i dont really have a thomas

hamilton characters as actual things said in my class

alexander: i’m not gonna do this… yes i am.

laurens: i slammed my head on my keyboard and hit enter and this came up

lafayette: not once, have i!

hercules: what about the kids out there who didn’t do their homework?

eliza: luckily mr. washington saved the day, god love his little soul.

angelica: wakey wakey eggs and math

peggy: i’m gonna go hang myself in the bathtub

washington: this is madness

thomas: i dont think its really your birthday you lie like a rug

madison: i almost said addition, james you dumb fool.

burr: *mumbling to self* tep tep tep tep tep tep

philip: i’m acute-y *dab*

maria: at school i don’t really care but when i go out on the town i get all dressed up

inspired by @dankdotham


Deck of Cards AYEEEE [WIP]
So neato me made an AU at 3am ((its amazing that i only created an au now like wow))

Basically the Hamilton Cast but they have face cards positions. They live in kingdoms and rule certain people. Positions are voted for so theres no married to them or that ((though they still can but they dont really have to))

Diamond Cards:
King: George Washington
Queen: Angelica Schuyler
Jack/Ace: Aaron burr

Heart Cards:
King: Thomas Jefferson
Queen: Maria Reynolds
Jack/Ace: James Madison

Spade/Sword Cards:
King: Alexander Hamilton
Queen: Eliza Schuyler
Jack/Ace: John Laurens

Clover Cards:
King: Marquis de Lafayette
Queen: Peggy Schuyler
Jack/Ace: Hercules Mulligan

STILL A WORKING PROGRESS!! I might make john king of the Clover cards or burr as the ace/jack of Spade. I all chose this by color, relationships, and personality.

what is with all the anon hate in the fandom recently? i mean, these anons are going onto mainly minors’ blogs, and telling them they arent good enough? its not constructive or helpful, its just downright… mean!

we, as a community, should be better than this.
anons, you know thomas wouldnt want this hate to be going around. so why do you do it? if you really dont like the way someone writes or draws or cosplays or does anything, you can just unfollow them. or block them if you have to! but the hate is just unacceptable.

i love this community so much, and i love all the creators in it. all the writers and artists and cosplayers, know that everything in fandom is supposed to be fun. you at not obligated to write anyone anything. you do not owe anyone your creations. im here if you need me. i love yall.

captainkittysparrow  asked:

Omg I hope you're still doing the drawing prompts?? If you are, maybe Tommy bonding with a kid? Or anything about him, really uou

I hope you dont mind that I killed two birds with one stone! I was originally going to draw him with molly but I was in such a mood for tommy being a good dad and loving his kids!!!! 

I might still take more requests so feel free to leave one if youd like!! 

I really want Adrien in season 2 to slowly realize how cute Marinette is and slowly notice her more and more.  I want him to have scenes with Chloe talking about their moms and us to get some character development with Chloe.  I want the entire season to be build up of Gabriel slowly figuring out that Adrien in Chat and I want Marinette’s parents to accidentally see her transform.  I want Chloe and Sabrina to get into a huge fight and Chloe feels so bad but she finds a small decorated box on her vanity.  I want her to become the bee miraculous, “Queen Bee.”  I want some explanation for her attitude, showing that her father never really cares about her, only about how she looks and how being bratty is the only way she knows how to act.  I want Marinette to have trouble coming to terms with this new miraculous, but somehow she fits in with their dynamic perfectly.  I want an episode focused on Alya and Nino (and some DJWifi) where it shows them going through their daily lives.  I want to see Alya’s sisters and Nino’s parents.  I want to show how Alya feels about Marinette disappearing all of the time.  I want Hawkmoth (Gabriel) realizing Adrien is Chat and having his Akuma focus only on Ladybug, ignoring Chat because he did all of this for his family in the first place and no matter how much of a shitty father he is, he still loves Adrien.  He just wants his wife back.  I want Marinette and Adrien getting assigned to a school project together and both of them being adorably awkward but then Adrien makes a pun and Marinette snorts and all of the sudden they’re Ladybug and Chat Noir.  Well…not quite.  They’re their real selves, a mixture of both of their identities together.  I want a scene with Plagg searching underneath Marinette’s bed for cheese and accidentally finding Tikki.  I want some scheming from them bc you know they so ship it.  I want Marinette being confused about why she can suddenly interact with Adrien and I want Adrien being so excited that Marinette is actually talking to him like she did with Chat the few times she met him.  I want the season finale to be Adrien and Marinette presenting their project but theres an Akuma right in the middle and They and Chloe run out to fight and after its all done (dramatically) they go back to class and both Marinette and Adrien apologize to each other for running out.  I want Adrien to make a pun and Marinette to roll her eyes and tease him and I want Adrien to have a weird look on his face.  I want them to go back to their seats and Adrien hear Marinette laugh and he turns around and then is like “oh, its her.”


elias: i dont?? like. like like you??

luna: excuse me

elias: like. i dont have a crush on you. 

luna: what do you mean

elias: im not really sure how i can reword that sentence again

luna: yeah well. you dont have to. im not into girls anyway.



elias: shes gone i was way too late on that reply 

elias: ill just kick her off the group chat 

Kinda wish everybody just kept to Thomas’ original no-spoiler rule, instead of relying on spoilers to maintain hype through an extended hiatus downtime. Could have just as easily sustained things by putting more resources into the in between canon supplements like the webisodes and concept art. Instead they are letting the fandom draw their own conclusions which are, hopefully, not as good as what canon will provide later so that they form attachments to pre-conceived theories and story arcs and later rebel or chastise what canon gives them because of it. Featuring cosplayers, fan art, fan stories, and concept art alongside webisodes, canon still frame pictures of fun things with the characters (like Hiro Mashima does), quick projects utilizing voice actors and similar short-to-prepare canon supplements would arguably be more effective then teasing.

I’m not a network executive, I dont know anything about the business or how it works to have so many people working on a project with limited control as to individual actions but like

I’m a story teller. Laying the groundwork for future story elements is one thing, giving away entire elements in the hope of maintaining interest is another. They are doing the right thing now that they have an audience by attempting to prepare seasons 2 and 3 at the same time, something I really admire about what they’re doing. That can’t be easy and has to be a strain on the team but I think they know that sustainability through such a long hiatus is difficult and are trying to minimize that problem. I just wish they handled this one differently and cut it out with the teasers. I didn’t want to see a new hero coming, I wanted there to just be a quick pan up as a voice calls from off screen, showing a pair of yellow and black stripe boots at the end of an episode so that everyone can go ‘!?!?!?!?!?!’ instead of ‘Oh there is the bee miraculous holder!’ 

Know what I mean? I don’t mean to chastise, the story in ML is phenomenal and clearly one I admire, I just wish it was handled differently sometimes. I don’t think you can truly love a thing without attempting to objectively view it though. 

“Tease” Thomas Brodie-Sangster imagine

Request: I dont know if u take requests but I saw that u write stuff so if u dont mind could u pls write one where Thomas (Sangster) has been away for job for a long time and he decides to surprise the reader with a visit but he catches her pleasuring herself and its really awkward and yeah,,,sorry if its weird u don’t have to do it if u don’t want to:D

Warnings: nsfw, obviously, but nothing too graphic (I think. Idk)

A/N: it really isn't that awkward but i thought it’d be better this way:)

You raise your eyelids lazily, squinting from the bright sunlight burning through your eyes. A lingering sigh escapes your mouth as you stretch out your arms in the queen sized bed to feel nobody next to you. Nobody.

Your eyes shut back close in an attempt to recall Thomas’s touch on your skin. Goosebumps rise against your bare body as you remember the sensation of his painfully teasing, wet kisses everywhere.

You miss him a ridiculously big amount of lot. You miss him in every single way you know – his deep voice, his eyes, his hair, his body, the weirdly soothing touch of his hands, his lips, even his mocking smirk rising against your mouth each time you were eager to kiss him deep. You miss the way he’d cuss under his breath with his utterly British phrases, you miss how he’d pull you into long, sometimes-too-tight hugs before leaving for work in the morning. At the end of the day, being honest to yourself, you miss how wet a simple naughty whisper off his lips would make you.

You can’t help this feeling of emptiness inside you when he’s away.

The memory of his tongue gliding up and down your collarbone makes your body jolt. You recreate his image in your mind, licking your lips as you crave to just feel him close to you. 

Your boyfriend is the biggest tease on planet Earth. He’d always make you beg to get what you want. He might be a little precious angel with everyone else, but with you he’s the most annoying teaser ever and even that, you miss.

Thinking about him like this makes you tense up, that familiar shudder chilling through your body before nesting down there. You rush to get rid of the ticklish feeling inside of your thighs, concentrating on calm, soothing thoughts. The more you strain your muscles, however, the more your back arches into cold senseless air, only making it worse.

“Fuck” you hiss, sliding your hand under your blanket and reaching down for your panties. You slowly vibrate the tip of your finger above your core, pressing the already wet fabric of underwear against your skin. You can’t hold back the eager moan struggling its way out of your mouth.

You do feel kind of pathetic right now. It’s been about two months since your goodbye-night. Your insides burn in desperate search for satisfaction.

Your eyes close, you try to picture Thomas’s face licking his lips as you start to rub circles down there. A thin wave of pleasure has you gaping you lips in a low gasp, your hand moving faster to pursue another little episode of shudder. 

Your legs feel wobbly after some time and you sense your hand getting tired, so you decide to quickly switch it with the other one, stopping the game of fiddling your clit just for a mere second, before starting it again.

Your body instinctively clenches at the overwhelming feeling and you spread your legs further apart, eyes long closed under the heavy weight of pleasure. A raspy groan echoes from the back of your throat and Thomas’s imaginary face on top of you smirks, because he’s doing this to you right now without even being present. 

Growing used to the pressure of two fingers on your clitoris, you cup your vagina with your palm, slowly caressing it in steady strokes. You feel your hole throb, skin soaked in your juices and you tease yourself with a fingernail, emitting low pants into air. 

Friction soon lingers into a mock, no longer giving you enough to keep yourself entertained and you lazily run a last stroke over yourself, having the thin fabric of your panties soften under your touch. You move the soaked piece of clothing away, suddenly awake of your bedsheets being wet under you.

You bite your bottom lip, hesitating to do the next step. You haven’t ever touched yourself in this way even once in your entire life. You thought it isn’t an experience to be proud of. But the increasing feeling of wetness on the very edge of your finger just pushes it for you. You let out a halted sigh, easing one finger inside.

Your breathing pace goes up as you still imagine your boyfriend hovering over you. 

“Th..om-aas” the stumbled echo of his name parts your lips in a moaning whisper and you could swear you heard his chuckle right next to you, as if he was actually in the room.

That just turns you on more, you slide two more of your fingers inside you, scissoring them to have the feeling intensified, and keeping the rubbing of your clit with your other hand. You have to squeeze your blanket in between your teeth not to groan cause that would be just the top of humiliation.

You feel your own walls clench around your fingers, your long pretty nails leaving aching scratches inside of you, but somehow that adds on to the pleasure. You start grinding against the bed, looking for more, for something that would push you over the edge, limbs messily shaking unable to contend the suppressing feeling of just not enough pleasure.

You moan loudly, voice full of desperation and need, back flying up and molding an arch from your whole body, hands giving up and hurting from moving so fast and intensely.

“Wow” your favourite British accent says and you cuss, or at least attempt to cuss, cause this boy dries you crazy being miles away, messing with your brain, appearing in your imagination with a voice so real and natural, it seems like he’s right next to you.

You fail to bite back the brief shriek as you hit your high and your body finally loosens your strained muscles.

The warm, sloppy liquid makes the movements of your fingers slippery and you pull them out with a tiny whine.

Did you just actually do this.

You sigh, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as you turn around in bed to get comfy. Your eyes widen in surprise and a loud gasp echoes in the air when you see Thomas, himself, sitting on the floor, his back leaned against the bedroom wall, his elbows rested on his both knees, a tiny simper spread across his face.

In one of his hands he holds a small pretty bouquet of tulips – those are your favorite flowers.

“Th… Thomas?” you manage to call, shock still paralyzing each inch of your body.

“y/n” he replies sternly, letting out a tiny laugh at the same time.

“What…? How long have you-”

“I’ve been watching you sleep for 2 hours. I wanted to surprise you, but you were sleeping so peacefully, I thought I’d wait till you wake up”

After a second of awkward silence he speaks up again “Missed me much, I see”. A smug grin grows on his face and you feel blush burn your cheeks.

Only now you realize what is actually going on. The realness of the situation suddenly hits you hard and you find yourself jumping out of the bed, throwing the whole of your weight right into Thomas’s now wide stretched arms, waiting for your bodies to merge in an embrace.

A stumbled lonely teardrop drips from your cheek to his shoulder and feeling the wet little spot on his skin, he squeezes you harder, pressing your waist against his own.

“I missed you so much” you talk, sounding cheesy as hell but that doesn’t matter at the moment. Your voice comes out more like a sob, you try your best to believe that your Tommy is really here right now, locking your fingers tighter around his wide back to feel how real his presence is.

His hands travel up to your face, cupping your cheeks. He pulls your head slightly away from his chest and makes your eyes face his. The minutes seem to stretch out into hours as you two just stand there, studying each other’s faces as if you’ve met for the first time in ten years.

A genuine, sincere smile creeps on his face whilst he rubs his thumb against your cheek. “I missed y…”

You cut him off, surprising even your own self. “I am never ever letting you ever leave me alone for this long ever, Sangster. Ever” that made more sense in your mind but you’re sure he understood what you were trying to say, more like order even though it ended up being a senseless stutter.

He laughs, moving his head closer towards you carefully and seeing him leaning in painfully slow, your body tenses up in anticipation of his lips’ touch. You cry out in frustration when he pulls away right when his lips slightly touched the edge of yours.

The goddamn tease.

His mouth travels to your ear, still in a dangerous distance from your skin and your breath hitches as he whispers “The sight of you moaning out my name even without my actual presence next to you was quite delightful, love” 

His head leans back in wry laughter in that weirdly aristocratic intonation that’s only inherent in British people.

You blush, looking down on the ground and making him grunt. His hand pulls your chin gently up and you’re sure he’s going to make you look into his eyes again. You don’t let him tilt your head, not wanting to see his teasing dark eyes so amused at your embarrassing episode, but he pressures insistently, even hurting you a little and you have to look up. 

As soon as you do so, you feel your lips finally attach in a soft, gentle kiss as his head was tilted down, waiting for your mouth. 

Every single cell of your body shudders when you finally feel Thomas again. You whine, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling him in deeper. He smirks against the kiss like he would always do and you finally get to taste his tongue again. You leave the dominance to him without a single thought about fighting for it, letting his tongue take control over your mouth immediately.

“I missed you too” he whispers pulling away from the kiss to pronounce the sentence you didn’t let him finish earlier. “I missed your everything, y/n” his thumb touches your bottom lip earning a little kiss on it from you “I missed your lips”. 

You smile at his words and he uses the opportunity. “I missed your smile”.

“And your gorgeous hair” his warm hand travels up to your head tucking a strand behind your ear. 

“The way you blush every time I talk to you like this” another one of those low-pitched laughs. 

“The way those engrossing eyes of yours fill with lust when I do this” two of his fingers make their way down your arm to the hem of your shirt, touching your skin only barely, sending waves of pleasure mixed with infantile tickle through you.

Of course, the same old Thomas, enjoying each second of teasing you, making you weak, controlling you. Your legs are too sloppy to hold up your weight as you feel his touch arousing every little patch on your body, you desperately clutch on his shoulders in an attempt to calm down but you’re turned on to the edge.

His hand continues to move down as his smirk grows wide “The way you’re always so wet for me” you gasp as he laughs and pushes you back aggressively. You backtrack and trip falling down on the bed just as he planned. Right then he hovers on top of you.

“Let me help you out a little with this thing, love” his hand travels down to your pants and you close your eyes, letting him take complete dominance over you. He can do whatever the hell he wants as long as you’ll get the pleasure.

You know he’s going to make you beg for it. You just simply couldn’t care less.

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Can people stop saying “dont watch the scorch trials if you’ve read the book, it was horrible”. Like let people make that decision for themselves. I have read the books several times and I genuinely liked this movie. It was really intense and kept me at the edge of my seat, and I had no idea what was gonna happen next. It keeps the heart of the stories and the actors did so well. Even James Dashner approved of it. I think whether or not you read the books, go watch the movie and just enjoy it even if its different. If in the end you do not like it, I’m sorry but I still think it is worth a shot! Just remember that it also had to be changed so that people who didn’t read the books could still enjoy it. There’s another movie so everything could be fixed by then. Book lovers go in knowing that it will be different and try to make the best of it!! If you do that, I can almost guarantee it’ll be worth it :)