i dont pretend to understand

“do a spec aphobes think I want them in my community?” honestly way to highlight one of the biggest flaws in aro/ace communities. exclusionist aro/ace people are not magically less or more aro/ace and i dont understand how you can pretend to be for ‘inclusion’ but exclude people from a community based on something like being uncomfortable with cishets.

ahh im so tired of seeing white people being glorified for stealing poc roles lmao…… and im so tired of white people being cast to play poc characters…. im tired of seeing healthy and positive poc representation being stolen left and right and im tired of people trying to excuse it or guilt trip people who are actually affected by this into accepting this kinda stuff. Its not actual rep and we shouldnt be happy w it or accept anything. its time people understand that representation REALLY fucking matters and this half assed attempt to represent us isnt shit. I dont wanna see white people pretending they understand or they live in the reality i live, fuck that. Cast actual poc. Its not that hard.

if you hate me please please tell me. if im nothing to you dont pretend that you care. its okay, i understand. just say the word and i’ll stop talking. you dont have to put up with me, don’t be scared to tell me to fuck off. i wont blame you. i get it. i promise


when her father dies, jemma simmons meets her long-forgotten step brother, who came to their family searching for his relatives. while being with jemma and her mother, fitz acts as the best step brother in the whole world. after all, he missed his sister. times passes and jemma starts having doubts about leo fitz being her step-brother. because the way he looks at her doesn’t seem like he’s a brother to her. what kind of secrets leo fitz hides and how did jemma simmons manage to fall for him? and how her absolutely-not-step-brother turned into her lover and crime partner? (listen // insp.)

so! random story no one cares about also long but heh

but i find it really amazing/weird 

i’ve seen the whole evolution of “kimochi” in korea, from the time it started (last year-ish?) to now

so y’all know kimochi is japanese for feeling/mood

but the other underlying usage is obviously in adult movies/hentai/ what not …for “it feels good” i guess


(possibly with high schoolers but i dont have those, so for me it started with middle schoolers) around last year they started saying that all the time and giggling and i was like wait what..bc obviously i know what kimochi is i know japanese but i was like dude. and then i heard them conversing in korean about ~when and where japanese people use that~ and i was like yo..omg *pretending i dont understand these middle school boys’ conversation

but then later it leaked into the minds of the elementary schoolers WHO DIDNT KNOW WHERE IT COMES FROM, THEY JUST KNEW THE WORD AND MEANING (too innocent thankfully phew) but they’d USE IT ALL THE TIME (AND STILL DO) 

but the cool thing to see is, how the word kimochi turned into ..kinda more korean? they changed the sound and now its like “kimoddi” 기모띠 and even adopted the ~~ 앙 기모띠!!~~ and now a lot of my little students are using this japanese-turned-korean slang word to express a sort of “oh yeah!!” feeling for when they do well on their tests and whatnot ,,its how they always use it!


anonymous asked:

I dont understand why top pretends to be cool and manly in photoshoots but acts like the biggest idiot on stage. Its so annoying

Hi there, anon :)

That’s just his marketing image.  When you’re doing photoshoots and ads, you have to bring out a certain persona that matches the concept of the photoshoot/ad.  His job is to do what the photographer and the company wants him to do for those photoshoots.  And quite frankly, he does an amazing job at that (being manly, cool, and absolutely handsome/sexy).

But when he’s on stage, his job is to connect with the thousands of fans who paid to come and see him.  If he tries to act all cool and manly there, the fans will have a tough time having fun with him bc there’s going to be a wall between him and the fans.  So when he’s on stage, the inner bingu top, choom top, and all the different random/crazy/fun sides of him comes out.  He’s no longer posing…he’s just being himself with his fans.  And that’s what makes people around him, including the fans, feel comfortable with him.  At the end, everyone feels like they’re hanging out at a party together with friends, and they leave feeling like they had the time of their life.

He’s an entertainer, and a good one at that.  Since we’re not used to living the life he does (at least I’m not), we might find it hard to understand his switching personalities.  But that’s his job and he has to wear different hats for different situations.  As a matter of fact, I think he deserves appreciation for being able to still maintain some of the original Choi Seung Hyun.  I know many people in his shoes get lost in their job and don’t know when to stop posing.

Sorry about the long response :(  I hope I made sense :)

HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY giygas​!!!!!!!
i know im late but here’s a happy Lucas for you (also known as PEPE$$$$) that my scanner destroyed but aNYWAYS keep being cool and im glad we had the chance to talk and yeAH

like i wont pretend to ‘understand’ shit abt the military i just? dont fucking support a racist imperalist violent system?? sorry??? i dont think i need to have direct fucking experience to feel that way

i dont understand girls being fake w eachother, pretending to be friends but actually talking shit and hating.. bish if i dont like you i dont like you why you wanna be around me anyway??