i dont own any of these photos


A day out shopping w/ Oh Sehun.

I dont own any of these images, credit to original owners.

[08/01/17] Lots of people always ask me about the mildliners + about what pack I have so thought to make this post a sort of review ✨ I own the “cool” pack and the photo shows all the colours that are in it ☺ put any other questions in the comments 🙌🏼 pros: great muted colours + aesthetic™ + they dont bleed just some ghosting sometimes + really smooth to write/highlight with + double ended which is really helpful as the thin tip can also be used 💫💫 cons: sometimes do smudge ink [especially muji gel pens] + for some reason my red one is really inky so sometimes bleeds but i think thats just my one✨

this is for everyone out there who has ever felt invalidated by their sexuality, romanticality, and/or gender. i obviously couldn’t include every pride flag in the photo, but you’re all in my heart

if you want me to post a pride flag on it’s own, just send me a message i have them all saved! or if you want one that isn’t on here feel free to request one and I’ll make it!

~please dont delete any of this text~

ps this image is transparent!

Because of all the new furries coming into the fandom i wanna post a few things to help you all out ^.^

1. Please dont steal another fursona. We all have worked very hard on our fursonas. This includes using a random wolf (or any species) furry headshot as your i con. Thats someones fursona. There are lots of adopts out there if you can not think of your own fursona

2. If you are going to start posting furry art, photos, music, videos, etc please credit the artist or creator. They also work very hard on there art, it hurts them when someone steals their art.

3. You can not find a cute picture off of  furaffinity (or anywhere)  and tell everyone you made it. Again artist work very hard on their art. Someone will figure out what you did and it will haunt you.

4. You can’t beg an artist to make you free art. You may ask if they do requests but if they say no dont be rude. If you want some art from them save up! 

5. please dont yell at anyone to lower prices on art. Pretty much every artist is just trying to make a living. Yelling at an artist to lower prices is telling them that they aren’t good enough. That’s super rude. 

Thats pretty much all if any other furries have anything to add please do! I’m not trying to tell you guys what to do, I’m just trying to help you along.Too many furries start off on the wrong foot and then get disappointed when they get shut out so hopefully this helps you all ^.^ Welcome :3

reminder for people who follow me

it’s a little tiring having to message people about it all the time

please do not reblog any text posts or photo posts (besides my own artwork) that i make unless you find that it has the ‘ok to reblog’ tag on it

it doesn’t matter how rebloggable it might seem, just don’t please, it makes me really uncomfortable to watch posts i didn’t want to have spread around, well… get spread around. sorry,,




💮 I will draw OCs and OC references
💮 I will draw real people, I just need a reference photo
💮 I will draw any and every fandom, but I may ask for references if I’m not fimillair with your fandom
💮 I will draw nsfw content, but I do charge extra
💮 I will draw mechanics
💮 I will use my own headcanons if you do not provide me with your own
💮 Half of the payment upfront, half right before I send you the finished work
💮 You may request WIPs, but I will heavily use watermarks
💮 No animations


💮 Lined : $2 - $5 depending on complexity
💮 Lined With Flat Colour : $4 - $8 depending on complexity
💮 Lined With Shading : $6 - $10 depending on complexity
💮 Chibi : $3 flatrate
💮 Painting (Lined or Lineless) $3 an hour. Paintings usually take roughly 3 to 8 hours depending on what I need to do, but may take more.

💮 $2 per aditonal character regardless of style
💮 $1 to $10 for a background depenting on complexity


I’ll be taking my payments through PayPal, and if you do not have a PayPal, I can elaborate on how you can pay me.

so booksarerealforpeoplethatbelieve reposted one of my photos as her own, and i just checked her blog and she has done this to several other people?!?!?!?!

the whole point of tumblr is to REBLOG FROM THE SOURCE. you dont repost it and claim it as your own.

if you post photos, i would check to make sure she hasnt taken any of yours.


hey everyone! i recently bought this wig only to find that it was too short for my intended purposes so i was hoping that someone would be willing to trade me for it. it’s really white-blonde, soft, and hangs in a pretty natural way (though it came with a little curl action at the ends).

it’s currently unstyled and looks as shown in the photos though i’d be willing to cut it for you if you want (i can do some basic stuff)!

i’m looking for any of the following wigs:

  • a long-ish (mid-back) black wig - preferably wavy
  • a pretty pastel wig (any length but i wanna see it first!)
  • a dark or light brown wig (idk what id use it for but id find something)
  • any wig that isnt blonde? i have a lot of blonde wigs and i dont need one more haha

we’ll both pay for our own shipping fees and i might also be interested in trading for props or other things?

pm me on tumblr if youre interested!

Fans going to GOT7‘s concerts..

or ANY concert for that matter…DO NOT POST PICTURES OF YOUR TICKETS ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA!! Weather you are just excited to share the news or trying to sell your tickets….people can easily copy the bar codes on the ticket and print them on their own homemade ticket! .. That would let someone else into the concert while the real ticket holder gets shut out!!! i have seen waaaaaay too many IGOT7’S posting photos as proof while trying to sell them…you can show proof just black out the barcode and the sales conf number!

I was unsure if i should post about this becasue i dont want to give dishonest MEAN ppl ideas..but im hoping this will save someone the heartbreak of having tickets stolen ….i went to a concert a few years back and my friend was a victim of this and it SUCKS.