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Ritsu Headcanons (Pt. 1)

wow i got another one of these done! yay me :3 i got like halfway through then accidentally deleted them so rip me but heres the brother that i love so much i cry every time. like these r probably really hecking biased because i love him so much but like! i dont care :3 anyways here they r

Mob // Teru //

  • really soft hair
    • like real soft. how does he do it
    • he uses the same stuff as mob but somehow his hair ends up like feathers
  • Huge sweet tooth
    • like u’ll find him late at night eating chocolate and hes like ‘… what dont judge me’
  • just all around defensive when he gets caught doing stuff hes not supposed to
    • with adults hes able to talk himself out of it but w/ others….. hes just ‘this ISNT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE youre making ASSUMPTIONS’
    • mobs just like ‘… ok?’
    • teru makes fun of him
    • shous just like ‘PASS THE FUCKIN COOKIES’
      • the first time ritsu was like ?????????????? ok?
      • after that tho he would see shou walk in and just hand him whatever he was eating
  • k so like hes demi
    • you can fight me on this but u’ll lose tbh
    • for a long time he thought he was just too focused on school and extracurriculars to ‘have time’ for crushes
    • but then like after a year of hanging out w/ shou, shou says something really stupid but endearing and ritsus just ‘oh shit. Oh Shit.’ 
    • mob kept finding all of the silverware bent into shitty hearts and undid them with a grin
    • ritsu was So Mortified the first time it happened
      • and all the other times but the first time REALLY mortified
  • mob… tries to help his little brother with this. 
    • fun fact: it doesnt work
    • once he tried to shove shou into a hug w/ ritsu but instead pushes shou down the stairs 
      • mob quickly walked away like so fucking fast
    • there were other attempts but like….. they were all as bad as The Stair Incident
  • shou is luckily so impulsive that like a month after ritsu realized that he was Kind Of In Love With His Best Friend hes like ‘uh ur blushing and its really fucking cute so like uh date me maybe?’ and it. works.
  • their relationship is soft and pure
    • angst? no fuck you im not about that shit
    • actually i am its gonna be on shous
      • just thinking about it is making me cry ahead of time and its only like half an idea fuck whatever
  • so like ritsus always fucking Done
    • especially when teru has to do anything with it
    • teru really likes to lovingly poke fun and ritsus just like ‘haha im gonna stab you now’
  • ok so like at first ritsu thinks reigen is just like manipulating mob but when reigen throws mob a Huge birthday party and asks ritsu for help he realizes reigen really loves mob and stops hating him
    • in fact that experience is when reigens like ‘welp ive got another child i have to care for’
    • how does this man continually adopt children. how.
  • has really cute freckles
    • like… really cute
  • has a pet cactus named ‘hanazawa teruki fucking sucks’
    • its marley for short but its true name is ‘hanazawa teruki fucking sucks’
    • why? teru gave it to him and said ‘i found ur clone’
      • teru nearly died that day

thats all i got for now! hope yall enjoy ;w;

i’m not particularly fond of talking about my follower counts anywhere (i dont mind when other people do! just not really my thing) but i broke 10,000 followers on here today and that feels super whoaaa. 

this account is probs around 6 years old and i know i inconveniently hop interests all the time, but some ppl have told me how they stick around because they like my art anyway, regardless of what i’m drawing, and honestly that’s quite touching to me. :’^) really anyone who’s taken the time to send a nice message or write a nice tag… thank u so much. i really do love drawing for the sake of drawing, and that stuff only makes what i do even sweeter.

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Hello! I've been seeing your keychain of sans popping up all over my dash and I can't take it anymore, I really want one. Where do I buy your beautiful keychain? :D

I’ve gotten a bunch of similar asks so I thought I’d post this publicly. The waterfall sans charm was a Patreon-exclusive reward for my patrons who pledged me in December - my start-up month. I made it past my $250 goal and gifted those who made it possible. I have a good amount leftover that I’ll be selling at Supanova on the G Coast in April. 

As for future charms, I’m designing a bunch more!! And I’ll be opening an online store in early May. I MIGHT open earlier for patrons and enable the option to preorder. I’ll have a UT design done hopefully by the end of today. Early release designs are only available to view on my Patreon though.

Also, the longer you stay my patron, the more gifts you get..! Pledgers that remain my patron for 4 months or more get stickers for sticking around. ◖⚆ᴥ⚆

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What art piece took the longest to do?

Jin: What art piece took the longest to do? Well I remember I did draw this like a year or 2 ago and it took me about 2 weeks?? I think..

Jin: Yoongi gave me a photo of us at the park and it looked really pretty but now I dont really know where the original photo went.. maybe its with Yoongi..
OH! and I did this digitally so it took me quite a long time

I like to have this “i dont care about anyones opinion but my own” attitude when it comes to social media, i let anon hate roll off my back like water, but every time someone likes one of my tweets, reblogs my art on tumblr, it really makes me smile every time. Because its like having someone give u a pat on the back and say “i agree dude, you did good” and it just makes me so happy :)))) so i gotta say thank you to all the people who follow me, you make me wanna keep being creative and keep being silly and keep existing another day on planet earth

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i know that its good for the kinds of stim toys you have to be varied, do you have any recommendations for toys you think all stimmers should have? i tend to have a very particular idea of what i like and i only get those kinds of things [i have almost exclusively fidget toys, honestly], but i dont want to neglect whole types of toys i might really enjoy just because i didnt think i would like it looking at it online.

I’m going to answer this in two parts, because it’s an awesome question. Today, I’m going to give a general breakdown of stim toy categories and possible toys one might choose from those categories to build a varied kit. Tomorrow, I’ll take a photo of what I consider the core essentials of my own stim toy kit and talk more in depth about why I’d recommend those toys for others, especially with regards to offering different types of stims.

A great deal of this, though, will depend on one’s personal preferences with regards scent, texture, appearance and sensation. I’d start by working out what cannot work for you. For me, strong artificial or chemical scents and flashing lights are permanently on the No Stim list as both trigger headaches and flashing lights trigger partial seizures. Tackiness is a Bad Texture (as in I just won’t touch something that’s tacky) so I steer clear from that as well. You may not know yet what your dislikes or triggers are, and that’s okay, too.

Once you know what to avoid (or know you don’t know), you can then approach categories of toys. It’s worth trying a thing or two from each category to build up a collection that allows for swapping/variation, and then going deeper into each category, or not, depending on how it clicks with you.

None of these categories contain complete listings, just a few examples. These categories also don’t include the variety of larger therapeutic items used by OTs and the like but focus on more-portable stim toys. All the different types of toys featured so far on this blog can be found on the toys tag page, grouped by type. Keep in mind that many toys belong in two or more categories as well: scented slime, for example, is both a mouldable stim and a scent stim!

Mouldable: kinetic sand, slime, floam, playdough, Thinking Putty. The issues with this category are those of texture and scent: slime and floam can be sticky or oozy; everything often has a synthetic fragrance or a chemical odour. I’ll be honest: as much as I despise Autism Speaks, Spinmaster-branded Kinetic Sand is the only kinetic sand I’ve found in Australia that has a non-chemical odour. Handmade playdoughs might be best for those scent-sensitive.

(My rec: kinetic sand. Non-sticky, non-messy, wonderful.)

Tossable: stress balls, prickle balls, bouncy balls, bean bags. These range in shape, size and firmness. Many also have plastic odours. I adore prickle balls because they give texture as well as bounce and squish.

(My rec: prickle balls, but only for people who like hard textures.)

Squishable: squishies, puffer creatures/balls, playdough, thicker slimes, balloon stress balls, grape mesh stress balls. Again, ranging in shape, size, scent and firmness. Puffer creatures often smell very strongly, but they have soft fronds great for pulling and they’re very squishable.

(My rec: squishies. Available in fast and slow rising, many with scents but some without, inexpensive if one purchases from a free-shipping listing.)

Fidgets: Tangles, chain fidgets, bead rings, bead lanyards, Klixx, snake puzzles, wooden block puzzles, fidget cubes, marble mazes. These are all basically “things you hold in your hands and manipulate”. Note that one uses some of these differently - a chain fidget is a one-hand fidget for me, but I use a Tangle Jr in both hands. I use a snake puzzle and a Tangle Jr pretty similarly, though. Fidget jewellery also fits in this category, like bead-filled tube bracelets and snake necklaces.

(My rec: Tangles first, chain fidgets second.)

Plush and/or weighted: any soft toy/plushie, weighted plush, Disney Tsum Tsums, Teeny Tys, @caseydickdanger‘s Hedgehugs, my own mop-head creatures, weighted blankets and lap pads. I look for things that usually offer multiple textures, like embroidery, fur, chenille or multiple fabrics used on the one toy. It’s pretty easy to DIY weighted versions of these things.

(My rec: Disney Tsum Tsums: they’re squishable, crunchable and portable.)

Visual: glitter balls, flashing/light up balls, flashing puffer creatures/balls, liquid motion bubblers, glitter batons, liquid paperweights, glitter jars. Most of these require some hand movements to use, but nothing as intensive as a fidget. Note that glitter balls without lights do exist but can be tough to find.

(My rec: Glitter jars. Easy to make and fun to watch.)

Scent: plushies, bean bags, slimes and doughs, Stimtastic’s scented vial necklaces. This can be as simple as a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief, blanket, pillow or soft toy. (Just don’t scent anything you plan to chew.) I recommend pure essential oils, but for those who like non-oil fragrances and don’t have chemical sensitivities, fragrance oils can work, too.

(My rec: any of these. I can do a post about essential oils if anyone’s interested in exploring this further.)

Sound: bean bags, rattles, pop tubes, the spinning wheels on toy cars, cronch slime, fishbowl slime, cracking squishies, crocheted stress balls, toys with noisemakers or crinkle paper. A lot of things, surprisingly!

(My rec: I really like rattling bean bags. I use soup mix to make mine, because the different-sized beans and lentils make a pleasing sound.)

Touch/texture: crocheted stress balls, Hairy Tangle, Tangle Jr Fuzzy, prickle balls, prickle fidgets, swatches of fleece, fabric stress balls, wooden toys, bead rings. This is category is for anything that is primarily about touch for the sake of touching - I quite often hold my coiled Tangle Jr Fuzzy in my hands and just run over it with my fingers. It’s not even a fidget toy for me!

(My rec: Tangle Jr Fuzzy first, crocheted stress ball second.)

Chewable/oral: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chewables, teethers. Can be made from fabric, silicone or wood. It may take some experimentation to find out what kind of chewer you are and where you prefer to chew. You may not chew at all but prefer to suck on toys or rub them over your lips, so this category may still be useful for non-chewers.

Tomorrow, I’ll post what I consider to be the essentials for my own kit and the roles they serve within it. I think, however, looking at the kinds of toys in each category and picking a couple from any category that isn’t covered by your current kit/collection is a good place to start.

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OK, so I am traveling by myself and I forgot my favorite stuffie. How can I forget something like that you say? Because I can be a bit scattered brained and I forgot to check that I had him silly! It happens. Anyway once I figured that I left him I started to freak out and messaged Mister on a desperate attempt for help and he helped me calm down and to find something to use until I got home. You guys he didnt even need to but he did this for me. Do you know how awesome that is? Thank you Mister

we sometimes tend to forget the value of simple words of calm and care… and that we are never alone. 

Many who follow me know exactly why I am here… some just think I’m the perfect daddy with a great voice..some with ulterior motives.. . and others, well I dont really know. Some even see me as untouchable or being in some great ivory tower like I’ll snap from being messaged without permission…..

….thats not the case.

 I get a variety of messages every day. Some interesting, some heart breaking… some just fun. 

But I always do my best to help everyone that I can. to improve their lives. to make them understand the value that is within themselves. Back in the days when I only had about a hundred followers it was easy. I could check out everyones tumblr… I could talk at will to anyone who messaged… I miss those days in a way. 

But no matter how big this thing gets, how many followers come and go… or whatever kind of notoriety I incur… I am going to always do my best to be there for each and every single one of you. 


i was tagged by @imchangki @wonholypeach @hyungnu & @imshownus to do the #beautifulmonbebe challenge. (you’re all so beautiful pls)

i really dont know how wonho can look so much like art but there we go

i’m gonna tag - @messtalia @lunadoyle18 @bunnywonho @messyandstressed (how did i accidentally unfollow wtf sjsks) @monstaexo & any one else that wants to do this.

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What did E do to Harry back the old days? I was sort of drifting into the Larry fandom at that point, so I dont know how bad it truly got... However, I do know she's stupid for agreeing to come back just because she wants to boost her failing blog and she wants make herself relevant again, but I really dont want to see Louis like he was again. All the weight pics scared me because you could see the pain in his eyes and body language, not mention Harry's!

it’s in my eleanor tag but i’ll link you to the most relevant posts here & here 

real facts about me that are really real (real)

- i like noise rock a lot. 

- i dont drink or do recreational drugs

- 21

- im 6′3 (tall)

- my fave game is super mario land 

- i still haven’t 101%’d donkey kong 64 yet

- i only play reinhardt

- chandra is my second fave planeswalker. domri is my third

- i make pizzas for a living currently (free pizza for life)

- i can fold down my right pinky while keeping my other fingers straight up (not on my left hand for some reason)

- i’m just like…im just a human

- never had a pet before and it makes me sad

- dont want to end it on a sad note so im just going to say hope u have a great day

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5 things I keep in my bag:
- phone
- money
- earphones
- pen
- diary/planner

5 things I keep in my room:
- books
- makeup 
- notebooks (I have so many notebooks for so many different things omg)
- computer
- school stuff

5 things I’ve always wanted to do with my life:
- travel
- become a teacher
- write a novel
- learn another language 
- relearn sign language (I used to be really good but lost the ability bc I rarely used it)

5 things I’m into:
- music
- writing/reading
- art (I’m not good but I love drawing little cartoons of Got7 over my notebooks)
- cooking
- very specific but singing/rapping the Hamilton soundtrack lol

5 things on my to-do list:
- write an english essay
- read some more of ‘everything everything’ (loving the book so far)
- study Korean
- write up some requests
- do some biology exam questions for my tutor

5 things you may not know about me:
- I’m 18 years old
- I’m British
- I start university in September
- I’m visiting Korea in the summer
- I’ve been writing fanfiction for about 5 or 6 years now

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Feel free to not do it if ya don’t want to~

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Pilot can I just say that everytime i look at your art I'm blown away just by how youre pregreasing in leaps and bounds! Like I know as an artist you might not see it but I can see just how good youre getting and I'm sorry if this is a little weird but I feel really proud of you as a fellow artist. Dude just keep drawing cause I'm excited to see what you put out

thank you so much! i feel like i’ve been doing a lot better with painting and color picking, two things i felt were very weak before! now im doing better with backgrounds too! i still have weaknesses, i rely very heavily on references but i dont think thats a bad thing exactly and my character interaction is still weak as well as placing characters in environments, but im working on it and its getting better all the time! messages like this mean a lot to me, i get worried that im not progressing sometimes but i know that i am ^u^

honestly, shout out to @tides-miraculous, they always make time for my questions and i owe a lot of my progress to them i believe 

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this isn't hate at all. but i have a small question. does your group of super huge blogs feel like you're above everybody else? do you feel like you're the same? or do you feel like overwhelmed sometimes? (i dunno how 2 explain this. it sounds rlly shitty ik, but i dunno how else to put it.) excuse my awful english, it isn't my main language. have a nice night or day.

ur english isnt bad!! ! umm idk we’re just rlly good friends w each other,,,we make jokes n what not but all of my friends are honestly very humble. and really, having a lot of followers can be overwhelming sometimes but tbh i dont even have that many…,,the other blogs have more than me. we love this fandom but yea, i guess you could say we get overwhelmed sometimes.?

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the peeps who hate hanzo mostly hate him because the fans turn hanzo into a do no wrong type of person. like we all get that he has a lot of stress and trauma but it doesn't excuse his actions. or maybe it's just me. I mean I really liked him as a character but then the majority of the fandom started to attack anyone who see hanzo in a negative light. :/ the point is that people don't hate hanzo because of his character but instead because the fans.

like…..i dont really care abt han.zo like, at all but a lot of fans turn him (and basically every other character) into a one dimensional, 1 trait only kind of person, so they like, only focus on either how Shit of a person he is because he ‘killed’ genji, OR they turn him into a ‘literally did nothing wrong uwu’ and its like……………no………hes….a complex character with a LOT of trauma..you cant just do that……

sexual attraction doesnt mean wanting to have sex. it doesnt really have much to do with sex. the word to describe that is ‘libido’

sexual attraction is a lot more complicated than just sex & i cant really explain it right now but if you dont understand it you should probably not talk about it until you do understand because you’re bound to make mistakes & get things horribly wrong

im probably not a huge artist for that reason bc most of my stuff is random ass half doodles and i dont draw Enough fjskdkskfksidledk WHICH SUCKS BC I HAVE LESS STUFF THE MORE MY STYLE IMPROVES! i love my style so Much right now i really do ;_____; im glad other people like it too, thanks

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what characters do you think you voice best? accent-wise. alternately, which do you think you struggle most with?

i voice america pretty well considering im american ffff

and im.. not really too sure, part of me is like ‘oh totally germany or russia’ but i remember getting complaints in this past of them not sounding right so i dont know


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Im out to some friends and I decided to tell more people (not family) and to be really out in college but since I haven't really any ecperiene with girls I'm feeling worse. I thought this was going to make me feel better and would help me to have a girlfriend but I'm feeing like I can't use "lesbian" if I didnt really kiss a girl of have a gf. I don't know. In my mind everything was clear but I dont know if Im confused or dealing with internalized homofobia. Sorry for my English.

first off please don’t apologize for your english— it’s amazing that you can communicate fluently in a language that isn’t your first so don’t ever apologize for your english! :)

i definitely understand wanting to be super out in college— i told myself i was gonna do that but it’s such a habit for me to be closeted that i haven’t really been super duper Out either. but i promise, you don’t have to have kissed a girl or had a gf to be a lesbian or to identify as a lesbian!! it sounds like you feel like less of a lesbian because you haven’t had experiences with girls but it really doesn’t make you less lesbian! we all have our first experiences with girls at different ages and there’s no shame in not having had a gf yet. :) don’t worry too much about it dear, be  yourself and be out and proud and there’ll be some girls who love you for it!!