i dont really like it but i did it

Okay so I’m putting this out there because I’ve had this happen to me SEVERAL times and I’m going to clear things up and several of you probably won’t like me or care to read this but that is your choice. If I do not respond to your message I AM NOT IGNORING YOU! If I am uncomfortable with you I will tell you straight out and let you know so if you think I’m ignoring you I’m not. Between finishing out and continuing on in my class, work, my health problems and my family I am EXTREMELY busy and constantly stressed out. I do this because I WANT to and not because I have to so I can and will delete at any time should I feel the need. I will also let you guys know this because I have been getting a few crude messages and anons that have been making me extremely uncomfortable. Sexual things out of no where from people I don’t know and am not comfortable and close to is extremely uncomfortable for me and will get your ass blocked real quick. I do not like when someone asks me for sex or anything sexual and when I repeatedly say NO they do not get the hint and get trying to pressure me into shit.. I had one guy who was extremely cocky tell me that when a girl says no she really means yes. That is NOT and will never be true.. NO means NO! YES means YES. This really strikes a cord with me… March of last year I met a guy who seemed nice and seemed to be interested in my and we hung out for a while and I thought he really liked me, one night when we were hanging out he demanded I sleep with him and even though I repeatedly told him no and that I didn’t want to and I wasn’t comfortable he did what he wanted and took what he wanted without my permission. He did not care to use protection and my parents being extremely strict with sex and stuff like that I wasn’t allowed to have birth control. Low and behold I became pregnant with his child and did keep him because I do not believe in abortions. That is the biggest reason I am away from tumblr so much and I CAN NOT AND WILL NOT BE ON TUMBLR 24/7 to make sure I message back as soon as possible. I have bigger and more important responsibilities. So if you’re going to freak out on me when I do not respond, leave negative hate in my anon, messages, page, support rape and dislike the fact that I kept my child and love and support him with all my heart, unfollow and block me. Also I already know there will be some “ you deserved it” or “you were clearly asking for it” and “you ask for it by how you dress “ shit ummmm hell no bitch I was in sweatpants and a Nirvana long sleeve shirt and we were in the middle of playing video games. No one asks for it. No one is safe from it. Everyone can be a target and a potential victim. I’m truly sorry if I do lose any of you guys tonight but if I do lose any followers then you’re not people I want or need in my feed so have a good life and be safe loves. Love you guys ❤️😘😘 sorry about the long rant

im up early so i guess i’ll answer a question i get a lot on anon.

how did i gain so many followers?

ya’ll gon hate me but i really dont know. from the start i was just sharing things i liked. thats it. i do like things to be somewhat orderly, and kind of flow together on my blog, but honestly i never really…tried or did anything super crazy for followers. people just found me and stayed.

heinousactszx  asked:

what did you think of Rogue One, if you saw it?

i thought it was pretty good! i really don’t trust people who say it was better than the force awakens though (which is a shocking amount of people… i think its the nostalgia fuel)

i remember enjoying it but i dont actually remember much about the plot so that may be a sign of its forgetfulness fklgjfdlkg i just rmemeber liking the blind lad and his pal a Lot!!!

Personally, I am vary satisfied with how Gohan was portrayed in the Tournament of Power arc, he being out doesnt even bother me at all, I think its realistic and unexpected and he got ring out by taking himself with the same guy who nearly defeated Hit. He being the leader, taking out Botamo by being smart, making plans and using teamwork, defeating the namekians, the emotional moment when he eliminated the last warrior of Universe 10, its all great stuff here. Its more then I even expected.

Its there one thing that annoyed me its how every time he did something special they have to directly or indirectly show that Goku is proud or something, doing it one time when Gohan defeated Botamo was great, doing it every single time was annoying. I just want Gohan to be treated as his own character, I dont think he needs Goku’s aproval every single time, those moments feels like filler and irrelevant. Come on Toei, Gohan is no longer a little kid. But that’s really the only issue I have.

I honestly feel like everything around me is falling apart 😭 I don’t know how much more of this I can take nobody is ever really happy anymore! I keep having emotional breakdowns and I think to myself that I used to be so good at holding myself together and not letting people see how I really felt but more often then not these days I can’t for the life of me get through a week without having at least one outburst! Why did I have to fall in love at the wrong time ?!

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How many people on Tumblr do you know in real life?

none lmao thank god for that, if my friends found this account i’d die rip

Do you want to change your name?

I like my name, so no!

What time did you wake up this morning?

Like 10

What were you doing last night?

reading on tumblr

Is there something you can’t wait for?

my harry styles concert!!!!

What’s getting on your nerves right now?

my cough

Do you have a crush on someone?

other than Finn Wolfhard? No one 

What do you like about yourself?

mm I really like my eyes, my dimples, my humor, I like how nice I am to everyone (unless I dont like you), and I like how protective I am of the people I love


Kids: definitely! I’d like at least 3

Get married: I want to get married really bad lmao, will it ever happen? probably not

Career: for sure, im just not entirely sure in what. I’d like to be a doctor, or a surgeon, but being a teacher sounds fun too.


Last drink: Water

Last meal: pizza

Last phone call: my best friend, I was calling to see if she was still at school lmao

Last text message: to my mom, I said yayyyy because she said she was getting me pizza (,:

Last song listened to: Meet Me in the Hallway - Harry Styles

Last time you cried: honest to god it was this morning, and I was thinking about how Eddie died and was just left in the sewer?? Like his worst fear was being dirty/ germs and they just left him in the dirty ass sewer and eddie never got to finISH HIS GOD DAMN SENTENCE AND THATS NOT OKAY STEPHEN THATS NOT OKAY. Im sick so im very emotional and that just really got to me.


Made a new friend?

Yes, and I love them a lot

Fallen out of love?


Met someone who changed you?

I feel like everyone you meet changes you in some way, so yeah

Found out who your true friends were?


Found out someone was talking about you?

A lot of things have been said about me from numerous people. This year? yeah, from too many people lmao ),:


Eating: nothing im not hungry

Drinking: vitamin water, the acai blueberry- pomegranate one

Listening: nothing surprisingly

I’m about to: write more of my richie fic


Lips or eyes? hmmm eyes ??

Hugs or kisses? ive never been kissed so ill say hugs

Nose kisses or neck kisses? havent had either??? 

Shorter or taller? taller

Older or younger? either is fine

Hook up or relationship? relationship


Kissed a stranger: no lmao

Drank liquor: nope

Lost glasses/contacts: no thank god, my glasses were super expensive

Sex on first date: ive never even had sex so no!! definitely have not lmao

Broken someone’s heart: probably not

Been arrested: no

Turned someone down: yes

Developed a crush on a friend: hahah yeah, but I feel like everyone has at one point. 

Dated someone twice? ive never dated anyone

Been cheated on? nope

Kissed someone and regretted it? never kissed anyone so no

Lost someone special? yes, but not to death

Been depressed? yea ):

Been drunk and thrown up? nope

Talked to someone with the same name as you? yes! Its weird 


In yourself: took me a while, but I can confidently say yes.

Miracles: of course

Love at first sight: yes

Heaven: yes

Santa: no

Witchcraft: sure

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doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

loki’s outfits, rated

firstly i would just like to say that i’m sorry for posting this in the year of our lord 2017


thor 1:

this is literally the most pathetic twink i have ever seen in my life. i cant say anything mean about this he’s just roasting himself by existing. look at those shoulders. i think he just finished crying in this photo. 1/10.

this suit (thor 1):

he’s trying but he just looks a 15 year old at his uncle’s wedding. 4/10

his armour: 

okay the helmet is good because at least it’s SOMETHING that stands out from all his black leather. good colour scheme. i can’t really think of anything mean to say so 6/10


nice colours again, functional armour design. i like the bits round his wrists. also this picture is really funny. 8/10

avengers suit:

wow this is literally the same suit from thor 1. dude. 7/10 because he worked out or something so it actually fits him a bit better

thor 2:

is this the same outfit as avengers? i don’t fucking know. he only has one set of clothes. his hair looks worse so 7/10

these shitty rags:

this is how i look when i have an existential crisis in a taco bell bathroom. 9/10 for relatability i guess


his sugar daddy came through and he finally got new clothes which instantly puts this up there! he looks nice. put together. trophy twink. the hair out the back of his helmet is a gay look as well. 10/10

this suit:

i really cant say anything here thor already murdered him in cold blood for this. i do like the ted cruz power stance though. 8/10

whatever the fuck this is:

DUDE can you imagine how iconic loki would be if he did this all the time. gay!!  this dramatic bottom!!! 11/10


Peggy Carter in Every Episode → Hollywood Ending (2x10)
“Yes, there are many obstacles. But I’m standing in front of three of the most radiant minds on the planet. Surely, you can find a way to overcome them.”


minghao: 1008   mingyu: 0

Shit Oh Sehun did in 2017

-Mistook Jeonghan (svt) for Johnny (nct)

-Movie date with suho

-Slayed at the gaon chart award show with a solo dance

-Paris vacation/date with suho

-Got called best dressed man at a Louis Vuiton catwalk and then proceeded to spend the next day walking around Paris with a hood, baseball cap and a cowboy hat on his head all at one time

-Revealed his bed time snuggle routine with Suho, no shame attached

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in February, but didn’t…

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in March, but didn’t…

-Got an award for being himself (popularity award)

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in April, but didn’t…(NoT EvEn a FRackin TraIleR)

-Waved to a tablet instead of the camera, tried to play it cool by continuing to do so

-Posted about his big chilli… 0.0

-Got 15 points on a drawing game while everyone else got over 100 (he drew love hearts and wrote ‘I’m sorry’ for everything and still couldn’t accept being last)

-Howled because of sour pickles

-Members accuse him of being the prime suspect when food goes missing in the fridge, he agrees

-Used binoculars the wrong way round and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t see (Suho to the rescue and an embarrassed osh as a result)

-Gets driven around by big brother chanyeol

-CAN SING (might as well be in exo’s vocal line)

-Biyak Biyak 4 lyfe

-Rubbed his head on a random guy’s stomach (who looks like he’s his sugar daddy)

-Made suho sad because he didn’t go to a premier with him, but went to a festival with Chanyeol and guy whose stomach he rubbed his head on

-Danced (????) at said music festival. By dance I mean chicken fingers at the crowd wtf @ exo’s main dancer

-Can ya tell iv given up on the debut of Actor Oh

-Graced his instagram with such artistic pictures of rice, spoons and cereal

-Only one ft BoA returns

-KING OF SPOILERS sehun the cereal rice (kokobop) poster

-KING OF SPOILERS PT2 dancing the dance with kai can you all please stop this isn’t good for me

-Comments ‘is this exo’s official account?’ On exo’s official account

-“What did you do in preperation for this album?” “Loyalty”

-Passionately talked about eel reproduction

-“Favorite fruit?” “Water with ice”

-Gave flowers to the members because he’s their cute baby omfh (it was a punishment but same thing)

-*gives Kai a rose* “it fits you, you’re sexy and dark red suits you”

-Baekhyun confirms Sehuns big DIACK

-“Sehun has absolutely no interest I’m women. How do I know? Sehunnie said he has no interest in women”- Baekhyun

-Bragged about a really good noodle place, took 30+ people to eat and payed for them- but the food was disappointing

-“Say something to the EXO-L for their birthday” *sehun claps*


-*brags about his dog at every chance he gets, literal protective father to vivi* “I am a cat person”


-“We’ve been roommates for 6 years I want to cross the line”

-Producer Oh

-“I’ve arrived!” \(-°o°-)/

-Date in NYC with suho (ft the third wheel JD)

-Pulls out chair for suho

-“Its enough just to film me, suho’ s voice in the background is fine”

-Couldn’t believe that a waitress in NYC can’t speak Korean

-Theatre date with suho (ft the late third wheel JD)

-Kicks suho out of their room

-SBS power fm- more like 2 hours of sehun whinning and crying from embarrassment while suho laughs

-“I really like chocolate milk. I think it’s love”

-“Sehunnie is upset~ upset~ really really upset… huhuu” AEGAO KING WHAY

-“I’ve been having a hard time too. At times like this, we should all embrace each other. There’s something I always tell the members and that is to to ‘hug/embrace (me)’. Let’s cheer each other on, got it everyone? Cheer up always and yea, that’s it” and this is why we love our baby

-Sehun irl- “I love all my hyungs to the moon and back #se-rang-hai-yo”
Sehun in manwha- “who cares”

-LA date with suho


-“Let’s goo” \(^o^!)__

-Just sehun trying to control his face while riding the drift car

-King of being HOT, calm and panicking at the same time when their car stalled

-Also Oh Sehun driving someone hold me

-Heart-shaped sweatpatch on his back

-“Excuse me… sir… ketchup ketchup yahh… thank you”

-“The hardest time isn’t when we have a lot of schedule but when the members have different opinions (argue). It saddens me a lot”

-Me me da

-Fan- “do sehun and i have something in common?”
Sehun- “we’re human”

-Las Vegas date with suho

-Volunteers suho to go sky diving first like the little shit he is

-Wears a dress shirt and leather shoes to sky diving

-Acts like he isnt shitting himself on the zipwire

-Shamelessly wore nothing underneath an easily unzip-able hoodie

-MC Oh

-“Who is the scariest hyung?” “All of them”

-Tries to prank suho by putting a sticker on him, fails misrebly and then loses the sticker

-White suit blue shirt

-Chanyeol saying Sehuns voice is so good he wants to produce him PLEs


-Hello councellor MC’s @ seho “stop touching eachother are you guys coming out right now?”

-Sehun @ LVTN

-Gets customised bags from LVTN

-Sehun @ Moncler (also makes the CEO come out just to take pictures with him we love a powerful man)

-Peace signs in his pockets when hes told not to do it

-Doesnt follow seungri back on insta because aesthetics

-Omfg okay elyxion antics begins here


-Wrote and co produced his solo In At thE CONCERT COZ WE LOVE A TALENTED KING

-Lovingly strokes suhos face during touch it

-Comforts kai, upset because he made a mistske in his solo, during cmb

-Danced to ka-ching with CBX

-Suho “after our concert ended at midnight yesterday, sehun and i went back to our door and boiled 20 eggs. 2 adult men peeled them seriously and ate 10 eggs”

-Kisses baekhyuns neck

-Eats pizza at the concert after holding back for months, members happy give us one last chance at seeing THE ABS

-Went crazy and got chanyeol too drunk on his birthday

-Fansites “please dont crop our watermark we work really hard for these pictures”
Sehun ;)

-Cute instalive of him just trying on the filters and telling us not to be stressed and play


-“OK!! goo” *pouts*

-“Hey dog, look at me~”

-“Cheese many manyyy”

-*is just standing there posing*
Photographer “youre cute”

-Didnt know it was just him, kai and baekhyun in the lightsaber mv

-“Sehunnie makes the most delicious soju” byun baekhyun


-Makes a personal training room in their dorm that can barely fit his own ass

-Supports suho at his musical despite both going through a tough time

-Struggles with the rudolph hat


-Subtly strokes suhos face on a national award show

-Make chanyeol kneel whenever he wants something from him. We love our king

-Curly haired solo on mbc gayo

-A beautiful family picture from Oh Sehun to end 2017


Cr. Lerandomexotic

I had a lot of fun making this, just thought i needed to record sehuns never ending loveble antics etc

Feel free to add whatever else i missed

Hopefully he’ll just keep getting crazier next year too, and exo themselves will grow to be greatet and stronger

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Remember when social media made fun of Taylor for promoting Bad Blood like crazy and still having Adele get more views in 24 hours without promotion, then she dropped LWYMMD with literally no promotion and it broke the record for the most views on a video in the entirety of YouTube in 24 hours lmao y'all thought


archer with a sword


Cassian grunted in pain, but lifted his bloodied hands—to cup her face. “I have no regrets in my life, but this.” His voice shook with every word. “That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta.”

She didn’t stop him as he leaned up and kissed her—lightly. As much as he could manage. Cassian said softly, brushing away the tear that streaked down her face, “I will find you again in the next world—the next life. And we will have that time. I promise.”

huhuhh this was originally for a request for jasper leading a battle and then it sorta just ended up being jailbreak-y lol