i dont play pokemon is

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So... Steve's dog, Tony's cat, you're raccoon, Clint & Sam are birds, Nat's spider... But what animal is Thor?

1. yellow
2. cute
3. lightning


They both joined team Instinct in the end.

ah yes the pokemon characters i have roleplayed (seriously or jokingly) as in the past year

  • a pine tree
  • a bone-stealing goth with cheese hair
  • Depression Man
  • dissociation girl
  • The god of existence and nonexistence itself in the form of an eleven-year-old child, whose powers are unknowable and terrifying.
  • giovanni except he likes garfield now

based on these im going to take a wild guess:

Team Valor: Shou, Shinji
Team Mystic: Tatsuya, Tsubasa, Hikaru
Team Instinct: Takumi, Gess

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I mean aces are oppressed too but why does this have to turn into the oppression olympics? Can't we all just get along and play pokemon r some shit

whatever rudeness ace people face is nonexistent compared to the momentous systematic violence lgbt people face. i dont ever want to play pokemon with u sharon and thats a promise

Pokemon go!

Kozume Kenma edition.

Day of the release:

Second day:

Third day:

Reaching his limit trying to capture that last Zubat:


Lol jk, this all happened the same day in an interval of half an hour