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infodumping about the ocean

monsta x as college students


  • has been in college more than 4 years because he doesnt overload himself with classes and takes like 3 or 4 classes a semester instead of people’s usual five 
  • you can tell he doesnt know whats going on in class but he does fine on tests you dont really know why
  • sits in the front and will stay after to talk to teachers because he didnt want to ask questions in front of hte whole class
  • doesnt really talk to anyone but will help with notes or clarify something if you ask 
  • stays the longest to take tests


  • always calls his mom when classes are done for the day
  • is in a frat and goes to parties but never drinks and makes sure people get back to their dorms safely after parties 
  • does pretty well in classes and almsot always comes to class because he knows his mom is working hard to pay for college 
  • will  ALWAYS share his notes like when you ask even if you jsut didnt want to come to class he’ll always be like “of course!!!” 
  • he has a practical major like engineering but has like. drama or something as his minor 
  • will confront religious protesters that come to campus 
  • confront as in like
  •  dance in front of them so like 500 students have him on their snap stories 


  • organizes stress relief activities during exam week and probably passes out candy to people in the library 
  • is always positive even when he has a lot to do 
  • probably is an RA in your dorm or soemthing and knows everyone on his floor and is very nice and helps everyone in any way he can
  • organizes movie nights in the dorm for sure
  • has started going to hyungwon’s dorm jsut to wake him up 
  • can tell you how to get to any building on campus even though hes never had clsses there 
  • doesnt get really good grades? is like passing but hes happy with it 


  •  a goddamn mess
  • is extremely organized and has like his schedule printed out in like a pretty color coded graph
  • gets to school like 4 hours before his classes just so he can get good parking and get shit organized before class
  • always has a coffee. always
  • catch him crying in the library on multiple occasions 
  • does so well and is so organized but thinks he does terribly every time he finishes a test even though he got a 100
  • when someone tried to move his notes to sit with him he will jsut look up and belike “fucking dont” 
  • ask him 4 his notes and he will demand a fucking doctors excuse he will NOT give his notes to people who just didnt want to come to class he worked TOO LONG and TOO HARD on them 
  • undereye concealer is his most used product 


  • always late for his first classes because he slept through his 5 alarms and his roommate has just stopped trying 
  • has msot classes in the afternoon or night 
  • wont do homeowrk in his dorm so he stays in the library really late until he finishes it
  • eats full meals in class but he sits in the back so nobody really cares or notices half the time
  • does modeling for art classes for extra cash 
  • joins study groups and goes to every SI session and generally just knows a lot more than people expect since hes late for class so often 


  • pulls papers and stuff out of his backpack like crumpled to shit because he doesnt own a folder and just shoves shit into the mess he calls a backpack
  • has headphones on at all times like in class and outside and when he has his music on between classes its like loud enough to be able to distinguish lyrics and shit
  • has a friend in every single class
  • didnt know there was an exam today.. never knows 
  • does his homework 5 minutes before class like literally standing outside the classroom
  • never studies (bc he didn’t know there was an exam) but does pretty good anyway because he really does pay attention in class
  • u would think the professors would hate him but they dont because he is actually a pretty good student just very disorganized 


  • kihyun wants to strangle this guy
  • says allt he hard classes are so easy 
  • will fight the professors on anyhing and everything like “i dont think that answer was wrong though” and the professor will get so fucking frustrated 
  • works very hard secretly but never shows it 
  • is in higher level classes even though hes a freshman 

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This just occurred to me; soulmate au where they can hear each other's thoughts. Person A is studying really hard for a test. The test comes, and they blank on an important question. Person B hears them thinking about it, remembers the answer and thinks it at person A

I dont think Bones would give them the answer. Jim might though. But we are Bonesy people. 
So who wants to write an Academy Era fic for me @bkwrm523

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the diamond gemling mother could be white diamond probs lots of people said this though

In this answer I’ll be entering headcannon territory, also there are other couple of things I would like to address now that I kinda have the chance and want to say once and for all.

So, you’ve been warned, this is going to be a kinda long response

Yes, technically White is the other parent in my gemlings AU, although because of some theories about her, I really dont see her as being the most “motherly” of them. Don’t get me wrong I do see her as a badass leader of her empire assuming that she might be the top diamond

I dont know if you can really consider it a CanonXOC couple? -(which I know lots of people look down on)- I mean yes, if I do post more diamond gemlings in the future, White and Black would be the “parents”, but this White Diamond is the concept I created based on headcanons and theories, that is why I like to call them “my” White diamond and “my” Pink Diamond, because the actual canon characters are yet to be revealed.

In the meantime I’m just playing around and doing fanfics where I include fan characters and my own headcanons, like I guess, many other fans do.

I headcanon WD as being a collected, logic-driven leader, but who outside work is a pretty chill and calm person (unlike YD who seems to have a branch stuck in her butt 24/7). I liked this concept so much that I’m doing a pic where she’s basically in her lazy-sunday attire reading a book, just need the glasses on, draw the sofa and a nice living room XD

If you’re not interested in fanfics or other people’s OCs, Im totally fine with that, I wont be offended. If you like them I’d be more than happy to chat about it with anyone whose curious.

Just, please, (and this goes to everybody who follows me because of my fanarts) don’t ask me to change to canon the stuff that I draw based on my own verse of a story or AUs.

Thank you for your suggestion, gadreonart, and yes, White Diamond is also the other “mother” of the diamond gemlings that I drew, but my Black Diamond was still the carrier of the two and I’m not planning to change that. If you or other people think different, please, you’re more than welcome to draw them as you like.

Thank you for reading.

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Im sad because my best friends who i met because of undertale never really talk anymore, for many reasons, i suppose... but i just kinda feel more alone in the fandom as of late. Ive also fallen head first into a beautiful relationship and am afraid to tell them about it. I just... don't know what to do. Theyre very important to me but im terrified they dont want to hear from me. I just... guess i needed to vent. Sorry.

((There’s no need to apologise anon, I’m glad you feel safe enough to come here with this. Sometimes people drifting apart can just happen, and it really, truly sucks. I’m sorry you’re going through that, but at the same time if this relationship is something that makes you happy, and you think they care about you still, then I’m almost positive that they would enjoy hearing that you have such a wonderful thing happening.))

femalehamlet as a survivor of child sexual abuse, i really wish creeps would stop insulting the seriousness of pedophilia by saying a 16 year old teen dating a 18 year old teen is pedophilia…though i know me saying im a survivor of csa doesn’t really help since types like anon have savior complexes where they want to punish survivors into “curing” them of the ~naughtiness of shipping problematic ships~ (THOUGH OTAYURI ISNT EVEN A PROBLEMATIC SHIP I DONT GET IT)

It’s because they haven’t experienced such issue irl and they only are an.ti otayuri because… well just because. Because some tumblr users are social justice warriors who can’t do a basic background check and think that you magically fall in love after you are 18 yo or you are not allowed to love someone 2 years older than you unless you are in your early 20s. And you’re right, they are so blinded and irrational, that logical arguments don’t really help here. Yuri is not allowed to be shipped with anyone, lmao, the boys has to wait 2 years. This is ridiculous.

Also, sorry for what has happened to you, thank you that you had the courage to speak about it *hugs*

Monday Theory Post!

Alright everyone! Based on the vote, everyone wanted my theories on Haru’s ability to communicate with cats.

This theory will actually be relatively short, though I’ll try to lengthen it a bit.

Now, can Haru speak with Cats? The answer is no.

I know all of us wanted to add something special to Haru by making her able to understand cats but, really, a lot of the movie says otherwise.

Haru isn’t able to understand Cats, she’s just able to understand Cat Kingdom Cats. Whether they speak Japanese/English, or she just speaks their brand of Cat is to be decided.

The reason why I believe Haru isn’t able to understand cats is this scene

Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

Originally posted by mxrbid-angel

As the procession of cats makes their way towards Haru, the ferals of the neighborhood go on to attack the cats. Unlike the Cat Kingdom Cats, the ferals only communicate in meows, yowls, and hisses towards the others. I’m not sure if it’s just a communication thing, or if it means the cats are incapable of speaking Human.

Along with this, we’ve only had examples of Cat Kingdom cats being able to speak Human. Feral cats from the human world are incapable of talking to Haru.

And before people point it out, Muta was originally from the Cat Kingdom. He was banished after eating all the fish in the lake, but his origin remains the same. Thus, he’s able to speak human.

That brings up a new point though- Why are Cat Kingdom cats so special?

Well, we know the Cat Kingdom turns Humans into Cats, but still gives them their original abilities (speak Human that is). It could be easily assumed that the Cats originally started off as humans, but got turned into cats. Since they never went back to the human world, but still retained human abilities, they just decided “we’re cats now”.

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RULES: choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions, then tag some friends.

I choose:

  • nardo
  • atla
  • berserk

The first character you loved:

  • NARUTO. i loved this fiery sunshine boy from the moment i saw him sitting BY HIMSELF on that swingset…
  • katara and her feminist rage won me over real quick.
  • guts even though he really is insufferable as the black swordsman (i feel like i shld mention i was only like…8 when i read berserk)

The character you never expected to love so much:

  • hmmm…i knew i’d Love sasuke bc im self aware. BUT i didnt know the full extent of just how much i’d Love him. also kakashi? i expected him to be Dark and Emo and Mysterious. but. hes so chill thank god.
  • i love literally all of team avatar dont do this to me.
  • farnese. i thought i’d hate her but shes a solid fave.

The character you relate to most:

  • sakura and to some extent hinata.
  • none of them really. maybe that one girl w/ sheep hair bc i feel like if i lived in midland i’d be constantly terrified and somewhat selfish too. i think thats why i didnt hate her as much as some other ppl.

The character you’d slap:

  • orochimaru and kabuto. they nasty.
  • ozai for obvious reasons.
  • this is so easy: GRIFFITH.

Three favourite characters (these are in order of preference):

  • SASUGAY, narootoo, sakura the beautiful and kakashi at a tie. im very basic and tend to go for the main characters. i rlly like the dynamics of the sannin though.
  • katara followed by zuko followed by the remaining members of team avatar bc im. too weak to choose.
  • the griffith-guts-casca triumvirate. theyre so compelling…

A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  • i honestly cannot think of any.
  • mai? i still like her but not as much as i used to.
  • …puck. before he turned into the resident comic relief™.

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

  • JIRAIYA. i thought he’d be Nasty and he IS. but he’s so…loveable. hes the grandpa nart never had.
  • listen. i watched avatar when i was 4-6. somewhere around that age. i didnt have the mental capacity to genuinely dislike characters. (suki. i used to not like suki)
  • puck’s discount counterpart, ivalera. 

3 OTP’s:

  • sasuke/naruto, ino/sakura, kakashi/iruka. rock lee and sakura are rlly cute too…
  • katara/aang, katara/zuko, sokka/zuko
  • uh.

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i went to nap after skool  so thats why i didnt answer sooner, the first sketch is from last night tho.

Im still figuring out how i’d like them to be rn,,,slowly, i mostly thought of the survivor gang (im a filthy survivor main, hit me.) so thats why i already draw them so often but tried 2 draw in school a bit more of them, they’re tough and u can just see i haven’t really practiced drawing them much. Especially hillbilly. i esp dont know wether i want Trapper to be a dick or dad guy of the group.

I’ll try to draw them properly soon though!! Probably Nurse first i think (mostly bc shes easiest lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, )

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Hey liv! It's not like I agree with what those anons are saying lol but I just really wanna know what you think would be Harry's POV if he ever were to be intimate with a black girl like his thoughts and stuffs (I know you're not harry so you wouldn't know) but like I want you to tell it as though you were writing a smut of Harry fucking a black girl) sorry please I promise I'm not being negative just want to here your opinion! Please do answer

if im honest i really dont think it would be any different than fucking any other race??? like i dont like that there is such a thing about it, you know, where fucking a black girl must be some WHOLE OTHER WORLD EXPERIENCE and all like “Oh i haven’t been with a black girl yet let me try her” like we are human!!! if you aren’t shitty (and i assume harry isn’t shitty) the race wouldn’t matter and that wouldn’t be the thing you’re focusing on while being intimate with someone 

Zac Efron Imagine

Imagine - Anonymous

Zac and I were on our way to the Neighbors premier. We had starred in another movie together and were “dating”. We werent really dating it was just a publicity stunt.

While we were walking on the red carpet we stopped to answer a few questions. All at once we were bombarded with questions.

“Are you two getting married!?”

“marriage? Whens the wedding?’

"Is it true you’re 3 months pregnant?”

“What are you going to name the kid? How many do you want?”

Zac was the one to speak up, i was in too much shock. “None of that is true. We aren;t getting married and definitely arent having a child together!”

We answered a few good questions and took pictures then went inside for the movie. Instead of watching it we talked. Even though we were both stars of a movie together we never got to really know each other.

“wow, (y/n), you’re actually really cool.” He said with a fond smile.

“Geeze dont sound to surprised!” I laughed.

“No, I just meant, i could see us really hanging out. Not as an act…. Say, you wanna come back to my place after the party? Or before. It doesnt matter to me.”
“Sure Zac, When ever you wanna go.”

okapiempress  asked:

Why are you posting anti-social justice confessions? It's seriously offending. Social justice means you believe in basic, non-sexist, non-racist, non-homophobic, etc. behaviour. Please respond, I've send this on anon, and I really want an answer, because I dont understand why you would post confessions that ridicule racism.

1. Please note that we are against sexist, racist, homophobic behavior and we try not to post anything that promotes them.

2. The way we see it, though, confessions like this and this are criticizing some parts of the fandom and how SJW culture can be problematic. Not saying our own opinions on the topic, but we think most people can agree that you can critique a part of a movement without being against it as a whole.

3. With that said, we post those confessions because we think they provide a more complete narrative. The whole argument about where we draw the line between appropriation and exchange is really, really hard to pinpoint and we don’t think it’s our job to decide where that line is drawn, so we want to let people see both sides of the argument and they can decide for themselves what an artist is doing.

4. Honestly we never knew that this discussion would cause so much argument because if we did, we would probably have banned it just like we ban obviously-political confessions.


thanks for tagging me @naruroll!! Post a photo of my lock screen, home screen, a selfie and the last song I listened to + answer a get-to-know-me tag! 

 Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better. (my lock & home screen are the same OOPS) 

Relationship status: i have a rad gf Favourite colour(s): black, green, cherry red Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick for sure :-0 i dont really wear either though? 

Last song you listened to: flow- go! OKAY BUT THE CATCH IS my gf made. a version of it that sounds like its coming from another room so it was that version, hence me having to find it on youtube 

Last movie watched: romeo + juliet, i only watched like a third though because my attention span Disappeared completely (im gonna finish it this weekend probably) 

Top three characters: HOO boy.. im gonna stick to just naruto characters and go with rock lee, sai, and uhhHhh haku 

Top three ships: sakukarin, narugaa, kakagai 

Books I am currently reading: the fingersmith by sarah waters!

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I really just hate nalu and the fans are mainly the reason for it. They overreact to everything but dont allow anyone to enjoy the smaller ships like natza or graylu, insisting that they are only friends. Fairy Tail was never intended to be a romance story so why do they all want a clichee ending with everyone sitting home and watching over a child?Wasnt fairy tail about friendship and fun?

it was, but the fandom and the author ruined it. i especially hate what it does to the characters, though.

lucy could have been true main character potential. she’s been reduced to a sobbing mess for natsu to save/fanservice for the author to jerk off to.

juvia was introduced as a powerful, emotionless woman. now she’s a literal stalker who sexually harasses her love interest.

erza was a powerful knight who kept the boys in line. but around jellal, it seems like mashima writes her as a shy pair of boobs. seriously, half of the jerza moments come from nudity and boobs.

and levy. levy could have been a vital strategic character with her brains, but she became a simple love interest instead.

all these ships force the characters to regress terribly and undermine the bonds between characters that aren’t shipped.

Eight for eight meme

Tagged by @kitkataddicted thanks a lot this is a fun one xx

Rules: Answer eight questions and tag eight people.

Last movie I watched: Million Dollar Baby (I usually don’t watch that many films, I’m more into series, but this one was last friday!)

Last song I listened to: As I’m writing this I’m listening to Cry For Everything Bad That’s Ever Happened by Le Tigre (I didn’t know them, I’m just on a Riot Grrrl playlist)

Last book I read: Right now I’m reading La Princesse de Clèves by Madame de La Fayette (dunno the English title), for class. It’s more or less considered to be the first modern novel (published in 1678 in France). It’s actually pretty cool!

Last thing I hate: Strawberries (or coffe if that counts)

Where would I want to time travel to: Uhhhh probably the 70′s-80′s because I’m punk trash, but ancient Greece seems nice too.

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: There’s so many! Probs Ginny Weasley or Pidge from Voltron. Or Princess Leia. Idk I can’t choose

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: In my grandparent’s chalet in the Alps. So much calm, so few persons, so beautiful landscapes.

Current fandom obsession: Voltron and Harry Potter, as always.

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War (Sodapop//part 6)

‘It was a story Shakespeare would have written’  Ponyboy would tell to his class. Sodapop would be proud of him, an English teacher who taught about true love and tragedy.

“Our unit is Shakespeare. Our first story, you all might have heard of, Romeo and Juliet. I want you guys to tell me what you think true love is, maybe it was something you had witnessed, felt, or saw in a film.” he would pause, looking around at his students. “Mercy, what is love to you?”

“Well, love is perfect. When you fall in love, the person you love doesn’t have any flaws anymore.” she smiled, daydreaming of her future love. Ponyboy nodded, going on to the next.

“Jason, what is love to you?”

“Sex, happiness that last for a long time.” he answered, twirling his pencil.

“I think love is more than sex, Jason,” another student, Mary, spoke up. “It’s balance, giving and taking. Something you’ll never know.” she huffed, causing him to roll his eyes. “What do you think love is, Mr. Curtis?”

“Love,” he sighed, smiling down at his paper. “I would like to say love is perfect, that my mom and dad was the perfect love story but I can’t. I’ve-I’ve seen true love. It’s messy, impulsive, undefinable,” he glanced over at the picture of Sodapop and (Y/N) for a moment, remembering the day he took it. They were in the park, the whole gang. Dallas, Johnny, Two-bit, and Steve played football while Pony sat with Darry, Sodapop, and (Y/N) under a tree. Ponyboy could resist the picture perfect moment of the two. She was playing with his hands, not paying attention to anything else, as he stared at her with a smile that said ‘I Love You’. “Love is a lot like hope, it can be crippling. The love I’ve seen, it could-Love like that could light the whole world. Love isn’t perfect, it’s not finding a perfect person. It’s loving someone with their flaws, and god, if you see it-” he paused, picking up the photograph. “You’ll feel it radiate off that person, and it won’t fade, not even after they are gone. I want you to pass this around,” he handed the first student the frame. “These people in the photograph, they were truly in love.”

“Who are they, Mr. Curtis?” The students asked.

“The boy, he’s my older brother, and the girl,” he paused, taking a deep breath. “That girl is his fiancé. They met when he was 16, a little bit before two of our best friends died, they were together for two years. He was called for war and he never came home,” he took the photograph from the last student before continuing. “She was pregnant with his baby, a baby she named after our friends, and the day we got the M.I.A letter… I watched her beat on the chest of the army man and collapse to the ground. For the rest of her pregnancy, she laid in the bed they shared, she cried day and night. We could hear her scream ‘Why him?’ and how she wanted him to come home. How all she wanted was nothing more than to hear him at the door, see him one last time, she could be happy. Six years makes no difference, she remembers his last goodbye, and that was the day, I believe, she died inside. And from that day on, died a little more. When at her worst, she’ll lay in bed, crying all night long. They brought out the best of each other, parts of them that they didn’t know about. It was a romance novel, their love.  I think the only thing keeping her alive is that child and the hope of him coming home but she knows he won’t. Have you ever heard someone ask an empty grave,‘If you loved me, why did you leave me?’ Everyday, I see the result of true love. I think the worst part is that her son doesn’t know his father’s dead. He looked at his pictures but he doesn’t know him. He doesn’t know him because she can’t bring herself to admit he’s gone. She never got another lover, I don’t think she could have. She doesn’t look at other men. Maybe some of you thinks that’s bad for her, maybe it is but she loved, loves my brother and my brother loved her. I would give my own life, I would kill myself to bring him back for her because I can feel how broken she is,” he went on and on. “You should have seen the way their eyes lit up at the mention of each others’ name. Hers still do, until she remembers. She was the strongest of all of us until she lost him. So, to me, love is painful and I wish I could take her pain away.”

“Is she good with her son?”

“She loves her son, so much, as much as a mother could. He’s loved,” Ponyboy answered, looking at the students. Some of them having tears in their eyes before giving out the playbooks. “Love is a funny thing. Shakespeare knew that, he knew that only fools run to love, and only fools run to war.”

so last part only got 15 likes
thats not bad but if yall dont want no more of this tell me so I dont waste my time ya know. I really hope you like though, this part makes me sad but it so true

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i know youre also writing a fanfic and i was just wondering how youre gonna approach evens bipolar disorder? i've read some about it but i dont know if i'll do the disorder justice. i really dont want to offend anyone or paint the wrong picture of it so im asking you for advice.

so i have first and secondhand experience with bipolar disorder (i’ve bipolar 2, and people close to me have suffered from bipolar 1 – unfortunately not all of them have had a happy ending) so i approach it with what i know. though i know there are a lot of sites out there that offer perspective from people who experience it firsthand, which i think might be your best bet! because bipolar disorder is absolutely different for everyone.

my biggest advice is to not write more than you know. don’t make anything you think might be right up and try to pass it off. just write what you can figure out, make sure you put a disclaimer, and never make it seem like it’s a bad thing (for the people involved in your story, that is). i think that’s the only way for someone who doesn’t experience it (either first or secondhand) to write it respectfully. it irks me so very much when you can tell someone is writing a manic or depressive episode with very little research done – they either make it too much or make it too little. these are things you have to approach with caution, or not approach them at all.

i can point you towards @monstermonstre‘s blog if you’d like – they have a lot of useful information about bipolar disorder regarding even, too. i think it’s very useful for writers trying to approach his disorder respectfully.

good luck! so long as you know you’re doing your best and writing what you know and never making assumptions, you should be fine!

PSA: you can have as many different weird headcanons or theories as you want about lazytown, but that does NOT mean that you should envolve stefan and ask him what he thinks about them. the purpose of talking to stefan isn’t to overwhelm him by asking his opinions on your Super Edgy Lazytown Theory™ , or to continuously mention sportarobbie to him, especially considering that we already know his opinions reguarding sportarobbie and lazytown theories in general. he isn’t obligated to answer all your questions, and you should really only contact him if you’re wishing him well or something along those lines.

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I don't think they will give us a spacelatinx because they might be afraid of getting hate. Like fans will be like of course you make the spacelatinx a villain. It's what tends to happen when you make the black person or the Asian a villain.

you’re probably right, though i would like to think that lucasfilm is smart enough to realize that as long as theyre a fully developed character and it doesnt promote any stereotypes, there would be no racial problems with it.

plus, we’ve had 3 really good latino heroes in the movies alone so far, we deserve a villain.

anonymous asked:

Hi Jiho! Even though in every aspect it's different, I can’t help but feel like my friend group dynamic is similar to yours with Nel & Han. But recently, I feel like my friends and I have been so distant to the point where I sometimes doubt how well I know them. We became busy because of family and work and even though friends drift apart, I don’t want to let go. Do you ever feel this way? How do you deal? Am I expecting too much? Thanks for taking the time to answer this. ^^ stay healthy, rest!

ah yea tbh i havent talked to nel and han for a long time
sometimes on katalk but nothing more than that
they became really busy with school and work 
and myself am really busy with my work too
so yea sometimes shit like this happens
just dont force any type of relationship i guess if you feel you and your friends are drifting apart just let it be
whenever meeting eachother it will feel as comfortable as ever
thats how you know you met some good friends