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“ NASH ” you yelled. You were beyond happy the boys were back from magcon which meant your big brother was back home ! Even better your boyfriend was coming home. ÎrHis name was shawn mendes. But you couldn’t say a word why because Nash could be an overprotective jerk sometimes but he is my brother so. “ hey (y/n) !!! I’ve missed you. ” he said squeezing the air out of you ! The boys came shortly after. It was horrible though you just wanted to jump on shawn and has him just have you but you couldn’t all you could have was a long hug maybe ! “ hey shawn ” you said trying to control your voice inflection. “ hey girl ” he said hugging you then whispering in your ear “ hey baby girl I love you I will give you kisses soon” you smiled and felt your cheeks blush. “ hey um (y/n) soo shawn kinda came lasty minute can he stay with you ? ” Matthew asked. “ of course "you said. Really really really quick shit ! ” someone was eager eh “ cam nudges. ” DONT PLAY CAMERON “ Nash yelled from the front of car line. See what I mean, very protective ! The day went on as normal. The boys ate but you weren’t hungry all you could think about as shawn. ” baby girl “ you hear. You sparked up ” babe ! “. You didn’t get into any conversation he just slammed his lips into your. He is a lot taller than you so he picks you up your legs wrapped around his hips.you pulled back breathless ” he is here though" you say. “ look it’s not that I don’t care but I don’t care I love u and I’m done hiding it ” he said that was I usually sassy for him so you went with it he sat down at the end of your bed without and shirt or pants just boxers “ strip for me” he said. You began unbuttoning you shirt your chest going up and down as a result of your rapid heart rate. You pulled down your shorts reveling your thong. It’s funny you just so happen to be wearing the thong shawn gave you as a joke it said S.M it was black with white lace. It was a gag gift for your birthday. You didn’t realize you were wearing it but fuck that god. Shawn say the thong and lost it he began stroking himself “ fuck that’s the best 15 dollar I ever spent” one I slide it off he grab you and turned you around and began playing with ass. He layed is down simply saying “ babe sit on this dick ” you happily did sliding backwards so he could see you ass bounce.“ Your so big ugh ” you moaned. He loved hearing it you can tell. You kept bouncing and then switch position till you were on all four and he was going from behind. You gripped the bed tightly. “ ahhh shit I’m gonna cum ” you both said you both collapse covered in sweat. “ what the ..” Nash yelled. Ohh shit shit shit. You pulled a little dress over you , you had laying around while shawn put his jeans “ SHAWN MENDES I HOPE YOU PREPARED TO DIE” Nash said lunging at him but instead you step In front takin a blow to the face. That hurt like bitch DAMM. “ (y/n)” shawn yelled grabbing you and laying you down on the bed. You tried not cry but from all the stress you broke down. Nash tired calming you but failed miserably.“move nash ” shawn said. “ no don’t come near her this your fault ” Nash snarled. “ actually you hit her and your method of relaxing her and not working eh bud so move ” he said. He ran to you and began signing to you what was the most calming song ever “ drop in the ocean ” by Ron pope. He covered you up and once he was done left you quite asleep on the bed. “ how did you do that ?! She was crying so damm loud I don’t think she heard me ” Nash said bewildered at the fact someone knew his sister more than he. “ cause I love her nash I notice the smallest things about her the tiny things like she eat one thing at a time, she always pins up the right side of her hair because she got cut playing outside and it was on her left ear. Nash I know you don’t like it but I need her to breath she is my heaven id do anything to be with her id lay down my life of that meant she lived to brighten someone day you have to understand ” shawn pleaded “ I’m sorry for blowing up but you love her man I can’t stop that but if you hurt her I’ll castrate you” they hugged each other. Shawn went to lay beside it was the best it’s been because no matter who walked in he didn’t have to leave that position then one he wanted to be in most, protecting you.

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