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Marks new thumbnail has a much deeper meaning than we think.

Does this remind anyone else of anything? It does to me.

These two screenshots are from ADWM (the option ‘no’) amd WKM (episode 1). Notice anything similar between them all?

Y/N also known as Your Name.

This was used in the two video series as a way to include us all in the videos. It was our perspective, hence the first person as well.

In both of these video series a certain someone showed up, Darkiplier.

Now with Mark giving us Dark related hints recently in thumbnails, split second frames in videos or a small blue/red flash on screen we can all assume he is making his return.

What interests me most as well is the thumbnail from today’s video. That is a body in a morgue and the tag on the toe normally shows the name (john/jane doe if unknown) and time and date of the death. Some other details are normally shown as well.

We are the victim. The tag just says Y/N, thats us. We are going to die and honestly I believe it has something to do with Dark.

I don’t know what Mark is planning but something Fischy is going on and i dont trust him one bit.

I’m onto you Mark!

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I don't understand "vulture culture" and I won't pretend that I do. But anyone who feels no empathy when beheading a poor animal's corpse should be seeking mental help. Normalizing this kind of behaviour only serves to promote more harm to animals.

Hello again lol.

You definitely don’t have to understand it! And you don’t have to like it! That’s totally fine! Many many people don’t feel comfortable around the subject.

However, there is nothing “mentally” wrong with people who work with animal remains. Butchers, veterinarians, biologists, taxidermists, and medical professionals have all at one point worked with the remains of animals. Saying that all of these people are “mentally wrong” would just be silly. 

As for promoting harm, I’m not really sure what you mean…

 Glorifying and normalizing ownership of animal remains such as fur, bone, and feather could potentially create more demand for those products. However, if you care enough about animals you can source your products responsibly, Making sure that you buy from sustainable sources. 

I do apologies if my blog offended you, I try my best to tag things appropriately so that people who dont like the subject wont have to see it.


This week, we rate your pets!!! We were sent SO MANY, so we apologize if your pet didn’t make it into the video! We had an absolute blast making this so maybe we’ll revisit this idea again in the future. Your pets were beautiful and so are you!

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This is more of a mild screw you coworkers and a mild what the hell to management

So we just had a bunch of new hires at work for the summer that got kept on to help out while some of us go to class during the week. Well a lot of them are late teens to early 20s and in their ‘im smarter and above things’ stage at the moment. I remember going through this stage as well but like days I want to pop them one.

Let say dude #1 takes my jokes too seriously along with gal #1. I like to make jokes that there’s a 'ghost’ in the theater when stuff goes missing or the lights and sound go wonky as a tee hee because the soundbooth is purgatory and I gotta make jokes to survive. All my current coworkers go along with it because Im the weird one and are like oh you! But Dude #1 is like 'ghosts arent real’ dead serious and Gal starts mouthing off that ghosts and aliens are real and you’re arrogant to believe were alone in the world. And I’m like guys chill it’s a joke?

Then dude #2 has been around for a bit we get along ok but he likes to try to pick fights with me about politics or feminism when he has no idea wtf hes talking about. Normally I dont bite but when I do I summon all the I’m dead inside what else you got? Until he gets mad and or scared and backs down. He hasn’t done it in a while since the last time I genuinely got mad at him and scared him.

Some day he’ll grow out of it *if hes as smart as he thinks he is* but dude #3 is the oldest out of all of us picked up on this too and we both tag team to knock him down when he’s being a little shit.

THEN theres Gal….shes taking over an art project I do teaching kids kids arts and crafts while I go to school that day and she 'doesnt like art’ or 'care for kids’ and I worked hard to get that art progran where it is and she better step up….plus she went out of her way to tell me her taste in musics better than mine????

Ontop of that, its an arts department of parks and rec and NONE OF THE NEW HIRES LIKES ART OR MUSICALS….or dance…or kids…even the more senior people in my department cant even draw. I was moved there from an art center to this theater and IM the ONLY artist here? And Gal is mad because I stuck her with something she doesnt like…..I’m worried about my regular customers

Like why is my boss still hiring people with no artistic abilities for the ART DEPARTMENT? I had to learn how to use the light and sound equipment in the theater so you little shits can learn how to draw a damn butterfly

TLDR; management still actively continues to hire people with no artistic skills including a few arrongant kids and still I remain the only artist in this arts department

I love the Dirk Amanda dynamic because they’re always pushing eachother, all the time from the very start. Those 2 are not willing to let the other get away with shit.

I mean…

“if detectives dont look like detectives how do you know what it is you aren’t supposed to look like?”

“if the disease is inside you, why can’t you go out?”

I wonder if part of the reason amanda warms to dirk so quickly is because he treats her like a normal person after he finds out about her disease. He doesn’t tiptoe around it or make allowances.
Calm (Draco Malfoy x reader)

************************************** Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Fem! Reader

Warnings: Panic Attack!!!! , Swearing, parental death Request: Anonymous said “May I request a fic with Draco Malfoy, and the plot of where the reader had a panic attack and Draco calms her down? And if you don’t really understand the whole panic attack thing it’s totally okay of you pass or if you dont portray it very well. Also I think your writing is amazing!” Tagged: @bekahpaik (It wouldn’t let me tag you)


A/N: So sorry this took so long! I’ve been busy! Also, I tried my best to do the panic attack but I’ve never experienced on before so I’m incredibly sorry if I don’t portray it very well!! I used what my friend portrayed as a normal panic attack for herself! ❤ Enjoy! ************************************** Y/n’s ears were ringing. All she could think about was the letter she received from her father. Mother. Dead. Peaceful. Sleep Her hands were shaking violently. Her breath quickened. She collapsed on the floor, tears streaming down her face. She thought back to all the wonderful times she had with her mother. The times she would take her out for ice cream, or when her mother taught her how to ride her first broom since her father was out of town. Her breaths became more shallow. She took deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. All she could hear was the loud ringing in her ears and what sounded like a door opened. Her eyesight was blurred with tears, however she knew the strong arms that surrounded her belong to the infamous Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, Y/n’s boyfriend of three years. Draco caught sight of the tear stained, ink smudged, letter lying next to his distressed girlfriend. Y/n’s skin felt on fire, she felt as if she couldn’t breath. “Y/n, baby, please. Look at me. It’s okay. We’ll get through this. Deep breaths, baby girl, good job, deep breaths.” y/n followed Draco’s instructions, listening intently to his voice. Once she regained her breath and composure, she felt Draco’s soft finger tips run across the skin underneath her eyes, wiping away the violet tears still streaming. “Y/n. It’s okay. I’m so sorry, love.” Draco kissed her forehead. Draco look down at his girlfriend, slightly smiling as he saw her asleep in his arms. He gently picked her up and laid her on the couch beside them. He kissed her forehead again and cuddled up beside her. “Good night, princess.” He spoke, drifting off to sleep.

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I wonder what would happen if you fused a fleshy person and pixels. Don’t think that would feel too good.


so im gonna shower rq but before that i wanna talk about the ideas i had for my own plant alien race people, this doesnt have to apply to your guys’ thing i just wanted to talk about mine lol (mine arent really based on su but i tried to apply the same concepts just 4 fun)

  • there are multiple types of “plants”, like trees, flowers, weeds, mushrooms (which are fungi but i love mushrooms so they get to join in), cacti, etc etc
  • trees are generally the body guard type ones, theyre very strong because yknow, Bark Is Hard lol (theres more reasons im just tired)
  • flowers tend to be nobles, theyre Fancy
  • cacti/succulents are the warriors because Sharp
  • weeds are generally the more “common” people who dont fight. just normal citizens, but flowers are often tied in to that too
  • i dont know what mushrooms do, i was thinking of tying them in with “corruption” somehow. maybe they could be the ones who tend to the growing ones? idk

im gay thanks for your time

part two i guess


my danny devit-hoes i hit 3k!!! so i stole this idea from @softie-eddie and @steve-harringtwin but im going to be doing selfie mood boards!! 


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I’m laughing 1st Look just posted this:

speech bubble: “I don’t know what to do with my hands…”

tags: #1stlookTOON lost hands #화보꿈나무들 (꿈나무들  is normally used for like new hopeful generations so together with 화보 which means pictorial it’s something like the new hopeful generation of pictorial kids if that makes sense) #it’s still awkward #firstlook # firstlooktoon #looktoon #mrdonothing #editor #dailytoon #toon #dailyeditor 

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i think ppl like writing angst or dnp arguing a lot bc just like smut it's a side to dnp that we don't get to see. they'd never argue or even have a slight disagreement on camera so it's nice to read about that hidden side of them that could potentially exist i guess,,,, as for the abusive bit, i think it's just ppl projecting themselves and their relationships onto dnp and finding solace in fic-writing. same goes for the readers

yeah yeah for sure! first i jst wanna say i wrote those tags when i was in the middle of a v emotional reaction to something i probably shouldnt have read in the first place because abusive themes can really negatively affect me if im already not feeling mentally great. i also would never try and limit what fic writers write, even if some things rly dont sit well with me or ‘make sense’ on face for what i want to read in fic. creative expression is good, censorship and restriction is p much always bad, tags and warnings exist on platforms like ao3 for a reason. 

but to clarify the point i was making a bit further: i understand writing angst in general, and the desire to see certain situations or sides to dnp in fic that we don’t get to see on camera. my problem is that angst situations in phanfic (and it’s rly an issue in phanfic more than fic i’ve read in other fandoms or for other pairings) are so frequently written in a way that’s not just out of character, but like. literally so over-dramatized and fabricated as to be completely antithetical to what dnp portray in the way they think/interact with each other? like leaving aside obviously au angst storylines like suicide or cancer or car crashes or what have you which are maybe meant to explore what dnp as people would do in these horrendous situations theyre most certainly not being exposed to irl, i dont understand why canon-based/’reality’-based angst tends to be written in a way that doesnt even resemble who dnp are. more specifically, the fic i read wasn’t even tagged as abusive. it was tagged as established relationship and mentioned arguments and conflict in the description. but the way that argument played out was horrendous, violent, and reliant upon abusive tropes and themes of blame/guilt/emotional manipulation/degradation that the author treated as completely reasonable/normal within a mature, long-term, established relationship. the commenters also responded as though all of it was completely normal. most people were so enthusiastic about how this scenario sounded just like a fight dnp could have, about how the story made them cry, and also, in the case of two people, how they found it hot to think about phil demeaning dan in the context of an argument. 

i know a lot of fic writers are young, but what bothers me is that that means a lot of people writing dnp into fic are glorifying and romanticizing things that are completely appalling in romantic relationships and treating those things as normal. that’s what bothers me, and what i was trying to question/criticize. i know these young writers are just practicing a creative hobby and i’ve got no problem with that, they’re not hurting anyone obviously, i think i just get scared and worried or even sad to think that certain things are held up to be desirable/normal in relationships when they’re just … fucked up. i also just feel like there are tons of ways to write conflict or angst into a plot that show sides of dnp we might not see on camera without needing to portray the very fundamentals of their relationship as being abusive or completely divergent with what they show us of their pride in each other, their respect for each other, and the general strength and longevity of their partnership. you can toy around with dnp’s own internal insecurities, their anxieties and fears about their career, their angst about their sexualities and how to portray or not portray that publicly, what it means for them to come out, what happens if they have differing views on an idea or project they cant immediately resolve, or if one person doesnt carry their weight of work over a long period time, and endless other combinations–you can write all of that stuff we’ll never actually be privy to without sacrificing the strength and foundational goodness of their partnership. 

i hope this makes sense! ahaha i rambled for way too long. but just to reiterate, people deffff can write whatever they want to, it’s amazing overall to know that fic writing gives people this outlet to explore their own experiences or just this creative endeavor that might be fulfilling or cathartic to them. i just worry sometimes in general, not just even in the context of fic but literally in general @ ppl overall esp here on tumblr, about the warped view of romantic partnerships people sometimes have and i personally just react badly when i read those sorts of things applied to dnp :( it’s perhaps not rational, like it’s mostly an emotional and subjective reaction, but it’s just how i feel!


Authors note: Just a quick drabble. Enjoy.
Hey, how are things going???“

"Did you get moved in alright? Still havent seen pictures of your dorm yet :)”

“Is everything okay? Looks like your meeting a lot of people lol just text when you can… I know youre busy haha”

“Saw on your story that you went bowling… how was that? text me when you’re free!”

“Are you even reading these?”

Alex groaned and looked at his last text to John before deleting the whole thing. Normally, he wouldn’t care if he came off as pushy or rude, but this was John he was talking to. The same John that hung out with Alex at the football games, the same John that would tease Alex in class for frantically loosing pencils, the same John that had been his best friend since fifth grade… The same John who seemed too busy for him now. John had moved to college a week before Alex did. Before he left, he promised Alex that they would still talk everyday and nothing would change. However, now it couple days in, and Alex felt like he was already loosing touch with his best friend. He wiped his eyes and let his fingers linger over the keyboard of his smartphone unsure of exactly what to say. Eventually, he settled on something that didn’t even sound like himself at all.

“I hope you’re having fun at college :)” A tear fell on the smiley face, which Alex stared at for a few moments. Eventually, he wiped the tear off and hit send before laying down to go to sleep.

A couple of hours later, Alex heard his phone ding. He scrambled up to get it thinking it was John finally answering his text. However, it was just an email letting him know someone liked his facebook post. He sighed and his hand dropped beside him. He didn’t understand. It only took a second to reply and he saw that John had read the messages. Why didn’t he say something?!

His phone buzzed again and he smiled seeing it was a message from John. Alex quickly opened the text biting his lip in anticipation. John had probably spent time to make a long text explaining himself and why he didn’t answer Alex. He probably spent time to gather pictures to send to Alex, so that he could finally see his dorm room. Maybe, he was just trying to shorten his text, so Alex wouldn’t give him crap about being over the top. In any case, one thought beated through Alex’s head like a broken drum. Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!

“Hey, sorry been busy. I’ll talk to you soon okay?”

Alex’s heart sank as he stared at the text. He was getting shoved to the side, backburnered, treated like he was unimportant. He bit his lip to hold the soft sobs that escaped between his teeth. His fingers hovered over the homekeys as Alex thought about what to say.

“Wanna text for a bit? I havent really talked with you since you moved.”

“Nah, I’m gonna hit the hay. Have stuff to do tomorrow mornin. Night, Alex!”

Alex read the text and clicked his lock button before laying back down again. He screwed his eyes shut and let out a shaky breath before covering his eyes. Normally, he called John in a situation like this, but it seemed his John had started to drift…

Do it For You (Steve x Reader)

Summary: Steve gives up the title of Captain America for his family

Warning: Fluff, major fluff

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: This is my first time writing a family imagine, i tried to go deep into detail and make it as long as I could. Sorry if it’s trash lmao. Let me know what you think and if you want more dad!Steve :)


You wore an admiring smile as you looked down at the form of your 4 month old daughter, who was sound asleep lying on her back and sucking on her pacifier as if her life depended on it. The smell of her baby product filling the room, making you sigh contently as you thought of everything that lead up to this moment.
It all started four years ago. You had met Steve through Natasha. Thanks to her thinking she was some kind of love match maker. She had been your best friend since you two made it out of the red room together. She had went off to join S.H.I.E.L.D, while you decided to start your life over. You were quite used to her trying to hook you up with random guys, as Steve was used to her trying to hook him up with random girls. But the moment you two laid eyes on each other something sparked and as you got to know each other that spark only grew. You two had more in common with each other then you had with anyone else you’d ever met or knew.
Three dates later Steve had properly asked you to be his girlfriend, which you replied to with a kiss.
The relationship was great, the sex was great. You were happy as was he.
But it wasn’t always easy. It was far from that. Whenever Steve was away on missions and the stress on wherever he was coming home alive or not was becoming too much, your dreams would turn into nightmares. It was almost as if you couldn’t function without him around. You would stop eating, stop cleaning, and you wouldn’t go out. Most of your friends would tell you it was unhealthy. That you had to learn to take care of yourself when he wasn’t around. But they didn’t understand. How could they ever understand? You didn’t blame them either. After all they weren’t dating a war hero, an Avenger, the leader might I add, a fucking super solider.
Dating Captain America had its pros and cons. One of those cons being constant worry about his safety. Steve would always remind you that he could take care of himself. He had lived through the Great Depression, World War ll, and 70 years of being frozen. But he wasn’t invincible. Sure he had the serum but he was still human.
Whenever you mentioned this it would sometimes lead to arguments. Him telling you for the one millionth time that he can take care of himself and he didn’t need you to worry about him. You taking offense to his comment and slamming your bedroom door is in face.
Him standing outside the door telling you how sorry he was for an hour and telling you to let him in. And when you finally did, he’d always squeeze you so tight in his arms while peppering kisses all over your face, and telling you how much he loved you and knew you only cared about him. Him taking you to the bed and showing you just how sorry he was.
Steve would be lying if he said he wasn’t just as worried as you were. In fact he was probably more worried then you were. Not like he’d ever admit it though.
That worry only grew when he found out you were pregnant. It wasn’t like he could just stop going on missions. I mean he could but he was the leader of The Avengers and he was Captain America. He took that title seriously.
He always made sure he was extra careful on missions after that. When you got closer to your due date he took a break from avenging. You and him would lie in bed at night, legs tangled, you snuggled into his chest as he read baby books.
Sometimes you’d have to force him to put the books down and sleep. Sometimes you’d fall asleep next to him while he carefully pressed kisses on your exposed bump and talk quietly to your baby. He was so nervous about becoming a father and wanted to learn everything he could before the baby arrived.
And when she did, you had never seen him smile as bright as he did then. As he held her small frame in his arms, his eyes glued to her sleeping face, he knew everything would be alright. It wouldn’t be easy, but it would alright. He swore to himself from that day he would do anything to protect you and her. To protect his family.
Everything changed. He wasn’t just Captain America anymore. He was a father. A tiny human being needed him and he’d sacrifice just about anything to make sure he was never taken away from her. Even giving up his title as Captain America.
After waking from the ice, Steve had never thought he’d have all of this. The family he had once dreamed of before the war. He believed his only purpose now was to protect the world and avenge it.
Until he met you. You were everything he had ever wanted in life. You had given him that hope again that maybe he would get his happy ending after all.
And he did. He had been through hell and back just to get to this point, but if it meant meeting you, then damn it, he’d do it all over it again. Because you were worth it. The happiness you brought him was worth all the sadness he had experienced.
Steve quietly snuck up behind you as he watched you stare into your child’s crib. A small smile appeared on his face and his heart dropped at the sight.
Once he was positioned behind you, he wrapped his arms tight around your waist and bent his head to kiss your neck.
You jumped a little but relaxed once you realized it was him. With a sigh, you laid your head back on his shoulder and closed your eyes.
“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” He whispered into your ear while watching his baby girl sleep without a care in the world.
“She is. She looks just like you. I’m not even sure she’s my child.”
Steve chuckled as he turned your body around to face him, your hands instinctively finding their way into his hair as you massaged his head. He sighed at the feeling and leaned his head down capturing your lips with his. Even after four years of being together, two of those years being married, you still managed to give him butterflies whenever your lips connected.

“Thank you” he whispered, voice so low you could hardly him, as he pressed his forehead against yours.
“For what?” You whispered back while continuing to massage his scalp. He lifted his head and stared deep into your eyes, smiling softly. Even with your hair in a messy bun and in your pajamas, you were the most beautiful women he’d ever laid his eyes on.
“For everything. For making me believe and showing me that I could be happy again. That I could have all of this. Saying yes to marrying me. Staying with me after everything we’ve been through. For this. Our daughter. You both are the best thing that ever happened to me.”
You tugged your bottom lip between your teeth to keep from sobbing as your eyes filled with tears.
“And I’m ready to give it up. Give up the title of Captain America and settle down with you and our baby. We can move to Brooklyn. Build a home if you want sweetheart. Do what normal families do.” You slowly blinked as a frown formed on your face. Although you were beaming inside at the thought of having your man around 24/7.
“W-what? That’s a big step Steve. Are you.. Are you sure?”
“I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life darling. I’m never leaving you and her again.” As he smiled down at you, he realized.
He’d do it for you. He’d do it for him and he’d do it for his little girl. His family. His happiness.


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