i dont really like it as much as i did ten minutes ago

shit that happened at hamilton according to angie

act one

• everyone clapped for SO LONG when anthony enters like damn
• brandon SLAYED as burr tonight
• anthony had SO MUCH ENERGY like SHIT SON this boy was TURNT
• i didn’t know just how uninterested burr is during my shot he liTERALLY READS A BOOK IN THE CORNER BAHAHAHAHAHAH
• thayne has a booty???
• my shot choreography is LIT AF
• there’s a cool transition between my shot and story of tonight and i really appreciate it
• okay WOW i understand why everyone ships lams so much now
• john and alex totally fucked that night and no one can convince me otherwise like even later during farmer refuted john be walkin funny boi got laaaaaaid
• wERK
• at first when peggy enters she looks excited then she realize where she is and imMEDIATELY LOOKS SO DONE BAHAHAHAHAHAH
• eliza is literally just dragging peggy behind her the whole time wtf
• eVeRyOnE??? is here during this song i did NOT expect that
• LITERALLY poor sam tho he came out to have a good time and got so attacked rn
• the rest of the hamilsquad has to distract burr so he can’t stop alex and i LOVE THAT DETAIL
• the choreography for you’ll be back is not what i expected AT ALL and it’s EVEN BETTER
• rip ensemble member
• hErE cOmEs ThE gEnErAl
• the liGHTING HERE DAMN (reprise)
• “close the door on ur way out” OHHHHHHHH
• alternatively: “close the door on ur way out” “we’re in a tent sir”
• that end choreography looks hard damn
• the lanterns are cool
• flower girl hercules mulligan is my spirit animal
• what if #2830404827: what if hamilton was a harem anime
• hAH
• salty unrequited romance song (feat. sisterly bonds and shit)
• the “you are the worst burr” line is even funnier live bAHAHAHAHAHAH
• why do i feel like theodosia isn’t real like that story is pretty fishy to me i mean a pretty girl?? married to a British officer?? who we never see ever?? *puts on skepticals*
• wAIT FOR IT (that cheeseburger i ordered an hour ago, where the fuck is it??)
• wait for it is such a small number live AS IT SHOULD BE IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE
• everyone hates that guy vol. 1
• counting to ten with increasing energy and homoeroticism ™
• the sexual tension between john and charles in this is fucking INSANE
• of course john shoots him he’s fucking amazing
• daddy issues vol.1
• sOn
• dOnT cAlL mE sOn
• eliza sings about support and that’s about it
• agsgdhshagsfadagshdgLAFAYETTE
• jk I can rap the whole thing
• bish u thot
• wait at least think about the letter you sending first tho
• i think you misspelled “right” dude
• daddy issues resolved song
• history has its eyeeeeeees ooooon-wait we have to fight a war fuck
• lets go win ourselves a war bitches
• monsieur hamilton MONSIEUR L A F A Y E T T E
• heh
• everyone claps at the end of the dance sequence AS THEY SHOULD
• that’s a big ass flag u sure that’s a handkerchief lafayette?
• dId YoU mIsS mE vol.1
• when he says “im so blue” he stamps his foot and the spotlight he’s in changes from red to blue bAHAHAHAHAH
• “bye felicia” - king george III
• dear theodoge what 2 say 2 u
• uH OH
• J O H N
• having to watch the rest of the hamilsquad reading the letter in the back does NOT MAKE ME FEEL ANY BETTER
• [through tears from last song] a-a…after the war i went back to n-new york
• this whole songs choreography is just WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWWOOW



act two

• oh damn the slaves are here
• S A L L Y H E M I N G S I S H E R E
• thomas we are engaged.

• what
• seth is having WAYYYYYYY too much fun
• gonna just prance around here
• cabinet audience is unamused
• i love that tjeffs is totally chill until alex insults mads and he immediately just is like NO ONE INSULTS MY BOYFRIEND
• exCUSE ME?!?????
• “that’s an order from your comman-i mean president”
• oh please angelica your comma flirting is nothing compared to the shit alex and john exchanged
• my love interests are either upstate or dead therefore i shall have an affair and immediately regret it
• i like the lampposts they look nice
• alex still looks shook from his affair at the beginning of room where it happens lmao
• burr does some shit vol.1
• “daddys gonna find out any minute” [velociraptor screeching in background] “…..im sure he already knows”
• ….france
• salt squad unite
• daddy issues vol.2
• im sorry but fucking what
• shut up and have a drink
• dId YoU mIsS mE vol.2
• they all enter one by one and you can just see alex get more and more stressed out with each one that comes in
• [is lowkey salty about congratulations not existing]
• the song sounds so serious on the album but the choreography makes it SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHAH
• oh no • OH NO • O H N O
• [DIES]
wait there’s an election fuck
• O H N O

on the post about earth prison, what if humans were once a major threat to the universe?

The humans are a horrid race where each individual could match 3 alien soldier equivelents and their society was ruled in a strict militaristic Empire. They had taken over a quarter of the universe before they could be thwarted.
It took everyone else left to band together and take them out, culling their race in a costly war that spaned millenium. Eventually they got us down to an endangered species, only the richest diplomats who payed their way to be given the ‘mercy’ of being placed into a inhospitable prison with memory wipes. Earth.
No technology on planet, heck the whole sol system is in a intergalactic black out zone to insure that no outsiders can find them in the chance certain individuals were payed off to save them before hand.
Covered in more deseases than any place else in the universe, many of the strongest predators gathered and placed there to keep their numbers in check, with a good spinkling of poisoness plants and animals for good measure. A hair balanced ecosystem was also created so that in the off chance they happen to start progressing technologically again, in the minimum 6000 years (500 faster than the fastest progressing race recorded in universal history) it will take them to progress through the industrial age, their entire planet would have have become devoid of any form of sustenance to support themselves and they will either have to give up or die.

this is all punctuated with their already small planet being mostly covered in undrinkable water and filled with even more deadly creatures so as to deter them from populating its surface, hence keeping their numbers down. While this resulted in some of the landmasses being a little too hospitable, we evened things out by altering their structure until there was a constant threat of natural disasters to deter them from settling in those areas.
We even went as far as placing fake evolutionary fossils around to help turn them away from thoughts of where they came from leading to ideas about space travel.
I think we can safely assume they will serve their punishment for their races crimes well here, or die trying to escape it.

~year 3452AD earth years~

After finding a drifting peice of strange metal in space, a trading ship sent it into our department as it seemed to be sending out a strange noise on radio wavelengths. something only descovered due to certain animal cargo they were transporting stressing out when near the device. After our department analysed it and found it to be a message of peace we were exstatic, hoping to meet a new species to introduce to the galaxy.
However the excitement died down quickly once its point of origin was tracked down… a black out zone containing the most heinous of criminals. Due to how it was traveling through space, we believe it was sent over 1000 years ago. Which should be impossible as due to all calculations they should barely be out of the stone age by now… these implications are worrying to say the least, and unbelievable to most. Although the majority have come to the conclusion it is simply some distastful prank, we must check to be sure.

And so the first check up on the human prison was started. A fleet of 300 science vessals to quickly scan the planet and leave within a few days. They also were accompanied by 20 military ships to deter any would-be pirates. They all enter ftl with the destination of earths moon to set up a temporary station while the scanning will be on going.

The crew is discussing and argueing about whether the humans will either be dead or they will get to see the galactic boogey men poking at monsterous beasts such as the legendary ferocious ‘bull’ with sticks. Only to be shocked into silence upon exit of ftl to see litterally tens of thousands of battle space ships aiming their weaponry at them, their sensors indicating that at least 20 of the biggest ships have weaponry that can wipe through a quarter of their fleet and their sheilds in a single blast. After only 5 minutes of silence their com links seem to have already been hacked through and a screen opens with a terrifying angry human on the other side shouting at them in another language, after a breif few seconds the auto translator kicks in and their voice rocks them to the core.

“I repeat! You are in the United Continents of Earths no space flight zone! Identify yourselves immediately or by law we will be forced to remove you perminantly via lethal means!”

The chief scientist scrambles at the controls before managing to hit the right button “W-we come in peace! j-just some civilian vessals passing through, we will just… turn and go now! haha!” he blurts out nervously as a few crew facepalm and the rest sweat just as nervously.

“civilians is it? a likely story! Do you take me as a fool!?”

“oh no of c-”

“I dont even need to glance at my scanners to see the military vessels hidden among your fleet! Who are you allied to?! Is it those red mars scum!? no… the ship style isnt like them… Ah, you must be part of those damn reclusive jupitarians huh? the saturnites giving you too much trouble so you tried to sneak back the homeworld did you? well too ba-” the angry human is interrupted by a smaller and thinner human arriving beside him, handing over a peice of glass with glowing letters before saluting and running off. The angry man peruses it for a short while, tension in the air before a disturbingly sweet smile crosses his face.

“Well well, honored guests from another galaxy is it? forgive my inhospitality earlier, i was unaware who you were. It seems obvious we couldnt identify you sooner now. Please, do let us guide you down planet side so we can talk further on this…” he glances down at the glass again “ FTL drive. I am sure we can come to a reasonable understanding.”

Alien crew members start screaming things like “oh gods! how do they-” “we cant!” “we would be hated as the villains who brought mankind back to the universe!” “were screwed!” before they are quitened down and the cheif researcher tries to see if they can be reasoned with.

“o-oh, we simply couldnt, perhaps another time! uhh, we really dont want to inconvenience you.”

“oh no, I insist.” the human punctuates his words by waving his hand in a seemingly meaningless gesture… if you were able to ignore the entire fleet of tens of thousands of warships move out almost immediately after to surround them.


(this idea got a little away from me, plus bad writing cuz im lazy on my mobile)

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hi mom i've been having some friend drama recently but ur writing can always cheer me up,,, i was wondering if u could write friends to lovers w yuta?? thank u i love u w/all my heart 💓

im sorry that’s happening but sure! happy birthday yuta  ♥
find others: ten | sicheng | mark | jaehyun | johnny 

  • nakamoto yuta,,,,,,is like no other. 
  • not when he was in middle school, jumping backdoor fences on his way from school after saying some a little too sarcastic for the liking of a kid older than him. 
  • no when he was in high school, carrying a soccer ball in one hand and a bag full of love letters from adoring classmates in another
  • and not,,,,,,when he decided to,,,,,,become an idol of all things
  • you were always expecting the most from him,,,,you’d known each other as kids,,,,,and when he told you about wanting to audition,,,wanting to go to south korea
  • you had wanted to throw you arms around your friend, say oh my god - yuta that is amazing! but a small part of you also wanted to whisper you’re thinking of leaving? so soon?
  • the thing about him being like no other,,,,had charmed you and scared you as his friend. you were always watching him do something crazy,,,,basking in the spotlight of attention,,,
  • being with him made you feel alive - but you knew that feeling was going to end,,,,,,,yuta wasn’t meant to stay here in this town with you,,,,,,he was meant for so much more
  • “and he’s going to forget you.” the small voice in your head mocked
  • he had devoted himself to training, spending hours dancing and learning to sing before his audition date came up
  • everyday you watched another number pass on the calendar - it’s getting so close
  • and everyday, when you got to sit beside yuta, who was drenched in sweat and whining about how he just had to go and pick THIS song
  • you felt the love in your heart for him grow deeper, and the fear of losing him forever grow stronger
  • on the date of his birthday,,,,,,you were shocked to find that he wasn’t home,,,,,,he was practicing again
  • and when you texted him; hey - isn’t today pretty important?
  • he responded with: yep - only a week before the audition!
  • you grimaced,,,,,,yuta was,,,,,,to put it nicely,,,,,,,,a sprinkle of a narcissist. he treated his birthday like a national holiday,,,,,,,,,and now he’d just forgot it
  • “just like he’s going to forget you” ,,,the voice chimed and you shook your head
  • something felt wrong,,,,,after hours of waiting for yuta to send the usual ‘excuse me where is my million dollar present?’ text you decided you had to at least go see him
  • his friends were all in the same shocked state - wasn’t he going to go out? eat? enjoy the attention he basically lived for?
  • you found yourself in front of the studio where you knew yuta was,,,,your hands felt weirdly sweaty and you carefully opened the door
  • you were imagining that yuta would be dancing, sneakers squeaking against the floor, his shirt plastered to his back with moisture
  • but all there was was music,,,,,,and yuta on his knees,,,,,his hand over his mouth
  • rushing over, you fell to his level and put your hands on his shoulders “yuta??? yuta??” you called and he finally looked up, dull brown eyes staring into yours
  • “i,,,,,,”
  • you could see he was barely speaking, body shaken from hours of unstoppable practice
  • “water. you need water.” you rationed, letting go of him and searching the room for his bag, when you fished out it out you could see the cap was still sealed - he hadn’t drank,,,,,,he probably hadn’t eaten either
  • getting back to him, you opened it, some spilling over onto your fingers but you hand it to him
  • “drink,,,,,and lay down. you need to rest.”
  • yuta, more defeated and exhausted than you had e v e r seen him did as you told
  • drinking almost half the bottle and then setting it down, only to fall against your chest
  • “it’s,,,,,,,,spinning,,,,,,,,the room,,,,,,,” his voice was lower than usual and you could feel his body heat
  • you moved him so his head lay on your lap and you pushed the wet bangs from his forehead
  • “it’s your birthday you loser,,,,,,,,and you’re here working yourself to death,,,,,”
  • you’d never called yuta that before,,,,but it just,,,,came out,,,,,in the mixture of worry and anger that laced your voice
  • he was trying to still catch his breathing, but you could see the corner of his lips try to tug into a smug smile
  • “i-is it,,,,my birthday?” he managed to huff out and you sighed
  • “yes,,,,,,how could you forget? it’s a -”
  • “national holiday” he finished and this time you could see the smile on his handsome face,,,,,,the light returning to his eyes
  • for a moment you sat there with his head in your lap, watching him close his eyes and relax his tensed shoulders
  • the music had stopped and it was quiet between you two,,,,,,you sort of wanted to run your hands through his hair again,,,,but held back that urge
  • “i really want this.”
  • yuta finally said and you weren’t sure what he meant
  • “i really want to be an idol,,,,,,,,,” he paused and then reached his hand up - you took it cautiously
  • “but i dont want to leave this place either,,,,,,the warm and comforting lap of someone i like,,,,,,,”
  • you felt your heart stop - had he just,,,,,,,,,,,, oh
  • you blushed and felt yuta’s hand squeeze yours
  • “where’s my million dollar birthday present?” he joked, opening his eyes slowly 
  • they were looking right above you, specifically at your lips
  • “i don’t think you deserve it,,,,,”
  • you started, letting his hand go and with the little strength he regained, yuta sat up and turned his body toward you
  • “c’mon,,,,,,it’s my birthday,,,,”
  • “you forgot it was like five minutes ago.”
  • he scooted closer and god he really had no business being so ,,,,, beautiful
  • even soaked with sweat and worn out,,,he looked perfect - smooth skin shining and long fingers feeling nice as he brushed them over you cheek
  • “it might be your only chance - im going to be an idol and you won’t be able to kiss me then.”
  • you scrunched up your nose and it made him laugh, but he was right - sadly
  • leaning in, you felt his hand hold the back of your neck, but just as you were going to feel his lips brush against yours you heard the familiar sound of a stomach growling
  • pulling back you remembered, he probably hadn’t eaten at all
  • “c’mon. let’s go get you some birthday cake or something.” you stood up and yuta followed, grabbing your hand in his
  • “i’d really,,,,,,,much rather have my present,,,,,” he whined but you were adamant
  • helping gather his stuff, you pushed the door of the studio open but didn’t let go of yuta’s hand
  • the night air was cool and you were sure people could see you two - holding hands and smiling at one and other, playing around like you’d been a couple for years
  • even if he was going to be an idol,,,,miles away,,,,,no time for the past - you were sure this birthday was one he would never forget  \
  • yuta was sure of that too 

Imagine being patricks little sister and the loser club being scared of you. Beverly tries to befriend you but richie isnt happy.


Being the little sister of a protective bully was always going to be difficult. Half the kids hated you the other half of kids sucked up to you. Your brother was Patrick Hocksteader, part of henrys crew of dickheads. Ever since he walked you to school on your first day people treated you as his sister not as your own person. People you’d know since you were 5 were now too scared to talk to you let alone be friends with you. The only kids who wanted to be your friend were the kids as bad as Henry who assumed you were as bad as your brother. At first you didnt mind being friends these kids, having crap friends was better than none? But as the year went your dislike for them grew, especially when you saw what they did to the other kids. It took you a whole year to realise it was better to eat lunch alone than with kids who got a kick out of teasing 10 year olds.

Your old “friends” took you leaving as an insult but as you were Patrick’s sister never dared approached you on the subject. The only teased from afar and never up close. All the other kids didnt know what to do. They saw you ditching the group of assholes as a good thing but were still scared of you brother. Seeing it as too much hassle to talk to you all the kids just pretended you didnt exist. You could go days without speaking at school. You’d learn and eat in silence, never speaking to anyone after learning long ago there’s no point in trying to make friends. Patrick ignore this and all his friends banished the rumours you were a loner, leaving you as a pointless person in school.

On your first day back at school after the summer you had science with a new class and a new seatig plan. The teacher sat you next to beverly. Youd know beverly partially, as in you heard a lot about her, mainly from henry, but knew it wasnt true. Your first science assignment in your new seat was to do a project with your partner, which unfortunately for you required talking.

“Hi” she smiled “im Beverly”. “I know…i mean yeah I’ve seen you…I’m y/n”. Beverly grinned at your babbling. You weren’t used to people being nice to you and found it intimidating. You worked hard on the project in class but when the week was up you still hadn’t finished it. You offered to take it home and finish it but beverly said that wasn’t fair and suggested you meet up to finish it. You didn’t want beverly around at yours, henry would be there and well it would t be pretty. Beverly sensed this and asked why didn’t you meet up at the park tomorrow at 12. You agreed and beverly grinned when you said you’d come. “Ill see you there” she smiled patting your arm before she hurried away.

You were ten minutes late to the park and you were very nervous. You weren’t completely sure beverly was going to show. You’d convinced yourself she was just teasing you, she wasn’t really being nice to you, nobody was unless they wanted something from you. You arrived at your agreed spot and looked around. You felt a sinking feeling in your stomach as you couldn’t see her. Embarrassment rushed through you as you felt colour rise into your cheeks. “Y/n”. You turned around and to your surprise beverly marsh stood before you. “Your here” beverly smiled. It took you a while to talk and when you did all you could do was stutter. “Beverly….hi…hi im yeah, sorry im late”. Beverly grinned telling you it didn’t matter.

You were both laid on the floor staring up at the sky. Youd finished the project hours ago but it was such a nice day you both decided to stay for a while. Beverly was so nice to you that you decided she must be a nice person. You were still very cautious of her but came t the conclusion that you liked her.
Beverly laughed “i love that book but did you hear about the movie?”.
Your turned as you heard people call to beverly, your heart sinking as you saw it was bill and the loser club. They ditched their bikes and stopped when they saw you sat next to her. Bill recovered the fastest “hey bev weve been looking all over for you”. “Ow me and y/n had a science project and then decided to hang out for a bit”. “Ow cool” bill nodded sitting next to beverly. Stan smiled at you sitting down next to bill but thats where the pleasantries ended. The others all sat behind bill and stan, not even near you, richie and eddie sitting the furthest away. The other four seemed to not even want to breathe in your presence and treated the situation as if beverly had befriended a grenade. Stan and bill felt bad and chatted with beverly about random things but made sure to include you. You noticed the looks richie was shooting bill and stan so decided to leave. “Thanks for today beverly but i think im gonna go now”. “Aw really?” Beverly asked “are you sure you cant stay?”. “Ow i don’t wanna intrude” you shrugged. “Your not” stan smiled “were just hanging out”. Richie and eddie threw each other looks and you glanced to them making them go red. “No i really should go”. “Well it was nice meeting you” bill smiled and stan nodded “bye”. The others echoed a bye and you walked away when beverly caught you up. “Hey y/n” she said “it was real fun hanging out with you today”. You smiled “i enjoyed it too”. She grinned “so were going to the lake tomorrow and i wanted to know if you wanted to come with”. “I don’t think your friends would like that very much” you laughed awkwardly. “Ow no stan and bill are cool with it and the others don’t mind really there just boys”. “Its fine really im busy tomorrow” you told her “maybe another time”. “Aw okay but heres my number” she said writing it on your wrist “call me if you want to hang out or anything”.

A few days and you managed to use your compulsive over thinking to convince yourself that beverly was only being nice to you because of your brother and that she didnt really like you. And so you never called her not until your mom brought up the fact you hadn’t been out of the house on weekends for 2 months. Your dad had got 4 free tickets for a fun fair from work and your mom thought it would be a great idea for you to take some friends. You said you would just to please her but had no intention of going. You decided to give them to beverly so rang her. You were so nervous you actually jumped when she picked up the phone. “Hello beverly…its y/n” you said meekly. “Y/n” beverly said happily “ive been wondering if you’d call how are you?”. “Im good erm listen i have some free rickets to a funfair and i wondered if you wanted them”. “Dont you want them?” Beverly asked. “Well…erm i haven’t been in years and just thought you’d like the tickets and could go have fun”. Beverly paused for a moment and then agreed “the funfair would be fun which is why i think you should come”. “But i only have 4 tickets”. “Hey thats cool me and you could go and then bill and Stan said for ages they’ve wanted to go too, wed have so much fun”. You hesitated and beverly could sense your nerves. “Listen i know richie and eddie were dicks the other week but i promise stan and bill arent like that i promise wed have fun”. “Okay” you said kicking yourself. “Really?” Beverly asked “awesome”. You laughed “so when do you wanna go?”.

You and beverly walked to bills house on your way to the funfair. Him and stan were waiting outside and they both greeted you like your brother wasn’t a prick which you appreciated. Stan smiled at you “hey y/n thanks so much for the tickets”. “Yeah its real cool how your dad them for free”. Bill agreed “Ow its nothing” you shrugged and beverly steered you all in the direction of the funfair. Stan and bill were as nice to you as beverly and you found they were nice to talk to. You were soon confident enough to chat to them and you found you had lots in common with them. You were starting to actually look forward to the fun fair until you spotted richie and the others up ahead.

“There you you shitheads are my grandmother walks faster than you”. “Richie?” Stan asked “what the hell are you doing here?”. “Heard you were going to the funfair and me eddie ben and mike thought that sounds like a great idea”. “Ow cool” bill said but beverly and stan looked angry. As you lined up for tickets stan said something to richie who replied “i can do what i want alright”. You used your free tickets and got the four of you in and stood awkwardly by beverly. “so what do you want to do?” She asked “did we say ghost train first?”. “Yeah” stan laughed reluctantly “come on lets get it over with”. “So death drop first yeah?” Richie asked separating bill and Stan from you. “come on bill you’ve got to try it with us, i thought you could come with me and ben”. “And stan you could do with me and mike” eddie finished. Bill stuttered trying to make everyone happy but stan shook his head “nah thats okay you all go together were gonna go this way”. Richie laughed “is someone a chicken”. “No someones pissed because you werent invited but classic Richie you had to show up”. Bill grabbed stan “okay we’ll see you around bye guys”. Richie gave up and let you go glaring until you were out of sight. “Sorry hes such a dick” stan said and you shook your head “hey its okay dont worry about it”. “Yeah lets just forget about them and have fun okay?” Beverly asked and you smiled.

An hour later and you actually having fun. Richie and Eddie kept appearing trying to get Stan and bill to join them but the boys kept refusing. Even after you’d told all three of them they could if they wanted to. Stan was the first to respond and told you he didn’t want you to leave which made you embarrassed. You decided you liked Stan almost as much as beverly and felt comfortable with all of them. You were walking across the grass when all 3 of them stopped and looked behind you. You followed their gaze and saw it landed on Henry. Henry smirked as he saw them and then saw you. You saw him look to your brother and Patrick said something to him. Henry shook his head and Patrick stood up looking angry. Henry went to walk towards you but Patrick grabbed his arm. You could see they were arguing when eventually henry slunk off away from you. Patrick looked up at you and then followed his friend. “Wow” Stan said “your brother made Henry back off”. “Yeah well my brother isn’t always a complete dick”. Beverly smiled “i can see that, it was nice of him”. You looked down awkwardly and bill cut in. “Hey y/n wa…wa…want to go on the bumper ca…ars”. You nodded at him gratefully and walked towards them.

All night patrick managed to control henry and keep him from going near you and the others but the same couldnt be said for richie and the rest. You heard yells come around the back of a rollercoaster and Stan frowned. “That sounds like ben”. A string of curses followed by a grunt told you richie was there too. You ran around to the back and saw your brother and his friends beating richie eddie mike and ben up. Patrick had richie against a wall amd had his knife to his cheek. Patrick had eddie in a headlock and the others two laughed as he went through eddies bag. Ben was on the floor with one of the guys foot his chest and mike was trying to help eddie. Patrick shoved mike on the floor and henry howled with laughter. “You’re an asshole you know that?” Richie spat. Henry laughed “you know eye surgery can help you see better, why don’t why try that?” He asked looking at his knife. “Henry stop” you yelled running forward. You yanked his arm away and stepped between him and Richie. “Back off y/n” he said “just walk away”. “No you need to leave these guys alone now!”. “Y/n” Patrick said “just go away okay, these people aren’t your friends”. “So its fine for you to beat them up? No they don’t deserve that its not fair”. “Okay y/n if you don’t move ill beat you up too” henry snarled. “You’re not touching my sister” Patrick yelled. “I will if she doesn’t move”. “If you even try to touch her” Patrick said yanking henry away from you. Henry turned around and looked at him “what?”. “I said you just try to touch her”. “Look i know shes family but shes being a bitch”. “If she says we cant touch them then we cant, were not hurting my sister, got it?”. Henry squared up to Patrick and time seemed to slow down as they stared at one another. Eventually henry sighed “lets get out of here, its lame”. Henry barged Patrick and walked away. Patrick followed him and so did the others. You let out your breath and turned around to Richie. You held out a hand to help him up “you okay?”. “Why did you do that?” He asked after you’d yanked him up. “Because i wanted to” you shrugged. “But you didn’t have to. Nobody asked you to”. “Richie for god sake cant you just be grateful!” Stan spat. “No I’ve been nothing but rude to her all night, i didn’t include you i tried to ruin your night so why would you help me?”. “I might be my brothers sister but that doesn’t mean i like what he does” you frowned. “But still like you could’ve easily have just walked away and let them beat me up after how i acted, i deserved it”. “People always act weird because of my brother” you shrugged “so no offence but if you think how you acted tonight is anything special your wrong”. Richie looked down embarrassed “Well thanks for helping me not get my ass kicked”. “Its okay” you shrugged. “And I’m sorry for being such a dick to you”. You laughed “like i said its nothing major”. “Still though its not right” Richie said awkwardly. “No its not” beverly said “You shouldn’t have to take that”. “Well i know its not great but like what can i do?” You asked “i cant change how people feel about me”. The others didn’t really know how to reply to that and looked down. “No i know you cant, trust me i do” beverly nodded “but you don’t have to go through it alone” she smiled “not anymore”. “What?” You asked. “Yeah” Richie nodded “were not scared of you anymore, i wont act like i did again i promise, you can hang around with us…i mean if you want”. “You don’t have to do this” you frowned. “No y/n” Stan said “we mean it, we like you”. You smiled. Bill nodded “yeah we do” he smiled. You grinned and beverly laughed putting an arm around you “so its decided”. “Welcome to the losers club” Richie announced.

Arie’s Author’s Corner Week 1/?

I’m going to try to get back to Fic Recs. I do love reading fanfiction and I reblog as often as I can. 

I will LARGELY recommend Jensen and Dean Fics/Series/One Shots/Drabbles/Blurbs However there will be the occasional Jared and Sam. 

With that being said, here are a list of fics that I have recently fallen in love with. 

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Get Your Days Straight

Request: hey can you write some fluff with jason todd and reader who just dont whant to get out of bed on a sunday morning :D
Requested by: @galaxybutterfly23

Word Count: 839

Requests are Open HERE.

AN: This was really fun to write, especially taking it in a bit of a different direction to start!

You woke up with a familiar sense of panic, and a glance to your bedside alarm clock plainly told you why.  You were supposed to be at work ten minutes ago.  You knew that if you skipped the bulk of your usual morning routine, you might be able to keep your tardiness to less than an hour.

As you moved to the dresser, you looked longingly at the bed and felt quite the pang of envy that no matter how much he deserved it, Jason would be able to stay in the comfortable and warm embrace of your bed for a while longer.

You tried to zip around the room as quickly and quietly as possible so you wouldn’t disturb your peacefully sleeping boyfriend’s rest.  Despite your efforts, Jason began to stir at the feeling of a rapidly cooling bed beside him.  Barely opening his eyes to see you frantically trying to pull yourself together and get dressed, Jason groggily asked, “What are you doing?”

Without stopping your search for a presentable enough outfit to wear to work, you responded in a gentle and hushed tone, “Go back to sleep.  I’m just late for work.”

You had figured that answer would satisfy him and allow you to get to work.  Instead, Jason took a moment to sit up in bed as he watched you hop around trying to get your pants on.  You could see the confusion etched onto his sleepy features as he continued to stare and question. “Why are you going to work?”

Jason knew for all of his personal flaws and shortcomings that seemed to make you love him more, one of your greatest flaws that he loved so much is that you tend to overwork yourself.  Today looked like it was no different, especially since it was Sunday and your office was closed.  Jason figured you were either going into work on your own time to work on something that was bothering you, or more likely, since you said you were late, you woke up thinking it was Monday and it sent into a tailspin.

“Honey, you rid the streets of Gotham scum at night, and I go to work during the week because one, I like my work and two, I can’t pay our bills using the unmarked bills you get from any job you work with Roy,” you explained, confirming his suspicions that you had overworked yourself to a point of losing track of what day it is.

Jason knew his best bet would be to gently jog your memory that today was in face Sunday and you had a whole day to relax before the stress of work set in for the week.  He looked over to find you half-dressed and kneeling to try and find your shoes under the bed.  Jason leaned across the bed to where you were looking under it and asked, “Babe, what did we have for dinner last night?”

Without hesitation or stopping your search, you automatically responded, “Thai takeout from that restaurant that Tim recommended.  I have leftovers in the fridge.”

It seemed you would need a little more prompting to fully realize the mistake in your logic.  Jason tried again, “And, sweetheart, when do we do that?” He tried to ask sweetly without condescension.

“Saturday nights, wh-ooh,” you cut yourself off as the realization finally hit.  You pulled your lips into a thin line as you attempted to hide your embarrassed and guilty smile, a faint blush creeping onto your face and neck.

Jason chuckled to himself as he moved to lay back down in the bed.  You made quick work of removing the pants you had just fought and hopped around to get on, amused that even your work pants had been trying to stop you from leaving today.  You were still wearing Jason’s t-shirt from last night as you climbed back into bed.

You settled yourself comfortably back into Jason’s strong arms, placing a faint, sweet kiss to his cheek before settling your head on his broad chest.  You let out a content little sigh, happy to let the steady sound of his heartbeat lull you back to sleep.  Your eyelids were feeling heavier with the soothing feeling of Jason’s fingers tracing their way up and down your back.  Thinking about how quickly you managed to get un-ready and back into bed upon realizing it was Sunday, Jason once again began to chuckle to himself, bringing your attention back up to him. “So, what would you like to do on your new found day off?”

You pretended to ponder the question, but knew neither one of you would be getting back out of the bed until one of your bodies demanded it. “This.” The reply was simple, but full of love.  You placed another kiss to his chest above his heart and snuggled up a little bit closer.

As Jason placed a kiss to the crown of your head, you decided that this was a much better way to spend your Sunday.  

Ten Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share the same pain

  • hello whos ready to suffer
  • jk i wont make another angst
  • at least this one wont be
  • shall we start
  • its funny how one moment you could be just fine and the next youre in a serious amount of pain
  • like so much pain you could barely walk
  • “y/n you should really get that checked out”
  • “what? im fine! dont worry about me doyoun-aHHH CRAP”
  • “told you so”
  • “shut up doyoung or im goin-OK I NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTORS PLS HELP”
  • so you went to the doctors to see if it was anything you did but turns out its your soulmate who is inflicting this pain on you
  • and at first youre like ‘ok cool’ but then youre like ‘wHY HAVENT THEY GONE TO THE DOCTORS YET WTF’
  • best thing the doc could do was give you pain meds
  • so here you are, walking with doyoung when you see some street dancers
  • “damn theyre so good”
  • “theyre good but im better”
  • doyoung then proceeds to make a fool of himself
  • and the best worst part, people were staring
  • and not in the same way the people were staring at the actual dancers
  • “just to clarify, i dont know him”
  • so you just walked limped away from your embarrassing friend
  • but your limping didnt go unnoticed
  • a certain thai dancer noticed but he didnt approach
  • he instead helped the hot mess that was trying to dance
  • “hey hey bud um no lets not do that”
  • “ok fine ill stop showing my awesomeness. thank you to all my fans watching”
  • “where did y/n go???”
  • man he must have really been into it if he didnt even notice you leave
  • “your friend? they left a few minutes ago but they didnt look too good are they ok?”
  • “actually we just came from the doctors office because theyve been having knee problems”
  • “…wait why am i telling a stranger this?? Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!!”
  • he eventually caught up with you
  • “dont make a fool of yourself in public again”
  • anyways
  • ten is standing there after yall left
  • and hes like “hmm knee problems maybe i should ask them for any tips on dealing with the pain”
  • oblivious af
  • so its been a week since that day
  • if you ever meet your soulmate youre throwing fists
  • not just because theyre making you go through all this pain but for not taking proper care of themselves
  • you havent been outside in ages because of your knee
  • but doyoung thinks some exercise should benefit you
  • so he takes you out for a walk when yall see those street dancers again
  • “doyoung i s2g if you start dancing im leaving”
  • thankfully he doesnt
  • and at the end of their routine ten notices you guys
  • “ahh! youre the bad dancer!”
  • “yep thats me! wait what do you mean by bad?? im a godsend”
  • “what ever you say doyoung”
  • “y/n if i wanted to i could tickle you and you couldnt run away”
  • yeah its time to shut up
  • “y/n are you his friend that has a knee problems?”
  • “yes i am but its technically not my fault. my soulmate has a problem with taking care of themselves”
  • “wow thats a shame i was going to ask you if you could help me with my knee problem but i guess i cant ):”
  • …wait
  • doyoung reacted before you could and punches your arm
  • you and ten are both in pain now
  • thats when one and one clicked for ten
  • remember how you were going to throw fists? well thats exactly what you do
  • “pls stop hurting me ;-;”
  • “why havent you gone to the doctor?? your knee has to be killing you does anyone know about your knee? do you know how much pain youve put me through, mentally and physically? ive been worried sick about your knee and you bet your ass we’re going to the doctors right now”
  • thats when he slows you down and pulls you into a kiss
  • “im sorry about putting you through that much pain i didnt really think that much of it but lets go to the doctors now, ok?”
  • “stop being a cutie i s2g ill hit you again”
  • cue a laughing ten and a flustered y/n
  • ok im going to call it
  • this one is a lil long lmao
  • thanks for reading bebs!
  • byee
Round Two

Jaehyun wants more because Jaehyun is in love with your body and knows he can’t ever get enough.

Anon said: YAAAYYY~~~ i was waiting for it since forever:DD sooo please, can i request a scenario based on Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of you?? idk, i just really like the lyrics of it v.v aaand…with Jaehyun omgiamsosorryiknowyouhavehadenough but  P L S i need some smutty-fluffy Jaehyun in my life ASAP TT

…i’m the worst this request is two months old and i dont even think it’s what you wanted i’m so sorry. i tried. it was kind of more the smutty-fluffy instead of being based off the song i’m sorry. there’s smut though hopefully that makes up for this if you dont like it. enjoy ^^

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V + Saeran not added because this seemed to get too repetitive *finger guns away*

  • He thinks its amazing that you’re known for your creativity and skill– Sighs and wishes he could be known like that with acting; But instead its all about his looks and voice in that area. But you, You’re known for ripping out hearts, stepping on them, and killing off fan favorites at a minutes notice. And he loves you for it, you sadistic little angel you.
  • Regardless he doesn’t really understand how hard writing actually is since.. he’s never really written before? One of those people that think you just throw a few words down and bam you’re done like no baby. no. we all wish it could be like that.
  • So he’s really surprised to see the process of it all; The writers block, the procrastinating, the editing and re-reading, the doubting yourself, then the random spurts of creativity where all you do is sit and write for hours. And he’s really never seen something more frustrating. It looks like such a tedious thing, he definitely takes back what he said about it being easy.
  • “ And she took the blade into her palms… No– That doesn’t sound right.. ” He watched with wide eyes as you wrote and rewrote sentences over and over again, he thought everything sounded fine? But you didn’t seem to like it. He knew you were tired, he’s told you multiple times to take a break but you refused. Insisting you had to get at least one chapter done tonight if anything.
  • He just sighs at your stubbornness with a knowing smile, offering you some tea or hot cocoa which you graciously accept. He’ll even try and help you with writing by sitting on the couch beside you and letting you read what you’ve written to him. Rereading it helps you catch mistakes and odd phrases or sentences, which is helpful. But he always says “ It sounds fine? Why are you deleting it? ” Z e n.
    • I feel like Jumin someday would love to write a memoir of some sorts, so when he finds out you’re an author he thinks thats perfect– You could help him with it if you’re feeling up to it.
    • But seeing how stressed and busy you usually are makes him not want to bring up the idea. He cant believe writing could be this tedious. He gives you a little room in his house as an office for you to work in and you’re in it constantly. When he comes home from work thats the first place he checks, surrounded with stress relieving candles and a cup of whatever you’re liking at the moment. He begs you to come to bed with him, but seeing as you wont budge he’ll pull up a chair and stay with you.
    • “ You’re adding too many big words. Your targeted audience wont understand a lot of that. ” Oh, he’s right. Actually its nice to have Jumin reading over your shoulder. Stressful as hell but he catches mistakes quickly and gives his honesty on certain phrases and sentences; since he’s read practically billions of books in his 27 years.
    • Eventually you get the chapter done after nearly a week and sheepishly show it to him. He reads it with a concentrated expression, not willing to give away any hint of emotion.
    • When he’s all done you ask him what he thinks about it. “ Its lovely, you capture the scenery beautifully and the emotions of your characters. I enjoyed it; as will others, my love. ” He praises you for your hard work by giving you a kiss on the top of the head and rubbing your (very sore) back softly. He’s proud of you. and youre pretty damn proud of yourself too? this man better give you a back rub for hours tonight because sitting at a desk for so long nearly killed you holy shit
    • Oh boy does he wish he had your patience and skill. never would admit this but he really lowkey wants you to write LOLOL fanfiction of his characters for him
    • He cant believe how much you work though. It seems like you’re on your laptop for decades on end and he hates it! Usually spends an hour or two on LOLOL before getting bored and checking up on you.
    • Aaaand youre still at your laptop looking like you’re ready to kill a man. Lovely.
    • “ MCCC…. ” He’s so whiney when you overwork yourself. He wants attention badly but you tell him youre busy. even though we all know you’ve been staring at that empty screen contemplating the meaning of life for hours now. dont lie.
    • Snuggles into your side and asks you about what your writing and such. He sees obviously not much progress being done on the screen, but he’s pretty sure you know that already..
    • Eventually he’ll encourage you to write for five minutes, take a quick break to stroke his hair and pay attention to the movie he put on ages ago, then return back to your five minutes of writing. It wasn’t much, but he didn’t want to complain.
    • Shes thought about becoming an author in the past; but never ended up taking it up. shes written zen fan-fiction before though so she knows a little somethin’ somethin’ about writing.
    • She finds herself cleaning your office a lot. Theres so many coffee cups in here MC. Did you sleep last night?
    • My character slept does that count?
    • No.
    • She eventually gives up on trying to place a schedule with you since you’re always tucked away inside that gross little office you could practically call home. So investing in a laptop for you was a much needed decision; make or break sort of thing. You can write and be within ten feet of her at the same time cant you?
    • Learns to adapt to your odd and unhealthy writing schedule as long as she can still snuggle with you while you’re at it. And you’re sweet enough to turn down the brightness of the screen when its late at night too so it doesn’t hurt her eyes, so sweet.
    • She loves to read your past books while you work and ends up curiously asking for some slight spoilers, which you don’t exactly tell her since.. Well you don’t really know yourself. She finds this funny though that you wrote the book but you don’t even know how it ends. But yet gets a bit excited thinking of all the power she has by being your girlfriend… 10/10 WILL crush you with her thighs if you kill off her favorite character.
    • He’s always asking you to write the weirdest shit for him just because you know how? seven I will not write a Yooseven / LOLOL crossover au. and dont break the forth wall youre scaring me.
    • Probably out of everyone he knows how hard it is on you to sit at a desk and stare at a screen when you need to get something done. Hacking and writing are different even if he insists otherwise, writing a small haiku into the programming of your computer to prove his point. *finger guns* why are you like this
    • He hates how you leave for so long to write but he gets its your job. He just wishes it wasn’t. So he gets insanely whiny about it, knocking on your office door and coming in asking “Are you all done now?” almost every five minutes. Luciel. Sh. Focus time.
    • You end up locking him out of the room but he doesnt take that very well and turns to passing notes under the crack of the door;
      “ Are you done now.. .. .. …… . . ”
      With his signature mini seven doodle attached or sometimes a poorly drawn elizabeth the 3rd in the corner. He was distracting you and he knew it, but he never stops until you’re chasing him halfway across the house with a broom to get him to shoo.
    • Eventually he might give up, but thats rare. You have no choice but to let him in and allow him to spin around on a wheely chair while you give him spoilers for upcoming chapters. He always gives you, quite dramatic, feedback; like gasping loudly whenever you say something “ intense ” is going to happen to your characters. Or trying to convince you to kill every single character in a fit of rage and passion. No Saeyoung. No. N'aw.. He thought it would be a great idea.
Work Visits

Another part to my nurseydex children series! Ive offically deemed this Au “Things That Stop You Dreaming” and it can be found on AO3 under that title!

Enjoy Addy being cute af, plus an introduction to Bella! 

(pst, i posted this in two parts on AO3 but yall will get it all in one bc im lazy)

“Daddy, are we there?”

Derek sighed and looked at his daughter for probably the seventh time in the last 10 minutes he’s been driving. This was the seventh time she asked.

“Addison, I know you have the route to the rink memorized, so I know that you know that we are literally in the arena parking lot. You don’t have to antagonize me.”

Addison gave what could only be described as a shit-eating grin from her spot in the back seat. She swung her legs happily. “I know Daddy, but Papa says that I should mess with you more often. He says its funny”

Derek was going to kill his husband.

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Sleepovers w/ Renjun
  • i seriously can’t express with words how much i love huang renjun
  • he’s so pure but so savage at the same time i’m :’)
  • but anyways~ let’s start with this right away
  • okay so,,,
  • first thing first, he’s ur boyfie here okay
  • i thought it would be cuter like that hehe
  • and let me tell you that sleepovers with him would be so fun, he would do everything in his power to make you feel happy and entertained
  • literally, don’t you dare to don’t smile for 00000000.1 seconds or he would think that you’re bored and you hate him
  • lmao, oKAY MAYBE NO but he would feel lots of pression and would be really disappointed in himself if you’re not having a good time
  • bUt tHat’S BaSIcAlLY IMPoSiBlE sO doNt WoRrIeS
  • and you already knew that he would be like this because you actually had a bunch of sleepovers with him already
  • well, kind of,,,
  • like, yeah, you had multiple sleepovers with him,,, and the rest of the dreamies
  • but this was the first time ever when it would be only you and him alone you know
  • so this was really really exciting for both of you
  • “i’m glad so glad that i can finally sleep by your side and not jeno’s :’)”
  • “i mean, is not like i mind sleeping with jeno, but you’re more cuddly and you smell twice better than him”
  • “and you hug me in a softer way, he’s too rude”
  • lmao
  • literally, both of you talked the whole day about it while doing a videocall 
  • and like i said, you already know how perfeccionist he is on this kind of things so you gave him the idea of doing a little to-do list so y’all are sure of what to do
  • aND HE LOVED THE IDEA, both of you wrote like ten different ideas in a piece of paper and then read them out loud
  • and as i said, he always wants you to be entertained and having fun so he was choosing his things really carefully
  • and probably y’all got in a few small silly fights because y’all couldn’t decide what to do lmao
  • “what do you mean anime? y/N ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH JENO¿”
  • “you want me to teach you tricks with my hoverboards? forget about it, you can barely stand up on that thing”
  • and he also made sure that you had everything in your backpack, y’alls matching pjs, your phone charger, your uhm lady stuff, everything you need basically
  • and eventually the hour to go to his house came, good bless
  • “y/n it’s exactly 7pm rn why aren’t you here yet?”
  • “why are we still on a videocall?”
  • he was so impatient and so excited and you were there like aw chill baby i’m on my way
  • you literally stepped in his house entrance for like two seconds and you already had him over you, smiling and hugging you fghjkl
  • this is completely out of the point but hE’S PROBABLY SUCH A GREAT HUGGER
  • does that world even exist lmao
  • i can’t explain how well your bodies fit when both of you hug, your heights are perfect for each other and you feel so comfortable in his arms
  • and tbh, he hugged you constantly that day bc of how happy he was
  • he is not that into skinship normally but that day hE WAS SO CLINGY IT WAS ADORABLE
  • even if he’s a lil savage devil he’s still full of love :’) he’s precious
  • but, going to the sleepover thing again!!! y’all started the night cooking dinner together and it was SO much fun
  • idk if he knows how to cook or not but he probably gives lots of orders anyways
  • “can you wash this veggies, y/n?”
  • “put this there y/n, i’m too busy doing this now”
  • “can you give the scissors that are over there?”
  • he’s that kind of bitch, yes
  • but you know his personality is like that all the time so you don’t really mind and just let him be
  • also, y’all probably gave each other lots of hugs and kisses as y’all were cooking, especially jun tbh aND IT WAS SO CUTE
  • he’s a big softie in the inside anyways <3
  • y’all ate together while watching some moomin because uhm moomin is majestic duh
  • and y’all also played around and laughed a lot, even while you were washing up and putting you cute matching face masks
  • but because both of you still are smol childs at like 10 pm y’all were already started to yawn non stop like babies
  • and renjun was panicking because iT’S SO EARLY WE DIDN’T EVEN FINISHED OR TO-DO LIST
  • and you were like, don’t worry baby i still have some energy left
  • but no, even if he really wanted to finish that list you were his priority and he can’t let you be sleepy lke that ya know
  • also, you looked adorable anyways so he was really enjoying how cute you are so he just gave up and prepared everything to go to bed
  • like, all that frustration that he was feeling just minutes ago dissapeared completely bECAUSE YOU WERE SO CUTE AND TINY AND YOU WERE GOING TO SLEEP WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!
  • and the fact that you were so cuddly and clingy because of how sleepy you were made that moment even cuter
  • you fell asleep before than him but somehow he still, somehow, woke up earlier than you
  • like, you don’t even remember when you fell asleep like, one moment you were giggling at the kisses that he was giving all over your face and then you just ??? fell asleep
  • and then you woke up and he was there, looking at you with a smile on his face bc you finally woke up
  • “good morning, baobei”
  • “you look so pretty while sleeping, more than what i thought you would”
  • “i never realized how angelical your features are until now, i’m really dissapointed on my self tbh”
  • and you were suffering because i jUST WOKE UP DON’T ATTACK ME LIKE THIS
  • after spending like half of an hour being lazy asses on bed you finally got out of bed and made yourselves something to eat
  • and then y’all probably spent the whole day playing and continuing y’alls to-do list :’)))))
  • and the end i guess, lol
  • god, i rlly love jun
  • he’s such an angel i lOVE HIM BYE
Family Dinner; Tom Holland

Originally posted by davinaclaires

  • A/N: request from @swimminginsalvator​ “Imagine tom falling in love with a girl who doesn’t have a lot of money and has 2 overprotective brothers” i wasn’t sure exactly what you expected but i hope this suffices!
  • pairing: reader x tom holland
  • warnings: literally none it’s just cute
  • words: 1500+
  • summary: your brothers dont like tom but you like tom and it’s safe to say that tom likes you but why do your brothers words get to you so much?
  • i’m currently taking requests! request here

It’s not that you were embarrassed to have Tom come to your mom’s house for dinner. He’s met your parents before and your mom couldn’t stop gushing about how perfect he was for you after he left. The only problem was they met at a restaurant, and not in the home you grew up in as a child.

Personally, you loved this house. Yes, it was small, but every time you stepped through the front doors you were immediately flooded with every single memory from your childhood. 

As you and Tom got out of the car and began walking towards the front steps you saw the basement window that was boarded up with a few rusty nails. It had been ten years since the time you failed to catch the baseball your older brother threw to you, causing the glass to shatter. Your dad always said he’d get the window replaced but after a decade it was safe to say he no longer cared.

Tom’s hand found its way around your waist, hugging you close to his side as you leaned your head against his shoulder. Just before you could reach for the doorknob, Tom pointed down at the cement below your feet, “Is that your handprint?”

“Oh God,” you laughed, completely forgetting about the day you pressed your palm against the wet cement when your dad redid the broken steps. You thought he would be mad when your five-year-old brain realized that it was permanent, but he loved it. He even wrote your initials and the year underneath. “I was five,” you told Tom.

He knelt down and held his own hand against the one on the ground, covering it up with ease, “I love this so much.”

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i don't wanna fight too hard, too long, too much anymore

a day during the malec breakup from magnus’s point of view

thanks to @softshumjr for helping me out with this

You have a new voicemail, click here to listen.

Hey Magnus… um it’s me, Alec. I know you don’t want to hear from me but… well, I don’t really know why I’m even calling. I guess I just hoped… but it’s stupid. I just wanted to hear your voice again… I miss you Magnus… I’m sorry, I won’t call again.

Press 1 to delete. Press 2 to replay. Press 3 to call back.

He pressed 2.

Hey Magnus… um it’s me, Alec. I know you don’t want to hear from me but… well, I don’t really know why I’m even calling. I guess I just hoped… but it’s stupid. I just wanted to hear your voice again… I miss you Magnus… I’m sorry, I won’t call again.

Press 1 to delete. Press 2 to replay. Press 3 to call back.

Message deleted.

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mistahjimagines  asked:

Could I get a smut with Steve where he gets jealous? Rough and dirty talk if you dont mind? Thank you, love!!

sure thing! keep in mind that this is my first attempt at smut, and i am a complete virgin (i’ve never even kissed anyone, but i’ve read my fair share of smut, so i know what everything is), so this might not be the best, but i think it’s pretty good for my first try :)

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anonymous asked:

Hello, loving this blog! Can I ask for Peter using cheesy pick up lines like comparing the sight of tony to the starry night sky, stuff like that and tony is just so smitten with him.. thank you and I wish this blog the best of luck!

Hiya! Thank you so much for the luck! I’m sure we need it! :) Also what a cute prompt! Hopefully you like it! (i ignore the civil war and a few things in this!)


“Tony? We have a situation.”

Tony looks up from his armor at that. Jarvis had opened the door for Steve and the captain didn’t waste a second.

“A situation?” Tony asks then, because this sentence never means anything good.

Why is his life constantly like that?

“Yes. There are a few intruder.” Steve answers calmly and Tony nods.

“The good or the bad kind?” Tony asks again and then saves his work on the armor without another word. Jarvis closes his blueprints and Tony rubs his dirty hands on his pants.

“Is there even a good kind?” Steve says when they leave the workshop together and Tony grins.

“That depends. Are they hot?” Tony asks and he can see the blush on Steves cheeks and even the tips of his ears are a bit red.

Steve knows him for over 5 years now and he knows that Tony likes to flirt. But he still blushes as bad as the first time.

“See for yourself.” is the only response Tony gets at that. He chuckles.

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Tug-a-war || Sam Drake x Reader || Drabble

Characters: Sam Drake x Fem!Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Request: Oh yeah boi, [Could I request something for Sam Drake? Where reader accidentally discovers that Sam really loves hair pulling and uses it to her advantage. Heated make out sessions are always welcome!] oh deadset tho

Prompt: You and Sam are watching TV when things get a little interesting and you accidentally pull on his hair and he just turns into a horny mess. 

Warnings: Just ur casual steamy make out sesh yknow…. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers @feelthefeelingsinsideyou @solarsystemus @roses-are-bae

(456 words also plz dont kill)

A/N: Um yeah I love Sam Drake <3 god bless him 

The TV flickered on as both you and Sam watch not particularly interested in the program showing at all. Your fingers raked through Sam’s hair subconsciously as your eyes bored into the screen not too far from you. He sighed out in pleasure, as he so often loved you playing with his hair. 

So lost in thoughts you hadn’t realised you stopped until hearing a sleepy groan from Sam, “why did you stop?” His voice slightly muffled from your thighs. You laughed, “I didn’t realise - this show is boring the shit out of me… by the way… this is the last time you pick what to watch.” 

Sam shot up and looked at you with a playful grimace, feigning offence, “that hurts, that really hurt Y/N.” You rolled your eyes and smirked slightly before pouting to mock him, “Aw does wittle Sammy need a hug?” He shook his head, gripping your hips and pulling you down the couch, “I can think of something much better actually.”

A laughed passed your lips as he made himself quite comfortable positioning himself between your legs with his arms propping him up above you. “You’re right, I do like this better.” You whispered, etching your lips closer to his so they barely grazed each other. Bringing soft gentle hands to his hair, running your fingers through it as he planted a passionate deep kiss on your lips. 

Consumed in each other feverishly, you knew exactly where you’d end up in ten minutes time. Not that you minded, and not that Sam minded either. He bit down on your bottom lip lightly, as he did one of the rings on your fingers accidentally snags on his hair. 

Unintentionally you pull his hair, you opened your mouth to apologise only a low moan from Sam stopped you from doing so. “Do that again.” His request was muffled by your lips as a smile tugged at the corners of your mouth. His deep low voice was definitely a turn on and you abide, tugging at the ends of his hair with no distinct pattern. Each time you pulled, his kiss deepened, his tongue slipped into your mouth in a feverish matter. 

Both of you lost yourselves to one another, forgetting entirely that the TV was still on, not that either of you cared. He moaned into your mouth before sloppily planting wet kisses across your jawline and down your neck. A smile spread across your lips, “If I had of known you like that, I’d have done it months ago.” He smiled against the skin of your neck, nibbling and kissing wherever possible. 

Of course, now that you knew this you were most likely going to use it against him wherever possible. 

wanna chat? pt.24

on ao3
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yo whats up its been A Day and i started college here are some memes

love and support = alya
mental support = nino
snack support = marinette
existential crisis = adrien

3:13 in in this house we love and support each other

love and support: mari is so beautiful
im love her

snack support: Alya its too early for you to be this gay

love and support: its never too early for gay
also being overtired is gay culture

mental support: stop blowing up my phone

love and support: no!!!!!!!!!!!
im loving mari!!!!
join me

snack support: Pleae dont

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Merry Man

A/n: I tried to be clever with the title, probably failed but it’ll make more sense once you read. Enjoy~

Character: Connor Murphy

You lightly nibbled on your thumbnail as you stared down your laptop screen, rereading what you had gotten down so far, and deciding how you wanted to carry on. Your notes were sitting next to you on your bed, and tucked way on your bedside table was a nice, hot cup of tea.

You were typing away on the keyboard, hardly noticing the subtle ding of your phone. You had every intention of getting this writing over with tonight. It wasn’t due for another couple of days, but you didn’t want to worry about it.

There it was again.

Your phone had gone off.

You breifly glanced over to where it was charging, making a mental note to check it once you were done.

But it went off again.

And again.

And again.

You slammed down your notebook and angrily stared at your phone, sighing in relief whenever the ringing stopped.

The peace was short lived because you got another three sentences down before it went off again.

“Oh my god,” You groaned harshly removing your phone from the charger, the notifications flashed by and you unlocked your phone to read them.

All of them were from your friend, Connor Murphy.

Connor: yOOOOO what r you up to?

Connor:ignoring me now eh??

Those messages had been sent over an hour ago.

Connor: oh (Y/NNNNNNNNN)

Connor: seriously what are you doing

Connor: you like never leave your house i know you’re not busy

Connor: jesus christ you’re so fucking annoying.

Connor: pls talk to me :(

You leaned back into your pillows, chuckling at his messages. You had gotten to know Connor whenever you two were in the same gym class during Freshman year.

Both of you were shit at sports and were always the last picked for teams, so more often than not you two paired off.

The year after that you both had been in a lot of the same classes so your friendship grew.

But you soon came to understand that Connor didn’t have that many friends, so he had a tendency to talk to you all the time.

And you were happy to talk to him and he was funny and you liked hearing his thoughts, but he had a knack for choosing bad times to want to talk.

You quickly tapped out that you were busy working on your essay and would talk to him later.

It took maybe ten seconds for him to respond.


Connor: also this is ludicrous, that essay isn’t even due till next week, plus it’s a friday night i demand you give your dearest friend the attention he deserves

You rolled your eyes, he could be such a brat sometimes, but he did have a point. You looked back and saw you were nearly finished.

(Y/n): Alright fine, why don’t you come over?

Connor: Trying to get me alone, how scandalous ;;;;;;)

(Y/n): do u want to come over or not

Connor: see u in 10


“Hello, hello, hello.” Connor announced as he sauntered into your room, immediately jumping onto your bed next to you.

“Easy!” You said, holding your tea mug carefully. “I have hot liquids present.”

“Oh, well give them my most sincere apologies.,” Connor said, sitting up and turning himself over. “What do you want to do?”

“Give me like fifteen minutes to finish this.” You told him once you started typing again.

“You’re seriously still working on it?” Connor complained, resting his head on your shoulder while he pouted.

You didn’t respond to him at first and it made him scoff. “Fine, at least tell me what your writing about.” Connor reasoned.

“I choose the favorite classic-lit couple prompt.” You answered, still working.

“Which one are you writing about?”


You promptly turned to the side so he couldn’t see your screen, apologizing when his head flopped to the side.

“Uh,” Connor said, his hand toying with one of your blankets. “You like Jane Austen a lot, are they from one of her books?”

You shook your head. “Nope.”

“Shit, uh, Daisy and Gatsby?”

“Oh, that’s actually an interesting one, but no.”

“Damn,” Connor said, racking his brain for the other books you’d go on about. “You like Little Women a lot, what was the one couple in that?”

“Jo and Laurie? Oh, absolutely not, and I could rant about that if you’d let me.”

“As much as I’d love it, no thank you,” He said, smiling while he thought of more. “I surrender, tell me.”

You placed your computer onto his lap. “Robin Hood and Lady Marian.”

Connor looked over at you, brows scrunched in confusion. “Really? I didn’t even think about that.”

“I never told you, but I love that story, used to have the biggest crush on Mr. Hood when I was little.”

Connor smiled. “Is that so? Maybe I should start wearing more green then.”

You playfully shoved him with your help. “Hush up and tell me what you think.”

“I dont see why, I always think everything you write is wonderful.”

“My my, you flatter me, Mr. Murphy,” You teased, leaning against him so you could also look at the screen. “Really though, critique me.”

Connor took a moment to read it over, you’d try to read his facial expressions but for the most part he looked neutral.

“Like I said,” Connor told you, giving you back the laptop. “Wonderful.”

“Lovely,” You said, “I’ll be right back, I’m gonna hook this up to the printer. I’ll get you some tea on the way back.”

You hopped off the bed, winking at him before shutting your room door, leaving Connor with his thoughts.

You’re wonderful

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