i dont peoples obsession with him

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Hello I'm a young aspiring artist that just started high school and I want to be an animator. Lately I've been stressing my self about how good I am and if I'm going the right path to be where I want to be. I get so worried about the future and if I'll be able to achieve my goals enough or on time I know this is long and your a busy person so please don't answer this if you don't want to. But do you have any advice at all anything will be appreciated thanks so much

The trouble is, even when you’ve ‘made it’ and you’re a working professional that feeling doesn’t go away! It turns into “oh god I’m a hack, they just haven’t seen it yet” or “im not good enough to be here”. The difference is, pros have these feelings and they keep drawing. When I was in high school I had the lowest self esteem but I kept drawing and striving for my goals because it was better than doing my homework. (haha I was an awful student. dont be me)

Also, there’s no such thing as “achieving goals on time”. Everyone has a different path. Yes, art school > internship > job is the path everyone obsesses about but it’s not the only way in. I have friends who didn’t work in animation until their 30s, and honestly it made their work more interesting and beautiful! I have a friend who never finished high school and lived out of a car for two years while stacking produce at a corner store. Now he’s an award winning Character Designer! One of my heroes never went to college and just pestered people until someone gave him a job. It’s all persistence, and maybe that’s why this job isn’t for everyone because that shit is HARD. When you’re feeling great, keep drawing. When you’re feeling bad, keep drawing. That’s how you know if you’re on the right path, if you can persist even when you’re at your lowest point. 

I’m sorry this advice isn’t very practical outside of “keep it up”. But that’s all you can do, that’s all I’ve ever done, and that’s all we have to keep doing. Good luck on your journey! 

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I just watched the video and like that was the most organic thing ever??? pure? good? flirting?

it’s just so nice i have decided to make a full list of good things from google feud 2:

  • jumpcut of dan saying ‘e’ when he obviously leaned far into phil
  • phil calling us the wayward fun person at a party 
  • phil’s just generally bouncy and full of personality? canceling robot phil little by little
  • dan looks like a good fucking twink i dont make the rules
  • i love dan’s hair :( such a good length
  • phil ate all the macaroons before dan. survival of the fittest (oookaaay but this was actually such an amazing interaction because it was letting us into their everyday lives? and phil introduced that? it makes them seem really long term and comfortable with living so closely together. im all warm and tingly.)
  • phil shushing a scared and confused dan
  • “im not even joking” in the softest dan voice ever
  • plugging side channels and merch and selling out
  • “i like dipping things”
  • “this is –” “can we just play the game?” “– a disaster.”
  • phil wants to type (insert dan looking at the camera sadly – twink??)
  • dans tongue is blue
  • selling out pt ii: google
  • dan biting his sweatshirt toggles :(
  • “someone’s gonna get a sweet macaroon in his mouth tonight”
  • phil leaning into dan all happy
  • phil questioning how people even know how to raise babies aka lowkey thinking about having kids vibes
  • “chill out dan”
  • explaining that their bants r a joke
  • dan’s obsessed with penises 
  • dan leaning completely into phil’s space like wtf get off him
  • “[is duct tape safe for] kidnapping your senpai”………k. including elongated staring at phil because dan’s a troll
  • “i’m gonna choke myself. completely non-kink related. i just want death.”
  • peer pressuring phil into asking if duct tape was safe for bondage (why does dan want phil to know? the world may never solve this mystery)
  • “i dont like screaming that often.” all men do is lie
  • selling dan and phil’s souls to google
  • said thick (thicc) at the same time ://
  • dan has a feeding phil kink
  • if u aren’t focusing on dans creep face phil’s mouth actually opens really wide…
  • phil gets all blushy with pda
  • phil cant finish the video because he’s still eating

lol so jake paul trashes his neighborhood for stupid youtube stunts, says racist things, and has abused his ex….. sad how people like this are famous. i don’t pay attention to youtubers so i actually didn’t know what “team 10″ was until i googled it and wow… people actually live with jake paul and become friends with him in order to be in team 10? anyone who is friends with jake paul is literally stupid because hes straight up horrible. and anyone who is obsessed with jake paul must be an immature 12-year-old child who follows a bunch of “hot youtubers” on instagram

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Okay, so i absolutely love your art and not many people draw star trek anymore and im obsessed with bones (always a childhood crush and AOS got me back into him) haha but dont stop! Your so talented and no matter how much im havin a bad day your art makes me squel haha so thank you

I am so glad to hear that! If you are having a bad day right now, have a little AOS bones, worried about you when you came to sick bay ill c: (he secretly has a crush on you whoops)

look idk man ik that Lucien was suffering in the spring court as well but im still not into how he treats Feyre in acomaf, and how he ignores the abuse, how he helps tamlin search for her to forcibly bring her back to the sc. I know that stopping the abuse is not *his* job but it’s difficult for me to be okay with Lucien and difficult for me to understand why people are so obsessed with him. most of the fic i read about him seems to have only minor relevance/relation to his actual character, which at this point i am still hella confused on. like, unpopular opinion but i dont get the lucien love.  

Bloodlines - Part 2

A/N: Based off of the song “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots, this will be a multichapter fic with either a lyric being a chapter title, or the headers to break down the thought process of the chapter. None of the lyrics are mine, and they are all in bold - Again, I do not claim to own them, all credit where credit is due.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 2,237 (Not including lyrics.)

Warnings: Typical Peter werewolf tantrum smack down and detailed talks of the Hale House Fire.

Beautiful people who helped me when I came to them with this crazy idea and said to run with it: @wheresthekillswitch @obsessed-withthe-hales @aworldmadeforme @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one @xteenwolfwritingsx

Coming back to Beacon Hills was supposed to be uneventful. Yet somehow, you are now stuck in the middle of two worlds you didn’t even know existed yesterday. Now between both worlds, but not belonging to either, you try to forge your own way, finding out that some ties are stronger than bloodlines.

Part 1


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im not sure if u guys accept wattpad recs, but theres this book series that i really feel like has the best yanderes ive ever read. its called “the young gods” by tecoop. its a fantasy story that has three main characters, two are male yanderes. i dont want to post any major spoilers incase anybody decides to read it but one yandere is way worse (better?) than the other. people die over the girl this guy loves and hes the perfect kind of yandere. very possessive, obsessed to the point of no return, and super crazy in general. the other yandere is pretty good to, but i just kind of feel sorry for him most of the time cuz as a character u just end up pitying him. the first book is complete so u can binge it and the sequel is being posted now. also, besides the yanderes the overall story is really good.

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You seem to love Yoosung. And so I thought I'd share in the love. Like I'm sorry if this sounds rude (I don't mean it to be AT ALL) but it's just an observation that sometimes people make Yoosung out to be a babyish, Rika obsessed person. And while the jokes are funny, I feel like his character development is overlooked in the process. Like how he overcame depression and became strong and wiser after everything that happened? I just love him so much. Precious boy.

yes,OK,ANON, i have gotten a few scattered Yoosung hate messages but i normally delete them because i dont want to pay attention to that kind of behavior and this is a yoosung kim safe space that will not even THINK about posting any hate but you came to me wanting to share the love, so ima just pop off for a sec mmk (also youre very polite which is cool cause im nOT)

TBH the “im not rika” joke is STALE. i,,,try not to post it cause it just perpetrates a negative image of yoosung and i know its all fun and games and blahblahblah but im just..,,tiredt. especially because a lot of people LEGITIMATELY DO NOT LIKE HIM because of his “”cousin complex”” like let me just fucking say that,, my boy is dealing with GRIEF! THE DEATH OF HIS COUSIN OBVIOUSLY HAD A REALLY, REALLY BIG IMPACT ON HIM. like remember why he fucking fails all his tests and does nothing but game all day??? those are signs of depression my homies. if you dont like Yoosung because he is still dealing with grief im???? SORRY THAT HIS GRIEVING PROCESS IS NOT ROMANTIC ENOUGH FOR YOU????? WHAT the fuck honestly. your seven-obsessed asses, when DURING SEVENS ROUTE HE LITERALLY YELLS AT MC, but then Yoosung compares you to Rika, WHICH BYE THE WAY IS A FUCKING COMPLIMENT COMING FROM HIM, and suddenly he is some kind of untouchable???? fuck that. and you better not come @ me with “shes not dead” or “but she’s a snake” CAUSE THE RIKA THAT YOOSUNG KNOWS IS ESSENTIALLY A DEAD ANGEL.,,, like…ok,,,…u dont like being compared to rika..,,,im SURE YOOSUNG DIDNT FEEL TO GREAT WHEN HIS COUSIN DIED,EITHEr. OH! AND, not only did essentially his best friend die,,BUT IT WAS LIKE THIS SKETCHY ASS SITCH WHERE THERE WAS NO BODY AND SOMEONE WHO HE THOUGHT WAS A HAPPY PERSON APPARENTLY COMMITTED SUICIDE LIKE BNCH!!!! THE BOY HAS NO FUCKING CLOSURE OF COURSE HE WANTS TO SEE RIKA IN YOU!!! TF!! open your damn eyes to the struggles of yoosung kim and respect his development as a character

Ok I’m finding some dark humour in the mental image of Seven and MC taking their time picking V up and slowly escaping while Rika is literally right there not noticing

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aunt lana what are some book recommendations you'd suggest

okay well u asked for it uve opened the floodgates here we go… im gonna rant sorry

  • you by caroline kepnes (adult thriller - ive read this book recently and im so enamoured by it…. i dont suggest it if you cant handle violence or erotica or if you dont understand the main characters humour….. its a second perspective book from the eyes of our main character joe who is a stalker… its so interesting especially for me who is obsessed with how peoples mind work… kepnes’ writing is so intelligent and beautiful and from a writers perspective, i could not find a bad thing to say about this book. joe is an unreliable narrator but he is so funny and interesting that you start to like him and he does something horrifying and its a jolt back to reality. good writing, good book. would rec the hell out of this as you can see. 
  • lolita by vladmir nabokov (classic - as u can probably tell i love flawed characters that are so unreliable and charismatic that you forget when you’re writing that they are fucking monsters. humbert is a fucking gross asshole but he reels you in with his wit and nabokov’s writing is so obscure and stunning and i learnt a million new words when reading this damn book, thanks vladdy)
  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz (ya/lgbt/contemporary - rlly beautiful and i loved that there was so much teenage angst and it follows a boy discovering his sexuality within someone else and it really left a mark on me!!! would rec to death)
  • the last time we say goodbye by cynthia hand (ya/contemporary - such a devastating read and an insight into the after affect of suicide and wowowow i cried a lot)
  • battle royale by koushun takami (science fiction - i read this in 2014 and am still so !!! about it. its so controversial and gruesome and violent and takami’s style is gorgeous to read and he polished a concept that many people in his era were to scared to touch and its just a really well thought out book. mangas fuckin good too. the hunger games is gagging on a stretcher.)
  • the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald (classic - y'all r gonna talk mad shit about me i know its pretentious but i fucking loved it and idc if theres basically no plot. its a good book with good metaphors and its hyped up for a reason people!!!)
  • and then there were none by agatha christie (classic/mystery - one of the first ever ‘who did it?’ books and its just!! so good and this is such a good read if you’re in the mood for a mystery so you shld god damn read it)
  • we were liars by e. lockhart (ya/contemporary - you just have to go into this book without me telling you anything and get wrapped up in the mystery and its beautiful and i cried… as i do in every book but anyway)

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important: why were the first words you said to frank "holy shit"

oh geez okay here we go

SO my best friend callie and i went to see frank and the cellabration like,, last february i think? and she is OBSESSED w him so the whole concert we were sticking more to the back towards the merch table so that when frank started greeting people we’d be the first ones. so fast forward to end of concert, callie and i have a great spot in line to meet him, kinda just waiting for him to show up. one would think, you know, he’d just show up behind his table?? but frank goddamn iero fucking appears out of NOWHERE (i still dont know where he came from) and had to weave through the line to get to the table. so frank is standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME. and the first thing i say?

“H O L Y S H I T” i said, directly to him,, i thought he would just pass by. But the dude turns around, LAUGHS AND WINKS, and then continues to his table.

And thats the story of how i cannot filter my stupid self around celebrities :^)
(if you read this far good for you im terrible at telling stories)

  • me: i hate it when people get obsessed with things and try to push it on other people, like you dont see me doing that
  • also me: *shoving the 332 photos of mike faist i have on my phone in peoples faces* LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY LOOK AT HIM I LOVE HIM YOU MUST LOVE HIM TOO

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I'm writing a story and I could use some help. In the story there are two friends, they're really close almost like brothers. At the end of the story the main character finds out his friend has actually been doing awful things (stalking, threatening him and people he cares about, etc.) How can I give the readers subtle hints that the one friend is obsessive/possessive of the main character And how can I write that the protagonist kind of over looks him or takes him for granted?

Okay! Becmfore i start im obviously gonna tag this one for triggwr warnings: warning for abuse. Both physical and mental. Manipulation. Isolation. And depression! Be careful guys,i dont want to harm ir trigger anyone!

Okay, do all the stuff you just told me they do; the stalking, threatening, and isolating them.but tone it down a little. Make it smaller on the paper,and larger off. It’s not uncommon for abusive traits to slip by unnoticed if you do them them a certain way. If you do these things, but play it off a bit like they are doing it to be nice. Then your character would never know. In my experience, there are a few signs of abuse that if done a certain way, can be disguised as love.

1. Control. Controlling your partners life, and their schedule down to every last detail. All the whens, whys, what’s, where’s and who. Things like planning out their weekly schedule and not letting them be around other people. There is a huge difference between “sweetheart, can you do some grocery shopping tomorrow? We are out of a couple things.” And “honey, I’m gonna have you go to the market down the street tomorrow morning at 9 am. I need you back by 11 no later. I’ve made out a list of everthing you need to get.” There’s also a difference between “I know you had plans today, but I’m not feeling well. Could you stay home with me?” And “I don’t want you to go hangout with them. You don’t need them. Stay here with me. I’ll be so hurt and lonely if you leave.” The second ones don’t have to have controlling or abusive undertones. Unless you make it clear with other abusive like actions. Their are people who like to be precise and punctual and orderly. The difference is the intention, and the build up of everything they do.

2. Isolation. A common thing in abusive relationships is for the abuser to try and isolate their partner so that they have no one to rely on but them. And isolation can be as subtle as things like “I don’t think they’re good for you. They are a bad influence on you, they’ll help you get no where in life.” Or “why are you friends with them? They have never done anything for you and look at everything you do for them.” Making the other people in their lives seem like the villains. And usually leaving the victim with no one but their abuser. Making it harder to see the relationship clearly and hard to break away.

3. Guilttrips. “I don’t know what I’d do if you ever left me. I’d probably die without you.” This is a big one. Guilt tripping someone into staying with you, making them fear what could possibly happen if they left you. This can be used really subtly as ‘what would I do without you?’ Can be dropped casually and often.

4. Need to know and often pushing the limits for that knowledge. Pushing someone out of their comfort zone just for them to admit something is a huge no-no.

5. Demanding. No longer asking for things. But expecting them and demanding them. A form of control. Demanding someone do something,demanding their attention, demanding their presence repeatedly and without the others consent or care can definitely be abusive.

The big S word


Now, the tumblr-esque thing is to make any character from any fandom something on the homosexual spectrum. Dont get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with it, Imma big old gay. But honestly I dont think ALL the brothers are gay. 


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things i love about the Two Towers


Aragorn being that weird girl we all knew in middle school that was too obsessed with horses


Aragorn opening that door that one time


the music sting for Rohan


Gimli and Legolas keeping score

the extended edition scene where Denathor tells Boromir to bring back the ring or dont come back basically

Faramir and his pretty pretty face

did i mention Éowyn Shieldmaiden of Rohan????

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I dont get the obsession with Matt cause he's basically a side character atm but a whole faction of fandom have gone crazy for him. Sometimes I wonder if its bc he's a young white male character so people easily latch unto him cause all of the male heroes are POC. Really Ulaz, Thace, Antok, Rax and Blumpumf are more important male characters but they dont get the same matinee idol worship as Matt. Even Sam Holt has more personality than him!

They like him bc he’s someone they can ship Shiro with to get him away from Keith and kl@nce. That’s legit the main reason. And bc his age is ambiguous they can argue it as an unproblematic Shiro pairing

The entire summary of Zexal
  • Astral: *conveniently shows up* Hello I have no fucking idea whats going on and I don't even remember who I fucking am or what I'm doing here but I know how to card game so I'm gonna help you
  • Yuma: fuck no
  • Astral: Yuma do the thing
  • Yuma: I'm not gonna do the thing
  • Astral: Fine then don't do it
  • Astral: Numbers have my memories so help me find them
  • Yuma: Okay
  • Kaito: *flies in* My little brother is sick so I'm gonna take your fucking numbers now
  • Yuma and Astral: *transform into Zexal*
  • Kaito: well shit
  • Haruto: *blows shit up*
  • Black Mist: remember your mission, Astral
  • Astral: go away
  • Dr. Faker: Kaito, get those numbers to 'save' your brother and give them to me lol
  • Tron: Hold the fuck up, I need to get revenge on you so I'm gonna force my kids to do dirty work and I'm gonna torture children
  • Chris: Dad, your kinda fucked up
  • Tron: Dont care, imma absorb Haruto's life force and shit
  • Shark: I hate IV cuz he burned my sister, imma get revenge
  • Thomas: Omg no pls
  • Miheal: *murders Astral*
  • Yuma: nooooooo
  • Astral: *comes back* hello
  • Yuma: Tron be nice to your children
  • Tron: no
  • Tron: okay *lets go and falls into depths*
  • Dr.Faker: *kidnaps Yuma and Astral*
  • Shark and Kotori: We've got to save Yuma
  • Kaito: I want to save my little brother but I guess I can come along with you guys and help Yuma too
  • Astral: Yuma be free *throws yuma out*
  • Dr.Faker: Wait guys, no I love my kids. I just sacrificed the lives of my two best friends to save my youngest son from dying, I made a deal with a Bairan to save his life and now I gotta kill the Astral world or he'll get Haruto
  • Astral: wat
  • Vector: *shows up* hello!
  • Yuma: fuck off
  • Vector: okay
  • Yuma: well, everythings good now
  • Shark: Shit guys, the Barian's are invading and my sister is having some weird psychic power overload
  • Yuma: well thats not suspicious at all
  • Gilag: ayyy time to posses people
  • Rei: hello Yuma I'm super uber obsessed with you and I love you so much lets spend all our time together *fucks shit up*
  • Yuma: god dammit Shingetsu
  • Rei: oopsies
  • Astral: Shingetsu kinda fucks shit up a lot, I dont like him
  • Yuma: fuck you Astral
  • Alit: ayyyyyy Gilag wtf are you doing, don't fall in love on a mission *falls in love* *salsa music*
  • Alit: omg Yuma im rly gay for you. Let's be rivals
  • Yuma: okay
  • Alit: *gets beaten unconscious*
  • Gilag: Rei fucking did it. Im gonna get revenge
  • Yuma: okay Rei, I'll protect you
  • Rei: *fucks shit up*
  • Astral: *faints*
  • Rei: surprise I'm actually a space policeman
  • Yuma: sounds legit
  • Black Mist: Astral, let me out and I'll help you
  • Astral: no
  • Black Mist: pls
  • Astral: okay
  • Rei: omg Yuma help me I'm getting kidnapped!
  • Yuma: we've gotta save Shingetsu
  • Astral: *drives spaceship into Kaito's house* come on kids lets go
  • Yuma: oh shit, I let him give me a Barian card
  • Astral: how dare you *goes insane*
  • Yuma: *Pushes Astral out a window* *becomes Zexal II*
  • Vector: well shit
  • Don Thousand: *awakens* hello I am the god of the Barian world
  • Astral: turns out Barians were humans that were killed violently then transformed into devilish aliens
  • Vector: Black Mist team up with me
  • Black Mist: *sexual pose* Okay
  • Black Mist: *stabs Astral*
  • Astral: *fucking blows him up*
  • Yuma: Astral don't die!
  • Astral: I'm sorry Yuma, take care of the numbers
  • Yuma: *depressed for 1000 episodes*
  • Mihael: Surprise! We're good guys now. Also I heard Astral died, it wasn't me this time btw
  • Kotori: we made a grave for Astral
  • Yuma: ...yay
  • Kaito: Me and Chris made a portal, we'll send you to Astral world
  • Yuma: *goes to Astral world*
  • Ena: hello, pls help us
  • Eliphas: go the fuck away
  • Yuma: not without Astral
  • Eliphas: I'm going to wipe astral's memory of you and reprogram him with his mission
  • Yuma: fuck no *saves Astral and hugs him*
  • Eliphas: maybe you aren't bad after all, now go off and save us from the Barian world
  • Yuma: Hey we're back!
  • Kaito: *unconscious*
  • Yuma: oh...
  • Heartland: HEY FUCKERS, IM NOT DEAD *gets burned alive*
  • Shark: guess what I'm a Barian now
  • Yuma: *faints*
  • Everyone: *dies*
  • Yuma: Everyone died because of me! *crying*
  • Vector: *kills his own fucking partners*
  • Kaito: *dies on the moon*
  • Mizeal: This isn't what I wanted
  • Yuma and Astral: *transform into Zexal III*
  • Don Thousand: well shit *absorbs Vector*
  • Kaito: *appears as a mystical dragon*
  • Zexal, Shark, and Kaito: *kill Don thousand*
  • Shark: fight me now
  • Yuma: no
  • Shark: *dies* goodbye Yuma
  • Everyone: *comes back to life*
  • Astral: Well Yuma, goodbye. Never stop smiling
  • Yuma: goodbye Astral!
  • The end

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i do not understand the obsession with lance...i dont hate him but hes like, not that interesting? i also dont understand people being all 'oh no poor lance, dont hurt him any more :((' his problems are very insignificant compared to the others? i also dont get what they want, they want more focus on him but also dont want him to get hurt any more? do they just want a completely conflictless story of 'lance gets everything he wants the end' bc thats the only way to reconcile those two desires

like how can you want l@ngst but also get pissed about the slightest hint of something happening to him… i just don’t get it. you can’t have both, karen. fucking decide.

Just kinda a shitpost theory

To be honest, I think John will force Bruce to get closer to Harley, and no matter the choice, Harley will date John. Buut in only for a day harls would start to abuse John.

Because honestly, if I own these characters I would make them suffer. (Just like all of my OC’s)

Eh idk
Maybe Harley would fall in love or obsessed for Batman, Harley will use John to impress Batman, John knows this, John will blame Bruce for not making him look cool in front of Harley. (Because its reversed Jarley)

eh idk its my opinion, that would be cool tho.
And dont forget my furry, but probably telltale make us be enemies with Selina. OR an ally

we still didnt know who killed Riddler yet, thats still a mystery, but I’m convinced its John. And it can’t be deadshot since people say that deadshot always use bullets

Experiences with the signs- Leo sun/taurus moon

Aries- Where do i even start!! It seems many important people in my life are aries. 2 of my brothers are aries very playful, funny and they just want to be happy but terrible when angry. Dont get on their bad side as their anger can be overbearing but it dies down quickly. Another aries is my ex one of the best relationships ive had he was obsessive but in a good way, he just always wanted me around and i loved him for it!

Taurus-my dad and uncle. Funny people usually theyll want to make you smile or at least leave a good impression on you. Love material things and have an eye for beauty. my house seems to be full of paintings and random art pieces. Very stubborn though never will loose in an argument and can sometimes lie (usually white lies), but extremely loyal.

Gemini- I get along with geminis so well, for instance my bestfriend is one. We are exactly alike and she can make me laugh like no tommorow. There also amazing people to have fun with they seem to never be able to sit still always wanting to be around people or out of the house! But they can be very selfish and unreliable, moods and actions for the geminis ive met change like crazy. Still love them though.

Cancer- i dont know why ive just had the worst experience with cancers.. My eldest brother is a cancer (love him though) his very organised and he always seems to know whats going on before it actually happens. He can be very controlling though always worrying about me, telling me off and questioning my life choices. His like a second father. Other cancers ive met are never too close to me this is because i swear they just love stirring drama i guess its because they worry about other people so much, that it can be negative. They always seem to be trying to get in my business.

Leo- Well being a leo myself this may be abit bias! I love leos many of my friends are leos i seem to get along with them very well and theyre honestly some of the least judgemental people i know.. Other then the slight arrogance some of my friends that are leos exhibit they are just awesome people!

Virgos- wow i wish i knew more virgos! The one virgo i know and are quite close to is a friend of mine. Shes probably the cutest girl i know shes quiet before you know her but once you know her shes really outgoing and fun. Shes very organised and book smart (fits the stereotype well) and i find her so innocent. She loves to experience new things and thats what i love about her the best.

Libra- DEAR LIBRAS. I love you! Every libra i know is a downright amazing person! They hate drama (like me) and always just want everyone around them happy.. My mum is a libra and shes one of the most amazing people always wants to see her kids smiling and lifting us up so we can do so. Only issue i have with the libras in my life is the unreliablility they change their mind sometimes more then the geminis do lol.

Scorpio- These people are legit like thunderstorms. Ive met some amazing scorpios and ive met some terrible scorpios. Some scorpios i know just want to get along with you they show you a part of life that other people just cant! But theyre sooo secretive and witty.. You wouldnt want one to hate you.. Trust me. They seem to be able to read people so well too like theyll know if your lying or if your unhappy so dont try to hide emotions from them (coz theyll just know)!

Saggitarius- I know very few sags.. The one i do know well is a good friend of mine and my god is she alot of fun! So funny and loves to experience new things i never find her doing something boring. They can be downright honest though like if you look bad theyll tell you and as a leo that can annoy me. But honesty is always the best policy! They can also be like scorpios very witty you wont want to argue with one! Besides that theyll show you how to make the most of every moment and i love them for that!

Capricorn- i know so many capricorns and due to that i have mixed opinions on them. When a capricorn likes you omg these people are the best, theyre like the stereotypical best friend youll always find a capricorn that you just click with. THEY MAKE ME LAUGH!! Most capricorns i know make me laugh and are so relatable youll have the best conversations with them. But the ones you dont get along with can be very unattached, selfish and cold. Theyre the type of people to step on you if they dont like you or judge you. When you dont know them they can be very unloving due to the fact that their so slow to warm up to people (and thats fine)!

Aquarius- If you need anybody to always be there for you its an aquarius! One of my closest friends is aquarius! They are the most friendly people ive met out of the whole zodiac… Theyre extremely unjudgemental and they have an attitude about them that nothing really can get them too down. They can be emotionally unattached though but extremely funny and love to live life to the fullest!

Pisces- cutest people!! I know alot of pisces and they always seem to draw towards me. They are really nice people and i feel that they just want to get along with you. They want to be friends with everyone and theyre the best to have dnms with (deep and meaningful convos) you can tell them anything and they wont look down on you and will always encourage you. One thing i hate about them though is i find sometimes they put on these acts around different people. Like around some people theyre different compared to around others and you can tell its just not them.