i dont really believe in the guardians

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I dont believe in bond whatsoever among members of kpop groups tbh because its quite obvious that they are all for business purpose. So i'm not really surprised with this whole thing in fact I sort of expected it.

no, i have to strongly disagree with u here, anon. bigbang members are a family out of work and schedule too. daesung is literally seunghyun’s guardian angel. jiyong and seunghyun have been friends since middle school. youngbae prays for seunghyun every day, i bet. seunghyun is seungri’s dad who scolds him just bc he cares for him deeply. bigbang are brothers.

who remembers me

My name may have been Verchiel, or Vincent. I don’t know. I was a fledgeling, though maybe not as young as i previously thought. I believe I was created after the war, if that helps put my “age” into perspective. I had silvery brown, wavy hair about down to my chin, and one set of small white wings, (which, one had a single golden brown feather). I was pretty pale. Im a guardian angel, here on what i believe is my first mission, some kind of assessment maybe, as a personal guardian. I will be returning home after this life.
I remember an older angel, i dont remember what they looked like or if they had an appearence at all, but they were lecturing me. sort of sternly but soft, i can tell this agel really cared about me. they were some sort of mentor. i was ashamed of my wings for being so small and boring, and was afraid of flying (or i sucked at it?)
i had a spot i would always say, a little bit away from what i think was a library. a secluded spot i could watch other angels from afar without being bothered.
i think i felt very close to father, maybe not completely understanding that he was our father, if that makes sense. it was kind of a “wow! /my/dad is this big important guy! thats my dad!!” if that makes sense? i probably grew out of it.
if anything sounds familiar, please let me know… if you remember someone who fit the description but had another name, message me! im not completely sure on the name.