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Hey may I am you something? How does someone get noticed and popular like you? I've been trying a lot but nothing seems to ever work. My art never gets noticed and I'm starting to get desperate. Please tell me how to get noticed!

Okay from what I have noticed a lot of people get popular on youtube or tumblr by doing the following: 

A. Appealing to children. Yall are gonna dislike this one, but the majority of people who have time to be involved fans of things are underage. Typically around 12-14. The majority of my audience probably falls in this range, and as such I tend to tailor my content towards that. AKA I do a lot of ship videos, since 12-14 year old fans like to squeal over them, and I do a lot of edgy shit, since 12-14 year olds are typically pretty edgy. 

B. Consistent storyline/schedule. You’ll notice that the videos of mine that have the most views are parts of a series. Ask blogs also tend to do well if they have a set schedule and update very frequently, honestly you don’t even need to be that good. Like I’ve seen a lot of people who I’ve honestly thought are not that talented get extremely popular because they do really popular fan comics and update a lot. Same goes for undertale comic dubs. I’ve seen a lot of people who are bad at making videos and bad at acting in general thrive because they chose a series no one else had seen and stuck to it. That brings me to the third thing actually

C. Do things no one has seen yet. You’re not going to get popular by releasing worse versions of things people have already done. This applies moreso to youtube I think, getting to the series first is a BIG part of getting popular if you’re not a very well known youtuber. Like I’m gonna hear some of you say “buT YOU DO SERIES PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY DONE WHY AREN”T YOU FOLLOWING YOUR OWN ADVICE” well let me counter that. I currently have around 240000 subscribers, so most of the views we bring in now are directly linked to the popularity of our channel, and not necessarily the comic itself anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the comic is a huge part, but we are a pretty huge channel. However, I got popular due to underline, there’s really not much denying that. I loved the series, and I still am fully indebt to the creators for being such amazing people, because they truly got me to the place I am now. This is because everyone had done underline part 1, but no one had continued it. I did, and that alone got me around 20k subscribers. 

D. Actively try to improve. It honestly doesn’t matter if you start out weakly, or if you don’t really know what you’re doing or how to do it. Take a look at my first videos, they were AWFUL. Everyone starts out not really knowing what they’re doing. Don’t let that deter you from actively trying to become better. And remember, the best way to do that is practice. Sure you’ll get some haters in the beginning, but try not to let that affect you and push forward, I promise you its worth it! 

E. Sometimes there isn’t a secret to success/Focus on your own work. Sometimes people will just like something that you think is absolute trash, and you’ll ask yourself ‘how on earth did they get popular??’ but the internet is a weird place, and people can just spontaneously become popular sometimes. If their art/content has worth to someone, you can’t deny that. And because of that, I recommend not getting super invested in that and being like ‘THIS PERSON IS POPULAR BUT IM NOT???? THEYRE GARBAGE THO? I QUIT’ like just try to focus on your own work and don’t get too caught up in other popular blogs/content if you dont have a similar format. If you do however, I actually recommend keeping an eye on them and see what they do, since it can be really fun to do some crossovers or possibly get to know them.

F. Make friends. that one’s pretty self explanatory. 

ANYWAYS this was my very long and very indepth guide to my “secrets to success”, although the important thing is to not get too caught up in this kinda stuff and just have fun making your content. I wish you all luck~ 

also the only reason I really gave such an indepth answer is a lot of yall have been asking me similar questions, so I thought it would be nice to sit down and fully explain. 

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are you really sure you are an intj? i mean, don't take this the wrong way, i'm genuinely curious, but why are you so... nice? and seem so spontaneous? and talking about having fun? isn't it something intjs dont do? have a nice day

I totally get what you’re saying mate, I know that the way that I appear on Tumblr doesn’t really match up with the typical expectations of INTJs; there’s a few reasons for this:

1) I’ll start with the most important one, MBTI isn’t actually about how you behave, rather it’s about a way of thinking. There are people of all types who act in all different ways, it’s not about what you do, it’s about why you do it. I may not do all the INTJ “things”, but trust me, the way I think is VERY “INTJ”.

2) The type descriptions you read online are stereotypes and often skewed towards a very ‘extreme’ version of each type. Plus, the MBTI community on Tumblr is particularly good at perpetuating these stereotypes, and we embrace them because they’re fun and they make us laugh (hey, I freely admit that I’m one of the biggest perpetrators of this crime).

3) People act differently online than they do in real life. The way you perceive me based on my blog isn’t necessarily how I am, but more like how I aspire to be.

4) I set up my blog specifically for the purpose of having fun/being spontaneous, so of course that’s how you’ll perceive me. You don’t get to see the other side of me, when I’m really invested in an intellectual debate, studying for an assignment, or just plain tired and fed up. Also, It’s (partly) my personal rebellion against the pseudo-intellectualism that always frustrated me before I quit art school (don’t get me started on the bollocks that is contemporary Art theory, then you’ll see how INTJ I actually am).

5) Personal values aren’t dictated by type, but rather by upbringing, experiences (both good and bad), and a whole mess of other factors that we can’t even begin to understand. I’m nice (usually) because then people are nice to me and I value that (see: Tertiary Fi).

6) INTJs are people too, just like everyone else we like to have fun, we like it when people are genuinely nice to us, we just happen to also like rigorous intellectual debate, pointing out the flaws in everything, dark humour and can get crabby with people when we’re all “niced out”. (but then again, can’t everyone)

I know that’s a long explanation and to be honest I could go on all day, but I think a fair question deserves a fair answer and that was a very fair question my friend.

TL;DR- Yes, I’m sure I’m an INTJ, but I may not appear that way to others because they can’t see my thoughts and I like to think that I’m a mature, well-rounded individual.

Title: And In The Darkness, I Found You

Series: Tokyo Ghoul

Pairing: HideKane/HideHaise

Rating: T

Summary: Perhaps the addition of a certain blond to their family isn’t so bad after all.

Warning: i dont even know anymore im so sorry OTL 

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[Chapter 20]

Hide rests his hands on the surface of the desk and laces his fingers together as he waits for the meeting to begin.

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