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no fear

- the yoi writers continuing on this fanservice-y path with ota //.yuri, effectively sidelining a healthy gay relationship in favor of a forced relationship between a minor and a friend he made after sharing 5 mins of screentime, thus also disallowing the chance for them to develop a well-written friendship - 

one fear

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Hey darqx! Your art style really cheers me up somehow, it's very clean sketchy sorta lines but at the same time there's so much detail and it's incredible! Also, how do demon-Izm's eyes work? Does he see kinda panoramic view like is typical of animals with horizontal pupils? Full color? I wish I could talk to you more like I get to talk to Gato and EP but I know there's a huge time zone difference ahah... I have a whole bunch of questions but I don't wanna overwhelm ya!

(´∀`)♡ HHHHHHH i’m yelling cos that is so lovely of you thank you?? You guys liking my art or being happy to see it gives me life like you wouldn’t believe. Also AHAHA yeah timezones are the devil… I s2g everyone i know is in America or thereabouts 90% of the time |D What are you guys all doing over there??!

Yes kinda! Demon!Izm has full colour vision and a bit of a wider “normal” field of view than a human, so his blind spot is further back. For eg if you look straight ahead and hold your hands up parallel with your ears, you cant really see them unless you turn your head slightly or look off to a side. If Izm did that, he’d be able to see his hands in his normal field of view whilst technically still looking straight ahead. It makes it harder for people to sneak up on him :B

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  .: тнere are ѕoмe нυмanly concepтѕ тнaт are qυιтe alιen тo мe. perнapѕ ιғ ι oвѕerve тнeѕe нυмanѕ, ι can υnderѕтand yυмa вeттer. нowever, тнιѕ нaѕ proven qυιтe тнe υneхpecтed cнallenge.

тнere waѕ a yoυng мan нavιng a converѕaтιon aвoυт ѕoмeтнιng called “ғυĸ” ιтѕ мeanιng allυdeѕ мe. тнe dιѕcυѕѕιon eѕcalaтed wнen one oғ тнe ιndιvιdυalѕ wanтed тo “ѕмaѕн” тнe yoυng мan. нowever, тнe yoυng мan waѕ υnpнaѕed вy тнe тнreaт oғ poѕѕιвle vιolence. тнroυgнoυт тнe wнole ordeal, ι waѕ υnaвle тo ғυlly coмpreнend тнe conтeхт. ι ѕнoυld ѕee ιғ yυмa нaѕ any ιnѕιgнтѕ on тнιѕ мaттer.

because of kinda recent “””””””drama””””””” i’ve been really off put from uploading art because ppl have been taking advantage of it and idk i kind of really hate it when pp think they’re entitled to my art like it didn’t fucking take me hours or days to draw and that it doesn’t mean anything to me so they upload it somewhere else without permission. yall should know i really only draw for fun and my art is personal for me bc it is a coping mechanism and it’s really fucking fantastic anyone here likes it at all and i’m super grateful for the love and support i’ve been given over the years but yeah.. if i don’t post for a while it’s because this.. sorry. 


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while


infodumping about the ocean


Song is Itsumo Nando Demo music box, original from Spirited Away

I can’t believe those parents from that daddyofive channel are straight up blaming Phil for all the flack they’re getting???

Nobody is reacting the way they are to them because of what Phil said. He didn’t have to say anything, the clips from their own channel spoke for themselves. All Phil did was see kids potentially in danger and blew the whistle on it. What kind of person would he be to look away from children in need?

They’re claiming the videos are fake, which I don’t buy, but even if they faked the videos, I don’t understand what kind of reaction they expected? How do you put up videos of you yelling at, cussing at, and man handling your kids and not expect someone to try to jump in and defend those kids? It’s already fucking wild to me that it went on so long before someone finally said something.

Fake or not, you sat there and filmed, edited, and posted these videos, not seeing anything wrong with the content, and that’s still a huge fucking problem. It was aggressive, abusive, disturbing, and not in the least bit funny. You can’t just be like “but they’re for entertainment!” and be absolved of everything. The fact that they think that’s entertainment in and of itself is concerning to me.

Whatever, I dunno, I just thinking blaming someone else for being genuinely scared for your children instead of stepping back and being able to understand what you did wrong is a cop out.


No bendy!!!!!!111!!!

I’ve just always loved old cartoons, i watch them in my spare time!


the last of us 12 day challenge

day 4: favorite enemy - marlene

“apparently, there’s no way to extricate the parasite without eliminating the host. fancy way of saying we gotta kill the fucking kid. and now they’re asking for my go ahead. the tests just keep getting harder and harder, don’t they? i’m so tired. i’m exhausted and i just want this to end… so be it.