i dont really ship this but

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BorutoxSarada? ;3

As much of a great ship it is (for some people), I don’t personally ship it ;; I don’t hate it, I’m just not a fan of the said ship.

I don’t plan on shipping anyone in the New Gen in this AU as well. I’d like to focus on how they grow up, how they bond with people and all that. I’d like to explore the other aspects of the characters’ lives aside from the typical romance side of it owo

They are still kids in the Canonverse so it’s kinda hard to ship people yet, and in this AU, I’d like to see how they grow platonically rather than romantically. How some grow into dislike towards another, or how others look up to another- relationships like that yknow?

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Okay I understand the fans are being unreasonable and you have had enough. However, ever since then you have been acting really cold forward your followers who simply want to ask your opinion on other things that are not the fictional ship and what not. That is not okay. I love you, I live your work, but I am not living your 10 year old attitude. (Whatever my username is because I dont remember) out.

I understand your point of view
However I’ve stated many times on my blog that I have an FAQ page with lots of questions that have been asked over and over

Literally 10 posts ago I stated that I ain’t doing much more Undertale and I even made a video however ‘fans’ continue to bombard me with questions about it

I haven’t really acted coldly to anyone who asked about my opinion on anything else so I’d like to see what you mean by that but regardless

I act coldly because that’s how I’m treated

I beleive in the idea of ‘If people can’t be bothering finding out what you’ve already been asked then I shouldn’t bother giving a proper answer’

That’s my stance but feel free to discuss with me I love talking to people with different views and opinions!

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michaeng or NaMo or Minayeon or MiMo or anything good honestly, im not too fussy about ships, i ship them all, ive never read kpop fanfics ever so i dont really know where to find the well written ones. so far i've only stumbled upon wattpad ones and im scarred, so i figured maybe you'd know?

Oh boy, Wattpad can be a mess. But hopefully you’ll find better ones on Ao3 or AFF.  I’m not the biggest reader myself, so most of my recs will be JeongMi or MiMo, but I’m sure @namo-or-death and @2yeons would be happy to give you some recs for Namo and Michaeng.

These are some of my personal faves, and some that I’ve heard are quite good! All on ao3

- white noise by handong (hunger games au; never read it myself, but I saw good reactions to it on my twt timeline)

- most of natashass’ stories, but some of my faves are armistice (which is 3mix and mina) and bed arrangements (jeongmi) 

- politeness and prejudice by darthearts (MiNayeon)

- couldn’t even get your shadow to stay by xylomylo (2yeon soul mate au)

- knee socks by osakaprincess (saida neighbour au if I remember right!)

- someone like me (mimo; college au)

- kiss her once (kiss her twice to keep the night on), also by natashass (mimo; band au kinda)

- my fave author kkaengie, who you can find on ao3 and aff. their stuff is some of my fave. 

This is a small list because it’s midnight here but hopefully people will reply with their personal faves 🤞🤞 


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

hey yall. i just realized something.

this is probably gonna be long but whatever. stick with me.

soooo im currently rereading the original pjo series. and i am feeling. so many. things. i realized a lot of things too.

okayyy so in PJO, we view percy as reckless. stupid. always acting on impulse. basically that dumb guy that never thinks befire doing things. BUT in HOO, we start viewing him as mature and smart and strategic and all that. But he didnt grow THAT much. Percy didnt age that much in hoo.

Remember that iconic scene (Mark of Athena, i think?) where they meet some kind of monster/bad ppl (im too lazy to search it up) aboard the argo II and it was percy that thought of saying that Dionysus was with them? Percy knew about their fear of dionysus, and how he turned them inti dolphins. So he got some diet coke as “proof” that he was there and asked frank to turn into a dolphin. Genius, right?

Annabeth called him smart after that.

That was the only time we considered him smart. (Well not ONLY, just one of the few times.) But guess what? He’s been doing smart shit like that for years already.

I cant really mention all of the times he did something smart/wise. If i did it would take me days before i finish typing.

So i realized why we only thought he was smart in hoo but not in pjo.

In PJO, it was in first person, so we saw everything through the eyes of percy. In this series, he only focused about how stupid he was, about how great other people were and how better they are then him. But he doesnt focus about all the good/smart/wise things he’s done. Percy doesnt know that he’s smart. All he knows is that he is stupid, worthless, and all other negative things.

in HOO, however, we were reading from another person’s point of view. We saw percy from another person’s eyes. We noticed things that he doesnt notice himself.

Hazel called him a god, once, because he was just THAT attractive. Everyone else looked up to him, and thinks he’s the most powerful/strongest person to exist.

But Percy doesnt know that. All he knows is that he’s stupid.

SOOOO, long story short, Percy hates himself.

Ok bye sorry if this was long I just love Percy so much and i a m f e e l i n g s o m U C h

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Me: I should study.

Brain: Look! Your favorite blogger wrote a 30k word post saying why your OTP is canon!

Me: What! Where?

Brain: Tumblr! Also, don’t forget to look up your OTP and read all the fanfiction you come across. And, make sure you see all of those juicy edits and crack videos. And when you’re done, go to Netflix and re-watch the series so you could never forget how amazing it is.

Me: But I need to-

Brain: Silence.


THIS IS SO GOOD THO LOL honestly i feel like lapis and amethyst could actually get along smashingly if they gave it a chance