i dont really like kiri sorry

so obviously my mom said miss you and i said new phone whos this, she responded with ‘your mum’ and i decided to act like my mates know i dont have a mum so like,,, really, who is it? sort of thing. so she goes on about 'leaving me out of her will’ and cause i quite literally Do Not Give A Fuck im just like 'oh ok lol have fun’.

after watching mha i decide to shit stir and say sorry i was watching something but you have the wrong number, she proceeds to send me a screenshot OF THE NAME SHE SET FOR ME ON WHATSAPP when my name is set to 'kiri [tiger emoji]’ and not [firstname] [blue heart emoji] [lastname]’, send her proof of that, and shes like 'not playing silly games with you’ neither am i lass i’m dealing with facts by this point

tells her straight if she changes my name on her phone it’ll change on whatsapp, she puts 'i’m over it…’ and i continue the facade of 'i got a new phone must’ve been your kids number haha’

and she hasnt responded so obviously i’ve upset her and i’m a big evil meanie abuser etc etc etc (ain’t that rich)