that he stood out. but that’s all that happened - was him standing out. 

~The first person that he met was Taehyung, who ended up being his best friend and self-proclaimed soulmate. They had met when Jimin had been trying to find his first period and had accidentally tripped over Tae’s leg. 

~Jimin got dubbed as the shy new boy by almost the entire student population. It wasn’t even a small school, yet they all knew him. 

~Some called him a nerd because he tried to join the debate club, but he only joined because tae was too scared to be in the club by himself after he had accidentally pissed off the club leader. 

~He first saw jungkook after school, jungkook was leaning against the school wall with a group of his friends (basically 97 line) and he was laughing and jimin lowkey fell in love with his smile. 

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Hey rich. How are you holding up without Jake? Its fine if you dont want to answer my broski.

Rich: Nah, it’s okay dude!! Thanks for being so chill about it though.

Jakey D’s doin’ just fine. There hasn’t been any real improvement, but there hasn’t been anything bad either, so that’s reassuring, I guess? In the beginning there were a lot of problems so he’d definitely gotten better since then.

It’s just hard sometimes, forcing myself to be patient–it’s not really my strong suit, ya feel? But like I said, Jake’s a fighter and I don’t have any doubts that he’ll make it through! He sure is taking his sweet time though, haha.

Glory Glade P1


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gadreonart  asked:

the diamond gemling mother could be white diamond probs lots of people said this though

In this answer I’ll be entering headcannon territory, also there are other couple of things I would like to address now that I kinda have the chance and want to say once and for all.

So, you’ve been warned, this is going to be a kinda long response

Yes, technically White is the other parent in my gemlings AU, although because of some theories about her, I really dont see her as being the most “motherly” of them. Don’t get me wrong I do see her as a badass leader of her empire assuming that she might be the top diamond

I dont know if you can really consider it a CanonXOC couple? -(which I know lots of people look down on)- I mean yes, if I do post more diamond gemlings in the future, White and Black would be the “parents”, but this White Diamond is the concept I created based on headcanons and theories, that is why I like to call them “my” White diamond and “my” Pink Diamond, because the actual canon characters are yet to be revealed.

In the meantime I’m just playing around and doing fanfics where I include fan characters and my own headcanons, like I guess, many other fans do.

I headcanon WD as being a collected, logic-driven leader, but who outside work is a pretty chill and calm person (unlike YD who seems to have a branch stuck in her butt 24/7). I liked this concept so much that I’m doing a pic where she’s basically in her lazy-sunday attire reading a book, just need the glasses on, draw the sofa and a nice living room XD

If you’re not interested in fanfics or other people’s OCs, Im totally fine with that, I wont be offended. If you like them I’d be more than happy to chat about it with anyone whose curious.

Just, please, (and this goes to everybody who follows me because of my fanarts) don’t ask me to change to canon the stuff that I draw based on my own verse of a story or AUs.

Thank you for your suggestion, gadreonart, and yes, White Diamond is also the other “mother” of the diamond gemlings that I drew, but my Black Diamond was still the carrier of the two and I’m not planning to change that. If you or other people think different, please, you’re more than welcome to draw them as you like.

Thank you for reading.
Altar (E.D) PT 2

A/N: I’m thinking about making this a series, I think it’d be cool 😁

“Thanks for tonight.” I forced a smile at Grayson as he finished up washing the dishes in our sink. “Of course, anything for my bestfriend!” He grinned as he flicked a splatter of soap combined with water at me. I threw my arms up in defense and groaned once I heard his deep laugh. “Assclown!” I yelled grabbing the bottle of dish-soap near him. I used all my might to squeeze it but to my surprise it only squirted out a few bubbles and droplets of soap. Empty. Grayson laughed even harder at that as I rolled my eyes and tossed it at his feet. “Hey!” He yelled hopping up at bubbles fell onto his toes. I giggled as I tossed out the empty bins of ice cream into a nearby trashcan. My phone buzzed from the kitchen counter and I made no move to grab it, although I wanted to..really bad. Was it Ethan? Or was it just a notification from snapchat or something. Grayson hummed softly to the beat of the music playing from his phone. “Gray, what’re you listening to?” I laughed as I read the title. “Dont dream its over cover by Ariana Grande?” I teased as I set his phone back down. “Shut up.” He huffed as he dried his hands off with a paper towel. “Its okay Gray, I’m actually really digging that decpacito cover by JB.” I added as I hopped onto the counter. Once again my phone buzzed, I quickly glanced at it watching as Ethan’s name flashed along my dimly lit screen. “Should I answer it?” I asked Grayson softly as he switched his music to Kid Cudi to, in his words “get hype.”
“Whatever you want to do kitten, I don’t think you should though.” Grayson replied nonchalantly as he scrolled through his phone. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone, opting to text Ethan instead of calling him.

Y/N: Hey
Ethan: Finally! I’ve been calling you for an hour already!
Y/N: actually like 10 minutes but whatever
Ethan: Yeah whatever, anyways what happened today? You just left after I proposed to Valerie

I couldn’t tell Ethan I left because I was heartbroken so I had to make up some other excuse.

Y/N: I wasn’t feeling good so Gray took me home
Ethan: Is that all? You seemed kinda sad and some people said they saw you crying
Y/N: I was crying because my best friend proposed and didn’t even bother to tell me he was planning to do it!
Ethan: I wanted to surprise you all!
Y/N: Did you tell Gray?
Ethan: yeah

I slammed my phone down onto the table causing Grayson to jump up in shock. “Whats up Y/N?” He asked, all I saw was red.
My anger completely switched to Grayson. “You knew Ethan was proposing didn’t you?” I asked hopping off the counter to jab a finger into his chest. “Uhm..uh-” He stammered as I backed him up into the wall. “Gray? You didn’t tell me! Or at least try to soften the blow!” I exclaimed angrily. Grayson was taken back at my outburst but he straightened up his back and cleared his throat. “Y/N..you were gonna find out anyways-”
“That’s not the point Gray!”
“You’re my bestest friend! And you kept this secret from me knowing how I felt!” I yelled, he stumbled back and knocked an empty cup off the counter. “Y/N..” he muttered softly. I sighed as my eyes met his, he looked hurt and my expression softened at his face. “Im sorry, really I just - I didn’t know how you’d feel If it came from me instead of Ethan.” Grayson explained as I removed my finger from his chest. “Sorry..I’m just still upset about earlier, I didn’t mean to lash out at you.” I mumbled as I backed away, Gray pulled me into one of his bear hugs that always cheered me up. “It’s okay, bestfriends fight sometimes.” Grayson grinned as my phone buzzed again. We both looked over and Ethan’s named flashed along the screen again. I sighed and pulled away from that awesome hug to answer his call.

“Y/N” Ethan breathed. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t burst out crying at the sound of his deep voice rumbling through the phone. “Hey E.” I said lowly as Grayson eyed me from his seat on the couch. I flicked him off as I walked into the bathroom. “So, um, I hope you’re feeling better. It hurts me to see my bestfriend so upset.”
Yeah your bestfriend, and thats all I’ll ever be..
“Yeah no, Im fine now. Grayson cheered me up.” I forced a smile as I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes told lies, they knew I wasn’t “fine.”
“So, you and Gray huh? I mean you two share an apartment so it’s bound to happen.” Ethan chuckled as my jaw dropped. “What?! - Me and GRAY!? Ha ha very funny E, but no. I’m not into Gray I’m into yo-”
“Nobody. Nobody right now.” I quickly corrected myself before I ruined my life forever. “Oh well, you two seem close. Even closer than you and me! And just to let you know I wouldn’t mind if you and Gray dated at all.”
“Well its cool that you don’t mind but heads up: not gonna happen! I should get going now, Grayson’s watching Family Guy without me.”
I lied. The truth was I couldn’t bare to hear his voice anymore, because I was in love with him and I knew I’d never have him. “Alright get back to Gray and your cuddle sesh.” Ethan joked. “I’ll have you know, Grayson is a very good cuddler, I couldn’t help myself.” I huffed with a laugh. “Yeah yeah, I love you cupcake. ”
His words pulled at my heartstrings but I had to be strong. “Love you too, E.”
But not the way you think..

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Flowers || Diana Prince x Reader ||

Prompt: Buying flowers.

Character: Diana

Pairing: Diana Prince x Reader

Fandom: DC universe

Warnings || Rating: PG || nothin but fluff…again

Drabble or One-shot:  Drabble

Diana wanted to do something nice for you, you were one of the most important people in her lives. Sighing she looked around the shop unsure of what to get.

Maybe she should call and ask Bruce or Oliver, he was married after all!

Pushing her dark hair behind her ear she took out her phone then quickly dialed the mans number.Waiting gir him to pick up she was happy to hear that he answered.

“Diana…something wrong?”

“Oliver!! No I just need help.”

Hearing the man let out a snort then laugh made her want to toss him into space.

“AWE I am honered!”


“Fine fine! What do you need my help with.”

“Well its  about y/n I want to get her something for how wonderful its been but…I dont know what kinda of flowers to get her.”

“Well y/n really isnt a picky person so im sure she’ll love what ever you get her, whats her favorite flower?”

“Bleeding hearts and lilacs”

“Then get those” Oliver sighed though scratching his cheek he knew how irritated she must be feeling.“ And why don’t you add something you like”

Diana closed her eyes for a moment then she nodded her head. “ Thank you for the help Oliver.”

“No problem Diana. I wish you the best of luck. Im sure she’ll love them.”

Hanging up she turned her attention back to the store and picked out the arrangement of flowers she wanted.

Stepping into the shared apartment she gripped the flowers behind her back though not tight enough for them to break.

Hearing your name you rushed over to the tall woman. Grinning you tossed your arms around her waist.

“I missed you~”

Giving you a soft smile she placed a light kiss on your forehead then pulled out the flowers

“Here..I got you these”

In the bouquet were bleeding hearts, lilies and amaryllis. It was beautiful and you at a loss for words.Holding the flowers to your just you then stood on your toes kissing your her cheek.

Diana never thought she could ask for such a wonderful partner as you and seeing your eyes light up made her heart speed up. She always seemed to smile a little more around you. Shaking her head she bent down giving you a soft kiss.

“I will get you as many flowers as you like, if I can see you smile.” She knew it sounded cheesy but you made her happy.

“Diana just being with you makes me happy, I don’t need flowers….though they are beautiful."Grinning you then grasped her hand. "Let’s go for a walk!”

Beaming up at her you held her hand in one while you clutched the flowers in another, you just wanted to show off how wonderful your girlfriend is.

So… this feels really, really overwhelming for me after writing Janna for years, under different names with a lot of development, and I never thought that this OC of mine would actually.. ending up even more popular than the canon male characters I used to write? It really means a lot to me, after having friends tell me years ago they just don’t care to hear about my OC, and I still often wonder whether people do care and… I am so grateful for all of you. For the people sending memes, liking and reblogging posts, the people talking ooc to me, the people I thread with - I have been on this blog for longer than I managed to keep any other, and there are many people who already left behind their blogs, people I do miss, but there are also so many new friends I made along the way so… Here, if you want to see a small part of the people who make my stay here so great… Under the cut with absolutely no claims to being complete because I ALWAYS forget people!

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bkwrm523  asked:

This just occurred to me; soulmate au where they can hear each other's thoughts. Person A is studying really hard for a test. The test comes, and they blank on an important question. Person B hears them thinking about it, remembers the answer and thinks it at person A

I dont think Bones would give them the answer. Jim might though. But we are Bonesy people. 
So who wants to write an Academy Era fic for me @bkwrm523


That doesn’t really answer the question though, and I’m sorry. I don’t know what I want to do in the future, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out in the end.

Following in the steps of Sojiro and Yoshida sound equally fun to me haha.


anonymous asked:

i must ask (bc youve more experience being in the art community than i do) artists follow artists bc they like their work, right? it's rather disheartening to me when an artist (usually a more popular one) says "I LOVE your work! You have such nice art!" but even though they 'love' it they dont think im good enough to show up in their timeline? even my MUTUALS have unfollowed me bc i dont talk much to them. its a bonus to be friends but can't we be mutuals out of love for each others art too?

I’m not really sure how to answer tbh, I guess everyone is different. I guess some people don’t want their feed to be too busy or just with friends? Sometimes people post more personal or non-art stuff than their actual art which can be off-putting. I find that on twitter a lot. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing bc dang you can use your account how you like, but sometimes I wanna follow someone’s art but end up seeing a lot of sad life posts and I’m like aw man now I’m sad

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I know that this isn't the type of question that like you know, generates notes or recognition for the one who replies but like what do you think is the appeal for tinhats, though? I've never really managed to answer that question for myself you know? And it's something that honestly always bothers me. You don't have to answer if you dont want to btw.

Hey Anon, don’t ever think you can’t ask me a question because it doesn’t generate notes. Notes or recognition isn’t why I answer asks :).

Wow I guess I’ve never really sat down to organize my thoughts on it properly you know?

I think people can have different opinions on this but for me personally, I need to have a starting point. A baseline. And for me that baseline is that these people do not seek representation as members or supporters of the LGBT+ community in any way.

To be perfectly honest, I think a big part of the appeal is the angst. The pain. Which is a bit sick if you sit down and analyse it but it’s the truth and it’s something that anyone who loves fanfiction or is dedicated to a fictional fandom can spot and identify. For example, I love angst. I love reading characters and relationships develop painfully because I find it much easier to sympathise and connect to them.

But that’s in fiction.

The problem is that in Larry and Ziam, the lines between fanfiction and reality have been blurred so much that they’re almost nonexistent.

I guess what I’m about to say is more of a sidenote but bear with me : there was a point during 2008-2012 that the media did that exact same thing to Cheryl. I’ve read articles about her that seem like very well-written fan fiction but based on real events that she was going through. People would publish stories with speculation about whether Cheryl was going to die like Princess Diana and become a national icon or something.

To my utmost horror, I’ve even read an article that very much insinuated that Cheryl’s bitter end would be suicide which - my God.

My point is that people tend to sympathise with people who suffer. And for instance, in Cheryl’s case, that’s exactly what happened. Cheryl went through a shitstorm of things and people raised her into a pedestal of a weeping angel.

(I’m not really exaggerating.)

Why did I say all this?

Because it’s easy to fall in love with the pain in someone else’s life. And sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and want to fall in love with someone else’s life story and that’s why fanfiction fuels those desires.

I once had to write an essay on tropes, and three of the most popular narratives/strategies used in books is : 1. Unrequited Love, 2. Hurt/Comfort, 3. Tragic Ending.

There is this concept that people who receive these stimuli wish the obstacles in life to be bigger/more dramatic/more traumatic because it enhances the happily ever after that follows.

But Larries and Ziams have decided through fanfiction that this happy ending will never exist for these men unless it includes these men revealing a relationship between them - which is wishing for a Hurt/Comfort story to come true, just like in their fanfictions.

And if they don’t come out - Tragic Ending takes over, and it’s sad because this reveals that tinhats are dripping in fiction.

They’re dripping in words, arguments and claims used deep within the fanfiction realm - their conspiracy theory is literally like you take an Alternate Universe work and try to prove it’s true.

And some of them, looking at their posts, accepted in their own head that all the things that these boys have been through (still in their head) will eventually be necessary steps to them getting finally freed from a management that in fiction stands as an obstacle to a forbidden love.

The logic that suffering enhances the satisfaction of a happy ending is a tried and true narrative strategy. Broader culture borrows this narrative logic of the hard-won happily ever after, too. Sometimes, though, the narrative structure that privileges the satisfaction of a happily ever after functions to repair things that should not be repaired. From the vantage point of having found love, we re-see the terrible things they’ve undergone, and aren’t able to wish those things away because we see them as steps on the path to where they are now: in love, happier. Love, romance, the happily ever after, become narrativized as the goals of the life story.

And this is it, for tinhats. Like the Larrie claiming that the media will absolutely forgive Harry and Louis or Liam and Zayn when they come out and say “hey you know we’re in love, we had to go through all of that (enter : a bunch of illegal stuff) to get where we are, instead of - you know, not signing” and that will be considered okay.

But it won’t. Because it’s not real life.

In real life, gay teenagers aren’t looking for representation in Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne.

In real life, closeting very much exists but it has never included the faking of babies and 7 year discrimination contracts and in real life, everything can be challenged even if the challenge proves to be unsuccessful.

It’s a concept they created in their own minds, a story fleshed out in their own minds, a tragic narrative of their own fantasy, fake babies of their own imagination, evil boss dudes of their making, women as closeting machines, families as puppets, truths as lies, photos as lies, words as lies.

Everything’s a lie for them.

Everything but Their Truth.

What’s the appeal in my opinion?

What it most probably always has been for anyone who’s ever engaged in such behaviour.

The notion that They Know Something More. Something Sacred. Something Special. A Secret.

They Know.

(When in reality, They Wish.)

Jimin x Reader Soulmate AU [I Knew it was You the First Time I Looked into the Crowd] 2

1 2 (You’re Here!)

   I finally got to the library and I sat down, deciding to scroll through twitter once again. When I opened it, I saw a video had been posted by Jimin a minute ago. I opened it and I watched as Jimin got off the plane. I tried not to giggle as he said “Touchdown!” and then he turned the camera to himself.

   He raised his wrist to the screen and immediately my heart stopped. His wrist was glowing, and he had the same exact pattern I did. “Hello! You’re here!” he said. I smiled softly.

   "I’m here,“ I whispered. I immediately commented on the video those very words even though I knew they’d get lost in the sea of other comments. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

    I woke up the next day to my favorite song, Lost, this time. It was ten in the morning and I had to get ready quickly.

   I grabbed a nice party dress from off its hanger and I put on some makeup. I actually tried to look good, for once. I mean, who wouldn’t? I was about to meet my soulmate today. And he was an idol. He’d be dressed up too, so why shouldn’t I?

   I contoured my face just slightly and i added some nice eyeshadow for a little pop, and then I got dressed. I grabbed my curling iron which I’d previously plugged in and I began to curl my hair.

   Once I was finished, I realized I’d forgotten to put on lipstick, so I grabbed my favorite shimmering one and put it on. I did a once-over in the mirror, grabbed some comfy-yet-fancy shoes, put them on, and left.

   On the drive there, I realized there was quite a bit of traffic. I was glad I reserved myself a seat near the front of the stage.

   Once I was there, I went through security and I headed down to my seat. Even though I was super early, there were a lot of people there. By the time I got to my seat it was already two. The concert started at seven. I had five hours to kill, so I just opened up my phone and started rewatching BTS Gayo.

   I saw some of the people around me were trying to tune in, so I unplugged my headphones and turned up the volume some. I got some thank-yous and such when they realized I did it for them.

   Pretty soon a small part of my section was quietly watching my phone. Around five, though, I got a notification from twitter that they’d posted. I announced it to those watching with me and they told me to open it up, so I did.

   It was yet another video from Jimin. He said something in Korean that I didn’t understand. "Does anyone know what he said?” I asked.

    “I do!” said someone behind me. “He said that he’s backstage now with the others and that he can’t wait to see us!”

    Everyone who could hear her screamed, and that included me. “Thank you!” I said to her. “What’s your name?”

    “It’s Alex. What’s your name?” she replied.

    “It’s (y/n). Nice to meet you, Alex!”

    “The same goes for you! Who do you stan?”

    “I stan Jimin. You?”

    “Namjoon. But at first I was biased for Jungkook…”

    I laughed. “Doesn’t everyone stan Jungkook at first?”

   Our conversation lasted for a long while until the Wings videos started showing on the big screens. Everyone started screaming in unision, and I saw arms raised up in the air. So I raised my arms up and then I realized that my wrist was glowing a blinding gold.

   Everyone around me had different colors - red, blue purple, white… but none of them had gold. I smiled. Jimin must really be special.

   Not long after the videos ended, I heard the opening of Blood, Sweat, and Tears and smoke filled the stage. And then I saw him.

   Jimin was onstage now, singing Blood, Sweat and Tears when he saw it. Her wrist. It was gold, just like his. He stopped the choreography immediately, but he didn’t stop singing. He raised his wrist up into the air as high as he could.

She would notice this. She had to.

   Soon, he saw her wave her arm really quickly at him. He smiled. She knew. He continued to sing the song until the very end, and then he held both hands up to signal to the techies to stop the music.

   "You’re here!“ he shouted, holding up his wrist and staring at her. He ran over to Namjoon and asked him to translate. Namjoon nodded.

    Jimin told Namjoon something, and Namjoon nodded. Jimin then yelled into the microphone, pointing at me.

    "You! Get on stage!” Namjoon translated. I smiled.

   "You got it!“ I yelled back. I began weaving my way through the crowd until I got to the edge of the stage. I couldn’t reach all the way up, but then Jimin walked up to me and grabbed my arm.

    I felt a spark shoot through me and our wrists both glowed brighter than ever. Almost a blinding gold color.

   He pulled me up on the stage with him, and then he grabbed my hand, and raised both of our hands up. He showed the world our glowing tattoos.

   I heard some cheers, some boos. I was just happy that I was here, with Jimin. But then I realized something. He wouldn’t know what I was saying.

    "Jimin,” I said, and he seemed to melt at my voice. “Can you understand me?”

   He brought my hand to his lips and stared into my eyes. “I try. Namjoon helps. I learn English, you learn Korean, it works.” I smiled and nodded.

   "Namjoon,“ I said, gesturing him over. He approached us and I waved at him. "Can you continue with the concert? And, where should I go? I’m guessing ARMY wouldn’t want to see me up here with you guys. They paid to see you,” I said, looking at my feet.

   I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Namjoon looking at me like a father would look at his child. “You can go into the wings. No pun intended.” I laughed, and nodded. I walked off the stage into the right wing, and Jimin followed me there.

   We listened as Namjoon said a little speech after apologizing for the pause in the concert. But then I felt a hand on the side of my face, and I looked into Jimin’s eyes.

    “Kiss?” he asked. I giggled at his small attempt at English.

   "Yes,“ I said, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in. He leaned in as well, and soon, I felt his lips press against mine. They were just as soft as I had imagined.

   I heard a loud whistle next to me and next to us I saw Jungkook. He was grinning at us with his cute little bunny teeth and Jimin and I broke apart quickly.

   "Aish!” Jimin said. He tackled Jungkook to the ground and began playfully hitting him. I heard him say a few words that I didn’t understand and then he yelled, “Pabo!” I giggled.

   "Jimin, don’t kill him!“ I said, patting his back. He immediately stopped and got off of Jungkook, who was now laughing really hard.

   Jimin smiled at me and quickly kissed me again, this time shoving his tongue into my mouth for a few seconds before pulling away. "Beautiful,” he said, and then he walked back onstage.

   Before he got back, I noticed his lips were shimmering a very familiar color… I whipped out my phone and noticed that my lipstick wasn’t as heavy as before, and I giggled. I approached Jungkook, who was still on the floor, and I whispered in his ear, “Jimin’s wearing my lipstick.”

   This caused him to start laughing again, and he got up and ran over to Jimin. I saw Jimin blush deeply and I joined Jungkook in his laughter.

   Not too long after that, I heard the opening of the next song come on. I grinned and sat on the ground, listening to them sing.

    I joined in on the ARMY chant, screaming out the members’ names as they sang. More than once, I caught Jimin’s gaze.

   Finally, they all sang their individual songs. During Begin, everyone except Jungkook joined me in the right wing. I shook Hoseok’s hand, and Taehyung just straight-up hugged me. Yoongi gave me a high-five, saying “Thanks,” and Jin patted my head. When Namjoon walked up to me, he thanked me for being here.

   "Jimin has been looking for you for so long, he thought he’d never find you. So I just need to thank you for existing. Thank you for actually being here. Just, thank you.“

   I smiled and hugged Namjoon. "Honestly, I know exactly how he has felt for all this time. I’m so glad I finally met him.” I let go of Namjoon, who wished me good luck, as Jimin approached me.

    “Namjoon!” Jimin called. He said something to Namjoon, which was translated to me.

    “He said to tell you we’re inviting you on tour with us,” he said, matter-of-factly.

    “Wait, really?!” My eyes widened and I got excited. “Are you serious? I mean, I dont want to intrude but YES!”  

    Namjoon laughed at my answer and relayed it to Jimin. He seriously acted out my whole reaction, leaving me near tears from laughter.

    Jimin grinned and reached out to me. He grabbed my head and pulled me in for a kiss, and this one got a bit deeper than last time. However, even though it did last longer, it wasn’t long enough. The next song in line was Lie. We pulled apart, both of our cheeks burning, and he ran out onstage.

    The whole time he sang I watched him from the right wing, singing along. When it got to the chorus I was full out belting it to the stage.

    I caught the other boys looking at me with smiles on their faces and I ran over and sang in their faces loudly, making them laugh. Jungkook patted me on my head before I went back to the near-stage.

    When Lie was over, it was Reflection, and Namjoon patted my back as he left. Jimin walked up to me, breathless, and I smiled at him. Then I quietly sang him the chorus of Lie, in a teasing way. He smiled.

    “Good pronounciation,” he said. “Learn Korean. Please?” He pouted. I sighed. Who wouldn’t give in to that?

    “Okay…” I said. “But only if you learn English at the same time.” I held out my hand.

    “Yes,” he said, shaking my hand.

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Zac Efron Imagine

Imagine - Anonymous

Zac and I were on our way to the Neighbors premier. We had starred in another movie together and were “dating”. We werent really dating it was just a publicity stunt.

While we were walking on the red carpet we stopped to answer a few questions. All at once we were bombarded with questions.

“Are you two getting married!?”

“marriage? Whens the wedding?’

"Is it true you’re 3 months pregnant?”

“What are you going to name the kid? How many do you want?”

Zac was the one to speak up, i was in too much shock. “None of that is true. We aren;t getting married and definitely arent having a child together!”

We answered a few good questions and took pictures then went inside for the movie. Instead of watching it we talked. Even though we were both stars of a movie together we never got to really know each other.

“wow, (y/n), you’re actually really cool.” He said with a fond smile.

“Geeze dont sound to surprised!” I laughed.

“No, I just meant, i could see us really hanging out. Not as an act…. Say, you wanna come back to my place after the party? Or before. It doesnt matter to me.”
“Sure Zac, When ever you wanna go.”

i rly just like to keep my blog fun because thats what its supposed to be so i dont rly respond to rude or weird things but like. i have about 3,500 followers and 546 asks in my inbox and sometimes i get the most BIZARRE things like this one person who has asked me like 10 times to draw childbirth for them. its kinda nuts. i dont get to answer a lot of asks for that reason though but i really appreciate when ppl say kind things about my art or just want to talk to me about sonic, i really want to be friendly! just keep in mind that im like. literally a 21 yr old man in college drawing sonic in my free time for fun

anonymous asked:

How was the play!! :D

halla anon! 

sorry i took so long to reply to this! i wanted to write down some of my thoughts and feelings on it, so that’s why it took me a while! but short answer: it was a lot of fun! i am very happy i got to see it, and it was great seeing tarjei on stage :) i liked the play overall, it had some good topics but didn’t really give many answers or anything. i went with a friend and we spent the rest of the night together and we ended up talking about it quite a bit, which is always a good thing i feel! 

im gonna spoil the plot now, so if for whatever reason you don’t want to know, dont read the rest of this (under the cut because it became way too long)

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anonymous asked:

hey kimani! i don't know if you're open to arguments on this blog, and if you dont want to answer thats totally fine! but i just wanted to ask what you thought about taylor's white feminism. i really love her but it just bugs me so much that she brings up feminism but is not a proper one. i know she's still learning, everyone is, but she still hangs out with ppl like lena (and she's like the embodiment of white feminism) so i just dont know. i know she's very intelligent and can learn but.. yeah

i have addressed this more times than i find comfortable so here are just a 




(though after her statement from her trial i do suspect that her feminism is much more inclusive now which im proud of)