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anonymous asked:

ur art is rlly.. soft and pure. it makes my day every time u post something. like ill be having a bad day and u post the good viktuuris and i just. grab my heart, thank u, so blessed so moved, i love u

!!! it makes me so happy that my art could make ur day even a little bit better!!!! thank u so much anon i hope u have a really nice day!!!!!!!!!!

kuuriku  asked:

What is your cosplays line-up for AX17? And will you and Sylar be attending any of AX photogatherings too? I definitely (if thats ok) want to take pics with you guys!

We dont normally attend cosplay gatherings, just cause we get too busy and have a hard time aligning each cosplay with each group, so we tend to do our own thing. (Especially if we have panels going on) 

BUT YOU ARE ALWAYS welcome to get pics with us!! Just stop us or send us a tumblr message!

Our cosplay line up looks something like this; 


ITS GIVEAWAY TIMEEEEEEEEE! I am SO EXCITED to be doing this one since i know SHINee’s surprise Vacation is pretty much holy grail for Shawols! my followers were truly amazing to me this past year in so many ways, i appreciate you all so much!! Here are the rules:

Prize: SHINee’s Surprise Vacation DVD SET..brand new still factory sealed! It also has the cute pouch on the inside, i am showing you mine so you can see :) Rules: You do NOT need to be following me, but i sure wont complain if you do :) Likes and rebloggs count but don’t be a greedy gump, DO NOT spam,it will immediately disqualify you. You CANNOT already own this..there’s no way for me to tell obviously but please don’t break my trust that you wont enter if you already have it. (You can reblog for friends to see, just put in tags that you dont want to be entered.) Ends on 12/4/16 10PM EST..winner picked using random generator, you must post a pic of winnings so ppl can see i’m legit. Any questions just ask me!!! xoxo HERE WE GO!!!!