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Ayeee, Im Edsy | 17 ( 18 on August ) | Mexico.
Ive been on here before and made some really great friends so i decided to try again. I still dont know what else to put so send me a message if you want to get to know me! :)

OH P.D Im also looking for a girl who likes animals, food, horror movies and harley quinn( Joker, Ivy,Batman Villains basically). If you like this Hit me up. I would love to get to know you!

So yeah im looking for a friend, best friend or maybe even a girlfriend❤️

insta: edsy villarreal

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So ive been working really hard to get in this school & today I found out that I made it in & now I can finally leave this place & I want so badly to be happy & excited but im having a really bad day mentally like one of those days where everything's just slipping away & I dont feel like im gonna make it & I dont even know if you read these or what but I wanted to let someone somewhere know that im trying to be awake & alive & even if im drowning in a sea of sad i havent given up yet and im here


(under) table talk






“why are you sitting there?”


“i– yes, sanha. why are you–”

“why not?”

“its a– you’re sitting under a table.”


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Bethans favourites


2)  squid       Alfie Allen

“Theon is misjudged hes confused he wants to be honourable like the starks but at the same time he wants to prove to the Greyjoys that he is one of them as well”

“reek reek it rymes with freak it rhymes with weak ..and ..i forgot the rest?”

“i dont think he( Theon) is evil there is a human side to him and i do relate to him a bit”
“good old robb he wouldnt be very proud of me would he? well maybe a  little bit”

“he (peter Dinklage- Tyrion) was my inspiration in the first series he made it look so effortless  i think that affected the way i did things in series two”

so why do you think he (kit Harington) is such a good actor?”

“he got all his acting tips from me.”

(pre season 3 interview)  “you havent read the books?”

“ive read the first three?”

oh. youve no idea whats coming”

“well no i dont really people say this to me theyre `have you read it’ and im like `no i havent  i dont know ‘and they just go `dude come here’ and put their arm around me”

“It really was demoralizing at times. It was hard. It was really, really hard. There’s a scene later on where I basically just fucking broke down. I remember Iwan, on the day, didn’t really know if he should continue or if he should just stop, because I was really really, really breaking down. That’s one scene I’m definitely excited to see.”

“The actor who plays Ramsay (Iwan Rheon) is a very strong actor and Alfie is his equal match.They have such chemistry you really feel it. When they just look at one another – or if they don’t – you go “oof!” You feel it. It goes right into the core.” Game of Thrones director Alik Sakharov 

“I was so proud of Alfie and how fantastic he is in every moment” gemma whelan  (yara greyjoy)

“he really gives it 100% every time its great to work with actors like that i was really lucky. i loved working with him” Iwan Rheon (ramasy bolton)

“hes a great actor and a great friend  we’ve never had a proper scene together but id love to do one with him” kit harington (jon snow)

“Alfie Allen is a genius” Daniel Portman (podrick payne)

“i don’t know if anyone other than Alfie Allen could handle the role that he has and go through what he goes through” Pedro Pascal ( oberyn martell)

“ every time im more inspired by him. every single scene he does blows my mind hes so underappreciated so many people underestimate alfie and dont give him the recognition he deserves” sophie turner (sansa stark)

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Dear person I love

it feels really fucking good to channel what used to be hatred into something as awesome as the way i love you so much so yeah holler to that, babe. whatever we were in the past tho, its gonna just fucking stay there cuz all the shit i put you through or all the shit i called you, i wish i could take back but but i cant really so i dont even want to think about that shit cuz it doesnt matter anymore. what matters the most is you and me and us and and maybe even that future were planning. you and me are getting the fuck outta here when the time comes, and im gonna take care of your sweet ass and youre gonna take care of my fat one. im in it to win it, you know that. ive never looked forward to my future until you made me realize you are my future and i cant fucking wait. im gonna make you so fucking happy and so fucking proud, im gonna love you with every breath i take. i hope youre fucking ready babe. and honestly olive garden sounds sooo fucking good tonight. your ass better be sleeping over tonight btw



i hope some ppl aren’t too sad abt this, bc i’d hate to add to the hell that’s been 2016, but unfortunately… it’s time guys. saportuh is finished. i’ve had this blog for nearly three years, and so, so much has happened in those three years. i started tumblr as fcutemo, and i was thirteen years old, annoying as hell, and my only concern was patrick stump’s legs. i remember thinking 60 followers was amazing, and harassing those 60 followers about sending me asks. now i’m sixteen and have 5k followers on this blog (15k followers on all my blogs combined; that’s crazy to me) and up until pretty recently got several asks a day. so thank u guys for that. really means a lot.

anyway, the time has come for saportuh to come to an end. i was gonna make a big old sappy post (srsly, like bigger than this post lmao), but i dont really see any reason to now. this site was a big part of my life for almost three years, and a lot has changed in those three years, both in my own life & in the world. a lot of those changes arent necessarily for the best, but it’s just how it is. i’ve grown immensely as a person; it’s really kind of interesting, because i joined at an age where i was developing and growing a lot, and i still am, but in the 60k posts on this blog ive made throughout my time on tumblr, my followers have got to see me grow, and i think that’s kind of cool. bless those of you who stuck around, and those who i ever meant smth to. thats an honor. tysm for that.

i dont wanna drone on, bc honestly i could write 200 paragraphs, so i’m gonna keep things simple. my explanation for leaving is that basically, i’m tired of bandom, and the internet in general, so i’m taking a sort of detox in the form of deleting everything. it’s my resolution for 2017; to stay off social media. however, there’s a lot of stuff on my various blogs that is kind of important, so i’m not deleting anything off tumblr. just logging out and never logging in again. this goes for all my blogs, my kik, my snapchat, my skype. if you have me on any of these, know they’ll be inactive as of the 31st. i don’t rlly intend to maintain contact with anyone; nothing against anyone, i just dont think ive made any close friends who would want to stick with me outside of tumblr.

however, in case anyone does want access to me, i will keep my twitter - @shayneedsanap (link). i don’t intend to use it very often, but it’s there if you need to contact me, and i’ll probs put updates on me there. if i make a new sc, if i get a job or a car, shit like that. just so if anyone really gives a fuck about me, they know whats goin on w me.

i’ll be here for four more days to answer any questions you guys might have, and to say goodbyes, and to post some kinda resource related stuff, then i’m logging off this tumblr account forever. all blogs i run will no longer be in use as of the 31st.

i’ve had a hellish time on tumblr, but my mutuals & followers made it worth it. thank you so much to all of you. ily guys.



“Barça has been a dream for me, since I was a kid. I am very happy to be here and I am willing to be on the pitch and play"

Maybe you just liked the taste of blood on my lips. But then again, you always were a wild one.

We held starlight and it burned our hands. Flames dripped from the heavens and you laughed long and loud and savage.

Your claws ripped into my ribs and held my heart, bloody and broken. I let you because I was drunk on the way you said my name like a prayer. 

There were always echoes of something terrible in your storm dark eyes. I never looked too long because I was afraid of what I’d see.

I guess I was distracted by how brightly you burned to realize I should be running.

—  On loving a wolf shaped like a girl (or, the 5 reasons why you’re still in my head.)