i dont pretend to understand

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you don't have 'off days' with ana, it's an eating disorder, not a diet, show some compassion

Lol having an ana blog on tumblr doesnt mean you are a diagnosed anorexic. I don’t suffer from anorexia, and I never have said that I did. What does “Show some compassion” mean, I dont understand. Do you mean I have to pretend i have an ED in order to be more “relatable”? And I think anorexics can have times where they’re “off guard”, but I don’t know about it enough, so people who are diagnosed with anorexia, pls interact with this post!

I just wish my step dad were my birth dad. I wouldnt have to deal with depression because i would never have known a day of what ive been through. And i try not to talk about it much because everyone always acts like i was sheltered from it. I wasnt. I was just always the one who hid quietly and waited for the storm to pass.
And god, depression doesnt run in my step dads family. I wouldnt have to struggle every day to force a smile or try and be happy. I wouldnt have to pretend, even when i just feel no emotion.
They dont understand how terrifying it is to feel ecstatic and completely in love with someone one day, and the next to be incapable of feeling any emotion. To know that i love this person, and know how happy they make me but to feel nothing.
And my family doesnt understand that when im in bed all day it might be because my mind feels like its in another realm, doesnt belong in my body. How that directly affects my day because if i get out of bed theres no connection and thats when i used to hurt myself.
I just…. i dont get why i have to go through this, why i didnt get to grow up normally. I dont get why i just get fucked up for no reason. Doesnt matter though. Not really.

i dont understand girls being fake w eachother, pretending to be friends but actually talking shit and hating.. bish if i dont like you i dont like you why you wanna be around me anyway??

like i wont pretend to ‘understand’ shit abt the military i just? dont fucking support a racist imperalist violent system?? sorry??? i dont think i need to have direct fucking experience to feel that way