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reading Mistborn makes me feel like I'm reading a novel and I love it!! compare to drama/mystery/slice-of-life books, I prefer reading fantasy a lot esp those that involves magical creatures like dragons, fairies, witches, etc. in a fantasy au like Narnia! so to say I'm happy and ecstatic to find you is an understatement. I LOVE it so much!!! also, do you know any other writers who write fantasy aside from you and @fireheart-namjoon?

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this is so nice!!!! i really appreciate all of the posi feedback esp when i was so nervous about venturing into this genre dkcjndkcjdn and im sorry i dont ): @bxebxee has some drafts and im her biggestt fan so check out some of her stuff

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do you know and y lgbt musicians ? i like any kind of music i just want less straight people in my playlists

dont we all anon?

okay so theres of course a difference between gay/bi musicians and gay/bi musicians who are overtly gay in their song writing and im assuming you mean the latter so tracy chapman and other throwbacks will be notably absent 

some of these youre gonna know but ill list as many as i can think of just in case (italicized means either never specified bi or gay identity or qu**r, bold means bi, bold italics means gay and i dont know any trans artists):

syd tha kyd (aka The Internet): super smooth r&b lesbian queen, her tracks and rhythm mix so perfectly and you’ll fall in love with her voice. highly recommend the album Ego Death (esp “special affair” “get away” “curse” “under control” and, of course, “girl”)

angel haze: rap and hip hop with super emotional and passionate riffs that REALLY get me feelin some type of way. notable tracks are “moonrise kingdom” “detox” “gods” and “bruises”.

kevin abstract: hip hop and shoegazing veeeeery dreamy and almost angelic sounding music. his debut album “american boyfriend” is all about coming to terms with his sexuality and relationships as a teenager. highly recommend listening through the whole album, it plays through a whole narrative you dont want to leave any part of the story out. (i also ranked my favs here)

frank ocean: i kno you kno frank ocean and especially if you follow me you know i never shut up about him. genre bending r&b, hip hop, and rap. notable tracks are “slide on me” “bad religion” “pink and white” “thinkin bout you” “forrest gump” “nights” “seigfried” and “self control”

be steadwell: if you like a more stripped acoustic sound and also song writing that ranges from hilarious to super engaging story premises about lesbian witches than heres ya girl. my favs are “witch” and “ambidextrous” please listen to my girlfriend who might be cheating on me.

cœure de pirate: a++ instrumentals (seriously give her instrumental album a listen) and french indie. notable tracks are “aint no sunchine” “summer wine” “oceans brawl” and “drapeau blanc”.

zolita: alt/indie and i love her voice so much. gonna be honest i mostly just listen to “explosion”.

years & years: indiepop with some synthpop here and there. can go from a flow-ey melancholy sound to hardwon upbeat without losing any of the high quality shit olly alexander is bringin to the table. “shine” and “memo” are my personal favs.

troye sivan: dude. you know who this is. (“bite” kills me btw).

willow: yeah, willow smith. yeah, that willow smith. just listen to “marceline”.

kaytranada: hip hop and rap dj who dropped his album 99.9% recently and its   g r e a t  he collabed a shit ton (of course with my girl syd thats called gay and lesbian solidarity). heres what it comes down to: if you’re gay and you love to dance this is your guy. 

alicia keys: before you jump down my throat listen to “where do we begin now” and tell me she aint fuckin gay. yeah, thats what i thought.

hayley kiyoko: this girl comes up with probably 90% of fun lesbian content so no doubt you know her. dreampop icon, my queen, and goddess of Gay Aesthetics ™ dropped her ep citrine (now streaming on spotify). notable tracks are “ease my mind” “palace” “one bad night” “this side of paradise” and “cliffs edge”.

thats all i can think of rn anyone can feel free to add on

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I dont know if this is somewhere on your blog already but what is your opinion of the three kung fu panda villains?

oh boy first of all i lOVE kfp, i dont dislike any villains but i think some are more effective than others, but i think all their designs are pretty equal.

tai lung: i know the kfp movies are homages to the genre and he’s definitely imo the most…cliched one, but that’s because the first movie is still establishing the universe. i do really like his dynamic with shifu

shen: my favourite,i love that they made an evil peacock, he has a lot of good lines. his fighting animation was really cool

kai: when i think of kai all i remember tbh is his Imagine Dragons™ theme (which i like a lot). imo the weakest, mostly because they tried making him funny which took away a lot of the effectiveness 

i used to be so into all these romance novels but now that i am more aware and i know more…… i fucking hate them like i really dont want to read about a white boy and a white girl falling in love in different circumstances again. unfortunately thats basically the entirety of the YA genre. i guess my point is that im so sick of heterosexuality being in every goddamn book i read. 

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do you have any taz fic recs?

boy do i

ok so first and foremost i have to DEFINITELY recommend the crytpid zone (cryptid hunting au) and the resplendent puzzle (post-canon, angus hangin out with Cool Aunt Lup) by the wonderful amazing @bureau-of-benevolence

LITERALLY EVERY FIC that @anonymousalchemist puts up is absolutely worth reading (and undoubtedly loving) but a few Pretty Choice faves of mine are and there will be no more sorrows in the worlds to come (which i dont really know how to describe but Hungee Boy John and also so fucking incredibly beautifully written), the garden, never tended (a rly good merle character study), and Refraction (some Sweet Sweet taakitz)

teacuptaako is also a fucking INCREDIBLE writer like holy shit i cannot BELIEVE, and definitely my Most Favorite fic of theirs is because that’s what love is (equivalent exchange) which is a super super good character study about barry & taako & kind of just the whole ipre? 

(are u noticing a pattern here. the pattern is that i fucking love character studies.)

Still Here is one of my favorite fics in one of my favorite genres, that genre of course being Taako And Lup Actually Dealing With Emotions Kind Of (fuck its good i almost got distracted reading it again instead of finishing this list gfkjdhgj)

i dont even really know how to describe Taako the Nasty Crime Boy other than like, taako steals dogs and kravitz pretends to be a cop and this is maybe the best au?

i feel like a lot of ppl have already read an old sad song (you heard it all before) by the incredible and Brilliant @yahooanswer but if you haven’t then like go do it now right now its a roleswap and i dont want to give Too much about those swaps away but like ? what else does anyone even to know other than Best Adventuring Trio lucretia/lup/julia i mean come on

five ravens’ feathers, ten nightshade berries, a silver bangle (taako asking the raven queen a Very Important question) and my heart, my whole heart (another taako character/relationship study bc i cannot help who i am) by @anonymouspuzzler are Pretty Fuckin Choice too

Transactive Memory is super good too, focused on taako and, you guessed it, Losing Memories

Tea and Cookies by @terezis is a fuckin Top Quality meet the family in which taako introduces kravitz to lup & barry and lup just kinda fucks w/ everyone and its great

standing guard over what didn’t happen by @punkwixes is a rly good fic about the potential of the recovery game back in tsg and just….that’s where i’ll leave that but Please read it

aaaand last but not least bc this is getting SO LONG, Journal Keeper by @obvious-apostate which is i think The First taz fic i read, which takes place throughout the course of the stolen century and makes me cry over lucretia every day of my life

i….i read a lot of taz fics okay. i have a lot of love for all of them. let me Live.

there was this song, right.. and like it wasnt bad, but i cant even remember the genre really… maybe like kinda of not-real house music if that makes sense.. either way its title was something like “dont tell mommy” or “dont let your mother know” something like that…. and like i dont remember the band but i do remember the album cover… it was like furries, in diapers, in like a gay bar??? i think… it was also like a pastey yellow.. the album cover looked grosss, either way i want to listen to it again, but i have no idea what the bands name was or the name of the song….

Our Understanding

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Request:  hi! I might be requesting another after this if that’s okay, just a heads up. But anyhoo could you please write with Bucky Barnes where he and the reader are in hiding and Bucky was held up in a fight and the reader patches him up in the middle of the night + prompts: 55. “You’re a nerd” (the reader makes a Harry potter reference to his injury) 67. You’re bleeding all over my carpet.” 72. “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” (LORD PLEASE DONT MAKE HIM DIE) okay thank you love

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You and your roommate help heal the scars left by each others past

Words Count: 1300 exactly:)

Genre: kinda sad but its cute

Notes: Okay, prepare you pitchforks bc your girl doesn’t know much about HP. I’ve watched all the movies and read the first book but that’s as far as I’ve gone so if this isn’t exactly right I’m sorry!

(UPDATE: Dude I’m so sorry to the first 9 people who liked/reblogged this, ya girl totally forgot to write a summary. Thanks for having blind faith in my creativity!!)


    Bucky had been your roommate for almost half a year now. You never expected a wanted criminal to answer your add, but you’re glad he did. You were a medic for the military fresh off of your deployment and you couldn’t keep paying your rent without a little help so you put up an add looking for a roommate. Less than 24 hours later, you had a bite on the room and you met up with Bucky to show him the apartment.You knew who he was and what he was when you met him but you didn’t really care as long as he could pay rent and keep the noise down past 10 pm. he accepted the offer and you two have been living with each other ever since.

   The man was a pretty respectful roommate and you soon became friends.You noticed the bags under his eyes and the screams emanating from his room some nights but you never pried into it, figuring it had to do with his past. If there was one thing you learned from the military, it’s the signs of PTSD and that dredging up the past potentially could make it worse. So on the nights where it gets bad, he will get up and leave the apartment and you would get up and sit in the living room waiting for his return, a gesture that meant that you were there for him whenever he needed you. When he comes back on those nights you normally don’t speak, you just put on a movie and  sit with him on the couch. Bucky was glad you didn’t force him to speak, he took comfort in the fact that every time he would come home after a long night you would be waiting in the living room with a movie in hand. Sometimes he just needed to distract himself and you understood that better than anyone.

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Sexual Sin (M)

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Title: Sexual Sin (INCUBUS AU)

Part 1 - Pilot [PROLOGUE] 

Genre: Smut / Angst

Characters: Reader / Oh Sehun

Notes: ALRIGHT BITCHES IM BACK. that was so unnecessary i am sorry . but really tho, i’ve just started having this like incubus obsession? fantasy? is it a phase? i dont know but this is like a pilot prologueee thingy so thats why its so short but please enjoy this! i kind of have the motivation and intuition to right now?!?! wowzerie doo

Words: 531

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Daddy (M)

Member: Yugyeom (Got7)

Genre: Smut 

 Hi. I was wondering if you could make a got7 yugyeom smut, with you calling him daddy and he teases you, making you really needy for him. And he ties you up to the bed. And the rest is up to you. 

 A/N: ok so im sorry if you dont like it cause im new to this daddy kink thing, as well as the tying up, but i tried. Also I know I said I was tired of writing smut. I had a little section of this to finish but I decided to do so. Admin 🌹


“When will you stop?“ “When I want to.” You sighed in annoyance from the fact your boyfriend, Yugyeom, has been making these sexual jokes. Not that you didnt enjoy them, but neither you liked them. It was just getting out of hand, and you needed it to stop before something slipped out your mouth. 

“When do you want to stop?” You asked trying to get smart with him. “Not anytime soon.” He replied walking into the kitchen. You groaned and stuffed your nose into your book. ‘How do I manage to live like this?’

 “Yugyeom, stop being so dadd…” Yugyeom snapped back around with a halfly surprised halfly sly expression. You abruptly put your yapping to a stop and whispered the rest of your life ending sentence “y…” He asked in a dark manner, “What was that? May you repeat it for me?” You obviously knew you messed up. He was going to tease you on and on, and that would be the end of you.

 It probably slipped out for the reason being, you were kind of turned on.

 You just didn’t want to show it. “I-I said nothing.” You trembled as you let more words out your mouth. “Oh really? Because I think I just heard a ‘Daddy’ from my baby.” You were getting even wetter from him walking closer at a slow pace. “Fuck you.” You heaved under your breath. “Daddy would enjoy that.” He said with a smirk before disappearing back into the kitchen. You were in deep trouble and you knew that. You dropped the book on the ground, that not being your interest at the moment. You wanted to know what would be happening tonight. ________________________________ 

 You stepped out of the shower, the thought of the event that occurred just a few hours ago now haunting your thoughts. As you stepped out the bathroom, you were surprised by slow but sexy music and Yugyeom. 

 With a rope. 

 With a smirk he signaled you over to stand in front of him. As you moved to your place he bit his lip, your lower area feeling wetter than before. “I heard you say you wanted to fuck me. Am I right, kitten?” You felt your knees slightly shake. You nodded your head. “I expect a spoken answer.” He affirmed sternly. He had a cold look in his eyes, making you even more needy. “Yes.” You croaked. “Yes what?” He asked with full confidence “Yes d-daddy…” “Good girl.” He softly praised. “But daddy would like his turn first.” He stood up and swiped the towel away from your tight grasp, showing your bare body whole.

He purred while licking his lips, examining what he has to work with. “Come on kitten. Make daddy want you more.” It took you a few seconds to take in what he said before your lost expression turned into darkened eyes and a smirk. You took in the music’s sound before starting to roll your hips. You moved to the rhythm slowly, touching yourself while doing so. Your sharp stare stayed at Yugyeom the whole time, and he returned the look with hungry eyes, making him look like in any second he’ll pounce and tear you up. 

 You ended by slowly walking to him and wrapping an arm around his neck and your leg positioned next to his hip. As soon as you made contact with him, his hands automatically held onto your waist as if he was holding on for dear life. Technically, he was. This was another side of Yugyeom. Something you’ve never opened before. It was so different, but you loved it. You loved how his eyes grew twice in size from seeing you, and shined brighter than before. You loved the sudden need for you that he had. You loved his automatic but unplanned moves he made.

 He looked at you with such a meaningful look in his eyes and smiled. “Lovely.” He croaked. He lightly laid you on the bed and took the rope from the nightstand and tied you to the headboard. This was surely something new since he barely tied or cuffed you, though you know about his collection that he thinks is ‘hidden’ in his closet.

 He slid off his pants to reveal the clothed dent through his underwear. Your mouth slightly started watering from the sight. He saw you and seemed happy with the reaction and slowly proceeded to take of the cloth hiding his manhood. As soon as it was all off, he climbed on top of you and played with you for a little bit. To him, your reaction was priceless. You were panting and your eyes went wide, reason being you are very sensitive.

 He was sliding his dick up and down the section between your breasts while massaging them, which again, was something you’ve never experienced before. It was so new but so nice. After a few minutes of touching you and whispering some nasty stuff in you’re ear and in general make you go crazy, he moved up to your face. “Now, kitten, let’s see what that pretty mouth of yours can do, hm?” And without warning, pushed his package into your mouth.

 You immediately gagged from how far he pushed down. Your eyes were watery as you circled your tongue around it, Yugyeom moaning in absolute pleasure. He continued thrusting into your mouth as you chocked, tears falling from your eyes. You ran your tongue over his member and sucked on it as he became a moaning mess. His thrust that used to be hard and forceful became softer and softer until he released into your mouth. 

You swallowed his release before he pulled out of your mouth, you both panting. He recovered quickly moving onto his favorite part. He moved back down your body to where your entrance is. His fingers traced your folds making you squirm just from his fingers making the slight contact. “You’re so wet.” He darkly mumbled loud enough for you to hear. 

He then began to rub your clit clock wise, which caused you to have dangerous spasms. “Does that feel good, babygirl?” He asked in his raspy voice. You grunted before a moaned “Yes” escaped your lips. “Yes what?” He stopped looking you in the eye scarily. “Y- yes daddy.” “I let you off this time. If I’m not properly addressed, that equals one slap. Understood?” “Yes daddy.” You quickly responded. “Good.” He said.

 Yugyeom slowly slid his member into you, you gasping from the sudden stretching of your entrance. He stopped once his head was inside. You became very annoyed and started rocking your hips just to find the side of your hip stinging. “Did I ask you to move?” He spat, his face an inch away from yours. “No daddy.” You squealed frightened. “If you want to get what you want, I expect you to be a good girl. Is that understood?” “Yes daddy.” Your mind was racing from how sexy he is angry.

 He got back to business, except he started pounding into you. You became a moaning mess while Yugyeom was grunting, putting more energy to each thrust. “Daddy!” You screamed as your eyes roll back. “That’s it baby. Scream my name so loud my family can hear it. Scream to everyone how much you love me.” His fast thrusts became sloppy until you saw stars and let your release go all over him, your whole body becoming limp. The same must have happened to him because you felt something spill inside you and he rolled aside.

 You both were breathing heavily. There was silence for a long time until Yugyeom finally spoke up. “Sorry. Did I go too far?” He slowly untied your wrists. “Yeah you did, but I admit, it was really hot.” You smiled. He smiled back and gave you a peck on the cheek. “So are you saying I should do this more often?” He asked before pulling you towards him and bringing up the covers to cover both of you.

 “You really should, Daddy.”

Yoonmin Fic Rec

As a Yoonmin trash…I freaking love to read Yoonmin fics that have a balance of unique plot, good characters, great pace/flow, smut, fluff, drama and amazing writing. No one asked for it but here’s sort of a “master list” of Yoonmin fics I’ve read/am reading that I personally really love. I’m a fussy fic reader (very particular about certain things) so trust me when I say, these are good ones. 

Craigslist Date by springrain21

This Fic is EVERYTHING! I freaking loved it. Yoongi found Jimin on Craigslist and uses him as a “fake boyfriend” to piss his parents off. The story doesn’t take long to unravel and the smut written was…amazing. like…..damn my cheeks were red. Completed.

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What are the difference in values between Poseidon and Apollo? I'm very iffy on which one. I love the sun but dislike heat, and I love water and the beach but I'm scared of the ocean. Like help me Bruh who even Am I

So I think Poseidon and Apollo have some similarities. I think their kids would both be kind of ‘go with the flow’ type of people. Here’s the key things I think of when I think of each
-More impulsive than usual ADHD kids, kinda wreckless.
I also think that if there is no other person willing to lead, they’ll eventually step up to take that role but not always ASAP.
Poseidon kids would probably steer clear of seafood, not because that’s cannibalism or anything but because the way they get the fish is killing the environment and inhumane.
Poseidon kids are the ones who stay in the water for unnecessary amounts of time, or complain when they gotta get out.
Poseidon kids are the ones who probably get upset when they don’t get their way. But lowkey upset.
Also, when they’re mad, they’re mad. Poseidon kids won’t lash out violently (unless you know. Provoked. Or if they have to.) but they have attitude up the ass.
-When it comes to injuries, putting others first. Selfless, in a way.
-Also passionate/determimed
Also, I feel like some kids of Apollo may have fake egos, trying to act cool when they’re Dying Inside ™
For skills, I’d say really good at aiming, and with catching things. For example, I feel like all Apollo kids would be really good at ring toss games, soccer, sports in general that have to deal with getting the ball to a certain spot.
Apollo kids are probably the kids ALWAYS looking for new music, not really sticking to one genre. They’d be the kids tapping to a song without realizing it.
Also I feel like Apollo kids really get into the holiday spirit.
This isn’t a checklist, you dont have to have ALL of these or JUST these to be a kid of either god. Every individual is unique. I just took what I know from the myths and the books. These are practically just headcanons, but if you want to use this to help you decide who your godly parent would be? Go ahead. If you want my help? Just ask.

noona, please | seungkwan

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req:  that hoshi scenario was so good!!! can you write seungkwan with a noona girlfriend where someone jokingly tells him to do what you say because you’re older (maybe he refuses to do a simple thing like get you a glass of water) but then it reminds him how into it he is and he immediately has to get you alone? thank you 🙈

genre: smut, fluff @ the end

characters: seungkwan/female reader (older)

word count: 1.1k

a/n: i assume this stemmed from that one hoshi scenario lmaooo yall r kinky n also this turned into some kind of weird like l*ttle thing??? if u dont know what that is then dont worry about it but just know that seungkwan went really sub here n if thats not what you wanted then im sorry also i literally used the EXACT example u gave me in ur req so i hope thats ok

“Seungkwannie,” you called, hearing the boy whine in annoyance. Amused, Minghao looked up from his phone, snickering.

What?” Seungkwan asked, looking at you, still annoyed. “Get me some water, please,” you replied, pointing towards the water cooler.

He huffed. “Noona, you really couldn’t get it yourself? You have two legs too!” he whined, walking towards the source of water.

Spending time at Seventeen’s dorm was common, especially considering you were dating one of their youngest. The dorm was mostly empty, with exception for you, Seungkwan, and Minghao, who was still laughing as he passed by the bickering couple. “Yah, Seungkwan, you should be a good boy and do what she says, she is older than you.”

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170906 Jamsil Fansign - Renjun (english trans)

op: renjun can you really not play games, as in winning?

rj: no i do play too

op: what game do you play then?

rj: mobile game apps, but i don’t play with them, when i play with them i always lose so i play by myself 

cr: fei111-, DHYUCK00

op: renjun in dream you are known to be the cleanest member~

rj: ah no kekeke 

op: then who’s the dirtiest member?

rj: oh… its a secret but.. i dont know jisungie? bcoz he’s the maknae

cr: withrenle

both jeno and renjun like the same movie genre, op asked what type and they said horror. Jeno said they recently watch 47m

cr: withrenle

- he said he doesnt much visit the fanboard coz he’s busy

- in 10 yrs, he want to be excellent in every way

cr: withrenle

op: renjun you got throw a lot for ‘we young’, who throws you more steadily, jeno or mark?

rj: *points at mark while smiling*

op: renjun when i miss you, can you write on the photocard ‘look here’

cr:  mylostboyss

op: renjun you said you like hotpot

rj: yes!

op: you don’t like ma-ra-syang-kueo (type of dish)

rj: i like it! not as much as hot pot tho

cr: mylostboyss

op asked renjun what change happened during we young promotion and he said ‘hair color?’ and touched his head then op ask other changes but renjun seems he doen’t know

cr: withrenle

op: i like moomin bcoz of you

rj: really

op: i’ll be a VIP customer if you ever open a moomin cafe

rj: *draw a VIP card*

cr: withrenle

op: its been a year since you debut

rj: yes!

op: compare to before what changes a lot during this promotion?

rj: hair color?

op: hair color?

rj: yes

op: renjun what song have you been practicing nowadays?

rj: um… walk you home

cr: withrenle

Fanfics Danny Phantom/Young Justice!! part1

Young Justice BeyondDanny Fenton is dead. Or at least, that’s what the public thinks and not many make the connection that Phantom has been missing for about the same length of time. After being pulled from the debris at Cadmus, avoiding a terrible fate, Danny meets a group of people that will change his half-life forever. Not a TUE story. Alive!Family/Friends. Mostly follows YJ plot, S1, S2, n more.

Little Sister It’s the older sibling, little sibling week at Happy Harbour High school and time for two students to meet so what do Dani Fenton and Connor Kent have in common? ONE-SHOT

Phantasm One day Danny gets Danielle, now known as Ellie, as a daughter from Clockwork. Danny ends up joining the Justice league. Years later Ellie joins the team with the others. This is the story of Ellie Fenton and how she makes her way into the hearts of the heroes.

More Like Family A days long chase because of Skulker leads into Danny meeting the Young Justice team. The team starts out as good friends, but end up becoming more like family.

Den Mother The Young Justice crew is getting a new Den Mother this month. However, instead of seeing a senior hero they have worked with before, a new hero is coming to Happy Harbor to keep Mt. Justice from devolving into teenage chaos. His name is Danny Phantom and he’s only seventeen years old.

Can You Help? Danny Fenton has what he always wanted; a family. With his wife and two kids, he’s living a life where he doesn’t have to focus on ghosts anymore. But what will happen when Superman and Batman show up at his front door asking for the help of a Fenton? (Rating might change later)

Project Ph Danny paused when he felt something was off. He shook the feeling away seconds later and opened the door. As he walked through the frame, he called “Mom! Dad! I’m home!” He got no answer. Next thing Danny is kidnapped and the team Young Justice get the mission to save him! Rated T in chase! Not sure what genres this is so i just guess!

The new girl Danny really should know by now that he was cursed, I mean portals dont just pop up out of no where… well they do, but usually they dont turn him into a girl!

The New Girl (Revised) Danny knew he was cursed natural portals don’t just pop out of no where and cart people to new places… Well they do… but they don’t normally change someone’s gender! This is my remake of my DP/YJ crossover. I wanted to add a couple of things. Enjoy!

An Extended Family Danny has only just gotten his powers and is still trying to get them under control is it any wonder that a certain bat family should pick up on this when they meet, added to that learning more about his families past, its just a little much to take in all at once.

Me: I’m fine

My heart: 👀👀👀 taehyung?? 👀👽 how come??$ how did the first time he discover it?? Did he just casually scrolling and found a link?? Or does he really know the shit we do??? Does he cringe while reading it or does he all giggly????:!? Has he ever read smut? Or too scared to even read one??? Or maybe a fluff lover?? Or a hoe for angst??? Has he teared up while reading angst fiction??? BUT TAEKOOK FICS??? THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH??? HaS HE FOUND ONE?? WELL IT WOULD BE ODD IF HE HaSnt??? BUT HAS HE EVER?? HAS HE EVER PERSUADE JK TO READ IT TOO LIKE “HEY I FOUND THIS FIC OF US IT SAYS THE GENRE IS ANGST I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS BUT ITS SO SAD YOU SHOULD READ IT” rip im done chong-jojun-balsa me is less frustrating than this

got7 as fanfic writers

jaebum: ALWAYS angsty as hell. 98% of his fics are tagged with ‘major character death’. ships anything rare and complains about how dry the tag is. when he writes for the famous ship he always kills at least one half of the pairing off. tags nothing and summaries are vague as hell. fics are either 500 words long or 50,000 words long, no in between. wants to collab with jinyoung but was rejected bc jinyoung didn’t want his ‘emo stink all over his carefully crafted masterpieces’. 

mark: fics are lowkey. not too much angst not too much fluff. ships everything and lives in the ‘collage au’ tag. puts in the least effort but always gets 10,000+ reads and his fics become fandom classics. randomly and without warning posts hardcore smut fics. replies to every comment with the same response every time. updates fics every 8 months. never edits anything. writes in lapslock because he thinks its cool. writes a lot of daddy kink for someone who claims to ‘’’’not be into it’’’’. 

jackson:  fics are either kinky as fuck or extra as fuck. known for writing the most dramatic fics. loves plot twists and cliff hangers. occasionally fights with jinyoung on tumblr because his plots aren’t ‘’’realistic’’’. responds to every comment with a small essay. tags way too much. can never commit to finishing a chaptered fic. summaries always end with ‘i suck at summaries but pls read anyway’. started on wattpad but switched to ao3 after jinoyung made fun of him.

jinyoung: creates novels. plots are always detailed as fuck and complicated as hell. tags every fic with ‘angsty realism’. has never written a fic under 50k words. a fic snob. always leave constructive criticism in the comments. commented under bambam’s fic that ‘once the word dick appears over eighty times in a 500 word drabble you should really consider deleting your account’. has one of the most high quality fic rec lists in the fandom. takes fic writing extremely seriously. starts every fic with an exert from his favorite poem/novel. 

youngjae: fluffy and pure fics mostly. owns the ‘friends to lovers’ tag. surprisingly writes the best smut. fics are usually short and sweet. friends with all the artists so always gets the cutest fanart drawn for his fics. always writes requests and prompts. ships every thing and doesn’t have an otp. fics are always wholesome and soft. tags are messy af. tried to collab with jaebum but cried when he killed the main pairing off so the fic was deserted. 

bambam: crack fics. writes the stupidest fics that everyone are infamous in the fandom. authors notes always start with ‘im sorry mom’. started as a joke but actually became really famous within the fandom. never takes prompts seriously. probably wrote that one fic every fandom has that they ‘dont speak of’. forced yugyeom to be his beta. writes self insert fics ironically but they always become his most famous. nearly 100% dialogue. tags are always wild.

yugyeom: is only writing because of bambam. started the fic as a joke but it got really big so he felt obliged to finish it. fic is now 100k words because he didn’t know how to end it. never plans any of his fics so plots are all over the place. can’t stick to one genre. wrote the best stripper au in any fandom ever. unironically writes self insert fics. writes parodies of jinyoungs most famous fics. can’t commit to any other fic because he still has no idea how to end his first. doesn’t understand tagging. 

opposite! Dino
  • oldest member of svt
  • also pretty tall, taller than most of the members
  • he has the best sleeping patterns, he sleeps at a normal time, and wakes up early
  • not the best dancer, but he tries
  • he’s always the one to take care of the dongsaengs
  • always asking the maknaes
  • “nugu aegi?”
  • kind of childish for the oldest but still mature
  • looks cool but tries to act cute
  • he’s very outwardly modest and insecure when on broadcasts
  • “in visuals? I rank myself as 13th in seventeen.”
  • “nicest member? coolest member? no not me at all”
  • but since he’s the oldest, he’s very stubborn and confident towards the members
  • he doesn’t let any mean comments ever affect him
  • he knows svt is his family and supports and loves him and he does his best to show everyone they’re amazing
  • constantly showering the others with compliments
  • Chan never teases the other members
  • always pointing out what people did well
  • can’t/doesn’t know how to dance to any girl group songs
  • also who’s Michael Jackson?
  • only knows ballad singers
  • in fact likes them a lot
  • goes to a music store at 1 am, which is his freetime
  • already put all the kids to sleep so only said he’ll be out for a bit
  • texted the group chat because he knows none of them heard
  • walks into the store and goes straight to the ballad vinyls
  • oh yeah, he’s into vinyls
  • he’s tired so he’s not really aware of his surroundings 
  • bumps straight into you 
  • the cds you were holding drop to the floor
  • his apologizes hurriedly not wanting you to recognize him
  • helps you pick up your cds though
  • “Mic…heal.. Jack..son?”
  • your eyes light up brightly
  • “yes! do you know him? he’s a really good dancer!”
  • ruffles his hair sheepishly
  • “ah well i’m not that great so..”
  • your honestly ready to turn this guy you met at 1 am into a micheal jackson fan
  • “you dont have to be! i think his, music is really great!” 
  • chan is intrigued 
  • “what kind of music is it?” 
  • “he does a lot! pop, r&b, soul, rock?”
  • chan’s kind of disappointed, lowkey hoping he had the same music taste as this really cute girl
  • “i’m more of a ballad person myself”
  • your kind of surprised at the genre, most guys around that age like hiphop
  • “well if you like ballads, he does have this slower song called ‘man in the mirror’ it’s commonly rearranged into more of a ballad”
  • chan grins,
  • “maybe you can show me? 1 am here tomorrow night?”
  • your kind of shocked but smile
  • “sure thing, be ready to become a fan”

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