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Endless List of Favorite Characters: Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

“If I had had more time to think of that sentence it wouldn’t have sounded so dirty”

i cant believe my mind blessed me enough to have a dream about yook sungjae last night

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It sucks that you'd have to use different character names, I know why you have to do it but I love seeing 'Derek' and 'Stiles' I don't know if it would be the same :'(

No no NO!! No. Nuh-uh. Non. NO.

It won’t be the same, because it will be so much better. I like to think writing, plot and symbols are what makes the story good, don’t you? Names are just names, nonnie.

Truth be told I’m already working on converting everything, and I LOVE it so much more because they are truly my original characters. Robert Hale becomes Robert Redd, Claudia becomes Gerdie (Gertrude) Gòrski, Stiles becomes Ferdy (Ferdinand), and Melissa and Scott become Rachana and Will. I’ve filled half a sketchbook with character designs and alternate plots to replace all the werewolf aspects… Everything becomes so much richer, and honestly I don’t associate Home/Raising Home with Teen Wolf anymore. Particularly with Raising Home where over half the cast is my original people. And then there are things that already hold their own place - Pig, Robert’s Maserati, Claudia’s mac&cheese with sausage, the badge, Minton’s Diner, Greywater Pond for throwing rocks - all things that have nothing to do with the show, but are memorable staples unique to my story.

Fanfic will always be there, anon. But I feel like my story has outgrown it, so it wants to become a butterfly instead of staying a caterpillar.