i dont really like kiri sorry

edgyro  asked:

Heyyyy just dropping by (again) to ask how youre doing 😊 i hope you've been well! as always, i love your art and i hope youre taking care of yourself. ♥

Hi hi–! I’m okay i’m alive dont worry–! ; 7 ; yeah sorry for the lack of art, my drawing motivation come and go like waves so i havnt really been up to put up stuff really sorry for the waiting asks too ;;w;; but erm yeah I’ve been con crunching stuff for my Kiri cosplay for a while so that’s been taking up a bunch of my time 

Here’s Proof–!!

//sweats heavily……..

y-yeah I’ll be drawing/answering stuff soon nuff tho–!! hopefully
but thank you guys so much for the love and concern \;;w;;/