i dont really believe in the guardians

“Harry said good-bye to you. Didn’t you hear him?”

“You aren’t going to see your nephew till next summer. Surely you’re going to say good-bye?”

Okay..this…I just…the Weasleys know how poorly the Dursleys treat Harry. He told Ron plenty of things about them, and surely he passed that information onto his parents. And we know for a fact that they knew that the Dursleys locked Harry in his room and put bars on his windows just two years prior to this. And yet…Mr. Weasley is still unable to believe that anyone could be that nasty to someone who is essentially their child, and he makes Harry wait to leave until one of them acts like a proper guardian and says goodbye. Like i dont even know what else to say about this…this scene just really gets me man. Arthur Weasley is a godsend and I just love him so much

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Sorry for all the questions. What are anatolians like as pets? And do you think caos could live in pet homes or are they really for work only

no problem friend, ask away! always happy to help when i can even tho i suck at replying to asks in a timely or organized manner hahaaaaa

SO anatolians! from what i hear, they are very laid back and relaxed dogs to have in the house, but have a few breed quirks that can make them a bit of a hassle if you dont manage it properly. the first, and probably one of the most serious of which, is their tendency and desire to roam. they, and all LGDs, are awful with recall, and due to their highly independent nature and desire to protect and patrol their territory, can often decide that whatever theyre doing is more important than coming to you. many people ive heard say that they should essentially be treated like sighthounds and only allowed off leash when they are in a safe, enclosed environment where they wont risk getting hurt if they ignore you and wander. another breed quirk, also common with many LGDs, is a digging habit; gardeners beware! true to their group they are excellent guardians, and are typically quite quiet in the house save for when they feel the need to alert, which they will do by barking a couple time. they are disinterested but perceptive of strange people and other dogs and like to keep an eye on them, but can get snappy with rude behavior (especially with dogs). theyre more endurance based than they are pure energy, and while they can definitely move fast when they want to they are generally pretty calm and will not be bouncing around everywhere as adults. training is going to be how it always is working with intelligent yet stubborn animals; requiring creative approaches and flexibility! ive heard some breeders say that “nothing in life is free” training methods work super well with anatolians (personally im not a fan of the philosophy but im sure it gets the job done). overall i think they make good pets so long as, like with any breed, you take care to consider their specific needs and traits and try to manage and satisfy them to the best of your ability.

and onto cao’s! i dont honestly believe any dog cant ever never be a pet, like some breeds are going to be a lot more challenging than others and require a lot of special treatment, but i think if youre flexible and dedicated enough you can really have any breed you want as a pet. interestingly, i see cao’s be more typically advertised as good family guardians/companions than most of the other, softer livestock breeds, especially within european lines. so yeah, i totally think you could have a cao as a pet assuming you know what youre getting into and are prepared for that.

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I dont believe in bond whatsoever among members of kpop groups tbh because its quite obvious that they are all for business purpose. So i'm not really surprised with this whole thing in fact I sort of expected it.

no, i have to strongly disagree with u here, anon. bigbang members are a family out of work and schedule too. daesung is literally seunghyun’s guardian angel. jiyong and seunghyun have been friends since middle school. youngbae prays for seunghyun every day, i bet. seunghyun is seungri’s dad who scolds him just bc he cares for him deeply. bigbang are brothers.

Went to go see Thor:Ragnarok today. It was such an awesome film. The comedy was just right and the action too. The visuals were similar to Guardians of the Galaxy and I liked it. It was a different change and went really well with the movie. Some people say that there wasn’t as much action as marvel movies usually have but I believe otherwise. Cate Blanchett did a fantastic job playing Hela the goddesss of death. She’s such a great actress and I love watching her in films. The interactions between Thor and Hulk were awesome and I really liked the involvement Loki and Thor had with each other. They got along and worked well together. I dont want to say any spoilers for the people who didnt see it but Thor was awesome here.This was good movie and like always marvel did a good job. I cant wait for the other marvel movies that are coming out.