i dont post for weeks and this is the shit i post

anyway @happy-moon-love keeps tellin people to @ them so ill happily oblige

please block them they keep commenting unnecessarily on peoples interpretations of Taako the wizard from TAZ, being fat-phobic towards their designs and telling their creators that “taako would never be fat because he is so concerned about his beauty” (they even did some weird ass photoshop of somebodies art aljjhaas), despite taako’s creator, Justin McElroy, being a big man himself. hmhmhmmmm

im not like? 100% sure that they go outside cause like. i have seen Plenty of beautiful bigger people of all shapes sizes and cultures!!!! and i hardly ever interact with the outside world!!

follow @unhappy-sun-hate instead and send them your taako headcannons!! i wanna see em too!!!

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: on december 22nd, 2016 at roughly 9:27 in central time, ryan ross released a new video on instagram, this being the second post this week. this one showcasing his cool lighting and shit stairwalking skills, it also showed us some more snazzy music, captioned 'Walking down stairs in the dark while takin a video is a real gamble guys. 👽⚰️. here's some new shit tho' the lyrics stating "you gotta go away to make a comeback; and i dont think i wanna live like that" the sound was more electronic than any other sound weve heard from ryan ross before this being one of the very few previews of music weve recieved since 2013. in this three year time span, he has been absent from posting/showing us music, so is that what he means by going away? im sure well find out soon when ryan drops more musi-
  • psychic: honestly me too wtf this song preview is the Only Good Thing about 2016

hi peeps! as you might see from the picture above i’m arranging a studyblr awards! i reached 1000 followers about a week ago(i’m at 1,2K now!!) & wanted to celebrate it in some way. by hosting this award i want to discover some new peeps & of course recognise the old veterans too!


  • must be following me @einstetic (ill be checking)
  • reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks)
  • let me know in the tags if your studyblr is a side blog(tag your main blog)
  • must be a studyblr/appblr/langblr/medblr/lawblr etc.


  • best url
  • best icon
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  • best original content
  • nicest/sweetest blogger
  • best overall
  • best veterans
  • best newbies(tag ‘new studyblr’ when reblogging)

as you may notice there are 9 categories & i will be picking 3-6 for each and every one of them!!


  • a genuine follow from me :~)
  • a new buddy( if you want to)
  • ill be reblogging & queuing a shit ton of posts from you!!

this ends on 27th of december 2016 at 8pm EET(1pm EST) so you have 3 weeks from today(6th of december)

Good luck! ♡

so i hit 2k recently which is p cool so i decided to do some url edits inspired by my favourite movie posters!!

rules (? criteria? shit you gotta do)

- mbf me

- reblog this post (likes dont count)

- have a dnp related url

- send me an ask and i’ll add you to the list!!

- have patience!! it might take several weeks to finish them all

- i’ll be tagging these with #url edits and #movie poster edits

sorry for the shitty banner but thenks again for 2k ily all <3

Imagine leaving pocket-sized donghyuck alone in the house, and while you’re gone he finishes all the remaining mini cookies you bought.
When you got back you were surprised to see the pack of mini cookies empty, and when you ask donghyuck if he ate them all he just denies it and pretends to be hurt.


“Hyuck you were the only one in the hou-”


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a) Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked then write 11 new ones. b) Tag 11 people and link them to the post. Tell the person who tagged you that you’ve answered their questions

  1. How did you find out about bts? Through Tumblr!! 
  2. Is there a kpop band you absolutely dislike? noooooope
  3. Is there a choreography of a song you’d like to learn to dance to or can already dance to? I’d LOVE to learn the dope choreo omg
  4. Have you travelled to a country/city just to see your favorite kpop band perform? No bc theY NEVER COME ANYWHERE NEAR ME WHATS GOOOOOOOOD
  5. Is there a song you’ve been listening to for weeks which you can’t stand anymore of your bias group? No never
  6. What’s your favorite music video of your bias group? Spring Day
  7. Have you dragged some of your friends into the kpop fandom? If so - how? :D I have I was talking to my friend about them and reccomended her some mvs and now she’s a stan lmao
  8. How long have you been into kpop? about a year and a half
  9. Is there a city in south korea you definitely wanna visit one day? Any tbh it’s such an interesting country! 
  10. If you could meet your bias - what would you say or do to them? (please keep it sfw hehe) I would fucking cry my eyes out fam lets not joke idk if i’d be able to speak
  11. Any songs/mv’s you wanna recommend to your followers? :) ANY AND ALL VIXX MVS AND SONGS

I’m tagging @jinsasleep @youngprincejin and @sugashark

My questions ARE

  1. Who is ur ult
  2. What did you think of Monsta X’s comeback?
  3. Your fave girl group?
  4. If you could bring back one yoongi hair colour which would it be?
  5. Do you own any albums? If so, how many?
  6. Show me ur fave jin selfie pls and thank u
  7. if you could go for coffee with any idol who would it be and why?
  8. fave kpop song ever?
  9. fave bts dog? (this is an important question)
  10. fave era of any group?
  11. what made you fall for ur ult?

broke my ankle badly a couple months ago if ya dont know. during the recovery i couldnt draw much (pain meds made me goofy, couldnt sit at my desk, etc), so for the past couple weeks ive been slowly getting back into the swing of it. ive got some sketches, concept art, and experimental stuff, but nothing really post-worthy. so yeah, been drawing, but uploads will be slow

anyway, just writing this here cuz im about to post a pic and i dont wanna clutter that up with update shit

anonymous asked:

i really agree with your new additions to the Eyewitness post to be honest... like it seemed like a wonderful concept at first, and then it all sorta went to shit. the end was anticlimatic as fuck. half the pocs died for no reason (still dont understand that subplot at all??) the boys are sexualized beyond belief. tyler and ili are really getting on my nerves at this point. and yeah the acting.... made me cringe like every 5 seconds, no offense to the boys. but. yeah

tbt to like last month when tyler said he’s restarting his youtube channel and he hasn’t posted shit lmao. tyler n his gf are annoying as hell but james seems like such a pure soul, he seems like a really great person tbh and i hope him n his family r doing okay since his dad died a few weeks ago

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Captains reaction/ichigo finding out their s/o is a cosplayer :3c

Shunsui Kyoraku: He smiles softly, he thinks it is rather cute, and when he sees them wear it for the first time he takes tons of pictures of them

Sui-Feng: The first time she saw them, she blushed, head from toe. The cosplay that always gets her are from Kill la Kill.

Rojuro Otoribashi: He always thought they looked so adorable dressing up, he would be right there holding their stuff every time they would cosplay.

Retsu Unohana: She thought it was so cute, and she would even take tons of pictures with them.

Shinji Hirako: He thinks it’s really cool, he might even cosplay with them.

Byakuya Kuchiki: When he finds out, he offers to buy everything they need to cosplay, if it makes them happy, he will do anything to keep them that way.

Sajin Komamura: He finds it rather adorable, but sometimes he thinks they take it to seriously..

Kensei Mugurama: He thought it was a little weird at first, but when he saw how their face would light up when dressing up as a character, it just melted his heart.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: He thinks they look kinda weird at first, but he does not complain since it makes them happy.

Kenpachi Zaraki: He thinks its really hot, and maybe even ask them to dress up more in private…

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: He doesn’t say much about it, until they ask him to do their makeup for them.

Jushiro Ukitake: If it makes his s/o happy, then he doesn’t mind at all.

Ichigo Kurosaki: Well he knows people who cosplay, but his own partner? He didn’t say much about it, he is always there, holding their stuff and taking pictures if them with others cosplayers when they go to conventions.

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where have you been, my dude?

AHHH i was actually thinking about posting a little to show im not dead lmaoooo

sorry folks, ive been super not into tumblr for a bit, i also got a new job and was prepping for that for a couple weeks too :0 i’ll try to post more bc i miss talking to the friends i have on here!!! i havent been up to date, whos posted new fics? whos made new fanart? did the steraeden tag update or no (I JUST CHECKED, IT DID, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

you guys can also follow me on twitter where im a lot more active, @/huntermellas or @/omeleting where i talk anime and video games and shit >:3c

  • me: hey coworker, do you need these images complete by a certain date? I will have time to start working on them this week or next week.
  • coworker: (no response)
  • coworker (the next day aka friday): can you have one done today by eod? And the other one by wednesday.
  • me: ....probably? What size does it need to be?
  • coworker: it will be posted on the blog so whatever size is appropriate for that
  • me: I dont....post the blogs?? You do??? So I do not know what that means. But I will now take the time to figure it out I guess

I asked very vaguely a couple days ago whether you guys thought i should do a bomb this week. and I got a lot of excited responses! So here goes… on a wednesday. bring it on.

(sorry i’m posting this so late. i’m so sorry.)

Bomb 4.0: Hiatus Sucks And We Need More Gems

DAY 1: Introductions! / Weapons! / Powers!

If you’re thinking of participating in your first GemsonaBomb, I suggest you start with some kind of introduction to your gemsona(s)! This can include: drawings, backstories, just sort of general discussion, or maybe just working on their character!

We usually do this using the tag. Post your thing, and tag it #gsbomb

…and I’ll reblog it! Sometimes people send them to me in submissions and asks, and that’s fine too!

All right! I will reveal a New and Exhilarating prompt each day. Though, you can post/send in anything gemsona related at any time. (even when I’m not doing a bomb…) 

I’m hoping to see many of your fantastic gems during this week!

Hey… Hey guys. I’m white. I’m very white. I’m polish I’m sooo fucking white. But just because I’m white doesn’t mean I’m allowed to ignore the racism and brutality taken out on African Americans, (or any poc but this post is about African Americans). Just because it’s not my race - and for any other white ppl out there - our race that is being brutalized doesn’t mean we get to ignore what’s happening. I’ve been suspended from everything working this show for the past week but goddamnit as soon as I was found out I was angry, still am. I’m on mobile right now which means I can’t write as much as I want about this but listen. We can’t ignore this and just pretend it’s not happening and hope it will go away. This isn’t directed at anyone, this is just sort of a PSA of sorts. We can’t sit on our asses and wait for this shit to blow over. We have to post we have to speak up, because more often then not POC are ignored and brushed aside when they try and talk about this stuff. We gotta use the privilege given to us by our skin color to make sure this shit stops. So that one day we won’t have an unfair advantage just because we were born with a light skin tone. So that people aren’t murdered just because their skin is dark. We need to fucking protest this shit.


i cant believe i’ve really been running this blog for two years. two years officially today.

it has been… a ride. i came into this fandom just as carmilla was really starting to take off. and as much as i meant to be a casual fan, in dedicating an entire blog to one show, i was inevitably sucked in. and honestly, this little webseries has come to mean so, so much to me.

i know i’m not the nicest person, i can be an asshole a lot and i dont really hold my tongue when i dont like some shit. but that doesn’t mean i dont love, love, love the fuck out of this tiny webseries. (or not so tiny, i mean we’re getting a movie.)

a few days ago when i was thinking about making this post, it was going to be a sappy acceptance that in a week i was going to have to say goodbye. instead i feel grateful and so inexplicably happy that in about a year, we’re going to have one more part to this.

anyway, i dont want to get sappy or anything like that. im not really good at that kind of stuff when i know a lot of people are looking at me. but i really do need to say thank you. thank you to carmilla. to everyone involved. to everyone who’s ever followed me. all the friends i’ve made in the past two years, whether we still talk or not.

i know i wouldn’t necessarily be in a bad place, but i dont know where i’d be without carmilla or the people i’ve met because of it. perhaps a little less stressed LOL. 

… thank you for everything.. :)


Sorry I’ve been kind of, well, uh, gone for a while. Truth is I’ve been having a pretty hard time these past few weeks and it kinda sucks and I shouldn’t be writing this on an art post but you know what it’s my damn art post i will do as i please.

COOL NEWS!!! actualspacecat and I are working on a story together. it’s magical girl fairy tale shit and it’s p rad. It’s a loooooong ways away probably but it’ll be rad and full of them good ol memes.

so yeah, enjoy the twitter doodles, and as always, click for fullview and the weird captions