i dont read your blog anymore

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Name: benedict

Nicknames: mostly ben

Zodiac sign: cancer

Height: 5′5″

Orientation: gay? pan?

Ethnicity: i know it’s not technically an ethnicity but yea im white

Favorite fruit: peaches

Favorite season: fall

Favorite book: idk i never read anymore

Favorite flower: lavender

Favorite scent: fire, like that campfire/burning wood/smoke smell

Favorite color: pink

Favorite animal: probably raccoons

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee

Average hours of sleep: 5 i guess

Favorite fictional character: buck from the oa, teddy from bob’s burgers, audrey from twin peaks

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3

Dream trip: the moon

When did you make your blog: i dont remember around 2013?

Number of followers: 409

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The things which are said now at the other said are outrages. These anti-gillovny blogs post so much hate against us it is unbearable and so pathetic. And they post anon's hate against gillovny fandom too. I don't know if there is any help for this fandom yet? :(

I think there is a rift which can’t be changed anymore. It is sad but its the truth…

You know I dont see or read those anons because why should I bother to make myself unhappy reading this. I can only tell you to block what you dont like and fill your dash with all the gillovny cuteness you can find and there is plenty :) Stay positive and don’t let negativity bother you chat with ppl who make you happy and do what puts a smile on your face… :)

ferm-acid replied to your post “Ok but if he dies on the 14th floor but then comes back to life and 13…”

I’ve been feeling a lot lately that t6t and tld are a dream and tfp is just a rick roll episode but who knows at this point �� like at first I didn’t buy or like emp but the n I read Lsit’s meta about it and what dreams may come and I’m pretty sold on it actually

me too kinda? i dont even know anymore though, i see both emp theory and john’s nightmare+john’s blog retelling as both very plausible theories, and there’s clear overlap in them where you have two interpretations of the same particular image or line. it’s a little harder for me to buy tst and tld into the blog entry theory and tfp into emp theory b/c i so wholeheartedly believe its johns pov. 

as far as we know they’re both right because we simply don’t have all the clues to wrap it up in a neat bow…like you can include a flower as a symbol in the first act or even two acts, and you might think it symbolizes ethereal beauty that will always be reborn or whatever or the fragility of beauty and how its material and dies, but you can’t know for sure until you see where the story takes that flower. we have all the right tools but we don’t know for sure what the finished product is

the one thing keeping me from fully embracing emp theory is that there’s so much of john’s character development individually and in his romantic arc that needs to be furthered and if s4 is 100% in sherlock’s mind any john development would be passive or non-existent but i can’t know for sure until i hypothetically see it play out, but going that route wouldn’t make sense to me, and would be frankly a little frustrating and disappointing. 

you know i kinda wonder if these two readings are the two pills, the two cities of samarra and sumatra, and they included clues and/or ambiguity for both just to play games with our mind and if thats the case……idk if i should be mad or impressed lol