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You should share more photos of Sehun

pre hun

smol hun

legendary blond hun

hun now

(I dont own any of those pictures!!!!) 

here just a few :(


the list of pullip Alice series collection

Alice in Wonderland
-Pullip Fantastic Alice

Regeneration Series
-Pullip Regeneration Fantastic Alice

Another Alice Series
-Pullip Another Alice
-Taeyang Another King
-Pullip Another Queen
-Dal Another Clock Rabbit
-Dal  Another Soldier Rabbit

Lunatic Alice series
-Dal Lunatic Alice
-Pullip Lunatic Queen
-Taeyang Lunatic White Rabbit
-Byul  Lunatic Humpty Dumpty

Romantic Alice Series
-Pullip Romantic Alice
-Pullip Romantic Alice Pink
-Isul Romantic King
-Byul Romantic Queen
-Dal Romantic Rabbit
-Taeyang Romantic Mad Hatter

Alice du Jardin series
-Pullip Alice du Jardin
-Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint Version
-Isul White Rabbit du Jardin
-Dal Chenille du Jardin
-Taeyang Mad Hatter du Jardin
-Byul Cheshire Cat

Classical Alice Series
-Pullip Classical Alice
-Pullip Classical Alice Sepia version
-Dal Classical Alice
-Pullip Classical Queen
-Pullip Classical White Rabbit
-Isul Classical Mad Hatter

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**i dont own any this doll but soon..it’s will mine XD**

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Hi! I totally ship cockles, they're my OTP but this year.. I don't know, they don't wear their rings, and I haven't see them together.. you think they're "done" like a broke up? :/

hi anon, i actually think they only wore those rings from 2009-2010 and yeah i did notice the have been pretty distant this year, bUT they also havent????

here’s a 2014 cockles recap

director misha takes a pie in the face

mish & jen recreate a kissing scene (jibcon 2014) (shit happens in rome im tellin u man)

(Mish is n t even IN the pic tu re the girl is taking)

(never gonna be that funny Jen)

(lol chillax, misha,)

(stop lookin at him like he holds the secrets of the universe in his eyes Mish)

(lookin at the photo op with Mish)

(pls control urself) (comic con 2014)

(thisisanextremethirst.png)(nerd hq)

(flustered idiots)



(lmao right there with u jen)


(never 5get) (dallascon 2014)

jensen directing misha

misha directing jensen

External image

(this actually says a lot about their personalities but i aint gonna get into that right now)

and another thing, jensen couldnt keep his hands off misha in his photo ops like basically never ???? example n1


and like, im sure i missed at least another 40 moments (cue fan stories from photo ops and autograph lines) but yeah as distant as they r from each other, they never rlly are tbh,

Taohun Hunhan Xiuhan

As a fan and a big shipper,I have noticed a war between these shippers. It saddens me…

If someone wants to shipt this:

Or still want to ship this:

Or get the fluff or feels out of this:

Then let them. No one owns them, If you think Luhan ships himself with Xiumin, or that Taohun would be that nagging kind of couple or that Hunhan are secret lovers, thats your oppinion. Everyone should have one, but please dont bash.

I will alwaysandforever ship Kaisoo but i don’t bash on other kai or soo ships, and when you bash like that, it only makes you look insecure.

remember; WE ARE ONE!

I Dont own any of these gifs or Pictures.

okay so I got this idea from listening & watching Taylor swifts; wildest dreams

you & gilinsky go on a trip just the two of you and you guys have an amazing time, later he leaves without explanation, soon you find out he has already moved on and is with another girl. so you decide to leave your city and just move on from him!

p.s this is no hate to jadison at all it’s just an idea that I got, I would really appreciate feedback (: hope you guys like it xoxoxo & I DONT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES/GIFS CREDITS TO THE OWNERS!!


Origin: The Wendigo legend was prevalent in the northern United States and Canada

Description: One of the most common description of a Wendigo has human-like features, extremely tall, with skin pulled tautly over its bones, deeply sunken eyes, and decaying ash gray or yellowish skin. In some cases it has dear like antlers. Other description are similar to that of a starving mange ridden werewolf. But all have raiser sharp claws and yellowish fangs used to tear apart prey.

Details: They are demonic spirit believed by Native American tribes to possess humans and turn them into cannibals. By eating another human being, even out of necessity for survival, a human can be overcome by these spirits and be transformed into one. Indians of the region called the creature by various names, including Wendigo, Witigo, Witiko and Wee-Tee-Go but each of them was roughly translated to mean “the evil spirit that devours mankind”. The wendigo has enhanced strength, speed, endurance, senses, reflexes and awareness used to try as satisfy an unending hunger for human flesh.

Habitat: wendigo’s typically roam around woods and forests in the coldest areas where food was scarce and survival’s challenging.

random fact : wendigo’s can be seen in both supernatural( earlier seasons) and Hannibal (last few ep’s of season 1) 

I dont own any of this pictures i just use they so you get a better understanding of what it/they looks like